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Come to Canada they said.

It'll be an adventure they said.

It was an adventure alright. An adventure in snow vill.

Your best friend Alfred had suggested you go to Canada. Your parents had agreed that it was a good idea.

Had anyone asked you if you wanted to go?

Of course not.

They had said it would be a great chance for you to experience the rural wilderness. So then they decide the only way you could do this was to rent a log cabin.

In the middle of a frickin' forest.

Sometimes you really didn't get your parents.

Personally you would have rather stayed at home. In your room, on your laptop. You really weren't a nature person. Sure it was nice to take walks from time to time on footpaths next to the river. But live for two months in the middle of nowhere? Really not for you.

Actually it had surprised you that your parents had taken a suggestion from Al into consideration. They thought he was a no good hooligan and a bad influence on you.

"Come on ________! I already told ya' I was sorry." Alfred glared at you, running a hand  through his chestnut brown hair. He pushed his red sunglasses on top of his head. Alfred and your parents were standing next to you at the terminal.

A few more minutes and you'd be on a plane to Canada.

"Good for you." You snapped, "You're not the one that has to live in the middle of nowhere for the next two months."

He shrugged, rolling his eyes.

"But sweetie!" Your mother pulled you into a hug. "This will be a great experience!"  

Easy for her to say.

"Now Boarding Flight 225 for Toronto Canada."

Pushing away, you grabbed your carry-on.

"STAY SAFE SWEETIE!!!" You mother waved frantically as you gave your ticket to the woman. Your father did so as well, Alfred gave you a short wave. When your parents turned around,  you quickly shot him the finger. He glared, then smirked.

-----Time skip-----

After sitting on the plane for hours you got on a bus for the woods. Nine hours later you were dropped off a mile from you destination.

Great. It was the middle of the night. There was no one around and you had to lug three big bags through the forest. To make matter worse there was a foot of snow on the ground and it had to be at least only 29 degrees out.

'Nice going mom' You thought venomously. You trudge on, dragging your heaviest suit case behind you. The other two perched upon your back.

It started to snow.

A half hour later you arrived at your house. It was kinda cute, you admitted that much. It was small and sat in the middle of a the clearing. A large woodpile leaned up against the one side. Hopefully you wouldn't need that. Your mother had said that the cabin was electrically heated.

Placing your luggage next to the door, you dug inside your pocket for the keys.

They weren't there.

You dug inside your other pocket and found them. Unlocking the door, you wrestled your luggage inside. The inside of the house was just as cold as outside. You'd fix that.
Taking off your coat, you kicked off your sopping wet boots. Your jeans and socks were also wet.


First you had to worry about getting the heat on. Stumbling through the pitch darkness, you fumbled for a light switch. Hitting one, you flicked it on.

Nothing happened.

Blinking, you flipped it on and off.

Still nothing. Which meant the frickin' power was out.

Great, just great.

Stumbling into what you assumed was the kitchen, you fumbled through some drawers. Managing to locate a flashlight, you lugged all of your luggage up the stairs and into the first  bedroom you found. Digging through the largest bag, you managed to find your cell phone.

By now your legs and feet were freezing. Teeth chattering, you flipped it open. YES! You had a signal. Dialing Al's number you waited.

"Sup'?" Al answered almost immediately.

"Y-you fucking b-bastard." You chattered into the cell.

"Oh.....________. How's Canada?" His cheerful tone pissed you off to no end.

"It's c-cold and snowy and I have n-no frickin' p-power." rubbing your feet together, you rummaged through your bag. Silently cursing him.

"Well I dunno what to tell you, ______." You growled into the phone

"ALFRED! I'm going to FREEZE!" No jeans in the first bag.

"Fine." You heard him sigh. "I know a guy in that area, he might agree to help you."

You managed to fish a pair of jeans out of the second. Holding the phone between your head and shoulder you quickly pulled them on.

"Alright. When do you think he could be here?" You sighed, throwing the wet pair into the  near-by bathroom.

"I dunno, an hour maybe? I'll try to get him to come sooner." He was starting to sound annoyed.

"Good." You snapped the cell shut.

-----20 minutes later-----

You sat under a large blanket you had found. Shivering you rubbed your hands together, trying to keep them warm. You didn't know if you'd make it for an hour.

A loud impatient knock sounded from the front door.

Leaping up, you ran towards the door. Throwing it open you stared at the man in the doorway.

"Are you Miss _______?" His voice was slightly hoarse, but not in an unpleasant way. He had longish strawberry blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. A strand of it curled away from his face. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes, he wore what looked like a Mountie's uniform. And he was at least a head taller than you.

"Well? Are you______?" He sounded annoyed. His mouth pulled down at the corners.

"Um, yes. Yes I am." Blushing you stepped back, rubbing your arms, the cold creeping over you again.

"Can't start a fucking fire?" He pulled a toothpick out of his pocket and popped it into his mouth. It bobbed up and down as he chewed on it.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I guess." You watched as he sighed and pulled a pair of black leather gloves on his hands.

"I'll set one up." He glanced up at you. "But just this once. I don't want to hear Alfred fucking whining about you if it goes out."

Nodding you rubbed your feet together. He turned around and headed around the side of the house.

The snow outside had picked up. You stumbled back as he came back in, an armload of wood piled precariously upon his arms.

Following him into the living room, you watched as he threw it next to the fireplace.

Shoving past you, he trudged back outside.

Deciding you'd just be in the way, you sat down upon the couch.

He brought three more armloads, each time coming back covered in snow. His cheeks and the tip of his nose stained bright red. He crouched before the fire place. You couldn't see what he did, But a few moments later a small flame was licking the logs.

"There." He growled, throwing his toothpick into the slowly growing flame. He pushed his sunglasses up his forehead, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He had light purple eyes, but rather large bags under them.

He noticed you staring and scowled.

"Um. Thank you!"

Snorting, the Canadian turned and opened the door.

A cold wind whipped in. Threatening to snuff out the flames. It was white out. The muffled silence of snow swirling fell upon your ears.

"SHIT." He snarled, his shoulders slumping. You noticed that his clothes were dripping water onto the hardwood floor.

"Um......You can stay....If you want......" You stood there awkwardly, tapping a finger against your thigh.

He didn't answer, just staring out in to the snow. Slamming the door he turned around. The water made a steady dripping noise as the both of you stared at each other.

"Just for tonight." His hoarse voice was tight with annoyance.

Nodding you grabbed the flashlight and ran past him up the stairs. Digging through your bags, you pulled out a pair of extra large sweat pants. Running back down you shoved them into his hands.

"It's all I have. You'll catch a cold in that." You couldn't see his eyes behind the dark glasses. Sighing he grabbed the flash light and trudged up the stairs.

Sitting beside the fire, you poked it with the end of a twig. Footsteps came from behind. Looking up you blushed.

The tall Canadian stood next to the stairs, a balled lump of clothing in his hands. He was well built. VERY well built.

He glared, tossing the soggy bundle next to the door. You looked away, staring back into the flames.

"Why are you here?"

You raised an eyebrow at the Canadian, who was leaned against the stone of the fire place.

"My parents thought it would be a good idea." You glared at the flames. You heard him snort, "Seriously? Let a, what? 13 year old, stay alone in the middle of a Canadian forest."

You narrowed your eyes at him, "I'm seventeen." He blinked, then rolled his eyes,

"No fucking difference." He crossed his arms, making the mussels bulge nicely across his chest.

"BIG fucking difference." Standing up, you scowled up at him. Painfully aware that you only came up to his chin.

He smirked, his violet eyes narrowing.

"Whatever, not my problem."

You sat back down, twirling the twig between your fingers.

"How old are you?" He blinked,clearly not expecting that question.


One year older than Alfred.

"Whats your name?"

"Matthew Williams."



"_______   _______."

He nodded.

Throwing the twig into the fire you leaned back. "How do you know Alfred?"
He sat next to you, placing another log onto the fire.

"He's my half-brother."

You stared at him shocked. Al had never said he had a brother.

"Really? Al never told me."

"Its not something to talk about."

You watched his profile. Trying to guess what he meant. He turned his head and scowled, "What?" His purple eyes, skimmed over your face.

"Um....." You blushed, not knowing what to say.  "What do you do for a living?"

He sighed, leaning forward. "I work at an animal shelter."
Your eyes widened in surprise. An animal shelter? That was a bit of a fluffy occupation for such a rugged man.

"I don't deal with the fucking cats or shit." He was glaring as if he knew what you where thinking. "It's a shelter for injured wild life."

You nodded, pulling your knees up to your chest. "So do you feed them, or treat their injuries?"

He laughed, a dry smile crossing his features. "I tag the animals and bring them in." He paused and glared again, "I don't tranquilize them if that's what your thinking. I wrestle them down,tag them, then knock them out and drive them to the shelter."

You stared, He was either insane or got off on adrenaline rushes. Most likely both. You wondered if it was safe to be alone with him.

He turned back towards the fire.

It was going to be a long night.

------Time Skip------

You woke up to the smell of cooking. Whatever it was it smelled good. Sitting up, you realized that you had been lying on the couch. You didn't remember lying down on it.


You stood up, stretching. Walking into the kitchen you froze. A rather large wolf lay across the doorway, preventing you from entering.
You considered screaming, but realized that would do no good. Your breath came in short little gasps, you didn't move. It lifted its head, blinked at you, then settled back down.

"He's not going to attack you." you looked towards the voice.

Matthew stood next to the stove, spatula in hand. His sunglasses were perched upon his head. He had put his Mountie like clothing back on.

"Why is there a wolf in my kitchen?!" You squeaked, skirting around the large animal. Matthew scowled, "His name is Kuma. He's my pet wolf." pointing the spatula in your direction, he shook it "Don't question it."

You nodded, wary of the wolf. Sitting down at the table, you watched the Canadian work away.

"Where did you get the ingredients?" You hand't stocked the fridge.

"Al asked me to stock it up two days ago." His back stiffened slightly when he said Alfreds name. He muttered something else under his breath about your friend.

You rolled your eyes, Al did the same thing when he talked about people he didn't like.

"You're just like Al." Picking up the fork at your place, you twirled it.

"WHAT?!" You flinched as he slammed the spatula down and stomped over to you. "I am NOT like that HOSER." He hissed, shoving his face close to yours. Leaning back you paled. He glared, his violet eyes burning with dislike. Pulling back he stomped back to the stove.

Ok. Note to Self: Never compare the crazy asshole to other people. Especially Al.

A few minutes later he slammed a plate full of pancakes onto the table, pushing half onto his plate and throwing two to Kuma. You cautiously took three and poured a little maple syrup onto them. He watched you, glaring and stuffing his own into his mouth. You noticed that he didn't put syrup on them. You found out why a second later.

He picked up the bottle and poured half it's contents into a cup.

"You drink Syrup?" You asked incredulously

He snorted, "No. Its to sweeten the beer."

Great. The crazy asshole was getting drunk. On a syrup and beer concoction. Gross.
He noticed your disgusted look and sneered, "Stupid American, just like Al."

You glared, "Aren't you underage?"

He shrugged, taking a gulp of the concoction.
"Whos gunna care? No one out here. Your nearest neighbor is ten miles to the east."

Nice. Scenarios of police finding your dead body played through your head. Scratch that. Police finding blood and wolf hair all over the house.

"I'm not going to kill you if thats what your thinking." He was smirking, "Not worth the time it would take."

You should have expected him to be a strange. He was one of Al's friends after all. Which made you feel pissed at the brunette.

Matthew polished of the remaining pancakes and leaned back, a satisfied grin on his face. You stood up placing your dishes in the sink. Deciding to ignore the pair, you stepped over Kuma and headed towards the stairs.

The big wolf followed you. He had a doggy grin on his face, his tail wagged furiously.
"Shoo." You waved a hand at him as you walked up the stairs. The wolf paid no mind to you. Happily trotting behind you.

You quickly entered your bedroom and shut the door before he could get in. Remembering that Matthew was down stairs, you locked it.

Five minutes later, you had clean clothes on. Opening the door, you shrieked as the wolf bounded in, circling you and making little yipping noises.

"Down boy!" You struggled to remain standing as Kuma placed his large front paws on your shoulders, licking your face.

"Down Kuma." Matthew stood in the doorway, his arms crossed. The wolf obliged, trotting over to lay next to his masters feet.

You wiped wolf saliva off your face. "Why are you still here? I thought you said you were going to leave in the morning."
You knew that you sounded rude, but at this point you really didn't care.

He scowled, "I never said that I would leave in the morning. I just said that I would only stay a night." He rested a hand on Kuma's head. "But in answer to your question, I suggest you look outside." He motioned towards the window as he spoke.

You crossed the room and lifted the curtains. A blanket of snow covered the ground. Correction. A four foot blanket of snow covered the ground, It covered the porch below.

"Oh." was all you could manage to choke out.

He nodded, "There's no way I'm going to be able to walk back to my pickup-truck in that."

The silence was deafening.

"So we're stuck." You pulled out your cellphone and flipped it open. Good. You still had a signal. Dialing Al's number, you sat down on the bed. Matthew sat next to you, an inquisitive look on his face.

"Sup' This is Al."

"It's me." You flinched slightly when Kuma laid his face upon your lap.

"Oooooooooooh ________. Hows it going!?"

His careless tone made you grit your teeth.

"Oh you know. I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere with out power. But I have your crazy half-brother to keep me company!" You didn't care that said half-brother was sitting next to you.

"Matt's still there?" Alfred sounded confused. "Put him on the line."

Holding out the cell, you motioned for him to take it. Matthew glared, then snatched it away. You listened to his side of the conversation, patting Kuma's head absentmindedly. The wolf twitched his tall lazily.

"What? NO!" His face twisted in anger.

"I'm NOT going to fucking babysit your little friend just because you've gone mushy."

You glared at this comment.  His violet eyes flicked towards you, then back.
He sighed into the phone, "FINE!"

If looks could kill, you'd be legally dead.

Kuma huffed, whipping his tail back and forth. You patted his head again. Matthew held the phone back to you. Taking it you held it up to your ear.

"Sorry _____. But It looks like your probably going to have Matt as a house mate for the next couple of days." Rolling your eyes you scowled.

"Great Al."

"You mad at me?"

"What do you think?"
Biding him goodbye, you snapped the cell shut. Matthew raised an eyebrow, "Looks like I'm stuck for a few days." You nodded, not knowing what to say. Kuma stood up, yawning, showing his large canine teeth.

-------Time skip------

A roaring fire heated the entire room. You sat on the couch, wrapped in a warm blanket. Three days had passed since you had called Al. The snow had gotten worse and your patience was wearing thin.

"Fucking hoser." Matthew sat next to you, his hand resting lightly on Kuma's head. "I knew I shouldn't have come."

You glared "If you hadn't come I would have frozen to death." He didn't look at you, nor did he make a nasty comment.

The crackling of the fire, filled the silence. Ears back, Kuma trotted into the kitchen and lay down in the doorway. His shining blue eyes alert.
Matthew sighed again, pulling the rubber band out of his hair. His strawberry blonde locks fell forward in lazy waves.

You looked away, staring into the flames, slightly annoyed at your self. Annoyed that you found him attractive.

"How does someone like you know someone like Al?" You glared at him.

"Someone like me? What's that supposed to mean?"

He shrugged, "Your a bit....... Un-Alfred."

You thought about it. It was kinda true.

Alfred enjoyed beating people senseless, your preferred to ignore situations like that. While Al vandalized stores, you were reading books. He watched porn, you watched anime.

Why were you guys friends?

"Well?" Matthew tilted his head, causing several locks of hair to fall over his face.

"I moved to his town a year ago. He decided because I was new I was an easy target to pick on. I don't like fight so I'd always just hand over the money he asked for and do his homework." You paused, sighing.

"But I have a really bad temper. I got really tired of it fast. One day he was pissing me off and...." You trailed off, remembering what happened.

"And?" Matthew's hoarse voice held a hint of curiosity

"I beat the crap out of him." You stated simply.

Matthew stared. His violet eyes wide with shock.
"You." He pointed, "Beat the crap out of ALFRED?" His tone was disbelieving.

You nodded, deciding not to mention that you had managed to crack two of his ribs.
Matthew went silent. You wondered if he was angry about it, after all Alfred was his brother.

You turned back to the flames, Holding out your hands to warm them.

A low raspy wheeze made you flinch. Turning towards Matthew you saw that he was choking.


He was laughing. His face bright red.

"AL WAS BEATEN UP BY A TINY GIRL!" He howled rolling off the couch.
"I'm not that small." You muttered, scowling.

He pounded the floor, shaking with silent laughter. Kuma pulled his ears back, looking from Matthew to you.
"Oh my fucking god." Matthew wheezed, wiping tears from under his eyes. "That's priceless. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that moment." His violet eyes sparkling he gave you a smile. A real genuine smile.

For the first time since meeting him you actual felt a general liking towards the guy.
He sat up, his violet eyes showing something like respect towards you. But the smile had been replaced by the scowl.

"You tell Alfred I laughed and I'll make you regret it."

Talk about ruining the moment. Not that it really was one.

Turning your head, you glanced out the window. It was pitch black, however you could still see the snow drifting into the circle of light streaming out the window.

It was going to be a long two months.
:I His personality isn't that 2P-Canada-ish....
Oh well

Part two- [link]
I found the image on Photobucket.....

Its kinda long isn't it xD

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

I'm still working on the Nektalia sereis ^u^
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wow. Ok. That was awesome Reader. I cant hit worth a darn.
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Sorry, reader-chan, but, being a Canadian myself, I'm afraid I can't really sympathize with your freezing to death even though it was only, like, minus one degree Celsius. That's only one degree below freezing temperature. I mean, if it where minus thirty or something then I would understand. Honestly, I can kind of understand Matt's frustration with you. And also, when your parents referred to Canada as 'the rural wilderness', I couldn't really help but roll my eyes and chuckle a little. That's Americans for you. Some places in Canada are actually pretty urban, like major cities like Ottawa, Toronto, or Calgary. Yeah, Toronto. You know, the city you got dropped off in? It's still a great story, though. Alright, next part! YAY!
Greennacho2568 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Nice story. The drinking age is 19 in Canada. :D
HATETWILITELOVEKIRBY Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, and 18 in Quebec. It's kinda funny, though, Reader chan would be like "Aren't you underage?" And Matt would be like "Nope." 
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xD Thank you
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xD Yeah
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xD Awesome!

xD I know, I accidentaly used the American age
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oh glob i thought 2Ps had soft sides
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:> Hmmm
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At first at the part when it said you couldn't find your keys I had like a moment of panic. Then when they were in the other pocket I let out a sigh of relief. This story is so good that I was worried for Reader-Chan before the story had hardly started XD

And if I saw a wolf in my kitchen I would be so happy :3 Like MEIN GOTT LOOK AT THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATURE IN MY HOUSE! then I would hesitantly approach it.
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^u^ Thanks!!!

Wolves are awesome xD
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He laughed, a dry smile crossing his features. "I tag the animals and bring them in." He paused and glared again, "I don't tranquilize them if that's what your thinking. I wrestle them down,tag them, then knock them out and drive them to the shelter."

what i would of said and thought. thought: "he seems to be building himself up a bit too much. it's not too believable." said: "you should use a tranquilizer. doing that is dangerous for you and the animal. are you fucking stupid?"

if i saw a wolf in my kitchen i'd act very different. depending how it acts towards me. if it growled at me i'd growl back and assert dominance. in kuma's case. i'd sniff him XD. although the personality is off. i like it ^^
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Student Writer
xD Thank you!

If I saw a wolf in my kitchen I'd be to shocked to do anything xD
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