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AmericaxReaderxEngland (With Neko!Russia)

Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trail. Your least favorite time in history. A time period your rather chauvinistic male teacher enjoyed reading about.

You tuned him out, staring out the classroom window. The hum of voices and your teachers loud, whine of a voice faded into the background. You blinked, eyelids feeling heavy.

Am I going to fall asleep in class? You blinked rubbing your eyes. The heavy sleepy feeling grew. Your eyes closed and you slumped against your desk, fast asleep.

--------------Time skip---------------------

(Okay people, this is were things get a little complicated. I am going to have everyone (except the reader) talk in that really confusing old English >_> Please excuse my really shitty attempt.  Bear with me people.)

"________." Someone was gently shaking your shoulder. You sighed and waved you hand in an attempt to shake the person off.

"Thy have to wake up. Tis morning."

Thy? Tis? Who the hell talked like that?!

You cracked an eye open. A brown haired girl was staring down at you, smiling. You felt your heart sink.

She was wearing a very strange dress, but one that you recognized. It was the type women wore during the 17th century.

Okay, this is all a dream. Right? Yeah, I fell asleep while Mr.______ was lecturing about it and now I'm having a dream based on it. Just a dream.

"Thy are pale. Are thee sick?" The girl asked, smiling sweetly.

"Uh....Nay. I am...fine?" Was that how people talked in this time? You couldn't remember past thee and thy....and hath. or something.

You got out of bed and struggled to put on an extremely itch dress. The girl told you, no reminded you (Because she apparently knew you) that it was your only dress besides your church dress.

The entire day was spent completing back braking chores. You had enough trouble trying to understand the girl's instructions. You had found out that her name was Elizabeth and she was your sister. Which made no sense at all, because your sisters name wasn't Elizabeth.

You also met your "Parents"

A strict woman who looked like she had never had fun in any way shape or form. And a man who looked like his frowning disproving expression had been carved onto his face.

You flopped into bed that night, your shoulders and back aching. Hopefully this was a dream, you would wake up and have to go through all of that crap again.

-----Time skip------

No such luck. You were woken up again by Elizabeth.

Once again you spent all day doing really mundane chores. It went on like this for the next several days.

But it was alright. Elizabeth was nice, and you liked having her as a sister (Even though she wasn't) Even thought the chores were boring (And hard) you had fun, laughing with your new friend.

There was one change that week. That was on a Sunday.

That change was church.

You sat with what seemed to be the entire population of the town in a church. For Four hours.

By the time it was done, your ass was numb and you hobbled out of the church, wincing with every step. Your "Mother" Glared disapprovingly.

"Thee are Miss. _______. Yes?" A male voice with an American accent. Elizabeth giggled, a hand over her mouth.

You turned and found yourself caught in the gaze of a blue-eyed man. He smiled politely, squinting slightly.

You nodded, blushing slightly. Elizabeth giggled again. Your "Mother" actually smiled, looking from you to her husband.

"I am Alfred Jones."

You nodded again.

"Thee are barely seen about town."

You nodded,  "That is because...Because I am busy." You hopped that you were using the correct words from the time you were in.

He nodded, then glanced at Elizabeth.

"I hope thy wouldn't mind if I came to call on the morrow?" He looked expectantly at you. You nodded mutely and he smiled.

As soon as you had gotten home, Elizabeth squealed with happiness, dancing around the kitchen.

"Thy are so lucky ______!!"

"How so?"

"Alfred wishes to court you!!"

You gave her a 'WFT' look and then winced as "Mother" Gripped your shoulder tightly.

"This is what thy have been waiting for. Tis high time thy are married."

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold the phone.
Married? Seriously? A guy asks to hang out and "BOOM" You're married?
You sighed.   Think about it  _______.  Around this time women were married by the age of fourteen (You weren't too sure on this) and were expected to have all the children her husband wanted.

Was that the life in store for you? You obviously couldn't go home. So you were stuck.
You stared numbly as Elizabeth chattered nonstop and "Mother" rambled off a list of proper edict.

------Time skip--------

You sat across from Alfred, an awkward silence filled the room. He cleared his throat, shifting slightly.

"The weather has been quite pleasant as of late."

"Yes." You nodded in agreement.

Why was this guy calling on you? You didn't even know who the hell he was.
The silence continued.

"There have been a number of witch sightings as of late."

Huh. That wasn't good.

He nodded, a small smile creeping across his face.

"Yes. Old woman Tuttle was recently persecuted."

You felt your eyelid twitch. He almost sounded as if he enjoyed the thought of a poor old woman being brutally murdered.

Ugh. You prayed that you wouldn't be stuck here and that you wouldn't have to marry this man.

He went on and on about the trials, his face animated with obvious enjoyment. You listened, trying not to show your disgust.

After he had left, your "Mother" started pointing out all the things you had wrong. You half listened, your stomach churning.

The witch trials. You had nearly forgotten about them.

Would you be able to survive this?

------Time skip------

The next few weeks went past without indecent. There was only one moment were you felt panicked because you had used "you" instead of "thy" But no one had noticed.

Alfred visited every night with out fail. You had to sit for hours on end, listening to him boast and babble on about the witch trials.
Not only was it mind numbingly boring, but also disgusting to hear the obvious happiness in his voice when he spoke of the trials.

Now you had gotten away. You had asked "Mother" if you could go on a walk, and to your surprise she had agreed.

Now you were walking on a small dirt path that winded through a field. The sky darkened over head and you sighed.

It was to hard. You relied too much on modern technology.

As you walked, lost in your thoughts, you failed to hear the footsteps slowly coming up behind you.

"What cheer  _____."  
A pair of arms slid around your waist. You flinched, automatically trying to escape their grip.

"Still thy self."

You were spun around, the arms still clasped around your waist.
It was Alfred. He squinted down at you, smiling slightly. You pursed your lips.

"Please let go of me Alfred."
You glared up at him, hands against his chest, trying to push him away.

"The way thy talk....tis abnormal."

Shit he had noticed your slip ups. You struggled to get away, but his grip only tightened.
Alfred leaned forward, placing his lips on your neck. You shuddered, struggling to get free.

Slowly, he kissed his way up your neck, slowly heading for your lips. You bit your bottom lip, slamming your hands against his chest and ramming your knee as hard as you could into his crotch.
Alfred let go with a high whine. You stumbled away.

"Y-You little whore!" He hissed, glaring at you.   "Thy won't get away with this."

You ran. Staggering through the undergrowth of the forest. You heard Alfred, still on the path, yelling threats after you.

You didn't know how long you stumbled through the forest. For some reason, tears were sliding down your cheeks.

"This sucks!" You shouted, wrenching the heavy skirt of your dress away from the log it had become caught on.


DA? Wasn't that Russian for yes? Were there Russian settler's around 1700th?
You looked around for the source of the voice.

"Hello? Anybody there?"


Your eyes landed on a large gray cat with a large nose. He smiled up at you, his mangy fur tangled slightly.

"Are you the one making that sound?"


He was too cute. Leaning down, you patted his head. The cat purred, rubbing his face against your hand.

"Do you have a home?"
No answer. You smiled and scooped him up.

"Then you're coming home with me."
You didn't care if "mother" disapproved.

--------Time skip------

The woman certainly disapproved, but she grudgingly agreed. You were grateful to finally have a friend in this world. You named the cat Ivan, it was the first Russian name that came to your mind.

Alfred still came to call, acting as if nothing had happened. You were suspicious, not trusting him.

Ivan didn't seem to trust him either. The large cat sat on your lap, glaring at the man. Alfred glared back, making little comments about the number of cats drowned for being devils and other such nonsense.

How you hated him. And as it turned out, he hated you with the same amount of fury. You should have seen it coming, he had even given you a slight warning. It happened on his last visit to you.

"How do you fare  ______?" Alfred asked, smiling.

You forced a smile and muttered that you were fine.

"There has been no Witch trials as of late."

"Tis good." You petted Ivan, smiling as he purred. Alfred smirked and leaned back.

"I miss the jest of a good trial."

"Hmm." You decided to tune him out. Which was a mistake, but you found that out too late.

It happened after church. Everyone had just gotten up, when Alfred sauntered up to the front of the church, right next to the minister. (Or Pastor or what ever he was called.
You never really payed attention to the workings of a church)

"I have an accusation to make."

Hoh boy. This didn't sound good.

Alfred turned and looked directly at you and smiled.

" _______ is a witch."

The entire congregation froze, then turned and stared at you. You looked as surprised as everyone else.

"N-Nay that tis a lie."

The old speech was really coming to you easy now.

You shook your head, fingers clutching your skirts. Elizabeth stood next to you, looking at you like you were a stranger.

"Several nights ago she seduced me near the Hawthorn forest." Alfred had a look of triumph on his face. Your face turned red with anger.

"Her cat is a demon familiar."

Oh no, Ivan. They drowned cats in this time period. Stuffed them in bags and threw them in rivers.

You watched in horror as people you didn't even know cam forward, adding to Alfred's accusation. Little problems around their farms and homes were blamed on you. Even Elizabeth went up, accusing you of cursing her.

You were grabbed from behind by the town's law officer. With rising dread, you listened as you were sentenced to be tested, to prove that you were a witch.

-----Time skip------

They didn't choose to do the water test, nor the iron maiden test. They choose instead, the pin test.

You had "Mother" to thank for that.  She was the one who suggested it. You suspected that it wasn't out of cruelty, but rather because of her duty as a mother. Which was good. You weren't going to be killed yet.

After being forced to strip in front a congregation of women. Then you were poked with pins. The old woman who did it seemed to have an obvious love for her job, jabbing you harshly with the needles.

You made sure to wince and whimper with each poke. After a while, your skin started to go numb to the pain. After realizing that you had no  "Devil Mark" the women all scowled and allowed you to dress.

Your skin was covered in small beads of blood and stinging.

The next day you were told to put on a simple white shift. "Mother" Helped you dressed, her thin bottom lip quivering. After the dress was one she stepped over to the dresser and pulled out a white object. As she turned, you could see that it was a knife made of bone.

"Take it child. I pray thee escape."

You nodded mutely, then hugged her. She stiffened, then hugged you back.

--------Time Skip--------

You were tied to a post, arms behind your back. Men piled logs around your feet. Alfred smirked, holding a torch in one hand, an arm wrapped around Elizabeth's waist.

You waited until they were a safe distance away, and let the knife slide out of your sleeve. Alfred began giving a long speech.

The ropes were snapped in a few moments. Leaping off the pile of wood, you turned and ran for the forest.

Shouts sounded behind you and the pounding of footsteps.

Dodging tree branches and leaping over low brush, you panted, already out of breath. A large shape hurtled out of the bushes. It was Ivan.

He ran next to you, his purple eyes narrowed with concentration.
The voices seemed to be getting closer. The flickering torches getting closer.

"This way love." A warm hand wrapped around yours pulling you deeper into the forest. Ivan followed, his tiny pink tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The mysterious man pulled you through a tangle of bushes and pulled you to the ground, wrapping his arms around your waist. Ivan jumped onto your lap, nuzzling his face against your torso.

The villagers ran past your hiding spot.

"You're safe now." You looked up and blushed. A rather handsome man with large eyebrows and green eyes smiled down at you.

"I will get you back to your time love."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise. Ivan mewed and you looked down at him.

"Can Ivan come with me?"

The man paused, then nodded, "Alright love."

"What's your name?"

The man seemed slightly flustered by all of your questions.

"Arthur. Arthur Kirkland."

He placed a hand on your forehead, and you were to surprised to feel that it was burning hot, yet freezing cold at the same time.

"Thank you for saving me."

"No problem."

Arthur placed his other hand on Ivan's head.

"Will I see you again?" You blushed as you said this.

Arthur looked at you and grinned,  "Of course."

A bright flash of light lit up the woods.

----Time skip----

"MISS _________." Mr._______  thundered, glaring down at you.  

"Is my lecture so boring that you must......" He trailed off, eyes wide.


You looked down to see Ivan perched on your lap, he glared up at Mr. _________.

"I-It's a cat."




You tried hard not to laugh as your teacher freaked out about Ivan. The cat looked extremely pleased with himself.

"Mr.______?" The principal poked her head in the room, looking slightly confused. You curled around Ivan, hiding him.

"The new student is here."

A boy about your age entered the class room. He grinned when he saw you and you grinned back.

It was Arthur.

"This is going to be fun."

Ivan cat let loose with another of his funny mews.  

OMFG This took me a while to write! Back to working on my requests ^u^
(I made Al an ass xD)

I own nothing but the plot.
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