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January 18, 2013
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Birthday Girl

Lemon cake

Today was your birthday, it was supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, kinda. But today, you were feeling more worried than, happy.

Your boyfriend was acting strange. You glanced at Alfred out of the corner of your eye and frowned. He was fidgeting again, his clear blue eyes darting around.

"What's wrong Alfie?" Normal he laughed when he heard the nickname you had given him, not today. Instead, he jumped like someone had given him an electric shock.

"Um....stomach ache or something." He looked away from you, shoving his hands in his pockets and slouching further into the couch cushions.

"D'awwww. What did you eat today?" Resting your head on his shoulder, you patted his abdomen lightly. He flinched slightly, then gave you a shaky smile.

"Food." Your frown deepened. Normally he gave you a complete list of everything, it was a wonder he could remember everything.
Your eyes narrowed. Alfred glanced at you, then back at the TV screen.



"What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing." He let out a nervous laugh, shifting slightly. You nodded, wrapping your arms around his waist. Alfred looked down at you, his glasses sliding down his nose slightly.

"You still haven't given me a Birthday kiss." You murmured, pressing your face against his arm. His "Hero" smile appeared.

"Well it's about time I give it to you."

Shifting slightly, he leaned down, pressing his lips gently against yours. You smiled into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. Alfred's hands slid down to your waist, pulling you closer.

He tasted good. Too good. Usually he tasted like greasy fast food or milkshakes. But today, he tasted like......Lemon cake.
Your eyes snapped open and you pulled away. Alfred looked confused, his brow wrinkling.



"Did you eat my cake?" Your boyfriend looked panicked, his face turning a few shades whiter.

"W-Well, I only meant to take a little piece, but then, before I realized it, I had eaten all of it. I'm so sorry!!!" He babbled, tugging on the strings of his hoodie.

You sighed, trying to hide a smile. Alfred blushed, his eyes lowered in shame.

"Come on then." Holding out your hand, you motioned for him to get up.

"What? You're not mad?"

You sighed again and smirked,  "I would be mad if I had made that cake, but I didn't."
Alfred stood up, his large hand engulfing your small one. Pulling him to the kitchen your smirk grew.

"Now you have to make me a new cake."

"What? But I can't cook!!"

"Should have thought of that before you ate my cake."

----Time skip----

You had watched as your boyfriend slowly torn the kitchen apart. Ingredients, dirty bowls, spoons and sprinkles littered the sink and counters.

Alfred stood grinning in the middle of the mess grinning, his cheeks splattered with cake batter.

"Tada!!!" He held up a slightly misshapen cake, it tilted dangerously close to the edge of the plate. A bit of the icing dripped of the side, landing on his foot. You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist.

"It looks great Al!"

"Really?" He stared at the cake.  "Hmmm, maybe I should taste it first, just to make sure it taste okay."
You raised an eyebrow, a small grin spreading across your face.

"Just to make sure it's okay!! I swear!!"

"Go on then Al."

Setting the cake on the counter, Alfred picked up a fork and scooped up a small piece. He chewed, a serious expression on his face.

"How does it taste?" You looked up at him, grinning.
He reached out, scooping a blob of the lemon icing into his mouth.

"Alfred, w-Mrafh!"

You squeaked slightly as he pressed his lips to yours. His tongue pushed the icing into your mouth. Pulling away he grinned.

"How does it taste?"

You blushed, holding a hand over your mouth.   "Very good."

He stared at you for a moment, grinning.  "I am so glad I ate your cake."
Your raised an eyebrow, reaching around him for a piece of cake.  "Why's that?"

"I get to eat two cakes!!"

You laughed at the childish happiness that spread across his face. Popping a piece of cake into your mouth, you smirked evilly.

"Who says your getting any of this cake?"

Alfred looked like a little kid who had just been told that he wasn't allowed candy for the rest of his life. His bottom lip was even trembling.

"Geez Al!! I was just kidding!!!!" You cried, trying not to laugh. Alfred smirked.

"I'll get you for that  ______. Tonight."
You blushed, slapping his arm.

"Shut it you perv."
A request from :iconvelvetassassin1619: her birthday was two days ago ^u^

Carrot Cake- [link]

Chocolate Cake- [link]

Lemon Cake- Here

Cupcakes- [link]

Strawberry cake- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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