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2P-GermanyxReader  (with Poland)

Part 3
Crap, you were back in the future, with Lutz and Felix. How the hell where you going to explain this?!

"WHAT IS DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?" Felix squealed, jumping of the bed, he picked up your laptop.

"Nothing! Put it down!" you hissed, looking towards the door.
You heard footsteps, "Is everything okay?"

Your mother.

"Yup, uh, Iggy just threw up." The little cat glared, from his spot on your dresser. You had thought that he had gone missing half way though the year in WWII Germany. Apaerently he had just been sent back before you.

"Well make sure you clean it up." You listened as she walked away. Breathing a sigh of relief, you turned back to the duo.

"Vell, vell ,vell. Who knew zat leibe had stuff like zis."  Lutz was holding a black lace bra, smirking like an idiot.

"Give me that!" you hissed, snatching it away.

Leave it to him to find the underwear drawer in fifty seconds of entering your room.

"Like! Dis is so totally cool!!!" Felix had on an old pink tut that you had never gotten around to throwing away. He slipped it on over his dress, making him look like a demented barbie doll

"GUYS!" You whisper yelled, hands on hips. "Hello? We've gone to my time! My mother and father are home!" You looked at the door when you said this, "Besides, I hav know idea how to explain this."

"Your time?" Lutz twirled a mechanical pencil. "How far in ze future are ve?" It flew out of his hands, missing Felix by inches.


"Like, Bull crap!" Felix, picked up one of your old dolls.

"_______?" Your mother called up the stairs, "Your father and I are going out to Grandma's"

Perfect, your grandmother would keep them there for at least three hours. Hopefully that was enough time to figure things out.

You waited until the car had pulled out of the driveway and gone down the street.

"Okay. I'm only going to explain this once. After that you're on your own." They both nodded, Felix clutching the blonde doll in his hands.

"But first." You pulled some clean clothing out of your draws, "I'm getting dressed."

Running into the bathroom, you quickly changed. Re-entering your room you laughed at Lutz's expression.

"Vhy are you vearing pants?" He looked you up and down. You crossed your arms, "Women wear stuff like this now."

Felix's grinned. "Can, like men dress like women here?!" You nodded, "Yup." He danced in a little circle, "YAY!!!"

Lutz snorted. "So vhat are you going to tell us?"
You pressed the power button on your laptop. The duo both flinched as it whired into life.

"Vhat is zat?" Lutz leaned over your shoulder, tapping the screen with his finger.

"It's a laptop, it allows you to view information on the internet."
Felix blinked, "Vhy vould anyone want to do dat?"
Slowly and meticously, you began to explain everything.

Two hours later your voice was hoarse from the none stop talking. And Felix still didn't believe you. Lutz looked convinced, but extremely confused.

"So vhen do ve go home?" Felix was brushing the dolls hair.

"I don't know Felix. I mean I didn't think I'd ever get to see home again, yet here I am."

Lutz nodded, "Vell I'm glad I got to come vith you. I don't zink zat I vould have been able to stand losing you."

You blushed at the sweetness of his words.

"So." His face turned serious, "Who von ze var?"


"Um well, the Allies did." You picked up one of your WWII books. Then you frowned, the title and cover picture were different. Yet you were sure this was the one you had read before going to bed.

"What the?" You frowned Did that mean something in the past had changed? If so, How had they effected the modern world?

Lutz snatched the book out of your hands, and flipped through it. As he neared the back of the book you grimaced. If most of the big events were still the same, then he would soon reach the part where----

"VAS?" Lutz stared at the book. "Ze Führer kills him self? Nein, zat's not possible." His violet eyes were wide. You kinda felt bad, not that it was your fault.

"Nose-hair mustache man deserves it." Felix remarked, pulling out a bin of your doll clothing.

"Nien! I just.....Vhy?" Lutz closed the book with trembling hands. You gently took it and set it down on your desk.

"Um, Russian troops were closing in. Mussolini had been killed..... So, Yeah." You stared at the book, weireded out by the fact that your picture was in it.

"De creepy bald Italian guy?" Felix raised an eyebrow. The doll in his hands was now dressed exactly like him.

It wouldn't surprise you if the kid had an expressive opinon about every leader at that time.

Lutz sat down on your bed, running a hand through his hair. His face was pale.


A car pulling into the driveway jerked you back to your scenes.

"Okay people." you clapped your hands. "My parents are home and somehow I have to explain about you."

Felix rolled his eyes, "Tell dem i'm ,like your cousin of somezing."

"Really Felix? They already know how many cousins I have. Another one popping out of nowhere isn't going to work."

The little boy stuck out his tongue.

"Tell zem zat I'm an intern student at your school and he's my little bruder."

"Vat? No! I'm am NOT going to be de smelly German's bruder."

"I'm not smelly, you little girl-boy."

"HEY! Like, dat is vaaaaaaaaaay not cool." Felix started hitting him with the doll.

The door opened down stairs. "Honey we're home!!"

Great. Time to face the inevitable.

"Hi mom!" You chirped, opening your door. running down the stairs, you motioned for the other two to come down. They followed slowly.

"Um, Mom, Dad, This is Lutz and Felix. They' pen pals from Germany!"
Your parents gaped, taking in Felix's pink dress, Lutz scar and his....oh geez....his Nazi uniform.

"LIKE, HI!" Felix ran up to your mother, "You look like my Matka! She vas very pretty."
Your mother blinked, not sure what to make of the little boy's speech. Felix then went up to your father and frowned.

"But you don't really look like my tata." Your father looked just as perplexed as your mother.

"_______? Why is Mr.Lutz in Nazi uniform?" Your mother's forehead was furrowed in confusion. "And Why is Felix in a dress?" Your father added.

You glanced back at Lutz. His face was devoid of emotion. That perfect poker face he had used the first time you had met him. However, his hand was on your ass.
Even in a serious situation, his inner perv shone through.

"It's Grandpa's." Felix spoke up, "Ve had dis assignment and dat vas part of it."

"You." Your father pointed at Felix, "Have the same assignment as them." He pointed at you and the tall German.

Felix blushed, "Vhat? No, I'm just, like helping dem.........Kinda." He finished lamely. He blushed then quickly hid behind you.

Both your parents looked skeptical.
Great.................. You rolled your eyes inwardly, this was going to be messy.

_______ und I have been pen pals for a year. Vhen I asked if my little bruder and I could come here she agreed."

Lutz placed a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it gently. you gave him a small smile.

"Really." Your father crossed his arms and assumed his "lecture" stance.
"So I am to believe, that Mr. Lutz and you have been pen-pals form the past year."

You nodded, knowing not to interrupt him.

"And he asked if he could come here and you said yes."

You nodded again.

"With out asking us." You shrugged, not really knowing how this was going to play out.

A loud rumble came from behind you. Felix tugged on your sleeve, "Is there, like any food in this place?"

Your mother blinked and you could practically hear her maternal instincts kicking in.
"Sure honey. What would you like?" Your mother lead the little boy into the kitchen. You smiled as he began rattling off his favorite dishes, more than half of them in polish.

Your father remained in the room.

"You can stay." He glared, "BUT. You will have to earn your keep around here." He jabbed a finger in Lutz's direction.

Lutz nodded.

"And get rid of that atrocious uniform."

You stomped on his foot when he scowled.

The phone rang, accompanied by a scream from the kitchen.
Dashing in, you saw that Felix had dove under the table and was shaking in fear.
"Felix?" You crouched next to him, "It's just the phone."

He blinked, his green eyes wide. "I... like..... knew that."

Both of your parents looked confused and slightly alarmed. Lutz just looked annoyed.

-----Time skip------
You never thought that eating dinner could be so awkward.

The silence alone was so oppressive, that it was like a cloud hung over the dinner table.

Why was it like this?


Your parents had caught you and Lutz kissing.

Needless to say, they were pissed.

Lutz's foot brushed against your ankle. Your lips twitched. Your father noticed and scowled.

Felix stood up and held out his plate, "Dank you Mrs._______. Dat vas very good!"

Your father, ever skeptical, tapped his fork against his plate. "Tell me Felix. Why do you have a Polish accent, yet your brother has a German one?"

Felix paled, "Um.... I lived with Matka in Poland and He lived with tata in Germany?"

Lutz shot the boy a grateful look.

Unfortunately your ever vigilant father caught the look.
"Why do you look so relieved, Mr.Lutz?"

Lutz paled slightly, making his scar appear more vibrant.

"What's your last name."

"Łukasiewicz." "Beilschmidt"

They spoke at the same time.

"Which is it?"

You pursed your lips. "Really dad? What's with the third degree?"

Your father frowned "I have a right to know the backgrounds of those who pass into my home."

Felix rolled his eyes.
----Time skip---

Over the next few weeks your father, bugged the two non stop. Your mother tried to get him dial the act back and calm down. It wasn't working though.

Lutz was starting to get annoyed and you were afraid he was going to lose his cool.
Both of them had gotten jobs. Lutz an engineering job and Felix a dog walking job.

Tonight wasn't an exception for your father's nagging.
You tuned him out, concentrating on the plate in front of you. Felix chattered happily with your mother.

Next to you, Lutz clenched his jaw as your father asked yet another question.

Oh no.

The tall German set down his fork and gave your father the coldest look you had ever seen. It was like staring at a completely different person.  This is what had probably let him be such a high ranking Nazi. You mused silently.

Your fathers voice faltered slightly, then picked up with a renewed anger.

"Don't you dare look at me like that young man! Not in my house."

Lutz stood up and began ranting in German. What ever he was saying, was way to fast for you to understand.  Felix looked shocked at the out burst.

Your father cleared his throat and pursed his lips.

"I don't appreciate being yelled at in a foreign language."

Lutz grit his teeth together and scowled.

You sighed.

-----Time Skip-----

"I vant to find my bruder." You looked up at Lutz. He was twisting the hem of his shirt.

"Or at least find his grave."
You nodded, "Then we'll have to get three tickets to Germany."

He blinked, "Nein. I'll go on my-"

"Nope. Felix and I are coming with you." Standing up, you wrapped your arms around his waist. "The three of us are practically a family. We need to stick together."
He blushed, deepening the red of his scar. Burying his face in your neck, he nodded.

"Ve'll go together."

He ruined the moment by letting his hand slide down and grab your ass.

Felix ran in and grinned, "Group hug?"

Lutz grinned, scooping the little boy up.

The three of you stood there, a small family of sorts.

"Ahem." Your mother peeked her head in the doorway. "I overheard and......" She pulled out three tickets. "I don't care what your father thinks of your relationship with those two. You guys deserve a break."

Lutz nodded, "Danke Mrs._____. That's very kind of you."
She nodded, biting her bottom lip, "I'll miss all three of you. Make sure you write!"

"We will Mother."

-----Time skip----

"Dat's a plane?!" Felix squealed, pressing his face against the giant glass window of the terminal.


"Zat's amazing." Lutz breathed.

"Not really." You kept forgetting that you were 67 years into the future. Lutz had nearly cried with utter astonishment at the ATM machine.

"Now boarding Flight 375 for Berlin, Germany."

"That's us guys!" You made your way onto the plane.

----Time skip----

"How much longer!!!!" Felix groaned.

"We've only been flying for an hour."
You had let the little boy have the window seat. At first he had amused himself by looking at the clouds. It lasted about ten minutes.

"Don't make your Mutti angry." Lutz growled. He was on your other side, flipping through a travel magazine.

"Mutti?" You and Felix spoke in unison.
Lutz blushed, "You know vhat I meant!" Giggling you turned back to Felix. "Why don't you sleep? It'll make the time go by faster."

Felix nodded, "Dat makes scence."

Five minutes later the kid was sound asleep, snoring like a chainsaw.

Lutz wrapped his hand around yours. "I'm nervous." He whispered.
You blinked, "Why?"

He shook his head, tightening his hold on your hand.

-----Time skip-----

You and Lutz had searched every old persons home for Gilbert. You had found no one by that name. The violet eyed German was getting extremely discouraged.
"Now ve check ze cemeteries."

And so you did. It was whilst checking the fifth one, you came across something peculiar. It was a simple headstone. The writing both chilled and elated you.

Lutz Beilschmidt
My brother

"Lutz!!" You shouted, waving him over.
He stared at the headstone, his face the color of snow. Felix shivered, wrapping his arms around your neck.
You glanced at the other graves. The one directly next to it read :

Elizabeta Beilschmidt
Beloved wife

It was only two years old.
"He must have married someone." Lutz whispered, his hands shaking, "I vasn't zhere to attend ze wedding nor ze funeral."

Patting his shoulder, you studied the grave. A clump of very old looking flowers, lay limply across the dirt. Maybe he would be back to place new ones?

"Wer bist du?" A slightly nasal voice came from the right. You looked over.
A middle aged man with glasses and brown hair stood scowling,flowers in his hand.

"Um sorry. We where just looking for Mr.Beilschmidt and came across these graves." You stood up hurriedly.

The man blinked, "Herr Beilschmidt? Mein Vater?" His lips pulled down at the corners, wrinkling the beauty mark.

Lutz looked up, his eyes wide. "Gilbert had a son?"

The man went pale, the flowers dropping from his hands.

You quickly diverted his attention. "Do you know where he lives? Could you tell us."
He grimaced, "I lost touch vith him. Ve didn't see eye to eye on many zings."
"Oh." Your shoulders slumped.

"Here." He held out a piece of paper. "Zis is his address. He refuses to leave zat dump."
Nodding your thanks, you grabbed Felix's hand and hurried away, Lutz at your side.

----Time skip----

"This brings back memories." You remarked, staring up at the dinge gray apartment building.

Lutz nodded, his face tight with a mix of emotions.

"Vhy didn't dey get rid of it?" Felix stared around at the clean buildings that surrounded it.

Not knowing what to say, you began to climb up to the fourth floor. Felix bound after you, while Lutz followed at a more hesitant pace.

You approached the familiar door and stood there, unsure of what to do.

Lutz leaned over you shoulder and knocked, his face next to yours. Felix shifted from foot to foot.

"Come in."

You blinked, then opened the door.

The interior was exactly how you had left it. Nothing had changed, except for a new figure sitting on the couch.

"Gilbert." Lutz breathed the name, barely moving his lips. The old man nodded, his cloudy red eyes unfocused.

"I knew zat you vould come back. Roderich told me I vas crazy und Elizabets tried to get me to sell zis palce. But nein, I knew you vould be back."

You remembered when you had first met him. He had been a confident young man with brilliant eyes and a devilish smirk. Now he was a hunched old man, with faded eyes and a broken smile.

Lutz fell on his knees in front of his brother. Gilbert reached out a shaking hand a gently patted his brothers cheek.

"You look ze same as the last time I saw you." He gave a raspy laugh. "It must be zat American voman."

Lutz nodded silently, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

Sensing that he needed a moment, you pulled Felix back out side.

"Everyone I used to know are old. Aren't dey?" You nodded.

He sighed, his face somber.

"Can ve stay here?" You looked down at him

"I dunno Felix."

-----Time skip----
An hour had passed. You were about to go in when the door opened. Lutz stepped out, wiping his eyes.

"I signed some deeds. Zis is now ours." He motioned behind him.

"What about your brother?" Lutz sighed, "Zat son of his is having him moved to a home tomorrow."

You nodded ,"You feeling okay?"

He grimaced, "Ja, let's just find a hotel for ze night."

----Time skip----
Three days later.

You stood next to Lutz in the apartment's living room. Felix had gone to bed and all of your luggage was unpacked.

You sat down on the couch.

"You know." Lutz wrapped an arm around your waist. "Ven I fist met you I zought zat you vere annoying."

You grinned up at him, "And I thought you were an asshole."

He smiled, stretching the ever present scar.

"Vill you marry me?"
Your eyes winded in shock. "What?"

He pulled away from you and got down on one knee. "I know it's old fashioned, but.... Vill you ______    _______ marry me?" Out of his pocket, he pulled a diamond ring.

It wasn't over the top, actually quite simple. For you, it was perfect.

"YES YES YES YES!!!!!!" You squealed, wraping your arms around his neck. He laughed and slipped the ring onto your finger. It was a perfect fit.

"About time." Felix stood in the hallway, his arms crossed.

"I dought you vould never ask her."

Lutz blushed and scowled, although it kept twitching into a smile.

"I zink I vaited for ze right time."
I finally finished it!!! Now to work on my Nekotalia series

The engagement ring [link]

Yes Austria is Gilbert and Elizabeta's kid >D

part two-[link]

Extended ending- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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