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December 26, 2012
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You walked into the living room, just as your Husband was gearing up to tell the story you had heard a hundred times.

A story your seven year old son listened to with wide eyes.

"2012 was supposed to be the end of the world. But your daddy survived it!"

You snorted, ruffling your sons blonde hair as you passed. Your husband pouted, his blue eyes going wide behind the frame of his glasses.

"What? You know George likes this story!"  Your son nodded furiously, his wide grin showing the gap were he was missing a tooth.

"You'd think he'd get bored of it after a while."

"No, It's Daddy's other stories that are boring."

Alfred pretended to be shocked, flailing his arms about like he had been shot. "SON, how could you!"

He flopped to the side, making George giggle.
Sitting up, he flashed the grin that had made you melt the first time you had met.

"Okay then ______,  You pick the story."

You pretended to think, tapping your chin. You already knew your top two, the only hard thing was, which one you wanted him to tell.

"How you decided on George's name."

Alfred blushed, the story embarrassed him slightly, but you thought it was cute.

"Oh, Alright."

You were lying in bed, half asleep. A hand lay gently on your swollen belly. The said hand was attached to your husbands arm. The man was fast asleep, lying on his belly, his face smooshed against the pillows.

The baby kicked, you shifted slightly, you were overdue by  two weeks.

Your eyes were half-lidded, sleep evading you for the time being.

The hand on your belly twitched, the fingers tickling slightly.

You turned your head, staring at Alfred. His brow was scrunched up, and un-characteristic frown upon his face.

Must be a nightmare.

He muttered something, the hand twitching again. You reached out and stroked his hair, he snuffled, pouting childishly.

You felt the baby kick and winced slightly, if the kid was anything like his father, he'd be extremely strong.

Alfred's breathing increased, his brow wrinkling further. He flipped onto his back, the hand leaving your stomach.

He seemed to settle down, his brow smoothing out.
You settled back in the fluffy pillows, your eyes slowly drifting shut.


Your eyes snapped open, you looked over at your husband. Alfred sat bolt up right in bed, saluting an imaginary superior officer.

"Al?"  You sat up, groaning slightly, he looked over at you.   "What's the matter?"


His tone startled you slightly.  "Figured what out?"
His blue eyes sparkled, reaching for the bedside table, he fumbled for the glasses. Slipping them on, he turned back to you, grinning.

"We'll name him George!"

You stared at your husband.  "Name who George?"

"The Baby!!!!"

"Oh." You blinked sleepily,   " You want to name him George?"

"Yes" He grinned, reaching out and rubbing your belly. You leaned forward an nuzzled your head against the side of his neck. He kissed your forehead gently.

"Why George?"

"OH! Right!!!!"   Alfred pulled away,  "I had a crazy-awesome dream!! George Washington asked me to name the kid after him!!!"

"What about a middle name?"


You searched through your knowledge of American history.

"Frederick Douglass was in your dream too?"
Your husband nodded, grinning like a maniac.

"George Frederick Jones?"

You smiled, the frowned as a icy pain shot through your abdomen. You felt the sheets grow wet around you.

"Oh Geez, I think he's been waiting for this moment."

Alfred jumped out of bed, tripped over the tangle of sheets on the floor and fell face first on the floor. Getting up, he tripped again, this time he righted himself in time.

He ran around the bed, scooped you up and ran for the back door.

Alfred finished the story, his hand creeping onto your thigh. George clapped his hands.

"And that's why every year on my birthday, Daddy tells me about Mr.Washington and Mr.Douglass."

You nodded, leaning your head against your husbands shoulder. He gave your thigh a slight squeeze.

"So!" Alfred grinned at you, giving you a slightly evil look.

"Wanna hear how Daddy survived the end of the world?"

You rolled your eyes as George laughed excitedly.
lol a little drabble I wanted to write out ^u^

Lol I think if America had a son, he'd name the kid after the man who led the Revolutionary armies.

Or something. xD

This is my first AmericaxReader O_O Wonder why I haven't written on before now.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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