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November 25, 2012
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Meine Kätzchen

Extended Ending

Two years had passed since you had married Lutz. The first month you had to  get used to people calling you "Mrs.Beilschmidt"

The second month you had been married, you and Lutz legally adopted Felix.

"LIKE!!!! OMG!!!!" Felix slammed the door to your apartment behind him as he ran in. The Polish boy had taken to the new slang of this age surprisingly well.

"Can, like Toris come over?" The blonde nine year-old chirped. He tossed his pink backpack onto the couch.

"Sure. Just don't bother Lutz when he comes home."

You wanted the German to be in a good mood today. You had something VERY important to tell him.

You watched as Felix through open the door and dragged a rather worried looking Toris in.
"If I don't do my homework, my father will kill me!"  He waved as Felix dragged him past you.

"Screw dat guy. You don't mess vith Felix Łukasiewicz friends."

You smiled slightly. Toris was his only friend and you often felt bad when Felix dragged him off on crazy adventures. (Although It was a bit funny when Felix forced him to play dress up)

Glancing at the clock you sighed. Three hours until Lutz came home.
He was an engineer at a really high-end company. His pay had allowed you and him to buy the apartment next to yours and tear down the walls to make it like a large-ish, one story house.

What to do until he came home.....

The phone rang.

Perfect. That would take up at least five minutes of your time.


"I'm sorry to bother you Mrs.Beilschmidt. But do you think you could baby-sit Ivan and
Natalia?" It was Yekaterina, a Ukrainian girl who had to take care of her younger siblings. You felt bad for her. She had to work during the day and go to night school.

"Sure." You really didn't think today was going to go all that well.

----Time skip----

"You have to be da evil princess!" You watched as Felix, Toris, Natalia and Ivan ran around the living room.

"No! Vhy me? You alvays make me se evil guy?" Ivan narrowed his purple eyes.
You massaged your temples. You were starting to get a migraine.

"____?" Looking down, you forced a smile. Natalia was clutching her skirt. "Can I hafe a drink? I'm tirsty."

You nodded and lead her into the kitchen. After she got her drink, she ran back into the living room.

Sighing, you sat on the counter.

The front door opened the closed. You heard boots being kicked off and a coat landing on the floor.

Lutz was home.
You didn't know how long Natalia and Ivan would be here.
Maybe you should tell him the news tomorrow. Although that's what you said last time.

Oh well.

"Hallo, Kätzchen." Your German husband patted your head as he opened the fridge. You rubbed his back and frowned when he pulled out a beer.

"Should you really be drinking that in front of the children?"

"Zey've gone into Felix's room"

He chuckled, "You sound like a mozer." He wrapped his arms around your waist. They slid lower. You let out a small shriek when he grabbed your ass.

You frowned, "Shouldn't I?" He tilted his head, confused. "You aren't a real mozer. Felix is adopted."

You scowled and walked out of the kitchen.

"Kätzchen! Vhat did I say wrong?" He called after you.

Ignoring him, you sat on the couch and crossed your arms.

"Kätzchen." Lutz frowned, he slid onto the couch, resting his head on your lap.
"You've been acting a bit off ever since ve--" You slapped a hand over his mouth, blushing. Pulling your hand off, he smirked.

"Vhat it's just se--" You slapped your other hand over his mouth. Lutz started laughing, his scar crinkling.

"Poor little Kätzchen. Still blushes like a schoolgirl." He set his beer down, grinning up at you. You scowled, but the need to smile back was making your lips twitch.

Lutz flipped over, tickling your sides. You bit down on your tongue, not wanting to giggle. He leaned in and kissed your nose.

"Vhat's wrong Kätzchen? I vorried." His violet eyes crinkled at the corners. You sighed and looked away.

"I'll tell you later."

He frowned and glanced towards Felix's room. "Vhy?"

"I'm not sure how you'll react." You ran a finger up his arm. He scowled.

"Oh? And vhy vould you be so unsure? I am your husband. You can tell me."

"Later." You pushed him away and walked into the kitchen.
He wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling your neck.

"What do you want for dinner?"

"For dinner vurst." He paused, "And for dessert, You." You shivered slightly as he kissed your neck.

"I don't think so." You shrugged him off and pulled the ingredients out of the fridge.

"Vhy?" Lutz scowled, "Ve've only done it once." Your face flushed red.

"Yeah. Well......." You trailed off, opening a cupboard.

You heard him sigh and mumble in German.

-----Time skip-----
Natalia and Ivan had gone home. Felix and Toris were laughing in his room.

"So vhat did you vant to tell me?" Lutz was pulling on a pair of sweatpants. You were sitting up in the bed you shared, flipping through a book.

Setting it down, you looked at your lap, fiddling with the blanket.

"Well." You sighed, glancing at him almost shyly. Lutz pursed his lips.

"Are you seeing ozer men?"

"WHAT?! NO!! I would never!!"

He smirked, "You vant to have anozer go at--"

"NO!!!!" You shrieked, your face heating up. Lutz laughed.

"So vaht's wrong Kätzchen?" He crawled across the covers, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

You covered your face with your hands and mumbled your answer.


You mumbled it again. Lutz gently pried your hands away from your face.

"Vhat did you say?"

"I'm pregnant...." You looked away from him, slightly afraid of what he would say.

The silence was deafening.

You glanced at his face. Even though you were worried, the sight of his face made you want to laugh.

Lutz's eyes were wide, his mouth a perfect circle.

"For real?" He breathed out.

Nodding, you drew your knees to your chest, resting your head on them.

"ZIS IS VONDERBAR!!!!!" He lunged forward, sweeping you up into a bear-hug. You giggled as he covered your face and neck with kisses.

"I'll have son!!! Ve'll name him Franz!!" Lutz's eyes danced with excitement.

"Franz? What if it's a girl."

Lutz stopped for a moment, his strong arms wrapped tightly about you.

"But ve already have Felix."

"Felix is a guy."

"Yeah but." He rolled his eyes, grinning.

You blinked, who would have guessed. The thought of a having a child really made him that happy.

Lying back, he pulled you onto his chest. "And to zink zat it only took one try."

He smirked as your cheeks flushed red.
:iconbigheplz: I had to. This was floating around in my head after I wrote the finale.
So I though WTF, I'll write it...

Surprised? :iconheplz:

Part three-[link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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