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Anything to protect you.
This is what I'm using for Russia's accent >.>

w's turn into v's
v's turn into f's
g's turn into k's
d's turn into t's
th turns into s or z


December, 20th,  1906, The outskirts of New Castle
In an old abandoned factory.

"It's no use. They have us surrounded." You watched your older brother peer out the broken window. His large eyebrows were furrowed in frustration.

"Maybe we can go out the back." You clutched the stupid, (favorite color) heavy skirt you had chosen to wear today. "We can do it! I know we can Iggy!"

Shaking his head he gave you a small sad smile, "I think not poppet. I'm sorry ______, You shouldn't have been caught up in this."

Footsteps clanged up the rusted metal staircase. He stepped in front of you protectively, then relaxed when he saw who it was. "Bloody gits, you scared me."
Francis, Alfred, Yao and Ivan stood in front of the both of you. Their expressions somber.

"Well?" Arthur's expression was apprehensive.

Francis ran a hand through his shoulder length hair, "Zere is a small possibility zat we could overtake ze guys at the back of ze building."

You stood back as your brother talked to the men you had come to love as brothers.
What was happening? Why were these men chasing you?

Your brother had you by your shoulders, shaking you out of your train of thought. "Listen to  me, We're going to get you out of here. You just need to follow Ivan and Yao, OK?" He looked pained, as if he was about to do something he didn't like.

"W-what? What about you?" You were shaking, not quite understanding what was going on.

Behind him, your brothers friends began to pull out weapons. Francis had a long sliver saber, Alfred a well-worn pistol. Yao was pulled on a pair of black gloves, whilst Ivan pulled an iron pipe from the wall, his blue-gray uniform making him seem to blend in with the wall.

Footsteps once again reverberated up the staircase, this time shouting accompanied it.

"I love you, always remember that, okay?" Iggy's arms squeezed you into a tight hug.

Pulling away he joined Francis and Alfred at the top of the stairs, His cane-sword at the ready.

"What?" You tried to go after him, only to be stopped by Ivan's tall form. He stared down at you with serious purple eyes, "You heard him. Ve need to ko." Grabbing you around the waist, he slung you over his shoulder.

"WAIT! NO! IGGY!!!!!"

---------Arthur's point of view----------

My heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest. I heard the cries of my beloved sister behind me as, and wished to comfort her.

"It will be alright." Alfred spun the pistol in his hand, "Who knows, maybe we'll live through this." His smile was forced.

"You don't have to do this. It's me they're after." My throat felt tight, my eyes stung.

"We know don't we 'ave to. We want to." Francis's smile was tinged with sadness. "Zat's what friends are for."
The footsteps, got closer. They were nearly at the top. Hopefully the telegrams I sent had arrived on time.

"Thank you. For everything guys."

I took a deep breath, "But I need you go."

They both stared in shock. "Trust me, I can handle a few gun toting Idiots."

My smile wasn't real, it wavered and flickered, like an old light bulb. "Besides, you need to protect _______."

They both nodded, "Of course." Al nodded slowly, "We'll make sure she gets away, buddy."

Francis pulled me into a quick hug, while Al slapped me on the back, his bottom lip trembling.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Like you said, We might live through this."

Turning back to the stairs, I readied myself.

I was going to leave this world the way I came in.


--------Your point of view----------

The tears wouldn't stop. You didn't know where you were being taken. All you knew was that your brother wouldn't be there.

Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy, your fluttering heart beat sounded in your ears, beating out the rhythm of his name.

"Ve are koing to hafe to jump." Ivan set you down in front of a large broken window.

Nodding Yao back-flipped out, you heard him land with a small thud. "Alright, send her down, aru"

Picking you up, the Russian tossed you out the window. You landed with a small thud in Yao's arms.

Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy Iggy, all you could hear was the beating of his name in your heart.

With a loud clatter several brawny men surrounded, your small group of three. You watched, numbly as Yao looked around, "Go Ivan, I'll take these scum out."

---------Yao's point of view--------

I had been a long time friend of Arthur's. So long that I looked at his sister as my own. She had nothing to do with this conflict, she shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes we had made. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as Ivan ran with her in his arms.

She would be safe with him.

"Alright." Cracking my knuckles, I began. Blood flew around me as a I smashed face after face. Breaking necks, hands and noses. Man after man. Every time one fell another jumped into his place. I didn't have to win.

Far from it, I knew i wasn't going to win. I just had to give Ivan time to run away. One of these men would land a blow, and then they would get the upper hand. But not yet, I had to keep Fighting, just three more minutes.

Blood, teeth, flying fists

Just two more minutes

Screams, faces, rage, fear

One more minute

Laughing, Was it mine?, the sound of breaking flesh.

Times up

A thunderous boom.

Pain  in my side.


-------Your point of view--------

Ivan ran through the forest, sounds of fighting vanishing.


Heart beat

Heart ache.

Ivan's breath, Heart beat, IGGY IGGY IGGY.

Footsteps, not Ivan's  pound, pound, pounding through the forest. Ragged breath.

Your shock turned to full fledged hope as Francis burst out of the foliage. He was breathing hard, covered in blood, dragging a limping Alfred behind him.

"My brother!" You gasped, looking around wildly for him.

Francis looked away, " 'E is still fighting. "E wanted us to find you." Next to him Alfred, wiped blood off his glasses.

"Vhere is Yao?" Ivan set you down looking at the battered men in front of you. It was Al's turn  to look away. "Surrounded by four dozen dead men." Ivan nodded, "He vas a kood man.

You didn't hear the exchange. Your mind was numb. Yao was dead.

And Iggy......

NO!  You didn't want to think about it.

Breath in. Breath out. Heart beat. Heart ache.

Yao was dead.

--------Flash back-------


"Mr.Yao! Mr.Yao!" You ran down a hallway in your brothers mansion.

"What aru?" The Chinese man sat in the kitchen, drinking tea. "I can't do it!" You grabbed the front of your french muslin, evening dress. "I'll mess up! Then brother will be ashamed of me!"

He stared at you thoughtfully, "What ever you say will be fine. Its just a birthday speech for him." His red sleeves covered his hands.

You sighed, "I know! But its his 18th! The big birthday." Yao tilted his head. "Try to imagine it   as any other day."

"That won't help." Shoulders slumped, you leaned against the doorway. "I just need some luck or something."

Yao grinned, "Then today is your lucky day! I just happen to have some in my pocket."
He held out his hand, palm up. There was an blank piece of paper on it.

"I don't get it." You frowned. He winked.

"Watch." With a flurry of movements, his hands turned into flesh colored blurs.
He held his hand out again, you gasped.

A tiny paper crane. It was pure white, except for some symbols on the right side. "They say good luck in my language." Reaching out a hand, you gently picked  it up.

"Thank you!" You hugged the grinning man

-----------End of Flash back------------

"Ve hafe to ket her to safety." You stared up at the big Russian man. "Why?" He looked surprised at your question. "It vas your brosers dieing vish." He scratched his large nose.

"NO!" You yelled, chin trembling, "He's NOT dead." Your fist clenched.

Not dead. Not dead. IGGY IGGY IGGY. Your pulse sounded in your ears.

Francis glanced over his shoulder. "Can we talk about zis later?" The clanking of metal was growing louder.

Alfred nodded, "How long do you need?"

Ivan grabbed you around the waist. AGAIN. "As long as you can kive us."
Pulling a pistol out of it's holster, Alfred grinned, "Time for me to be the hero!"

No No No No No No No No No No No. Not another friend. Please not another friend.

Ivan and Francis started running.

-------Alfred's Point of View-------

Even though I didn't let it show, I was scared. Really and truly scared. But that was normal right? A part of life. My breath was steady, but my heart was not. It felt like a trapped hummingbird, frantically beating. I pulled my lucky pistol out. Lady Liberty, she had been given to me by Francis, a birthday present.

Kissing the barrel for luck I braced my self for the wave of goons. Brawny, easy to forget faces.


Lifting my gun, I fired.

Pistol-whip a scar-faced man

Arc of blood. Mine?

BANG! another one falls.

Pain in my side. Throbbing pain. Ignore it.

BANG! BANG! BANG! one shot left.

Kicking, punching. Aim steady.

BANG! no time to reload.

A white bear lept in front of me. Latching onto the throat of one man, clawing at another. "Wha-?" An arm slapped my back. "No time for thinking, Reload your gun Brother." Looking behind I smiled, "Matt! Why are you here?"

The blonde man grinned "I got Arthur's telegram. Came at the requested time and found you." He slammed his hockey-stick into the face of one goon, while delivering a round-house kick to another. Behind me Kuma savaged the screaming men. Re-loading my pistol I took aim.


------Reader's point of view--------

Gunshots, screaming. You hung over Ivan's shoulder, watching the ground speed past. Why?

What could Iggy possible have done?

Ivan stumbled over a tree root. "How much furser? He panted.

Francis pointed, "About a mile or so." The french man's face had gone white. He stopped running and placed his hands on his knees. "I think we're safe for ze moment."

You sat on the ground, lost in thought.

Why? The question wrapped it's self around you. Bouncing around and echoing in your head.

whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy. IGGY. Pulling your knees to your chest, you tried not to cry. The tears threatened to spill over your lids.

Iggy. Yao. Alfred. Iggy. Yao. Alfred. Iggy. Yao. Alfred. Gone

-------Flash back--------

Age- 6

"Come on, _______!" You laughed as Alfred tugged you along. It was Easter, your big brother's favorite holiday. Al's face was smeared with pieces or chocolate cake, only a year older than you he was full of energy. The estate was crowded with smiling adults and laughing children. The both of you scanned the crowd for Arthur. He was no where to be seen.
"Wheres Iggy?"  
Alfred shrugged, "He's probably with Francis and Yao." You blinked up at him, "What about Ivan?"

Alfred pointed. Looking behind him you saw the tall Russian boy standing away from    everyone. "Should we go talk to-" Al cut you off, "Come on!!!" The two of you ran through    the crowd, laughing wildly (mostly Alfred).

After searching for a good hour, you both sat down on the steps. "Oh no!" You cried, "I lost my chocolate rabbit!" He frowned then pulled out his rabbit, braking it in half.

"Here ya go!" He grinned, handing you the largest peice. Smiling you gave him a hug,

"Thanks Al!!"

------End Flash back-------

"You go ahead." Francis's face had gotten even paler. You stared at the ground.

Ivan looked at him, then nodded,  "Alright."


-----Francis point of view-------

"You go ahead." I panted, I could barely stand. Ivan looked at me. Making sure _____ wasn't looking, I lifted my hand off my side. Reveling the bullet hole. He nodded,


Grabbing her hand they started running.

I slumped against a tree and slid to the ground, there weren't many left. Had I been stronger, I would have taken them out with my saber. But I wasn't. Besides I had dropped it while running in the forest.

Rummaging in my pockets I pulled out a small metal cylinder. A very dangerous cylinder.

Reaching in again I pulled out a cigarette.
It was going to be a while before they came, Al had made sure of that.

My hands shook as I lit the cigarette.
The night sky was beautiful, dotted with stars and inky black. It was peaceful.

To bad it wouldn't last. I gripped the canister as footsteps approached.

Time to go out with a bang.

------Reader's point of view-----

A loud explosion ripped through the night, a plume of smoke rose out of the forest.



Breath in. Breath out. Heart ache.

--------Flash back-------

Age- 16

You lie on your bed crying. The boy you had just professed an extreme liking for had rejected you. Then stomped all over your self-esteem.

"Mon cheri. Why are you crying?"
you didn't look up "Go away Francis."

Your bed creaked as he sat down on the edge.  

"e really shouldn't 'ave said zat to you.

You looked up, bewildered. "What? How did you know?"
The blonde man chuckled, "So it is a boy!" crossing his legs, he leaned forward.

Frowning you looked away, "Why do you care." His smile grew wider, "Your like my little   sister! I 'ave to have a good reason to go beat 'im up!" You glared, "How would that help?"
Chuckling he shook his head, "I joke. Your right zo, zinking to much about it won't 'elp."

Rolling your eyes, you snorted, "Is this your way of saying get over it?"
Francis nodded, "Zere will be ozere boys."

You snorted
He raised an eyebrow, "No doubt leagues of other boys, trying to knock down ze door. Arthur will have his 'ands full."
You sat up, wiping your eyes. "Yeah, yeah."

Smiling he pulled you into a hug. "Stupid frenchy."

------End flash back-----

"It vill be ok." Ivan's hand tightened on yours. "I von't let sem ket you." With out realizing it   you had arrived at a small dilapidated house. Before you stepped in Ivan held out his other hand.
In it was a silver revolver.

Iggy's revolver.

"He vanted you to hafe zis." Your hands shaking, you took it.

"Now ko inside and hide, Da. I vill take care of se rest.

-----Ivan's point of view------

Waiting until _____ had gone inside, I gave a long whistle. Two women jumped off the roof of the building.

"Beeg brother." Natalia nodded, twirling a pair of knives in her hands.
Yekaterina leaned on her pitch fork, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Nodding I fingered the pipe at my side, "You know she is a sister to me."
Natalia nodded, "Then she is a sister to us."

I was glad I didn't have to convince them to fight beside me. We're a tight knit family. Threaten one of us, prepare for the worst.

"Lithuania and the others took care of the other group." Yekaterina squinted at the horizon.
I nodded again "Sey vill be honored."

We stood side by side, ready to protect our sister.

-------Reader's point of view----

You were in a closet. Hunched over, gun at the ready.


Your heart beat a steady rhythm. You were calm, too calm. Something was going to happen.

----Flash back----

A week ago.

"Hey Ivan?" You stood next to the big man "Do you have any sisters?"
Staring at you he nodded, "Sree. Yekaterina, Natalia and you."

"What do you mean?" Confused you glanced up at him.

"I mean vat I said. I hafe sree sisters." His purple eyes studied you carefully. The tall man seemed to scare others, but not you. His quiet demeanor made you feel safe.

You watched as the crowd of people streamed around you. Noticing that people were going out of their way to avoid Ivan, you frowned.

Reaching out you took his hand in yours and gave it a gentle squeeze.

He smiled

-----End flash back----

It had gone completely silent.

Was it safe?

Iggy. Yao. Alfred. Francis. Ivan. My brothers.

You stepped out of the closet. Heart pounding.

Heart beat. Heart ache.

Silence. So loud it hurt.

Ice shot through your stomach. Looking down, frowned in confusion. The tip of a sword was sprouting from your abdomen.

"Got the last one." A voice hissed.

You stumbled

Iggy. Yao. Alfred. Francis. Ivan.

Everything went black.

"______! Wake up love!" You blinked your eyes open. Iggy stood above you grinning.

"Come on! You've slept enough!"

A dream? Was it all a dream?

Francis, Alfred, Yao and Ivan stood behind him, along with several people you didn't recognized..... and a bear.

Grabbing his hand, you stood up. "Wha-?"

"Shhh." He grinned, green eyes dancing.

You frowned puzzled, looking around.
You stood in a giant grassy field. Patches of sunflowers, roses and maple trees dotted the field.

Glancing behind, you stared at the spot were you had lain.
The image of grass flickered. And for a second you thought you saw a girl, with wide eyes and bloodied lips.

Wiping around you stared at your brother. He nodded slightly, answering the unspoken question.

"Come on!" Taking your hand gently He pulled you towards the group. "I've got some people I want you to meet!"
:I This is based on a dream I had

>.> So yeah......

It's kinda long......

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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