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December 7, 2012
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Fight for life.
Yūrei-   Yūrei are a type of Japanese ghost, usually female (though males do exist), traditionally shown as wearing all white with long black hair that hangs in front of their face.  They are typically bound to specific places or objects, and often have a mission of vengeance.

That's right. You had summoned a demon. But not just any old demon.
Although you wouldn't admit it, (and there were very few stupid enough to point it out)

You knew you weren't the most powerful thing that slinked in the shadows.

"I really don't'a see why I should aid'a you." He flicked his tail in a lazy arc, admiring the flames that flew through the air.

"I summoned you." You were starting to regret that decision.

"So? In my books, that'a is shit." His amber eyes followed your unsteady pacing.

"They won't die."
He chuckled darkly, the curl on his head bouncing lightly.

"Really? Five'a humans against one raggaza? Who is'a fucking dead, I might add." He lept out of the summoning circle and landed lightly before you.

"So, Why should'a I aid'a you?"

You felt defeated, the anger rushing out of you. Your shoulders slumped, your hair fluttering about your head sadly.

"Fine. I'll do'a this ONCE. You fail'a me and my'a little Fratello gets a new'a toy." His amber eyes glittered.

Of course. Because demons didn't mind vengeful dead women.

------Allistor's point of view-------

My bloody poof of a brother had used that God damned Black arts to summon me. Of course He had to do it when I was winning a drinking contest.


"Great, now ah can't get home and yer dead friend wants ta kill us."

"It's really not my fault that your one word away from a wendigo." He was staring at the ceiling. "And she's not my friend. She just wants to kill me."

As usual, He wasn't making any sense.

I searched my pockets until I found my canister of whiskey.

"Should you really be getting drunk in a place like this?" He didn't take his eyes off the ceiling.

Damn bastard had a point. The walls were sticky with blood and the furniture was rotting.

I took a swig anyway, just to piss him off.

"So she's trying to summon something..... Probably won't work." Arthur started to mutter under his breath.

I had always known my little brother was a nut.

Deciding to ignore him, I sauntered towards the door.

"Where are you going?!"

"Leavin' before tha' crazy bitch comes back." I tripped over a torn canvas.

"B-but I---." An explosion from overhead cut him off. Bits and peices of the ceiling rained down.

Dead girl dropped down. Landing on all fours, she began scuttling towards Arthur. I ignored her, Arthur could take care of her easily.....If he didn't act like a dumb-ass.

I kept my gaze on the creature that slithered after her.

It was humanoid to a certain extent. The wings, tail and horns were unnecessary features. (They were also painfully cliche.)

"I really don't apprecite'a that. I can see'a why she wants'a to fucking kill'a you."

---Alfred's Point of View------


Ivan wasn't running fast enough. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. However the fact that the hallway we were in was quickly flattening was a HUGE problem.

"I am running as fast as I can." Ivan shot a glare over his shoulder. Some of his hair was slick with sweat.

I could see that the walls were brushing against his shoulders. Not good.

"If you get stuck, I get stuck!" I panted.

He stopped, turned and grabbed me around to waist, lifting me into the air.

I screamed as he threw me down the hallway, I crashed into a wall.

The Russian put on a burst of sped and lept out of the hallway just in time.

"Bite me burger boy." He flicked me the finger.

"Wha? You Comm-"

"Lets ket mofing before se rest of ze house flatens."

I made a face, following behind reluctantly. I wasn't to worried when a crashing sound reverberated through the house.
However I was worried by the sounds of yelling and approaching footsteps.

Arthur burst into the room, panting a red haired man behind him. "RUN you bloody twits!!!"

Ivan turned around without question and began running in a different direction. I ran after him, grabbing Arthur's hand, pulling him along.
We ran through twisting Hallways, leaping over chunks of fallen walls.

"My voice is back!!!!" A familiar voice crowed triumphantly
We all ran into the entrance way

"SHE'S SUMMONED A FUCKING DEMON!!!!!!" I called out hoarsely. Francis froze, a look of shock on his face.

"Wha....." Francis paled and began running with us.

"Find a feckin' winda'." The red-head yelled.

As if the house had heard him, a large picture window appeared at the end long room. Ivan lept through, the window shattering.

Trust him to be the one do that.

We all lept after him, the demon no doubt at our heels.

-----Your point of view-----

The demon followed them at a lazy pace, not bothering to really give chase. You stomped past him glaring.

"What? You woke'a me from a nap." He smirked, twitching his tail lazily.
Your hair formed a giant hand and made an extremely rude gesture. He laughed as you lept out the window after the men.

They would not escape.

The six of them were trying to climb over the wall in the back yard.
You looked at the sky, dusk was just starting.
A black shape flew across the sky, orange and blue clouds making it stand out even more.

"You're amused bella. Why?" The demon didn't take his eyes of the struggling men.

"Five o' clock crows."

He looked confused, glancing at the sky. Your hair went limp, covering your face. In a sweet high voice you began to sing.

"5 o' clock crows
As the light fades, they rise swiftly. Silent wings.
A great black cloud, of feathers and beaks.
Flying to and fro
A giant circle, a cawing conundrum.
These are the five o' clock crows."

Behind you the demon flinched. You took no notice, advancing towards the men, crows spiraling above you.

-----Yao's point of view-----

I was still in the house, I hadn't jumped out of the window as the others had. My plan wouldn't work if she noticed me.

As she finished her little song, the demon next to her noticed me, flinching slightly at the item in my arms.

It was Lucky Kitty. Although Kiku was always correcting my, telling me to call it a Maneki-neko.

But Lucky Kitty is cuter.

Aiyah! Back to the topic at hand! I can't let my self get distracted.

The demon smirked, shrugged, then vanished into thin air. The girl was slowly advancing on the others. Crows were swirling in the sky.

I pressed my lips against Lucky Kitty's ear, whispering dragon speak.
No I wasn't high. (Although Alfred was rude enough to ask me that several times.) My ancestors were Guardians of Dragons.

Aiyah! Not the time to go down memory lane.

The cat blinked, stretching it's stiff wooden arms. Slowly it turned into a real cat.
A really pissed cat.

"Again Yao?" He glared up at me. "What will this be? The Twenty-fifth time I'm saving your ass?"

"Aru......" I bit my lip an motioned towards the Yurei.     "No time for fight!" I hissed.

"I've got plenty of time." The cat licked his paw, completely ignoring the dilemma at hand.

"I'll tell Kiku."

The cat froze, a brief look of panic settling in his eyes.

"FINE!" Lucky Kitty growled, rolling his eyes.

What happened next I wasn't really sure. But that was normal, Lucky Kitty disliked showing his powers to humans.

A bright flash of light and all of the crows were flying away. Another flash and the girl was on her knees, screaming.

Lucky Kitty fell to the ground, turning back into a Wooden cat.

"Thank you aru!!!" I scooped him up, running towards the others.

-----Your point of view------

There was a Flash of light. The crows scattered.

Another flash of light.

You fell to your knees screaming. All the hate was gone.

All of it.
There was no more reason for you to exist, no reason for you to keep holding on.

Your hair did not approve of these thoughts.
It wrapped around your neck, tightening, slowly squeezing the breath out of your lungs.

You fell back, writhing in pain. Clawing at your neck, your breathe gurgled out of your throat.

You heard voices, something against your neck. Then you could breath again.

A red-haired man was holding handfuls of your hair, a knife lying discarded at his feet. The others were gathered around you, their faces twisted with.......

Disgust? No, Worry?

It couldn't be.

"You can let go." The Asian man was bending over you, a wooden cat in his arms.

"He's dead, long dead. There is no reason for you to hate anymore." He smiled.

You nodded, the edge of your newly cut hair grazing your chin. The edges of your vision blurred, then when white.

You looked around. It was all white, you couldn't tell if you were standing on the ground, or if you were standing on a ceiling.

A hazy mist curled lazily around you feet.

"I'm sorry."
You turned around and stared at the owner of the voice. It was him, the man who had killed you.

"You probably don't remember my name." He had his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground.

"You killed me." You took a step back, wary of him.

"I did and I made sure I went through hell for that."
You flinched when he raised his hand. But he didn't hit you, he only wiped at his face. Was he crying?

"I was jealous. I thought you had decided to give up on me." He took his glasses off, wiping away the moisture that had collected there.

"So I decided that if I couldn't have you, no one else could." His hair hung in front of his face, hiding his eyes from you.

"After I realized what I had done, I turned myself in. Your parents made sure I got the electric chair for what I had done."

He paused taking a shaky breath. You watched silently, fingering the edged of your short hair.

"But I couldn't pass over, not until I got to apologize. I've waited for Fifty-seven years."

You nodded, twisting the hem of your dress.

"Now what?"
He looked up, shrugging.      "We pass on, or something."

"Okay." You held out your hand, wrapping your fingers around his.

"Let's go then."

-----Alfred's point of view------

Her body shimmered, then disappeared.
We all stood around in silence. I looked at Arthur, then Ivan. Neither of them were close enough to hit me.

"So anyone wanna get some McD's?"

"YOU BLOODY WANKER!!!!" Arthur began chasing after me, I ran onto the forest path, laughing.
This chapter made more sense in my head >_>

The final chapter :>

Previous chapter- [link]

LOL my mother calls the Good luck cat Lucky Kitty. Whenever we go to New York City she's always looking for a Lucky Kitty to buy :>

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

The picture (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san

This is my 43 Countryxreader O.O
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