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November 23, 2012
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Fight for life.
Yūrei-   Yūrei are a type of Japanese ghost, usually female (though males do exist), traditionally shown as wearing all white with long black hair that hangs in front of their face.  They are typically bound to specific places or objects, and often have a mission of vengeance.

-----Arthur's Point of view-----

I ran, a shot whizzing over my head.

Damn these frickin' paintings!!! I lept and spiraled over canvases. Shots flew over my head.

How many shots did she have? Why didn't she have to stop to reload?
Whatever. First order of business, Survive.

As I ran, I picked up canvases and through them behind me. She shot them out of the air.

Paint splattered.

(At least I think it was paint.)

"YOU CAN RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN." She cackled, her feet slapping across the ceiling, "BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!"

Something hot grazed my shoulder.

"Little birdie." Her voice cooed in my ear. I flinched, swinging wildly with my arms. My hand connected against her head.

She stumbled back, the gun clattering from her hands.

I stood at my full height and glared. "Fine. I'll fight you as an equal."

She frowned.

I smirked, reached into my coat. My trusty little black book lay open on my palm. Flipping through it quickly, I Found the page I was looking for.

"OBSERVE! A Demon to smite you down!!"

Clearing my throat, I flung out a hand.
"Santo Rita Meata Mater Ringo Jonah Tito Marlon Jack La Toya Janet Michael Dumbledora the Explorer!!"

Nothing happened.

Then the floor rumbled, a white light spiraled out in front of me. It twisted and writhed, forming the shape of a monster.

"Ya' bloody Idiot! Why the fuck am I here?!" My jaw dropped.

My older brother, Allistor, stood in front of me, glaring. A cigar was clenched between his teeth. His red hair looked brown in the dark light.
Behind him the girl rose up, a knife clenched in her fist.

"A-ah! Whu- I grah-!" I pointed behind him, my finger shaking.

"I'm warnin' ya Brit! Ya' been doin' that fecking Black magic again?" Allistor flung his arms wide.

His hand connected with the side of her head. She tripped backwards again.

"Wot the...." He turned around and stared. I flipped frantically through my book, looking for the proper spell.

"Ya' can't hit a girl? So ya' brought me tae fight yer battle?" He puffed out a silvery cloud of smoke, glaring.

"She's just a wee thing---" Allistor's words were cut off as she slammed her fist against his face.

"Ow!" He spit a small glob of blood onto the floor.

"Is tha' how ya' wanna' play? Think ya' could take me in'a brawl." He rolled up his sleeves, cracking his neck.

"Um....Allistor." I piped up.

"Shut it, ya' bampot."

"Are you drunk? Or have you gone mad?" I scanned the page I had slelected. My stupid brother had been dropped on his head to many times.

"Ah am NOT jaiked up." He glared, flicking the ciggar in my direction.

Several of my favorite choice words popped into my head. Not the time.

"Allistor she's not-----" I watched aghast as he pulled back his fist and slammed it into the side of her face.
With a loud crack, her head snapped backwards, the skin around her neck twisting. Her body fell to the floor with a soft thud.

"Ah might have killed her." He glanced at me with a sick expression.

"She's not alive. She's already dead."

"Don't be daft Artie." Allistor pulled another cigar out of his pocket.

I watched as she picked herself up again. Her head completely backwards. With a sickening squelch it twisted back into place.

Allistor went white. "Ya' weren't messin'. " He hit her again.

The same thing happened.

----Your point of view----
You cracked your neck back into the natural position for the second time.

The red head glared, his large eyebrows furrowing.
You ignored him, focusing instead on the little black book in the other mans hands.

It was strange. Emitting a powerful barrier around him.

Hmmmmm, It could summon Demons.
You allowed your self to melt into the floor, appearing behind the British man.

Reaching around him, you snatched the book. Running up the wall, you slithered through the ceiling, into an empty library.

After examining the book, you acquired the supplies needed.
Time to get to work.

------Francis's point of view------

Yao had abandoned me to search for Arthur.

I wandered aimlessly around the twisting hallways. It really didn't seem that scary.

Besides the fact that my companions were missing.
Walking down a slightly familiar staircase, I froze.

The front door! It was right there!!

I ran towards it and tugged on the handle.

Except, there was no handle. Just an empty stretch of wood.


I slammed my fists against the door, then kicked it.


The exit was locked! The windows were sealed.

We were in a giant jail cell. A jail cell haunted by evil women and strange children.

I looked around for anything of interest.
A door I had yet to open was under the stairs.

I approached it slowly.

It was locked, go figure. Pulling a bobby pin out of my pocket, I unlocked it.

I tip-toed down the stairs, half expecting the girl who stole my voice to jump out. I turned right and entered a small room. A small door in the wall beckoned to me.

I managed to squeeze through (Just barely)

Inside was a small skeleton wearing a familiar dress.

Oh, god. I thought, It's that girl.

I brushed my fingertips against the handle of the knife sticking out of its abdomen.

Her hand was out, the finger bones worn smooth, as if someone held the regularly.
I wrapped my hand around the small bones.

'Well' I thought. 'If I could speak, I would tell you how sorry I am. It must be horrible, to be killed and never find the man who did it. You must be so sad and angry. And Hurt, especially if it was someone you knew'

I tighted my grip slightly.

Something dripped onto my shirt. I was crying. Crying for a little dead girl. A crazy dead girl who had psychotic children roaming her house.
A little sigh came from the skull, a silvery cloud seeped out from between the teeth.

I picked it up and swallowed it.

-----Flash back-------

You were running at top speed through a godforsaken forest. Behind you was the sound of a much larger person chasing after you.

Your breath hitched in your throat. You stumbled over roots, your feet bleeding from tiny cuts.

He was closing in, you could feel it.

He was your friend! Why was he doing this?

A clearing up ahead.

Was that good?

You stumbled over a particularly large root. Catching your self, you scrambled up the nearest tree.

"Come on, _____. You know you deserve this!"

You watched as he entered the clearing, the moon light glinting off his glasses. His wavy blonde hair was slick with perspiration.

"GO AWAY MATTHEW!!!" You shrieked, cowering against the tree trunk. The Canadian turned towards you and grinned.

"Really think climbing a tree would help?"

Within a second, he was up the tree and dragging you back down

"NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!" You bawled, struggling against his strong grip. He grunted, then wrapped his arms around your neck.

You managed to scramble away, darting towards the woods.

A hand connected with the side of your neck.

You felt a snap. Falling to the ground, your head  tilted to the side at an akward angle.

The only thing you could move was your eyes. The rest of your body refused to respond.
So you glared. Pulled every angry feeling and expressed it through your eyes

White hot pain coursed through your neck.

"Now then." Matthew grinned, "Still alive? We'll have to fix that." He raised a large knife above his head.

You felt the cold steel slide in between your ribs.

Blood dribbled out of your mouth. A raspy groan slid from between your lips.
He stood up, spit on you, then left.

Hours passed. You fell asleep.

When you awoke, You felt fine, you could move. Sitting up you saw that you were lying next to your body.

You were dead.

And You were very VERY Angry.

------End Flash back------

I gasped, sweat and tears pouring down my face.

She had been murdered, by a friend.

Bile rose in my throat. I gagged and coughed.

"Zat was 'orrible!!!"

Wait a minute.....

"I 'ave my voice!!!! My voice is back!!!!!" I crowed. Crawling out of the room, I speed up the steps.

Things were looking up. It would get better. We would find a way out!!!

"Guys!!!" I passed the entrance and ran back towards our room.

"My voice is back!!!!" I frowned as Alfred ran up to me, white faced and panting. Yao and Ivan were close behind, followed by Arthur and a man with red hair.

Wooooo Part three xD I had to add scotty. I just love him to much. (Such an awesome character)

I mad Canada evil >_> He's the only one I could think of for the flash back xD

It's a bit short isn't it?

Part two- [link]

Next- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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