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Running and Hiding


You probably will want to read part one first if you haven't yet, mainly because this won't make sense if you don't  xD

Link in the description.

Warning- Mild cursing, violence and dead people

"Can we trust this guy?" You pulled his suit jacket tighter around your shoulders.

"No, but 'e owes me." The Frenchman didn't elaborate, just made a turn onto a long twisting dirt road.

"Is he like you?" You meant, knowing Oliver and having a tracking device in his arm.

"Yes." Francis glanced at you out of the corner of his violet eyes. You shivered slightly, wondering how many people were tied with Oliver.

Up ahead, you could see a small cabin in the middle of a clearing. It looked rather dilapidated.

Francis got out, sticking a cigarette in between his lips. You followed, shivering slightly at the the chilly air.

You still only had on one of Francis's shirts and undergarments. He noticed you shiver and rolled his eyes.

"You do realize zat I 'ad a pair of pants in ze back."

You fought the urge to flip him the finger. He laughed out loud as if he knew what you were thinking.

"Stay out 'ere. I 'ave to talk wiz 'im first."

You frowned, but then nodded in agreement.

Francis knocked lightly on the door, then pulled it open and entered. You leaned against the car, watching the door warily.

A half hour later, you were still waiting. However you didn't make a move to go in.

Francis had asked you to stay. You trusted the man enough not to disobey.
You had gone back into the car and pulled on the long black pants. The hem pooled around your feet.

"Fuck this SHIT!" A loud grating male voice echoed from the woods. Startled, you crouched down, looking around the edge of the car towards the noise.

A man sauntered out of a thicket of bushes. He had brown hair, red eyes and a white grin that was missing an tooth.

You slowly backed up, still crouching. He didn't look like the kind of guy you wanted to mess with.

Your back hit something. Looking up you stared into a familiar pair of violet eyes. But the face was different, though not by much.

His hair was strawberry blonde, and longer than Francis's white-blonde locks.  And he was younger, no older than seventeen.

"W-Who are you?"

He didn't answer, sliding a pair of black shades down onto his nose.

"You found her!! Ollie's gunna' be psyched!" The brown haired man came around the car, grinning.

The blonde grunted, grabbing you by your waist and flinging you over his shoulder. The brunette guy followed behind, smirking and making rude gestures.

"PUT ME DOWN!!!!" You pounded on the blondes back, glaring at the brunette. He ignored you, heading for the cabin.

It was dark inside and filled with a disgusting smell. The air was heavy with this smell and you gagged.

The brunette laughed, exposing a nasty looking tongue ring.

"You brought her Mattie!!!!" The man holding you flinched as a familiar voice filled the room. It was Oliver, you would never be able to forget that voice as long as you lived.
Mattie, you guessed that was the blonde's name, set you down.

Oliver skipped over to you, grinning maniacally.

"I said I would get you poppet." He leaned in close, narrowing his eyes,  "It's really to bad you got Francis."

You spit in his face. Oliver shrieked, stumbled backwards and fell on his ass. The brunette let another raucous caw of laughter.

"Shit Ollie! Can't handle a little girl?"

Oliver growled, glaring at the other man. The smile slid off the brunette's face.  "R-right."

"Hold her Lutz." The British man, stood up an motioned towards Mattie  "And go get Francis Mattie."

A tall blonde man hooked his arms under your armpits, holding you in place. Oliver grinned, tossing a knife from hand to hand.

"I knew that sooner or later Francis would realize we had the frequency of his chip."

"And then we would catch the both of you!" He giggled like a child, then frowned.

"Of course there was the problem of dealing with Kiku. He put up a good fight."

Lutz stiffened behind you at the mention of this Kiku person.
Mattie came back into view, dragging Francis by his hair. The Frenchman was cursing up a storm, in several different languages by the sound of it.

Oliver spun on the spot, an act that suited him in a strange and demented way.

"Did you like your cell? Did you see Kiku's remains?"

The Frenchman didn't answer, just glared at the smaller man. Oliver shrugged, reaching into his pocket. A small glass vial was in his hand when he pulled it out. Inside were a bunch of micro chips and fine wires.

"Let's see.... I have Kiku's, Ivan's, Yao's, Gilbert's and Lovino's! Now all I need is yours, and we're a happy family again!"

"Go to 'ell." Francis sneered, yelping slightly when Mattie yanked on his hair.

"Tut, Tut. That's not nice." Oliver rattled the jar "Go take his chip out Mattie, you help Al."

Both men dragged Francis off. He struggled slightly, not uttering a single sound. You were scared. Not of the man holding you back, not of Oliver. No You were afraid of the pure raw terror you glimpsed in Francis eyes, eyes that were usually free of emotion.

There was silence. The sound of your heart beat filled your ears, the fluttering of a panicked animal.

Then a scream. A long, guttural howl of pain.

It wasn't the scream that was the worst. It was the silence that cut it off mid howl.

Oliver laughed.
You started shaking, your knees gave out. Lutz grunted, adjusting his hold.

"Put her in one of the cells. I'll play with her later."

Lutz began dragging you away, you didn't struggle, no point.
Just as you went around the bend, you saw Mattie come back in, a bloody micro chip on his palm.

Your mind went blank and you blacked out.

----Time skip---
You lay on your back, staring up at the stone ceiling.

Apparently this Kiku guy had a dungeon under his innocent looking cabin. And there was no way for you to escape.

At least they didn't post a guard. You could give up on life in privacy.

What would Francis do in this situation?
You didn't know the man very well. But you knew he would have found a way to get you out.  

If he was still alive.

You sat up and looked around. It was a square room, with one barred up window and a large solid looking wooden door.

The window.  
Taking off your shirt, you balled it up around your fist. The bars were far enough apart, you could punch the glass out.

You did just that, hitting the glass four times before it gave way under your fist. There were still large shards of glass left.


Grabbing the largest shard, you wiggled in out of the frame. Holding it tightly in your wrapped hand.

Now for the waiting.

You pressed your back against the cold stone wall near the door. The first man in would get the shock of his life.

You waited for what felt like hours, but was most likely just five minutes.
A click of the lock, then the door swung open. You lashed out with the knife.

It cut across the tall blonde man's cheek. He backed up confused, then grit his teeth in pain.

"SHIT!" You lashed out again. This time he dodged and grabbed your wrist.

"Stop! I'm going to help you!" He barked, squeezing your wrist until you let go of the glass.

"Oliver sent for you. Ven ve get upstairs, Feliciano und I shall attack him. You run into ze room vere Francis zas taken."

You flinched, then nodded.

"Why are you helping me?"

"Oliver is a bastard. He's killed someone very important to me." His icy blue eyes hardened. You nodded, not needing to know anymore.

You followed him up the stairs, legs trembling. He turned once before opening the door.

"Vhen I open zis, run. Barracade ze lab door behind you."

You nodded, feeling nausea.
He flung the door open.

You ducked under his arm, leaping forward, you dashed across the room, heading for the doorway.

Oliver made a grab for you. However before his hand made contact, a golden knife whizzed through the air, piercing his palm.
A small tanned man with magenta eyes grinned wolfishly,  "Better run Bella. Let the big-a boys deal with him."

You slid into the room like a baseball player, twisting around with speed you had thought not possible, you slammed the door.

Your foot was in something sticky. You looked, already knowing what it was.


You gagged scrambling backwards.
You hand landed on something cold and hard, but familiar all the same. Death chilled flesh.

Even though you didn't want to look, your head seemed to move on it's own.
You blinked.

It wasn't who you though it was. Not Francis, but......

The brunette guy, Al or whatever.
He was dead, eye wide with shock, drying blood splattered across his left arm and cheek.

So where the hell was Francis?

"Huh. So Lutz kept 'is word."

You spun around, eyes wide.  Francis grinned, a cigarette perched jauntily on his lower lip.

You leapt up, lunging forward and wrapping your arms around him. He flinched slightly, then wrapped his own arms, tentatively around your waist.

"Missed me?"

"I though you were dead!" Tears welled up in the corners of your eyes. He sighed, the sound rumbling though his chest.

"We 'ave to get out before you start sniffling."

You nodded, twining your fingers with his. Francis stiffened again, gently letting go of your hand.

Your heart dropped. You ignored the feeling.

Francis opened the lab door, motioning for you to follow. The sight that met your eyes made you fall to the floor and vomit.

The small tanned man's body lie on the floor, glass piercing his back. His head lay three feet away, the magenta eyes gone.

You turned to look for the Lutz, but Francis covered your eyes, wrapping his arm around your waist.

"Please don't look  ________."

"Awww. Old Frany cares about the little poppet."
You heard the voice and shuddered, Francis's grip tightened around your waist.

"No, I just want to piss you off."

His hand still covering your eyes, Francis began to back away slowly. You stumbled along, your feet struggling to get a foot hold.

"So Oliver, close to deaz? I zink Feliciano managed to get in a good shot."

"Shut up."
Removing his hand from your face, Francis shoved you behind him.

"Go outside and get in ze car."

You nodded, grabbing the handle of the door. Behind you, Francis lunged at the smaller man. You paused, wanting to see the out come of the fight.

The next few minutes were just a flurry of punches, kicks and yelled curses. Francis was losing.
Something glittering fell out of Oliver's pocket, bouncing off the floor and rolling to your feet.

It was the glass vial, filled with four more microchips. Mattie, Al, Feliciano and Lutz's chips.

"Oliver!" You raised the vial above your head. He froze, his blue and pink eyes wide.

"DON'T DO THAT!" He lunge towards your, scrabbling madly to get out of Francis's grip.
You threw it to the ground with all your might.

The glittering chips of glass mingled with the buzzing microchips, their thin wire appendages flailing weakly.

The British man managed to kick Francis off, he knelt beside the broken mess, sobbing.

"No. No. NO!!!!"

He clutched at the mess, the glass tearing his fingers to shreds.

Francis scooped you up bridal style,  "We should leave."

"But he's not---."

" 'E will be. Zose wires will attach and explode."

----Time skip----

You lay curled up next to Francis on a couch in your apartment. He was asleep, his face peaceful. You wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face into his chest.
Tears dribbled out of the corners of your eyes, plopping onto his crisp white button-up shirt.

He shifted slightly, his hand twitching around your waist.

"Why are you crying?"

You pulled back, wiping your eyes hurriedly.    "I'm just sad."

"Why?" Even though his tone was emotionless, you could see confusion in his eyes.

"Oliver's dead. There's no reason for you to protect stay."

Francis blinked, clearly not expecting that.

"You're sad, zhat I might leave." He repeated disbelieving. You nodded, feeling stupid.

He tossed his head back a laughed heartily. You stared wide-eyed, he never laughed like this. The few time you had heard him laugh, they had been short bitter caws, this was actually laughter.

"Mon amour." He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.  "Zere are more who will want to kill you and me."


"We killed Oliver."

"Not really."  

"Ze details don't matter to zem." He sighed, his hand resting lightly on your upper thigh.

You raised an eyebrow, he smirked,    
"Why don't we team up, rid the world of zose ozer men."

You grinned  "Why not?"
Sucky ending ._.

Lol reader-chan gave Lutz his scar xD

:I I'm not to happy with this, especially since it took me so long to write.

Part one- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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