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Part two
Only a month and three days left in Canada. All that time with nothing to do.

You had already seen all the sights after the tall Canadian, Matthew had left. The two and a half days spent with him were probably the most interesting so far.

You missed Kuma, the wolf wasn't as scary as he had first appeared, more like a giant puppy then a large beast. And if you allowed yourself to think on the matter, you admitted that you also missed the Matthew. But you tried not to think about him.

Flopping down on your bed, you flipped open your phone. Time to bug Alfred.

"YO! This is Al."

"Hey Al."

"Hi _______. What's up?"

"I'm bored."


"YEAH! I've done everything interesting!" You heard him grumble something.

"So what am I supposed to do? Send you a puzzle?" His tone was whiny and uncaring.

'S.O.B' You though venomously 'It's your fault I'm here.'

"Can you give me Mattie's number?"

Oops, that slipped out totally on it's own.

"MATTIE?!" Alfred choked. "You call him Mattie?"

"N-NO! I don't!" You blushed

"Whatever man." Alfred chuckled, rattling off the Canadians number.

"I hope you and MATTIE have fun." He chortled

You hung up, staring at the phone.

Maybe you shouldn't call him. Not just yet.

-----Ten seconds later-----

You listened nervously as the phone ringed.

"What." His voice was impatient

"Um, Hi Matthew, it's me _______......"
The other end went silent.

"Oh. You." You bit your bottom lip at his response.

"What do you want?"

" hang out?" Your voice squeaked slightly.

A long pause, he sighed
"You want to hang out With me? Seriously?"


"Fine." He sighed again, then hung up.

Now what?

-----Time Skip-----

A loud knocking on the door jerked you out of the doze you had slipped into.

Groggily, you stumbled over and opened the door.
Matthew stood in the doorway in full Mountie gear.

"Well?" He growled.

You blinked, "Well what?"

He grit his teeth, "What do you want to do? I took the day off from work to spend with you, so what the fuck do you want to do?"

Even though his tone was harsh, his words made you blush.

"That's really sweet. You didn't have to do that."

He cheeks flared red. Scowling he spun around and stomped off the porch.

"Met me in my truck if you think of something to do. If not, I'm going to work."

Something cold and wet pressed against your hand. Kuma licked your palm.

"Hi buddy." You grinned at the wolf.

Work. Hmmmmm. That gave you an idea.

Racing back inside, you picked up your coat and your cellphone. You slammed the door behind you and nearly fell down the steps in your haste to get to his truck.

Kuma lept in the truck bed as you pulled open the passenger door. Matthew stared at you, he had a tooth pick between his lips.

"So? Have you though of something?" The tooth pick bobbed between his lips.

You nodded. "Show me what you do at your job!" You grinned

His face went blank. The tooth pick hanging limply.

"Show YOU my job." His hoarse voice was flat.

You nodded, your grin faltering.

-----Matthew's Point of view-----

Show her my job? I had told her what I did, right? She did realize it wasn't a fucking walk in the forest, picking up bunnies and owls. It was intense shit nine times out of ten.

I watched her smile falter. My heart clenched.

"FINE." I growled starting the engine.

"Just no screaming, no vomiting and no fucking crying. Got it?"

Out of the corner of my eye i saw her nod.
------Time Skip-----

The drive was quiet, except for her piping up with annoying questions. Yet even so, I couldn't help answering them.

Al's little friend was turning me into a fucking dumb ass.

My phone rang. Picking up I scowled at the voice on the other end.

"Hows it going MATTIE." Alfred, my dick of a half-brother.

"I dunno, Still a virgin Al?" I snorted into the phone. ______ rolled her eyes.

"As if, MATTIE." The newly unwanted unwanted nickname was ticking me off.

"That's news to me, ALFIE." Kuma scratched a paw against the paw window. Poor guy couldn't come in due to _____.

"Wha-? You did not just call me Alfie!" He barked.

"Did I stutter?" I made a sharp turn. _______ squeaked, her hand bumming against my thigh as she attempted to right herself.

I felt my cheeks heat up. Damn emotions. Or whatever this sinking-rising feeling was. Probably the flu.

"Fuck you man!" I rolled my eyes at his lame come back. No doubt due to his time with the freak Arthur. Not that Francis was any better.

I hung up before he could start ranting. No need to waste my time.

----Your point of view-----
Matthew tossed his phone on the seat, muttering under his breath.
You prayed that Alfred hadn't mentioned the "Mattie" thing to him.

"Mattie, huh." You pretended to look out the window, while really staring at him out ot the corner of your eye.

"Why would Al call me Mattie." He tapped the staring wheel. His eyes hiden by his sunglasses.

You shrugged.

"Did you call me Mattie? When you talk to him?" You blushed.

He snorted making another sharp turn.

Great. You thought dryly. Now he hates me. Well he hates me more than he already does.

"I think I like it."

You nearly choked on your own spit. Really? Mr. Don't fuck with me, liked the childish nickname?


-----Time skip-----

"Wake up." Something flicked your shoulder. Opening your eyes you blushed. Matthew's face was inches from yours.

He scowled, "We're here."

He walked off, his boots crunching against the snow. Leaping out of the truck you stared around.

A few trees dotted the landscape. Nothing else. It was like a tundra. How far had he driven?

Kuma trotted up, his nose the only thing that didn't blend in perfectly with the scenery.

"You hide behind that." Matthew's voice startled you. He pointed to a large sturdy tree.

"I don't want you to get in the way."

You nodded and scurried behind it, peeking around to watch. Kumas sat next to you.
Matthew took off his jacket and then his shirt, tossing both into the front of the truck. You gaped, it was so frickin' cold out!!! How could he stand it!!

But damn he was hot.

He glared in your direction. "Quite staring like a dumb ass."

Your blush deepened.

----Time skip-----

You had been sitting on the cold ground for at least three hours. Matthew was pacing back and forth.

"What are you waiting for Mattie?" You stood up and stretched your legs. You felt your knees crack.

"A moose."

You rolled your eyes and hobbled over to the truck.

"Didn't I tell you to stay over there." He glared at you.

You glared back, "My legs are freezing cold and I can't feel my ass." Opening the door, you sat down. He scowled.

"Why did you pick this then?"

You blushed slightly. Looking at your feet, you watched your breath come out in small silvery puffs.

"______." His voice was much closer.

You looked up.
He had one hand on top  of the car roof and the other on the door, leaning towards you.

Your face turned the color of a tomato.

"Why would you want to spend time with me?" His sunglasses slid down his nose, giving you a clear view of his violet eyes. "After all, I was kinda rude the first time we met."

"Ah, um. I- That's- Um." you stuttered not knowing what to say. His lips twitched in annoyance.

"Do you like me or something?" God you loved the sound of his voice.

"Or something?" You looked away, not wanting to meet his gaze.

You heard him sigh, then walk away. "Of all the girls Al could pick...."

Your head snapped up, "Excuse me?" You hissed, walking after him.

He turned and glared at you. "You really think that it was a coincidence that Al suggested you go out into the middle of nowhere and then just happen to know this guy?! No!"

You glared back, "Are you saying that this is a set up?" Anger boiled in your stomach.

"YEAH! That's exactly what it is! I can't exactly get girls out were I live, So Al sends some up to me!"

Son of a bitch. You were going to kill Alfred for this. Right after you beat the shit out of Matthew.

He opened his mouth to yell again, his strawberry blonde hair falling out of it's ponytail. He froze, a look of pure panic coming over his face.

"Get in the car _____." He whispered. You sneered at him.

"Who do you think you are? You think it's FUN toying with girls?! You and Al get a big laugh out of it?!" Something nudged your back.

Whipping around, you stared face to face with a Bull Moose.

A normal person would have ran or at least screamed. But you weren't a normal person in that scene of the word.

"I"M TRYING TO YELL AT THAT PIECE OF SHIT!" You roared, fist clenched.

The moose flicked it's ears back staring, then bolted for the woods.

You turned back to Matthew. The tall Canadian stumbled backwards and fell on his ass.

"Take me back home." Your voice was calm and cold.

He stood up and whistled to Kuma before getting into the truck.

-----Time skip-----

The entire ride back was silent.

As soon as Matthew pulled into the driveway, you hopped out and stomped up to your front door. Stuffing the key in the lock, you struggled to get the door open. Something blurred your vision.


You realized that you were turning the key the wrong way. Jerking it to the right, you kicked the door open.

"_______, Wait." You felt Matthew behind you, his breath warm against your neck.

"Fuck off asshole." You growled, slamming the door in his face.

Running up the stairs you collapsed onto your bed, letting the tears fall freely.

Why should you cry? You had only really known him for three days.

A loud creak came form the window. Sitting up you felt your jaw drop in surprise.
Matthew was hanging onto the window frame with just his finger tips. He scowled at you and mouthed something.

You blinked, sniffing slightly.

He mouthed it again. Open the window?

Oh! you glared and shook your head.

His arms started to shake. you rolled your eyes and opened the window. Matthew pulled himself in.

He stood in front of you, a grimace of pain on his face.
You crossed your arms, not wanting to forgive him.

"I'm." His face twisted, "sorry." He practically gagged the last part out.

You nodded, "And?"

He glared, "I won't use Al to get me girls."

You raised an eyebrow.

He sighed, "And you'll be the only girl I'll ever date."

"What?!" You stared at him, "Is this some kind of confession?!"

He glared and nodded, barely moving his head.
Blushing you looked down. "Okay. Then you'll be the only guy I date."

"Good." His scowl was gone, replaced by a half-smile.

Outside Kuma howled to be let in. Matthew grinned and walked towards the stairs.

"Oh and ______? This is actually my house. You've been sleeping in my bed the entire time."

You turned bright red, "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!" He laughed as you chased him down the stairs.

-----Time skip-----

"Hey ______! Can't wait for you to come home tomorrow!" Alfred sounded happy.
"Yup" You twirled a lock of Matthew's hair around your finger. The tall Canadian swatted at your hand half-heartedly.

"Bet your glad to get out of the forest, right?"

"Defiantly! Oh and Al?" You grinned into the phone, "I hope you don't mind if I bring Mattie along."

"WHAT?! NO YOU CAN'T DO TH--" You hung up.

Matthew grinned, "Can't wait to ask him how it felt to be beat up by a girl."

You pointed a finger at his face, "Don't push your luck buddy."

But you were also smiling.

Coming to Canada had to be the best decision ever.
WOOOOOOT The last part >_>
took me longer than I thought it would

Part one- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

I'm still working on the nekotalia series and the 2p-Germanyxreader part 3

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The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
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