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February 12, 2013
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2P!FrancexMother!Reader With Child!2P!American and Child!2P!Canada

Part five/Final


You stared at Oliver with a mixture of fear and nausea. He grinned, his pink flecked eyes darting from you to Alfred.

Something changed when you saw the pure malice in the Englishman's eyes.
The fear and nausea drained away and a new emotion was quick to replace it.

"Francis. Get Al and Matthew out of here."

"What? Bu-"


You cut him off, glaring at Oliver. Francis grabbed Matthew and Alfred, heading for the back door. Oliver frowned and made a move to follow. You cut him off, arms crossed. Oliver tried to side step you, but once again, you moved to intercept.

"What kind of animal are you Oliver?"

Oliver shook his head shrugging, his crazy grin faltering slightly. He stumbled back a step when you moved towards him.

"Just say a random animal. First one that comes into your head."

Oliver watched you warily.    "A coyote?"

Okay. You weren't really expecting him to pick that. You were think more along the lines of a cat or rabbit. But  whatever.

"You know what happens when a coyote gets to close to a Mountain lion's cubs?"

Oliver flinched, realizing what you were implying.

"Listen Love, Alfred is also my son. I have a right to see him!"

You snorted and crossed your arms.  

"So says the man who attempted to have me miscarry."

"It was an accident!!"

Your temper flared and you grit your teeth.

"Books do not fall off the roof and nearly crush people!"
Oliver swallowed audibly, his eyes darting around, looking for an escape route. You took another step forward, your fist clenching. He sneered, the fear draining out of his eyes.

"It took an entire  S.W.A.T to drag me to jail Love. A single woman isn't enough to stop me."

You lashed out with a hand and grabbed his hair. Oliver let out a yelp, grabbing your wrist and squeezing. You could hear the bones creaking in protest. lashing out with your other hand you smacked him across the face.

"Why can't you just stay away?"

He flinched , a hint of sadness seeping into his eyes, replacing the anger. It didn't surprise you when he started to cry silently. You hadn't seen this side of Oliver for years. It was slightly unsettling. He let go of your wrist, lips trembling.
You watched, feeling slightly bad for making him cry. After a moment, his sobs petered out.

"Alright." He croaked, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. Your heart squeezed in sympathy. Reaching out, you pulled him into a quick hug.

"I'm sorry   ______. I just.... I just wanted to see him once."

He turned and left the house before you could reply. You stared after his retreating figure for a while, before going to search for Francis and the boys.

-----Time skip------

"Eat shit Matt!!"

"Screw you Al!!"

"Please stop it boys." You mumbled from your spot on the couch. Francis chuckled and ran a hand over your swollen belly. You swatted at his hand half-heartedly, and smiled lazily.

Alfred pouted and glared at your large abdomen.

"I don't want a brother."

Matthew rolled his eyes and slapped his step-brother on the back of the head. Alfred snarled and turned to hit him back.
You raised an eyebrow at Francis.  

"Am I going to be the only one to disciplined them?"

He smirked again and brushed his lips against your ear.

"Oui. After all, I'm saving my energy for somzing else."

You blushed and pushed him away, rubbing your belly. Alfred and Matthew made twin faces of disgust. They ran out of the room, yelling insults at each other.
You waited until they were upstairs, then turned to Francis.

"We've been married almost a year now......" You trailed off, twirling a lock of his white blonde hair with your finger. His violet eyes glittered and his smirk grew.

"And you still haven't told me."

The smirk vanished, replaced by a look of confusion. You held back a giggle.

"Told you what?"

"What Matthew over heard you say to Lutz."

Francis sighed and rolled his eyes.  

"You really want to know?"

You waited, trying to suppress a smile. Francis shook his head, but grinned.

"Fine, I'll tell you ze PG version."

"What!! I wanna hear what you really said!!"

You smacked his arm playfully. Francis smiled slightly and leaned close, his warm breath brushing your ear.

"As I said before I was merely complimenting your.....Figure."

He paused, running a finger down the side of your face.

"And zhen." He pressed his lips against the side of your throat. You shivered slightly as his scruffy cheek brushed against your neck.

"I told Lutz zat I would have preferred zat I was Alfred's fazer instead of Oliver."

You frowned, not quite getting what he meant. Then your eyes widened and you blushed, realizing what he had most likely said. Francis smirked and hugged you tightly, nuzzling his face against your head.

"Well.... I'm kinda glad you said it." You blushed, still thinking of what he most likely had said.

"Really?" He raised an eyebrow, still smirking.

"If Matthew hadn't over heard you, we most likely would have never married!"

Francis just stared at you, his lips twitching as he tried not to laugh. You smiled, reaching out and twining your fingers through his.

As much as he tried not to, Francis's always let his emotions show around you.

------Alfred's point of view------

"I hate it when your fucking dad touches my mom."

I peered around the corner, trying hard not to be seen. Matthew sighed, leaning against the opposite wall.

"Yeah? I don't remember asking for your opinion dumb ass."

I turned and glared at him.  "What crawled up your ass?"

He just rolled his eyes and glared at me. I turned my attention back to the living room, scowling as the damned Frenchman ran a hand over my Mother's swollen stomach.

"Just look at him. The perv can't wait to get my mother in bed!"

I turned as Matthew made a raspy choking sound. He stared at me, a look of mixed amusement and astonishment on his face.

"Al.....Your mother is pregnant."

"I know shit face."

He kept staring, his violet eyes narrowing slightly.

"Do you know what it takes to get a woman pregnant?"

I glared, no need to answer that. Matthew smirked, and shook his head. Grabbing my hand he pulled me towards the back door.

"You have a lot to learn. Thank god Lutz is in town."
I finally finished it ._.
Now to work on requests

:icontrinzen: helped me with Francis's line xD

Previous- [link]


I own nothing but the plot!!!
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