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February 1, 2013
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2P!FrancexMother!Reader With Child!2P!American and Child!2P!Canada

Part two

Three weeks ago was the last time you had spoken with the irritable Frenchman. It was sad to say, but you missed his hoarse accented voice. As weird and slightly perverted that sounded.

You ruffled Alfred's hair as you passed him on your way to the door. The mail always seemed to come late on Saturdays.

Opening the door, you raised an eyebrow at the man scowling down at you. His fist was raised as if he were about to knock on the door.

"Hello, Francis, Matthew." You nodded at the little boy and he gave you a quick smile.

"What brings you to this part of town?"

Francis nudged Matthew forward, still scowling.  "Mazew wanted to 'ave a play date wiz Alfred. Sorry I didn't call a'ead."

"That's okay." You pointed behind you towards the living room. "Al is in there Mattie."

The little boy nodded and shoved past you. You turned your attention back to Francis.

"I'm guessing that there is a reason you accompanied him."

"Oui." He glanced behind him at the empty street. You raised an eyebrow, but moved aside so he could enter.
He did, following you to the kitchen. As you fixed tea, he stared, chewing on his bottom lip.

"So. What do you want?" You sat across from him, hands clasped. Francis leaned back in his chair and sighed.

"Oliver is Alfred's fazer."

"Yeeeeeeeees. I already told you that."

"But Oliver is in prison. He's been zere for seven years."

"Your point?" You were starting to get antsy, you hated the mention of your ex.

"He was put zere months before Alfred could be conceived."


Francis raised an eyebrow. You sighed, not really wanting to go down this memory lane.

"I had Alfred's birth certificate changed." You paused, wincing slightly before continuing

"That way, when Oliver got out, it would appear as if Alfred had a different father."

"Why go zrough all zat legal trouble?"

You gave him a 'Are you really asking me that' look and snorted.

"That way he stays away from Alfred, and I don't have to do something drastic to get him back in prison."

Both of Francis's eyebrows shot up.  " 'E was put in prison for attempted murder."
You studied your nails, not wanting to meet his gaze.  


Francis's eyes narrowed and he leaned forward.  " Who did 'e try to kill?"

"No one."

You almost laughed at the expression on his face. Francis gaped, then smirked.

"You didn't."

"I did." You grinned wolfish, proud of how well that little plan had worked.

After all, the police were more likely to believe the hysterical pregnant woman more than they would believe the angry man with a history of insanity.

Francis began to laugh silently, covering his mouth, shoulders shaking.

"You are evil!!" He gasped, wiping tears from his eyes.

You turned somber,  "Not as evil as the man who threatened to kill me every moment I was with him."

Francis dipped his head in a nodded, violet eyes somber.

"You do realize zat 'e gets out in a month."

You nodded, hugging your arms to your body. Francis reached across the table an gently patted your shoulder.

"If you want, Mazew and I can stay wiz you."

You stared at him, thinking about the offer.

In a way it would work. Francis could pretend to be your boyfriend and pretend to be Alfred's father, while you pretend to be Matthew's mother.

You nodded, leaning forward and outlining your plan.

----------Time skip----------

"This wasn't part of the plan."

You crossed your arms and scowled at Francis. He rolled his eyes, un-buttoning his shirt and tossing it onto the floor.

"We're just sharing a bed  ______. Nozing else, get your mind out of the gutter."

You blushed as he shimmied out of his pants, leaving him in a pair purple boxers.

Flopping onto the bed, he pulled the blankets over himself. You cautiously slipped into your side of the bed, keeping an eye on him.

After an hour of staring at the ceiling, you finally managed to drift off to sleep.

Something poked your back. You ignored it, snuggling closer to the warm pillow.


You were poked in the back again. Scowling you muttered a reply.

"A guy came to the door. I didn't answer it, but he seemed to know that we're home."

Your eyes shot open and you sat up. Rather, you tried to sit up, but you were impeded by the arms encircling your waist.


The Frenchman mumbled something, nuzzling his face against your chest. As you tried to pry him off you turned to Al. The boy was scowling at Francis, arms crossed.

"What did he sound like, Honey?"

Alfred thought for a moment, then shrugged.

"He sounded like a rabbit on speed."

A rabbit on speed. Alfred really spent too much time with Matthew, and Matthew spent to much time with his father.

"Can you imitate his voice?"

If he did an English accent, your would scream.

"Um.... Kinda like-a this."

You held back a laugh at your son's attempt at an Italian accent. Turning back to Francis, you flicked his nose.

"Wake up Francis, Feliciano is here."

-----Time skip------

"A rabbit on-a speed?! What-a kind of Mother are-a you?"

You snorted, smiling slightly.  "Don't look at me Feli, it's Mister Depressed's foul mouth."

Francis glared,  "I'm not depressed."

Feliciano and you shared a glance, both of you smirking. Alfred and Matthew looked up from their mugs of hot chocolate, eyebrows raised.

"You know the funny talking man Mommy?"

"I AM-A NOT FUNNY-A TALKING!!!" Felicano roared, waving his arms dramatically. Alfred flinched and Matthew rolled his eyes.

"Felciano helped me out when I found out I was pregnant with you."

The Italian nodded, twirling the strange curl in his hair. Francis huffed, crossing his arms. Alfred nodded slowly, glaring slightly at the Italian man.

"So. There is-a reason I am-a here." Feliciano leaned forward, hands classped. You raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.
After shooting a quick glance towards the children he continued, his voice a whisper.

"There is-a bit of-a trouble."

"You and Lutz 'ave 'ad a lovers spat?"

"NO!!" Felicano went red as Francis smirked. You slapped the Frenchman's arm and turned back to Feliciano.

"What happened?"
Feliciano sighed, looked at Alfred, then back at you.  

"Ollie was-a let out."

You stiffened, the blood draining from your face. Francis leaned forward, his violet eyes blazing.

"Zat wasn't supposed to 'appen for anozer two weeks."

Felciano leaned back, letting out a frustrated sigh.

"He was-a let out on-a good behavior."

Francis opened his mouth to make a no doubt, sarcastic and insulting comment, when Feliciano cut him off.

"You know-a what he told-a the guards as he-a left?"

You shook your head numbly.

"He said-a something about-a visiting his-a poppet."

Francis grabbed your shoulder as you slumped, body limp. He wasn't coming for you.

He was coming for Alfred.
Drama 8D lol
This chapter is kinda short >_>

Part one- [link]
Part three- [link]

I own nothing but the plot
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