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April 5, 2013
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You hated your job. Your boss was an ass, the work was sleep inducing and your colleges had the attention spans of goldfish. There was only one thing that got you through the day.

The thought that after work, you had a nice warm bath to look forward to. And your boyfriend, though after a long day of work, he was second to a relaxing bath.

"Maaaaaaaattie. I'm home." You trilled, kicking off your shoes and throwing your briefcase to the floor. It made a small thudding sound, nearly sending a lamp toppling over. You shuffled through the house, looking for your reclusive Canadian boyfriend.

He was nowhere to be found. Which was normal, he was always heading off to the woods. It wouldn't surprise you if he was part tree and part bear. Then again, he might be a decedent of the Yeti.

Giggling at the idea, you hurried into the bedroom. Grabbing your undergarments, you stripped, wrapping a towel around your body. You peeked into the living room again, almost expecting to see Matt sitting there. Still nothing.

You grabbed the bathroom door and swung it open. Instantly, you coughed. The room was so full of steam it was like a sauna. You could barely breath as you entered.

"Hey  _____." You nearly screamed before realizing who the owner of the deep, hoarse voice was.

Matt sat in the porcelain bathtub, arms draped over the sides, strawberry blonde hair draped over his shoulders. The strange curl was the only strand of hair that wasn't soaked and plastered to his head.

You blushed, even though you had seen your boyfriend nude before. Scowling, you crossed your arms and sighed. He flashed you one of his rare, slow smiles.

Reaching out, he splashed the steaming water. Your blush deepened when you realized what he wanted you to do.

"Really Mattie? My only alone time and now you want to intrude?"

He nodded slowly, his jaw clenching slightly. You instantly felt bad. Matt had trouble conveying his feelings. When he tried to do something sweet or slightly intimate, he nearly always messed it up, leaving him agitated and angry at himself.

And now you had ruined what ever he had planned. You were so stupid sometimes. You watched with a sinking heart as Matt climbed out, grabbed a towel and headed out of the bathroom.

He slammed the door behind him, making you wince.

Hunching your shoulders, you sighed. This time you had been the one to mess up and now he was probably upset with you. Maybe not, judging by how reserved his expression had been.
Needless to say, your bath was not relaxing, far from it. The entire time you worried about Matt, wondering what you could do to make it up to him. Finally you decided that you might need help.

Picking up your phone, you pondered who to call. Francis would listen, but not give advice. Oliver's advice would be baking sweets (which wouldn't help). And Alfred would most likely suggest sex.

Tossing the phone away, you growled. You were on your own for this one. First thing first, find Matt. If you were lucky, he was sulking inside. If you weren't he was out in the woods, taking his anger out on some helpless tree.

Hopping out of the bath, you headed to your room to get dressed.

He wasn't. Instead, Matt was sitting on the roof, the only ladder pulled up beside him. He didn't notice you and if he did, he probably wouldn't have let the ladder down. Walking back inside, your hurried upstairs.

You leaned out an upstairs window and glanced down. Not a long drop, but still dangerous.
You crawled onto the window sill, turning and standing. Holding onto the window frame like it was a life preserver, you looked down again. Which wasn't a good idea.

Swaying, you looked up at your target. A drain pipe, slightly rusted and rickety. Grabbing it, you pulled yourself upwards, pressing your bare feet against the window pane. The pipe shuddered and you squeak, heart racing.

A pair of tired purple eyes peek over the roof.  "Are you trying to kill yourself?"

You giggled, but it was a nervous, high pitched sound. Matt reached down, grabbing your wrists to pull you up. Once you were safely on the roof, he turned away. You crawled forward, snuggling against his chest.

"I'm sorry Mattie."

"What for?" His voice rumbled through his chest, tickling the ear you had pressed against his chest.

"I ruined what ever you had planed."

"I didn't."

"Didn't what?"

"Plan anything."

You snorted and slapped his arm "Yeah right." He smiled, resting his head against your head. You sighed, snuggling closer.

"Love you Mattie."

"I love you too  _____."
Requested by :iconsnowflakepuddle:

Hope you like it!!! :>

I own nothing but the plot
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