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Meine Kätzchen


You were curled up in a chair, flipping through a WWII Book. It was some pretty heavy stuff,  but being the history geek you were, it was to enthralling to put down.

"Reading another one of those books  _____?" You glanced up at your mother. She was frowning at you. "It can't be healthy to read those all the time."

Shrugging you placed the book on the bedside table, "It's just something that interests me."

She grimaced, "It's more like a obsession." Rolling your eyes, you stood up and stretched,   "Well! I'm going to bed." She nodded and gave you quick hug.
You crawled into bed. Staring up at the ceiling you thought about the events you had read about.

Your Scottish fold Iggy jumped onto the bed. Absentmindedly you patted his head.

Slowly you drifted off to sleep

-------Time skip-------

It was cold.

Waaaaaaaay to cold.

You frowned and buried your face deeper into your pillow. Your pillow was wet. No. It was made of something wet.

Your eyes flew open in alarm. White snow was drifting around. Sitting up you looked about wildly. Tall gray buildings surrounded you. An alleyway? It certainly looked like one.
Where the hell am I?! Panicked you stood up and turned towards the street opening.

You froze.

Across the street, hanging from a Flag pole was a flag. A flag that should no longer be around, much less hung for all the world to see.
It was the swastika.

You blinked rapidly, your breath coming out in short gasps. No. There was NO WAY this was happening.

You were shivering, not from the cold anymore.
This wasn't possible. It was a dream right?

Yes that was it. You had gone to sleep after reading a WWII book and as a result your dream was modeled after what you had read.  


Your legs shook, threatening to give out.

Three men stumbled out of the building. They were speaking in rapid German. You     stepped into the shadow of the buildings.

Wrapping your arms around your self you stared at your feet.

Just a dream. Just a dream. Just a dream.

No. You could feel that it wasn't. It was to realistic for a dream.

Footsteps crunched through the snow, approaching you.There was nowhere for you to hide. The alleyway was devoid of trash.

A tall man walked past the alley. You hugged the wall. Maybe he didn't see you.

No such luck.

He stopped and slowly turned around. His violet eyes wide with surprise. He was tall, you   could see slicked blonde hair under his cap. A cigarette dangled limply from his lips. His      long black coat was buttoned up to his chin against the cold. The most chilling feature had to  be the scar that ran across his left cheek .


You blinked, slightly confused.  Then it occurred to you what you were wearing.

Oh dear.

You highly doubted (and knew for a fact.) that women weren't seen in tank tops and shorts during this time.

His face slowly turned red, your blush rivaling his.

He stuttered something in German, Covering his face with his hand.

Backing up you started to shake, on his left arm was one of the dreaded swastikas.

He stepped forward, his eyes narrowing. Another man walked up behind him, He had snowy white hair and crimson eyes.

He looked at you, then at the larger man. Standing up on his tip-toes, he whispered something in the blonde mans ear. He nodded and cleared his throat.

He spoke slowly, in what sounded like Russian. Really bad Russian.
You frowned and shook your head. "Uh." You searched your head for the correct words.

"Um, Sprechen Sie English?"

Both men stared at you, then began whispering furiously at each other. By the sound of it, The tall man didn't like what ever the crimson eyed man was saying.
And you probably wouldn't like it either. You really didn't like how he kept glancing at you. It was a predatory look.

A tiny meow came from behind. You spun around, a cat in the alley? Could it be.....

A tiny white and beige head poked out of a snow drift. "IGGY!!" You scooped him up. The little cat was shivering, his large kitty-brows furrowed. Poor guy must be freezing.

Behind you the talking stopped.

-------Lutz's point of veiw---------

"Um, Sprechen Sie English?"

I stared at her, then turned towards my brother.

"She's American!" He hissed excitedly. I scowled at him "And?" He glanced at her then back at me. "I call dibs on her."

My scowl deepened, "No, You don't!" My words hissed out. He smirked, "Why not? You have no use for her." He looked back, his eyes flitting over her form. I grabbed his collar, "I saw her first, she's mine." I was using the same words he had three weeks ago at the bar.

He smirked, "I'm your older brother Lutz. I get first dibs."

I grinned, "Now now Big brother, don't forget which one of us is the Colonel." His smile fell.
Before he could think of something to say, a small cry of exitment made us both look at the girl in surprise.

She was cradling a small cat in her arms. Where the hell had that come from?

Letting my brothers collar go I walked towards her. She spun around and flinched.

-------Your point of view------

You flinched as the tall man approached you. He flicked his cigarette butt into the snow.

"You are American." It wasn't a question. Hugging Iggy closer to your chest you nodded. He stared at you. "Do you hafe a home?"

You shook your head, shivering as a cold wind whipped through the alleyway. He noticed and removed his heavy leather coat. The uniform underneath made you want to vomit. He was clearly a high ranking member of the SS.

Geez, What had you gotten yourself into?!

Draping it around you, he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. "You can come vith me."

Again it wasn't a question.

He lead you down street after street. You tried to remember the path but it was impossible.     

You stumbled when he stopped abruptly.

"Zis ist mein haus." He slipped back into German for the last part.

You were standing in front of an apartment complex. "The.....The whole thing?"

His laugh was like a knife, cutting the silence into ribbons. "Silly Kätzchen. No. I live on the top floor."

Kätzchen.....From your limited knowledge of German, you knew this meant Kitten. Trying to scoot away from him, you winced as his grip tightened, his fingers digging into your shoulder.

Leaning down he put his mouth to your ear. "If you run I von't chase you." He let the words sink in before continuing "But zere few vomen in this city and many lonely men." His words made you shiver. "Und I von't save you from zem like I did vith my bruder."

He pulled back, smirking.

You shivered, Iggy hissed softly.

He lead you up several flights of stairs, stopping in front of a gray door.
Unlocking the door, he let his arm fall off your shoulder. You could run if you want. But should you? Maybe you would be safer with him. At least until you could find away back home.

His smirk grew more pronounced, he new you wouldn't run. He swept his arm towards the open door mockingly. "After you Kätzchen."

There it was again. A friggin' pet name.

Stepping in cautiously you looked around. It was pretty tidy. A small coffee table a leather chair and a couch decorated the small living room. A doorway to the left lead to a kitchen and a doorway to the right lead to a small bedroom.

He shoved past you, carelessly throwing his leather gloves onto the floor. He pulled his boots off and shoved them into a corner.

You watched silently as he stomped into the kitchen. Sitting down on the chair, you watched the kitchen doorway warily.
The man came out, carrying a sausage link in his hand. Biting off a piece, he held it out to you. You wrinkled your nose in disgust. You were a vegan and proud of it. Besides, the thing looked disgustingly greasy.

He shrugged and sprawled across the couch. Iggy watched the sausage. Poor kitty. How long had you been out? When was the last time he was fed?

Finishing off the sausage, he licked his fingers very slowly. "I'm Lutz."

You blinked "I'm ______." He nodded, running a hand over his slicked down hair.

"Vhy are you here?" His question caught you off guard.

"Um. I dunno, Why are you here?" He blinked, clearly not expecting that. His eyes narrowed "I'm here because of my job."

You nodded, your grip tightening on Iggy, the small cat gave a tiny mew of protest.

"Okay heres ze deal." He leaned forward glowering. "I vill provide a house and food for you. You will clean said house and cook for me."

"Its an apartment."

Shit! Damn your sarcastic nature. It always chose the wrong moments to appear.

He grinned, "Smart-assed Kätzchen. I like zat."

Ew. You mentally rolled your eyes. The fear you had felt earlier was completely gone. Now you were starting to feel slightly pissed. The guy was a creep.

"So I'm offering you protection in a vay. You just have to cook and clean for me."

You scowled, "Is that all you'd want from me? You said so yourself, there aren't many women  in this city."

He smirked "Do vat I say und you'll be fine."

"I shouldn't even be here." you muttered, looking away. He raised an eyebrow "Vhy not? Are you supposed to be somevhere else? Like say, an ex-"  Quickly you cut him off. You did not  want to go down that path.

"I shouldn't be in Germany. I'm an American."  

He laughed, stretching the scar on his cheek. "Sucks to be you Kätzchen."
You both sat in silence for a few moments. "Where will I sleep?"

He drummed his fingers against his leg. "Vith me."

You stared, "Not an option." Iggy jummped off your lap.

Neither of you blinked. You both glared, not wanting to be the first to blink.

"Fine." He leaned back, glaring. "You can have ze couch."

A rather loud silence fell. You crossed your arms, feeling slightly more protected that way. He watched you with a slightly bemused look. You watched as he ran thumb absentmindedly over the scar on his cheek. If he wasn't such a creep you might have admitted that he was slightly handsome.

Footsteps reverberated up the hallway. Lutz's eyes widened. Jumping up he grabbed your arm and shoved you into the bedroom.
"Don't make a sound." He growled, shutting the door after you nodded in silent agreement.
You sat on the bed and listened as Lutz greeted whoever was there. Lying back you stared up at the ceiling. It was only one other person. That much you could tell. Was it his brother?

Loud laughter and the clink of bottles. Nice they were getting drunk. Not something you wanted to deal with.

You sat up as a shocking thought hit you.
Where was Iggy?

You were tempted to throw the door open and search for him.  What could you do?!
"Mew." Blinking you looked under the bed. The Scottish fold was curled up next to the wall.

"Iggy" You whispered petting his head. Poor kitty must be terrified.
He climbed up onto the bed and sat next to you. You both watched the door apprehensively.

-------Time skip-------

Something tickled your ear. You slowly opened your eyes. You were facing a wall. It took your mind a moment to clear from the sleep haze. You must have fallen asleep last night.

Something tickled your ear again. Turning over you froze.

Lutz's face was inches from yours. You sat up in shock, trying to scoot as far as possible away from him.

Except you couldn't. His arm was tight around your waist.


Prying it off you hopped over him and walked into the living room. The white haired man was lying across the couch. Beer bottles were scattered around the floor.

Backing up quickly you closed the door.

"Lutz" You hissed, leaning over him. He groaned, waving his hand at you.

"LUTZ!" You whisper-yelled.

He opened on violet eye, "Vas?!" You motioned for him to be quiet. He raised an eyebrow.

"Your brother is still here."

He snorted, "So? I claimed you. He von't touch you Kätzchen."
You grit your teeth. Claimed? What were you, a piece of land?

You were sorely tempted to hit him upside the head as he turned back around.

"Go make me breakfast."


He twisted around and glared, "You heard me, Make breakfast." You backed away and made a face as soon as his back was turned.

As you turned to leave, his hand shot out, slapping you smartly across the rear. You squeaked and heard a small chuckle from behind.


Weaving your way through the bottles, you entered the kitchen. What to cook? you glared at the stove. It was one of those old ones. The kind your grandmother remembered her mother using. The kind you had no idea how to use.

Whoop-dee-Fucking-doo. Your temper started to boil.

Why did you have to be sent back into the past? What was wrong with staying in your own time? Why couldn't you have been obsessed with manga, like your friend Kiku? Maybe then you'd just be in one of those high school romances he was always trying to get you to read.

You shouldn't complain though. You knew that. Compared to what was happening all over Europe, your problem small.

So what to make?

You opened the fridge. Meat, Eggs and cheese. Three things you had no idea how to cook.

Picking up a piece of meat between your forefinger and thumb, you placed it in a bowl.

"Here ya go Iggy." The cat purred as he chewed on the meat.

At least one of us is happy.

Tip-toeing back through the living room, you reentered Lutz's room.

He was sitting up, the sheets coiled around his waist. Your eyes were drawn to the scars on his arms. He scowled as you came in

Nice. He had wanted breakfast in bed. You really disliked chauvinistic men....

"Vhats wrong?"

Crossing your arms you glared. "I don't know how to use that stove, nor do I know how to cook meat."

He blinked, looking slightly shocked by your reply. "You don't know how to use a stove?"

You nodded, deciding not to mention that you knew perfectly well how to use a electrical stove.

Grumbling he stood up, shoving past you.

-------Time skip------

Six months had passed since you had went back in time. Six months spent with Lutz. God you wanted to go home. Back to what was normal for you. Back to your parents and little sister.

He never asked you about where you were from, in return you never asked him about his past. Not that you wanted to know. Not really.

You had found out that besides being a complete perv and slightly chauvinistic he could be nice when he wanted to. Which sadly did not happen often. The only one in the house that he was always nice to was Iggy. He seemed to have a soft spot for your cat.

You had kept your side of the "deal"....mostly. You kept the place clean. Which meant cleaning up beer bottles every Sunday morning after his brother had gone home, hungover from a night of intense drinking. It was on those mornings that you would wake up with Lutz's arms around your waist, his face buried in the crook of your neck.

You hated to admit it, but you were starting to have feelings towards the man. However, one thing you could do without was how he was constantly slapping your ass.


You didn't look up from the book you were reading.


"What." You flipped a page, not really reading the words.

"Come here." You blinked and looked up.

Lutz was patting his lap. "Come on Kätzchen."

You narrowed your eyes. "Could you please stop calling me that."

He smirked, "I could, but I von't."

"What do you want?" Tossing the book to the side you stood up. His smirk grew "Zere are lots of zhings I vant and very few you vould give me villingly."


Opening your mouth to spit out a sarcastic reply, you stopped. The sound of marching came from the street below, followed by rowdy laughter.

"What's going on?" You walked over to the window, reaching up for the curtain.

Lutz grabbed your wrist. "Nozing." twisting away from him, you frowned.

"If it's nothing then why did you stop me?" He grimaced. The movement made the scar crumble slightly.

You reached for the edge of the curtain again. This time he grabbed your wrist and slammed you against the wall. He managed to hold both of your hands in one of his.

His breath brushed your face. "You don't vant to know. Trust me." You scowled, "How would   you know? Jerk."

He blinked, clearly not expecting that. Although he should have, after living with you for half    a year.

Looking away he shrugged, then let you go. "Fine."

His reaction surprised you. Usually he would have a scathing comment to whip back at you whenever you back talked.


Out on the street the sounds slowly faded.
He sat down on the couch. His head down.

Geez anyone would think you had ripped his heart out.

"Lutz? Hello?" you waved a hand in front of his face.

"Vhat?" He didn't look up.

You almost missed his pervy smirk. Almost.

Shoving past you, he stomped into the bedroom.

Whatever. You didn't feel like dealing with him right now.

Walking into the kitchen you started washing the dishes. It would keep your mind occupied. Iggy weaved around your legs, mewing.

"I don't have anything for you Iggy." You giggled at the cat. His large kitty-brows furrowed. You laughed again. He blinked then turned and ran into the bedroom.

You blinked. You hadn't realized it until now. It had gone from being His room to the bedroom. Blushing you attacked the plate with your scrub brush.

----Three hours later-----

You had not only washed the dishes, but also washed the kitchen floor, dusted the living room top to bottom and cleaned up the bathroom. You hadn't gone near the bedroom.

Tired and sweaty, you collapsed onto the couch. Closing your eyes, you sighed.

What had gotten into you? You didn't even like cleaning. And yet you had cleaned it to the point of shininess. Which you never did.

"Kätzchen." You didn't open your eyes, letting your right arm dangle over the edge of the couch.

"Kätzchen" cool fingers trailed softly down the side of your face. Your eyes shot open. Lutz stood over you. He looked like he was in pain.

"Are you ok?" You frowned at him. He licked his lips, scrunching up his face.

"Are you going to vomit?" You quickly pushed him away. You did not want to be thrown up on.

"Scheiße." He muttered slumping down next to you.

You stared at him.
Looking up, he stared back.

Slowly he began to lean forward, you slowly leaned back until your head hit the arm of the couch.

He kept leaning forward. You were trapped.

"Lutz?" You could feel a blush creep across your cheeks. He didn't reply. He was now inches away from your face.

You placed a hand on his chest and tried to push him away. It was like attempting to move a brick wall. Kinda felt like a a brick wall too. A really well sculpted brick wall.
Your blush deepened. You noticed that there was a faint blush across Lutz's cheeks as well.

"Ich leibe dich." His blush deepened. You blinked, having no idea what he said.

You remembered the little German you knew. Um Ich was I and leibe waaaaaaaaaaas...... You couldn't think of the meaning of that one. Dich was you?

His face fell, then hardened into his ever useful poker face. He slowly drew back and stood up. You watched silently as he walked into the bedroom and slammed the door.
Wow. He had never acted like this before. Sure he got pissed from time to time, but he never gave you the silent treatment.

You sat up trying hard to think what Liebe might mean. Your mind drew a blank. "Come on." you muttered, "What does one put in between I and you."

I hate you

I like you

I lo-

You blinked. No. Mister hard ass Nazi man wouldn't. He couldn't. He had to much pride.  But maybe. No. It was impossible.

You stood up and tapped on his door. No reply. Of course not.

"Lutz......What does Liebe mean?" You heard a deep sigh, then the bed springs creak as he got up. Opening the door he stared down at you. His face unreadable.

"It means love." His voice was harsh although his poker face never changed.

What to do in a situation like this? You clasped your hands behind your back, looking at the ground, embarrassed.

You heard him sigh again, then felt his hand pat your head gently. "Sorry."

That made you jerk your head up in surprise. He never apologized.

Instead of making a sarcastic comment, you decided to hug him.

He stiffened in surprise, then slowly relaxed, patting your back awkwardly. When you didn't let  go after a while he tried to pry you off. giving up when you tightened your hold.

"Me too." you muttered into his chest.

"You're sorry?"



"You love me?"


You felt him laugh in surprise. The sound rumbling through his chest. His hands fell onto you waist.

Then slide lower.


"OW!! Silly Kätzchen." He held his cheek where you had slapped it. Smirking like an idiot.

"Don't grab my ass." You growled.

His smirk grew more pronounced, "Vhy not? its practically mine now."

You lunged forward to smack him again. He dodged, giving you a smack on the ass as you stumbled past.

"Hey!" You yelped, falling onto the bed. Twisting around you watched him slowly advance. He crawled over you, his grin rivaling the jokers.

He pulled you into a swift, rough kiss.

"Meine Kätzchen."
...... I felt like writing something with 2PGermany and this was born xD

I hope I got his personality ok xD

Part two- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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and you wrote 'liebe' wrong when he confessed. after that you wrote it right xD

But I have question.....
Why do you use 'v'? like in 'vas' 'cause it's written 'was' o.o
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