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2P- GermanyxReader

Meine Kätzchen


A year had past since you had been sent into the past. A year living with Lutz. A man you had come to love (despite his perverted personality).

"Kätzchen." He whined from the couch, "Get me a beer! Ze talk show is about to come on!!"

He was fiddling with the large radio that sat next to the couch.

The talk show. A.K.A Propaganda crap. You didn't know how he was able to listen to that crap. Luckily for you, you didn't understand half the stuff the commentator guy said.

"You already had two." You didn't bother getting up from your spot on the small chair.

"Kätzchen!!!!" He whined again, glaring at you. You glared back. You hated when his breath smelled of beer. It was almost as bad as when he ate wurst.

He grumbled something ,running a hand through his perfectly slicked back hair. The show came on. You blocked out the sound of the guy's whiny voice.

"It's been over a year since ve met." Lutz grinned over at you.

You nodded, flipping through the book on your lap. "So that makes today?"

He frowned, looking over at the calender on the wall.

"Zat one's from last year." He grummbled

"You don't know what day of the week it is?" You teased, knowing he hated it.

"It's ze 5th!" He barked, his cheeks turning red.

"The fifth of what?"

"June, 1944!"

You blinked. If today was the fifth of June and you had really gone back in time, then tomorrow was D-Day. The day the Allies stormed the beach Normandy.

Wow you hadn't even asked what year it was when arriving. Way to set your priorities    straight ____.

"Are you feeling okay Kätzchen?" Lutz tipped his head to the side, his purple eyes narrowed.

"Yup! Never been better." A mixture of dread and elation shot through you. You dreaded to think what would happen if he realized that you were from the future.

"Really?" His eyes narrowed further.

You nodded, hunching your shoulders.  He turned back to the radio, turning the sound up.


"So um. What's he saying?" You attempted to sound genuinely curious.

Lutz frowned,you never cared about this. "Zat ve have almost claimed victory. Ze Allies shall be crushed by ze end of ze year."

A tiny laugh of disagreement slipped out before you could stop it. You tried turning it into a cough.

Lutz glared, "You don't zink ve can do it? Ze Allied are veak." His look of complete faith and confidence made you want to laugh and cry at the same time. He scowled at your expression, twisting the scar on his cheek.

He muttered something that sounded like 'stupid American'

"What? I had to cough?" you voice shook slightly with barely contained mirth.

"Vhat's so funny?" He had shut the radio off, letting his full attention fall on you.

'Don't laugh!!! It's not funny. But he's so gullible. Listening to that crap. NO ________. Don't blow your cover. He can't know that your from the future!!'

The thoughts that raced through your mind calmed you slightly.

"Nothing is funny." You voice was calm as was your demeanor.

He still glared. You knew he hated secrets of any kind.

"Fine, Kätzchen. I'll believe you zis time."

Geez. Talk about trust issues.

You closed the book and tossed it aside. "I'm going to bed." He nodded, flicking the radio back on.

You crawled into bed and lay there.

It was risky. What would he do if he found out that you were from the future. He loved the idea of the Axis winning, you knew that much. Would he try to get information out of you?

'If he does I must lie.' You thought shuddering. You knew that if you accidentally effected the course of history, you might set off a series of events to trigger a different ending of WWII. An ending you didn't want to see come about. Even just telling him that you were from the future might set something off.

You felt the bed sag under his weight as the man lay down next to you.

You kept your eyes closed and breathing slow, pretending to be asleep.

"Ich leibe dich, Kätzchen." He murmured, kissing your forehead.

You smiled to your self.

"So your still avake."

You shrieked as he grabbed your ass.


-----Time skip------

"HOW COULD ZIS HAPPEN?!" A loud shriek woke you.

Lutz wasn't in the bedroom. Walking out you saw the tall German, clutching his hair.

"What's wrong?" You knew perfectly well what was wrong.

"Ze Allies have stormed Normandy!" His normally calm demeanor was completely shattered.
Lutz looked at you with wide violet eyes.

You looked back with your poker face.

His eyes narrowed. "Vhy are you so calm?" He walked towards you in that predatory manner of his.

You stood still, "It really doesn't effect me." Blinking he looked confused.

"Vhat doesn't effect you."

Before you could think, your big mouth opened and flat out gave you away.

"The Axis being deafeated."

To late you clasped your hands over your mouth.

Lutz still looked confused.
Then his expression melted into one of concern.

"Kätzchen is vorried about us losing." He wrapped his arms around your waist. "Don't lose hope Leibe. Ve vill vin."

You were seriously creeped out. In your mind Lutz had three settings.

Pissed, Pervy and Sleeping. He didn't have a 'Concerned' mode.

"Are you okay Lutz?" Your voice was muffled against his chest. You felt his arms tighten around you.

"Ja." He buried his face in the crook of your neck.
Warning signals went off in your head.

Pulling away he sauntered over to the door. "I'm going out. Don't leave the house." It was the same as every day, but this time it sound slightly more menacing.

Must be your imagination.

-----Time Skip-----

The first year living with Lutz had been fun. You had been able to read all the books in the house. But now, with nothing to do, you were considering about going out side.

What harm would a little walk do?

You hurriedly got dressed in one of the dresses Lutz had bought you. Sadly the only shoes you owned were high-heels.

Oh well, better than nothing.

Seeing as it was June it was nice out. Walking away from the apartment complex you started to aimlessly wander.

Two women passing by smiled and waved. You smiled back, nodding slightly. Thank god they hadn't stopped to speak.

Over the next twenty minutes you began to notice something strange. Other than those two women, you had barely passed another living soul.
The streets around you began to narrow and get filthier.

You stumbled over a broken brick. Even though it was summer a chill crept up your arms. Feeling the need to get away from the unseen threat, you plowed ahead.

Someone yelled something in a harsh and grating voice. Squeaking in fear you quickly hid in an alleyway.

A man marched past, pushing a small child in front of him. His boots made a loud clicking sound against the street.

The little boy was dressed in no more than rags. His hair filthy and matted, he was so sickly and thin looking. He had to be around seven years old.

The tall man pushed him against the wall and barked an order, something that sounded like stay. He then walked away, leaving the child to cower against the wall.

Disgust and pity boiled in your stomach. You wanted to vomit, you wanted to race after the man and kick him to the ground. But more than anything, you wanted to save that child. You knew what would happen if you didn't.

Creeping forward, you crouched in front of the child. "Um. uh. Shit." You had forgotten how to ask if the kid knew English.

The little boy blinked up at you. "Dat's a no-no word." You were shocked to hear a thick Polish accent coming from the kid's mouth. It shouldn't have though.

"Um, yes it is." You really didn't know what to say, "Why are you here?"

"Like, De bad guys took Matka and me." He whipped under his eyes, "Dey made Matka and de oder ladies get in de back of dis big truck."

Oh Dear God. This poor boys mother had been murdered.

"And Den, like i vas marched here wit de oder kids. Dey were taken avay one at a time."

You gently patted his head.

"You know what?" standing up, you held out your hand "How about you come with me. You can wash up and eat something. I'll also get you some new clothes!"

He stared, "Okay, but I vanna  pink dress." You blinked, that was a rather strange request. But it would be any easy disguise.

"It's a deal!" He grabbed your hand. Quickly you lead him through the maze of streets back to Lutz's apartment.

Opening the door, you glanced about, making sure the German was nowhere in sight.


Rushing the boy inside, you led him into the bathroom. "I'll go make some food and get you that dress."

He nodded, staring in awe at the gleaming white bath tub. Poor kid, when was the last time he had been inside a real home?

---Time skip----

The food had been sitting on the table for quite some time. You doubted it was even warm any more. Walking up to the bathroom door, you knocked.

"Um, little boy? Are you okay?"

You heard splashing

"My name is Felix."

Okay. He hadn't accidentally drowned. That was good.
"The foods on the table and I've put your clothes next to the bathroom door."
You heard a murmur of acknowledgement.

"Kätzchen I'm home early!!!"

Oh Fuck No!

You raced into the living room, blocking the hallway to the bathroom.
"H-hi Lutz. How was work?" Your voice shook slightly.

He grinned, "It vas fine. Zanks for asking."

Wow. He was happy. Really really happy. That didn't bode well.

His smile slowly melted off his face. "Vey is ze shower running?" His violet eyes turned icy.

You didn't know what to do, "Um, well. Uh, you see."

His face clouded over with anger, "Is zere anozer man here?"

You shook your had rapidly, "No just....."
bhd$^E$%#@%!!!!!!     Why couldn't you think of an explanation?!

A small hand slipped into yours. Looking down you stared at the little boy.
He had gone from being a dirty little boy, to a rosy cheeked little girl. Not literally of course.

Lutz had an expression of pure shock. "Who's zat?" His eyes went from you to the little boy then back again.

"Um this is Felix." You felt the little boy shrink behind you. He must be scared of Lutz. After all the man was wearing the same uniform as the other high ranking soldiers.

"Vhy does a little girl have a boys name?"

"I'm NOT a little Girl. I'm a boy!" Felix stuck out his tounge.

His expression was priceless.

"Vhy are you in a dress?!" His violet eyes, flashed at the boy, "And vhy are you in MY house?"

"SHE brought me here!" Felix jabbed a finger in your direction, "So vhy don't you ask her, you Nazi-Pig!"
You stepped in front of the boy, shielding his body with yours.

"I found him on the streets Lutz! I couldn't leave him there!!"

The German man looked torn.

On one hand he most likely knew that Felix was supposed to be dead, and by letting the boy live would be a betrayal. One the other was you, and the absolute hate he knew he would receive if he kicked the kid out.

"Fine." He turned away and stomped into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

"Like, sorry I got your husband mad at you." Absentmindedly you patted his head. "He's not my husband.

"You broder?"


"Some random guy?"

You laughed, "No Felix. Come on, let's eat."

-----Time Skip------

"Like, Turn dat crap off!!!"

"Shut ze hell up!!"

You watched as Lutz and Felix bickered back and forth.
Felix in a bright pink dress and Lutz in his black uniform. To bad you couldn't capture the moment with your cell phone. The thing was still in the future.

"DAMN IT!! I'm trying to listen!!"

"I'm trying to dink in a clean atmosphere!!"

"Dink? Vhat's vith your accent?"

"Vhat's vith yours? You sound French vhen you say zis and zat!"

"I sound German!!"

"And I sound Polish!!"

They stood face to face, glaring. Well not really face to face, Felix only came up to Lutz's navel. He was short for his age.

"Guys, Are you trying to start World War Three?"

They both stared.

Lutz cleared his throat, "After ve vin zere will be no more var. Only battles to crush zose who oppose."

Felix crossed his arms, "Everyone know dat var is just a series of battles."

The tall German glared down at the little boy.

Lutz really didn't like him.

Because of Felix, Lutz's new sleeping place was the living room floor. You let Felix have the bed room, sleeping on the couch instead. Also Lutz's wasn't aloud to drink around the kid. You had forbade it and Felix had enforced it by tossing all of the beer out the window. The bottles had fallen four stories down onto the pavement.

Luckily no one was injured.

-----Time skip-----

You sat at the kitchen table, flipping through a newspaper. Felix was napping and Lutz was in the living room.

"Kätzchen." You shivered when you felt his breath against the back of your neck.

"Yes?" You didn't look up.

"Do you know vhat today is?" He placed a kiss on the back of your neck.

"Um......June.... Uh." You shrugged

"June 24."

You blinked. That meant the Soviets had launched a strategic offensive in Belarus. Resulting  in the almost complete destruction of the German Army Group Centre.

Lutz must be pissed. So why was he acting so cheery?

"Do you know vhat zat means?"

You nodded, "The Germans are losing against the Soviets."

He went silent. You felt your heart beat speed up.

You squeaked as your chair was forcefully pulled out from beneath you. Hitting the floor, you gasped in pain.
Your wrist had twisted. But it didn't feel broken.

"Now vhy vould you say zat?" You stiffened in surprise. Lutz was kneeling over you. Hands on either side of your head.

"W-what are you d-doing?" Your voice shook.

Even though he was a menacing man. Lutz had never once acted violently towards you.

"Today is June, ze 20th. Nozing has changed zhat much vith the Soviets." His violet eyes narrowed, "So vhy vould ve be losing against them."

You lips trembled. You couldn't tell him. It was to risky.

Lutz growled, the scar twisting on his cheek as he gave you a withering look.

"Like, you're such a Dupek!"

You watched, stupefied as Felix ran up to Lutz and began kicking him.
"OW!! SCHEISSE!" Lutz quickly stood up, hopping from foot to foot as Felix stomped on them with all his might.

"Dat's vhat you get!! Mess vith my broski and you, like have me to deal vith."

You couldn't help laughing. It was to funny. A twenty-three year old man being beaten up by a seven year old little boy.

"Call him off!!!!" Lutz tripped backwards, landing on his backside with a grunt.

"It's okay Felix, it's okay." Giggling you pulled the little kid off the German.

-----Time skip----

"How did you know?"

Looking up, you frowned at Lutz.

"Know what?"

He sat on the floor, shoulders hunched.

"Zat ze Soviets vould vin. Zat zey vould crush our men in Belarus."

You paled, "I never said that."

He grimaced, "Can you tell ze future? Can you see how ve all end?" His violet eyes searched yours, "Are you some kind of angel?"

Huh. Despite the gravity of the situation you felt yourself laugh inside. An angel? Better than being called a witch.

"No." You tapped your fingers against your thigh.

"Ze how did you know? Are you vorking vith them?"


He stood up, his face bloodless. Eyes wide he slowly backed away.

"What? What's the matter."

He opened his mouth, then shut it.

"What?" You also stood, completely perplexed.

"Your from ze future." His voice shook

Nice. The idea of you being a spy or an Angel is perfectly ok, but being from the future was the worst case-scenario.

"Yup." No point in trying to hide it.

He stood for a moment, thinking.

"Do ve vin?" He slowly began advancing

"I can't tell you."

"Vhy not?"

"It'll will change the future I'm from."

"So? It can't be zat big of a change. Besides, your probably not going back."

You shook your head, "It could cause the end of the world. And I will find a way back."
He flinched slightly at the last part, like you had slapped him.

"Vhat is the Allies next attack?"

"I can't tell you." You stood firm, letting your stubborn side take over.

"TELL ME!" Lutz barked, standing at his full height, glowering down at you.


"Tell me."

He growled, clenching his fist.

"I zought you loved me."

Oh no. Nu-uh He did NOT just play that card. Two could play that game.

"Nein, non, no, nej, ne, nie. You rambled off the word in the different languages you knew.


"Because I love you." You could help smirking as he grit his teeth in frustration.

"Fine, you know vhat? Ve'll let history take it's natural course." He huffed.

Wow. He had given in. Strange, seeing as he was the only person you had ever lost an argument to.

"I'm going to bed!" You skipped past him, grinning like an idiot.

He rolled his eyes, "I'll get you to spill it Kätzchen."

-----Time Skip-----

"_______? Hello, honey? Are you awake?" a knocking on the door

You stiffened.  

Was that your mother voice? No it couldn't be.

Blinking your eyes open you looked around in shock.

You were back home. In your room. So that was your mother!

"Yup! I'm up." You crowed

That had been one of the best dreams EVER!!! To bad it was just a dream.

You tried sitting up, only you couldn't, something was wrapped around your waist.

"Who vas zat Kätzchen?" You heard someone grumble, tightening their arms around your waist.

"Vhy is de smelly German in my bed?"

Oh geez.

Looking around you stared at the two occupations next to you.

Lutz and Felix.

How the hell were you going to explain this one?
Woot!! Part two ^u^ I hand't originally planed for a part two, but so many of you asked for one, so i decided to comply ^u^

The ending is a bit blah >_>

Dupek- Asshole

Matka- Mother

Can anyone guess the different languages reader-chan uses to say no?

Part one- [link]

Part three- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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