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December 14, 2012
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2P JapanxTemple Guardian! Reader


You watched as the Bloody red sun slowly sank below the horizon. The waning light cast a glow on your orange and red kimono.

"Gaurdian-san! Gaurdian-san!" A small voice called out from below. The large fox ears on your head twitched slightly. Tearing your gaze away from the sky you glanced down.

A small boy with short black hair and watery brown eyes was staring up at you. His simple robe was blood splattered.

"A man came to the village! He killed everyone!!" Tears slid down his soiled cheeks, mixing with the blood.
You stared down at him, perfectly still.

"Please protect me!!!" He hiccuped, gripping the front of his robe. You flicked your ears, not moving from your spot on the temple roof.

"I only protect the temple child."

His eyes filled with despair. You smiled, "I also protect everything inside the temple."
He stopped crying, comprehension dawning on his face. "May I enter the temple?"
When you nodded, he raced inside, shouting thanks over his shoulder. You turned your attention back to the sky.

-----Twelve years later--------

You watched from the Temple roof as Kiku practiced his sword strokes. He had gone from a silent little boy to a strong young man.

"Gaurdian-san." Kiku motioned for you to come down. You did so slowly, your large ears swiveling, making sure there were no threats near the temple.

"Hai?" you stood in front of him, smiling when you noticed he was a good three inches taller than you.

"I am going. I have trained for Twelve years, I am more than ready." His once brown eyes were now a deep crimson.

"To kill the man that destroyed your village?" Your tails twitched, making the skirt of your kimono rustle.

"Yes." He glared down at you, as if thinking what to say next.

"I shall also discard the name of my brother." You watched him silently, waiting for him to finish.

He had told you how his twin brother had been selected by the Emperor at a young age to be come a samurai. His parents had renamed him Kiku so he would always remember his much greater brother.

"I want you to rename me." You blinked slowly to acknowledge his request.

"Kataki." He frowned, tilting his head to the side, waiting for you to explain.
"Because you are seeking revenge." You stated simply.

"And my surname?" His crimson eyes were unblinking.

"Honda. Because it was your fathers surname."
Kataki nodded, his black hair rustling softly.

"Arigato." Reaching out he grabbed the pin that was keeping your hair pinned up. Tucking it into the sash that held his katana, he smiled.

"For good luck." Reaching out again he grabbed a lock of your (h/c) hair. Pressing it to his lips, he bowed.

"I will come back."

You watched silently as he turned and strode away. A light breeze blew your hair about your face.

----Time skip----

Six years had passed since you had last seen Kataki. You hoped deep in your heart that he was well.
Sitting on the temple roof, you watched as priests, monks and civilians came and went. A ninja landed in a tree next to the temple, he paused, nodded to you then continued on his journey.

You smiled, ninjas had always held a great respect for your race. You sent a prayer of good luck after him.

Once again a blood red sun was sinking below the horizon. Another massacre had happened no doubt. The temple grounds were silent, everyone had gone back home.


Rapid footsteps broke the silence, for a second your heart lept. Was it Kataki? No they were to light and close together to be a mans.

A woman in a silk finery ran towards the temple, a wrapped bundle in her arms. She stopped, looking up at you, panting heavily.

"You are the Temple Guardian?" Her lips were trembling and her eyes shone with unshed tears.

"Hai." Your tails twitched when the bundle moved slightly.

"PLEASE! Take my child! Raise her as your own!!"

Your eyes widened, no one had ever made that request before. The child was no more than two years old, her little face peaceful with sleep.

Jumping off the roof, you held your arms out. The woman hesitated, then placed her in your arms.

"Her name is Honda Sakura."

Your ears flicked back in surprise. Was she Kataki's child? Was this woman his wife?
The woman wiped her tears on a sleeve. "I am the honorable Honda Kiku's wife."

Kiku was Kitaki's brother.

She sat down on the temple stairs.

"Every night for a month I have had a dream about my husband." Wisps of her hair escaped the bun on her head.

"A shadow monster wearing his face kills him." Taking a shaky breath she stood back up.

"I am going to aid him in battle to prevent this." Bowing to you, she ran off.

You sent a prayer of victory after her. A woman that brave deserved to live.

----Time skip----

"When do I get my tails and ears!!" Sakura pouted, tugging on one of your tails.

"As I have said before, you are human." You flicked it out of her reach. The six year old pouted, her brown eyes welling up with tears. Beside you the ninja Keigo smiled, the mask around his mouth crinkling.

Sighing you flicked your fingers, causing an illusion to appear around the child. Large mouse ears sprouted on the top of her head and a slender mouse tail appeared.

"A mouse?!" Sakura stomped her foot. "I am not a mouse!"

You smiled, "Your limited knowledge of this world makes you a mouse compared to others." You frowned slightly, "And only a mouse takes cookies from the jar without asking."

She blushed, the pink of her cheeks matching her Kimono.

"Gomen." She bowed slightly, the tail and ears twitching.

"It is fine, you are a child."

You watched as she danced in the falling cherry blosoms. Keigo leaping about like a circus performer to amuse her, his long black hair, twirling in the spring air.  You didn't remember being a child, that was normal for your race, though.

A faint scent on the breeze made you look up in alarm.

"Get inside the temple Sakura." Keigo glanced at you, his golden eyes asking an unspoken question.

"But I'm playing." She held a Geisha doll made out of sticks, yarn and bits of string.

"NOW." You never raised your voice. She nodded, running inside, Keigo following close behind.

Stepping into the shadows, you waited.

A group of strange men were walking towards the temple. The man at the front was familiar.


But he had changed. His eyes had hardened, no doubt so had his soul.
Before they could get to close to the temple, You stepped out of the shadows.

"Gaurdian-san." Kataki smiled, his voice sounding like honey.

"It is good to see you. How is the Temple?" He moved forward, as if to embrace you.
Stepping back you gave him the coldest glare.


He blinked, clearly not expecting that answer.    "Nani?"

"Leave." Keigo would make sure that Sakura stayed safe, he owed you that much for saving his life.

"I don't understand Guardian-san." The corners of his mouth pulled down in a frown.

"You and your comrades reek of blood and death. I can not allow you in the temple." Your tails fanned out behind you, their orange fur bristling.

"You don't understand Guardian-san." His face became totally emotionless. "My brothers child is in there." His hand went to the hilt of his katana.

Your ears went back, he reeked of murderess intent. Reaching into your kimono, you pulled your wakizashi out of its sheath.

Kataki looked over his shoulder and barked something in a foreign tongue to the men. The pink haired man at the head of the group nodded and the group started back the way they came.

"So we fight. If I win, I kill the girl. If you win, I leave."

You held your weapon at the ready, waiting for him to make the first move. He didn't move.
So you would have to start the battle.

Leaping high into the air, you reached into one of your sleeves and pulled out a handful of shuriken. Landing on the roof of the Temple, you flicked them in his direction.

Kitaki blocked all of them, his crimson eyes never leaving your form.

"My turn."

He vanished, a puff of dust showing were he had been. You jumped off the roof, landing were he had been.

You still couldn't see him, you also couldn't hear nor smell him. It was strange, almost as if he had progressed past a human level.

Cherry blossoms danced across the stone pathway. Tightening your grip on the wakizashi, you backed up slowly towards the temple.
Your back hit something. It wasn't the Temple wall.

Looking up you stared into Kitaki's emotionless eyes. The cold steel of a blade was pressed against your throat. His other hand was hold your wakizashi so you couldn't use it.

Without breaking eye contact, you reached into your kimono, pulling out a small knife.
Kitaki's eyes narrowed.   "What can you do with a knife? I have a sword at your throat."
You stabbed his leg, burying the blade up to the hilt. He let out a strangled yelp of pain. The blade of the sword scrapped across the soft flesh of your neck.

Clutching the wound, you backed away from him. Kitaki pulled the knife out of his leg, snarling with pain.  He looked up, pure hate etched upon his features.

So, he had become a killer.

You didn't want to drag this fight out. You were a being that had live thousands of live times, protecting different things. Maybe it was time for you to lose a fight.

Or you could end it in a single blow.

Kitaki smirked, limping towards you at.

"You know Guardian-san, even after all these years, you are still just as beautiful as the day I first met you."

Reaching into your sash, you pulled out a pair of kusarigama, their long chains tangled around your hands.

Blood splattered down the front of your kimono. The throat wound was slightly more serious than you had thought.

"You have changed Kitaki." A thin line of blood drippled out of the corner of your mouth.

He nodded, his crimson eyes narrowing.

Time to end this.

Leaping forward, you let the sickle ends of the kusarigama, fly towards him, keeping your grip on the long chains.

He dodged them as you expected. You were now face to face. His breath mingled with yours.

"I win Guardian-san."

You felt the icy steel of the blade stab into your torso. Your blood splattered onto the hilt, dying his hand red.
You grabbed that hand, holding it in an vise like grip. His eyes widened in surprise.

"I win Kitaki."

You plunged the hair pin he had taken long ago into his neck. You had taken it when he had cut your neck.

"T-that's not fair Guardian-san." Blood dribbled out of his mouth, splattering your face.

"I am not a Samurai, I have no code of honor."

Blinking rapidly, you felt off balance.

The edges of your vision blurred, then went black.
:I A random idea I felt like writing out.

@p Japan, 1P Japan, and Fem!Japan all in one story xD

Keigo is the random ninja that haunts my dreams O_O

I'm not that good at writing battles >_>

I found the picture on the credit goes to that artist.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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