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Fight for life.
Yūrei-   Yūrei are a type of Japanese ghost, usually female (though males do exist), traditionally shown as wearing all white with long black hair that hangs in front of their face.  They are typically bound to specific places or objects, and often have a mission of vengeance.

------England's point of view-------

"You Fucking Wanker." I grumbled at Alfred's back. Tripping on a tree root, I growled out a curse.

"Not my fault the car broke down." He shot a glare at me, the moonlight glinting off his glasses.

"Guys! Fighting fix nothing!" Yao walked next to me, his mouth full of dumplings. The basket in his arms was piled with more.

"Oui." Francis swatted branches out of his way, shrieking when they tangled in his hair.
I glanced at Ivan. The tall Russian was unfazed by the foliage around us. Of course.

Why were we out in the middle of a bloody forest?

Because Alfred just HAD to ride in that crappy sports car. (I had to sit on the bloody frog's lap. A disgusting and uncomfortable experience. Poor Yao had to sit on Ivan's.)

"YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DUUUUUDES!!!!" Alfred started spinning in a circle grinning.

"Calm down you bloody fruitcake!" I  grabbed his arm. Alfred grinned, "There's a house up ahead."

"WOT?!" I glared at him, "Quit pulling our legs. It wasn't funny the last time you said it and it isn't funny now."

Alfred looked hurt, "But, dude....Look." He pointed into an empty clearing.
I frowned. The clearing flickered, then a house came into view.

"WHAT THE?!" I scrambled backwards.

"Shelter for the night!!" Alfred ran ahead.

"Aiyah! This is like one of those horror games Kiku plays!" Yao shrieked.

I agreed.

-------Your point of view-------
You could feel the house flicker into view. How nice, There must be more Oni or Zashiki-warashi.

Picking up your ever burning candle, you started down the stairway, the long train of your white dress dragging behind.

Looking out the window you were met by a pleasant sight. Human males were stumbling into the clearing.


Time to greet the stupid humans.

----Yao's point of view------

I did not like this at all. It reminded me to much of those creepy games Kiku was playing. Alfred, every stupid, pounded on the door. It was black, unlike the yellowy white of the rest of the house. Blood red shutters covered the widows. The paint looked fresh.

Arthur and I hung back. I could tell he was as nervous as I was.

The door swung open.

A small girl with (h/c) stood in the door way. She wore what looked like a cross between a nightgown and a wedding dress. It was sleeveless, with a long train in the back. The candle in her hand flickered slightly. Her pale skin looked frosted over by death.

Great. The way her hair was moved about by the breeze reminded me of the Grunge girl.

"Travelers, How nice." Her lips twitched into what she must have thought was a smile. It wasn't.

"AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WE need shelter for the night DUDEDETTE!!!"

She inclined her head. It wasn't an angle normal people could achieve.

"If I give you shelter from the creatures that lurk here. What will you give me?"
Everyone went silent. I glanced around, What creatures?

"Money?" Ivan spoke up.

"I have no need for it." She blinked her large (e/c) eyes. "Give me something that one of you values. I'll keep it for the night, and when the day comes give it back." Her hair twisted slightly and coiled around her arms. The breeze was completely gone.

Ivan sighed, his shoulders slumping. "Here." He held out the scarf his sister had given him.

"No, No." Tilting her head, she motioned for Francis to move closer. He did, warily.
"I have no use of material possessions, so what will you give me?"

The Frenchman looked confused. "I 'ave nozing."

"Really? Then I can't let you in." She moved to close the door.

"WAIT!" Francis swallowed thickly, "I value my singing voice very much. If I don't sing for the night will you let us in?"

I looked at Arthur. He was as confused as I was. Ivan shifted slightly. This made no sense.

"Perfect!" Setting down the candle, she motioned him forward. "But I'll take all of your ability to make noise."

He looked puzzled, "What? I don't understand."
With a blur of movement, her hand was in his mouth. Francis tried to back away, but she had a firm grip.

Beside me Alfred and Arthur started yelling.

She just looked at us and frowned. "I'm not killing him." She drew back her hand. It was covered with saliva.

The girl opened her palm. Balanced on it was a wispy silver cloud. Picking it up between her thumb and forefinger, she popped it in her mouth.

"I'll give it back tomorrow." Picking up the candle again, she glared.

"There are rules in this house. If a door is locked, don't try to open it. If you hear screaming, don't investigate. And whatever you do, don't eat ANYTHING."

For some reason I got the feeling that It was exactly what she wanted us to do.

I blinked. Oh no, I had eaten all of the dumplings!! What were we going to do when we got hungry?!

She rolled her eyes. "Deal with it."

HORY SHEET........................................................... As Kiku would say.

Francis gagged, clutching his throat.

"You might want to get inside quickly. After all the creatures are hungry."

Indeed, from in the deep shadows of the trees came a low growling.

Right, time to rush inside.

----Your point of view------

You watched, slightly amused, as the men filed in. They glanced about warily, two of them glared at you.

If things went well, You would be throwing their bones out to the wolves tomorrow. If they out witted you, You would be giving back the wonderful silvery voice. You highly doubted that the latter would come true.

You hated men. Especially those who looked like HIM. The one you killed you, then let your body rot in the forest. To bad for him, you hadn't crossed over. Instead you had built this house, visible only to men. One day he would be back, but until then you would rid the world of those who looked like him.

Brushing past the men, you headed for the cellar door. Once inside, you locked it. The dark stairs didn't scare you. Nothing did anymore.

"_____-san. Can we play with the new toys?" You looked down at the boy who was tugging on your skirt. His bright blue eye sparkled and the gaping hole in his head dripped blood.
"Of course. But remember, No killing." your hair perked up twisting around your head excitedly.

Behind the boy a little girl with pigtails and no bottom jaw nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh _______-san!! Can we let Bakeneko out?!"
Tilting your head, you nodded, "But don't let him eat them. Now go play." Jumping up and down they raced off.

You descended the twisting staircase. At the bottom, you turned right and entered a small room. On the fair side was a tiny door. Shoving your candle through first, you wiggled through.

A skeleton lay on the other side. It's neck at an odd angle, both kneecaps broken and a large knife sticking out of the rib cage. The remains of a dress lay tattered about it, blood stained. Some locks of (h/c) were still attached to the skull.

"Hello body. How have you been?" You wrapped your fingers around the skeletons.

"There are new humans here! Three of them resemble him, but the other two don't."
You sighed, straitening the dress. "I'll let the children have them. It's been so long since  they've had any fun."

The skeleton didn't reply. Why would it?

------Francis's point of view------

No matter how hard I tried, not a sound came out of my mouth. The woman had truly taken my voice.


"You've been awfully quiet frog!" Arthur snorted, slapping me on the back.

Yes, yes so funny. He hadn't felt her hand in his mouth. A disgustingly cold thing that had felt more like an icicle than living flesh.

I glared, then turned towards Ivan. The Russian man had yet to find an unlocked door.

"Here ve ko!" He grinned, "Unlocked."

We all hurried in. A dilapidated room, with only one bed and two chairs. An adjoining door lead into a bathroom.

"Well, we might as well take advantage of this opportunity." Arthur clapped his hands,

"We're all dirty from the walk here, so we can all take turns showering."

Several things I knew they expected me to say popped into my mind. However they didn't make it past my lips.

"You can go first Frenchy."

Nice, none of them wanted to be the first to try out the bathroom. So they sent the mute guy.
Glaring, I made my way over to the bathroom.

An Victorian style tub greeted me. Hell, it was probably an original Victorian tub. It sat on its lion claw feet, looking more like a bloated, white creature than a tub. The taps and knobs were covered in rust.

Something was caught in the drain. I blinked and leaned closer. Hair? No. Blinking again I saw that the drain was empty.

Must have been a trick of the light.

Stripping down I climbed in and tried turning the knobs. They didn't budge. Gritting my teeth I twisted them with all of my strength. They spun quickly in my hands. The over head blasted ice-cold water onto my head.

Giving out a silent yelp I shut my eyes against the torrent. The water slowly turned warm. I lay back and allowed my self a small smile. Given the creepy circumstances, this was perfect.

The water lapped at my neck. I wrinkled my nose. Something smelled slightly putred. It couldn't be me. I showered once a day.

Opening my eyes, I screamed. Except nothing came out.

It was not water in the tub.

It was blood.

I struggled to get out. But I couldn't, Something was wrapped around my ankle. It tightened and pulled me under the surface red liquid.

The blood stung my eyes, I clawed frantically at the sides of the tub. My lungs burned and my vision flickered.

"Francis? What's all the splashing about?" I heard Arthur call. It was muffled under the water.


I lashed out with my leg, trying to hit the thing holding my leg in place. It loosened slightly.

My head broke the surface. Flinging and arm over the side, I hauled my body out. I lay on the tiles, my body shaking. Blood dripped from my hair and stained my skin.

"Francis, You okay?" Yao called out.

IDIOTS!! I couldn't reply! They knew that!

Something behind me giggled. Twisting around I stared. A little boy floated on his back in the blood. A portion of his face covered in the liquid.


A portion of his face was gone.

"Shhhhhhhh." He snorted, placing a finger to his lips. Then both him and the blood vanished, leaving nothing more than a tub full of water.

Looking down I could see that the blood that had been on me had been replaced by regular water.

But in the drain was a clump of (h/c) Hair. It slid down the drain.

Quickly toweling my self off, I dressed and stepped back into the bedroom.

"You look like you've seen a ghost dude." Alfred stared at me worriedly.

I glared at him, then sat next to Ivan on the bed.

----Your point of view-----

"What did I say?" Your voice was deadly clam as you looked down at the little boy.

"Not to kill them." He whispered.

"Exactly!! You nearly killed him." You glared. Your hair was angry, Twisting around in a frenzie.

"But ______-san! It's no fun that way!!!" His bottom lip trembled

"Fine." You sighed "Do what you want with the Chinese man and the Russian. I have no need for them."

"YAY!!!" He grinned, then ran off.

Hmmmmm You had never thought to drown the ones that looked like him. Maybe it was time for some changes.

Picking up your candle, you started up the attic stairs.
Time to count your collection. And then, after that, add three more heads the piles.

The candle wavered slightly, as if chilled by your very thoughts.

----Alfred's point of view------

I was frickin' hungry. It had been an hour since I had last eaten. And only twenty hamburgers was not enough for this boy.

"I'm going to look around." I called as I left the room. I knew that if I told them I was looking for food that they would protest.

Who cared what the creepy lady said.

Following my nose I found my way to the kitchen.

Knives were cutting what looked like parts of animals into bite sized portions. I frowned, the knives weren't held by any one.

Ah well.

Shrugging I made my way over to the fridge.

"You guys don't mind if I take something do you?" The knives paused, then made a sweeping gesture as if saying "Go ahead."

Grinning I opened the fridge. Body parts from various animals, and a large jar of Spanish olives. Hair was wrapped around a large bone.


I looked behind. The knives had paused, as if they were waiting for me to pick something. Feeling as if I might insult them by closing it without any thing, I picked up the jar of olives.

The knives clattered to the counter. Invisible footsteps rushed out the door.

Okay then......

Watching the doorway for any sign of movement, I tried untwisting the lid of the jar. It was stuck tight. I looked down, grunting with the effort.

I blinked.

Something was off. The olives looked different.

Lifting the jar to eye level I froze.

It was now filled with EYES. They swiveled around in the murky liquid.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHKA!!!!!!!!" I shrieked letting it fall from my hands. The jar broke, sending eyes spinning across the floor. A few lay prone, skewered by pieces of glass.

Time to leave. I ran to the door and twisted the handle.

It wouldn't open.

NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO. This was like those horror movies I was always watching. I tugged at the door. COME ON!!!

I started to hyperventilate.

The hero couldn't go like this! I couldn't starve to death in a frickin' KITCHEN!

Something whirred into life behind me. It made a loud grating shriek.

Oh geez.

My legs trembling I turned around. The lights in the very back of the kitchen had come on. They gave off a rosy glow, illuminating the metal contraption below.

A meat-grinder.

And not just and kind of meat grinder.

It was a meat grinder on wheels.

I pressed my back against the the door as it slowly turned towards me.


-----Ivan's point of view-----

I heard a loud shriek. It sounded a lot like Alfred.

Standing up, I turned to the others "I vill ko find him."  Yao nodded, glaring at the room.

Walking down the long hallway, I hummed my favorite song. Alfred had most likely gone to the kitchen.

The hallway went on and on and on. Doors that had been there before were now gone.

Strange, but not frightening.

"You're not scared?" A little voice inquired. I looked down.

A small boy, with a large hole in his head looked up at me.

"Vhy vould I be?" Smiling, I patted his head.

He scowled, his eye narrowing. "She said we could have you. ACT SCARED!"

I merely blinked. Who did this little kid think he was? He clearly needed to be taught a lesson.

He lept up and grabbed the ends of my scarf, pulling the fabric tight around my neck.

I clenched my neck mussels, preventing it from suffocating me.

"WHY-------WON'T-------YOU-------CHOKE!!?" He screamed.

Grabbing his hands, I lifted him into the air and tossed him against the wall. The child landed with a rather squelching thud.

I watched calmly as he picked himself up, crying.

"DIE!!!!" I neatly dodged his half-hearted attempt to grab my scarf.

Tears poured out of his eye.

"Let's make a deal." Lifting him up by his collar, I grinned at him. "You help us out and I vill indeed die."

He frowned, "How will I know you've died?" blood started leaking out of his ears.

"Everysing dies." I smiled

He smirked, "Not true! I can't die."

"You're already dead." I watched as the smirk slide off his face. His eye went wide. "Nuh-uh. She said we aren't really dead."

"You're defiantly dead." It was my turn to smirk.

His jaw dropped. It literally dropped, bouncing off my arm and rolling across the floor. The skin of his face melted off, dripping onto my coat.


Sluggishly the rest of his body followed suit. I stepped back and watched. This was a strange house indeed.

"UUUUUUWAAA!!!!" Behind me another voice cried out. I turned around. A little girl without a bottom jaw was crying.

"Don't be sad." I crouched to her level. "He is being somevhere better."

She nodded, "UUUUUUAHWAAGH?"

Having no idea what she said, I stared.
"I don't know if you can follow him, if that's what your asking."

Her cries sounded like the bleating of a sheep. I watched her slowly melt as the boy had done.

"Two down, one to go." I giggled clapping my hands.

But first I had to find Alfred.

-----Your point of view------

The children were gone.

You felt it in the air.

Your hair whipped about your head.


Tachi and Moka were your only friends...... Right? You had killed their father after he killed them.
That made you friends. RIGHT?

You let out a blood-curdling shriek.

They would pay.
O_O What Da' hell is this? I have no Idea xD It's a random Idea that came to me.

xD I love Japanese ghost stories.....
Part two- [link]
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

The picture (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san

For those who want more info on Yurei's -[link]
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