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You woke up ten minutes after your alarm went off. Scrambling out of bed, you rushed to get ready for the day. Your boss was adamant on employs arriving on time.

If they had an event for speed dressing at the Olympics, you would get gold medals every time.

Even though you had probably broken the World record for getting ready, you were still late for your job by five minutes.

Your employer, Mr.Kirkland, lectured you on 'Showing up on time' and 'Shouldn't look like you had let a baboon dress you'

After suffering this indignity, you were sent to the store room to stack crates tea boxes on their proper shelves.

"I don't know how you do this every day Berwald."
The tall Swedish man smiled slightly, shaking his head. "It's not that bad."

You rolled your eyes, "My shoulders feel like they're about to fall off and it's not even lunch time."

Berwald patted your back, silently going about his job. You noticed that he took extra crates, letting you pick up smaller loads.

Eight hours later you hobbled out of the tea shop and headed home. Throwing everything on the couch, you slipped into your PJ's and turned on your computer.

After aimlessly browsing the web, something caught your eye. It was a story.
There was no title, just a short description.

'A girl meets her Guardian Angel'

The mouse hovered over the link, then on a whim, you clicked it. You sipped some coffee, while waiting for it to load.
It was actually a really interesting story and you read it eagerly.

Glancing over at the digital alarm clock you kept on the beside table and promptly choked on a mouthful of coffee.
You had been reading for three hours. It was nearly midnight.

Sighing you turned off the device and slid into bed. If only you didn't have work tomorrow, then you would be able to sit up all night, reading more of this interesting story.

You blinked sleepily, staring at the ceiling. It would kinda be neat to met your guardian angel. Maybe get a chance to talk to him or her.

As always, you shot that thought down.

'Don't be stupid  _______. It's not like that would ever happen'
Your eyes slid shut, your mind already half asleep.

'But it would still be nice.' was the last thought, before you fell asleep

----Time Skip-----

It was so warm. You let out a little contented sigh, snuggling closer to the warmth.
Something was off. You couldn't feel your left arm from the elbow down. A warm breeze ruffled the top of your head.

Something warm snaked around your waist, pulling you even closer to the warmth. You smiled, nuzzling your face against the warmth.

Wait an F-ing moment.    Your sleepy brain snapped into overdrive.

Your eyes popped open. You were staring at a smooth, well muscled chest.

Sitting up quickly, you blinked as little white spots filled your vision, after a moment they cleared. You couldn't sit up all the way though, your left arm was trapped.
You looked down and nearly gasped.

A man was lying on his side, sound asleep. You left arm was under his head, like a pillow.
His messy brown hair was tangled slightly and he had absurdly long eyelashes for a guy. But that wasn't the first thing you noticed.

Oh, no. The first thing you noticed, was that he was completely naked.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL?!" You fell backwards you the bed. The mans eyes flew open.

They were a bright, inhuman green.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" You felt slightly amused that his reaction was the same as yours.
He pulled the blankets tighter around his waist, his messy brown hair flopping into his eyes.

"Who are joo?! Why are joo in my room?!" You noticed that he was tanned.He also had a cute accent and under normal circumstances, you might have blushed. His comment, however, annoyed you.

"Your room? This is my house!" You stood up, glaring down at him, he blinked, looking embarrassed.

"So it happened."

"What has happened?" You stared at him warily.

"I fell to Earth." Flashing you a doppy smile, He stretched, his chest muscles flexing slightly.
You gave him a blank look, waiting for him to elaborate. He stared back, a silly smirk on his lips.

"Hello? Explanation? Before I decide that you're crazy and call the cops!" Your snappish tone seemed to startle him.

"I'm joor Guardian Angel, Antonio!!!!!"  The obvious happiness the statement brought him was evident.

You, however, were extremely pissed off.

'How did he get into the house?' You glared at him while you thought. 'He's obviously deranged, but he looks like on of the harmless ones'

"Are joo mad at me?" Antonio's shoulders slumped and his brilliant green eyes seemed to lose some of their sparkle.

"Why are you here?" You countered, wondering if you should call the local loony bin to see if they had any escapees.

"Joo've been sad lately and last night joo wished for me."

You stared at him, there was no way he could have known that. Sighing you leaned back, chewing on your bottom lip.

"Is that the only reason?"

Antonio nodded,  "Pretty much, I'm just here to make joo happy."
You frowned at him, trying to think of a way he could prove what he said. Nothing came to mind, except that he didn't have any wings.

"Where are your wings?"

Antonio blinked, then started laughing a strange laugh. " Fusosososososo! I forgot how funny joo humans are!!"

He leaned forward,  "We really don't have wings amiga. Joo humans made them up."
You raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.

"We kinda just float around with out a body, watching over joo, until joo guys need us."

"That's kinda creepy." You shuddered slightly, thinking how wrong it would be to have some guy watch over you 24/7.

Antonio blushed slightly, apparently thinking on the same wavelength.

"I-It's not like that Senorita! We have no emotions or feelings until we get a physical body."

Okay....But it was still creepy.

"So......Whats for breakfast?" Antonio stood up, the sheets sliding off his body. When he
caught the look on your face, he blushed and quickly pulled the sheets back up.

"Do joo have anything I could wear?"

---Time skip----

You limped inside, wincing at every step. While stock shelves in the store room, you had dropped a very heavy crate on your toes. They weren't broken, but it felt like they were.
A delicious smell met your nose as you entered the kitchen.

Antonio was at the stove, stirring a large pot. You limped past him and collapsed on the couch.

"Chica!!!" He sang, running into the living room and throwing his arms around you. You yelped as his knee hit your injured foot.

Antonio pulled away and looked down at your foot. All the happiness drained from him and his eyes seemed darker.

"Did someone hurt joo chica?" You flinched at the dark tone lacing his voice. He looked almost demonic.

"What? No, I dropped a crate on my foot."

His face cleared and the cheerfulness returned. "I can fix that!!"

Lifting your foot up, Antonio leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on the large bruise.
You raised an eyebrow.

"How will that......" You broke off and stared at your foot. The bruise was slowly fading and the pain vanished.

"We have minor healing powers." Antonio stood up and grinned,  "Dinner will be ready in a bit!"

Ten minutes later you stood in front of the kitchen table gaping. Antonio had gone all out. The table was covered with dishes you had never seen.

"Let's see. I made Chorizo, Paella, Pa amb tomāquet and churros!"

"Are you really Spanish?" You sat down, wondering which dish to try first.

Antonio nodded, "That was my nationality when I died."

You stared, not sure what you should say. Antonio grinned, digging into the meal, totally oblivious to your slightly shocked expression.

----Time skip----

A month had passed since Antonio had appeared in your room.

Staring at the ceiling you sighed. You had noticed that Antonio had been acting distance recently.

It was little things. He had stopped sitting in your room until you had fallen asleep. (You had found it slightly creepy at first, but now you missed it.) He had also stopped walking you to work.

Sitting up, you slid out of bed and tip-toed into the living room. Antonio wasn't on the couch.

"Antonio?" A quick search showed you that he wasn't in the house. Panic started to set in.

"ANTONIO?!" You flung the front door open and ran outside, not caring that you were in your pajamas.
Leaping down the porch stairs, you looked down the street, trying to see where he had gone.

"Hola chica."

You twisted around and stared wide eyed at Antonio.
He was sitting shirtless on the porch rail, looking up at the sky.

"What's wrong?" You stood next to him, fiddling with your t-shirt.

"I have to go." Antonio didn't take his eyes off the sky. You stared wide eyed.
No. He couldn't leave! What would you do without him?

"You can't!!!"

Antonio smiled sadly, turning his head to look at you.  "Joor happy now. There's no need for me."

"You are the reason I'm happy!!"
His green eyes widened.  

"If you went away, I'd be sad again!!!" Your bottom lip was trembling slightly and your fists were clenched. A tear slid down your cheek and you brushed it away angrily.

Why did you feel like this? You had only know Antonio for a month. But, sometimes it felt like you had known him your whole life.

"Shit." Antonio slumped, holding his head in his hands. "This wasn't supposed to happen."

"What?" You stepped back, not sure what to do.

"Joo weren't supposed to fall for me."

You blushed slightly, your shoulders slumping.  "Why not?"

Antonio looked up, un-shed tears glimmering in his eyes.  "It's against our rules to love the humans we guard."

"What happens if you do?" You looked down at the worn wooden planks, trying not to cry.
He let out a shaky breath, "I don't know chica."

"Vell I do!!"

Antonio and you both flinched, looking towards the voice. A tall, pale albino man stood on your front lawn, grinning.

And he had wings. Big Black wings.

"Oui. So do I."

A slender man, with wavy blonde hair landed next to the Albino, folding his golden wings neatly.

"Gilbert! Francis! Joo guys have wings!!"

Antonio looked shocked, his brilliant green eyes wide. You were silent, wondering if these men had come to take Antonio back to were angels went.

"Ve came to say goodbye."  Gilbert looked sad, his red eyes downcast. Francis nodded, his wavy hair blowing in the small breeze.

"What? Why?" Antonio looked slightly panicked, you felt the blood drain from your face. Where they going to kill him?

"So lucky zat you found your soul mate." Gilbert tsked, shaking his head. France frowned, kicking the Albino's shins.

"Do be like zat! Zere love is a beautiful zing!"

"You found yours as vell Francis, I feel all alone!!" The albino snapped, looking like he was ready to cry.

"Wait....So joor saying that..."

"JA! Your no longer an angel Toni! 100% Human!" Gilbert grinned, slapping the Spaniard on the back.

"So he can stay with me?" You spoke up for the first time, the men looked at you. Francis nodded, slinging an arm around your shoulder.

"Oui. 'is love for you freed 'im from 'is job."
Antonio glared at the Frenchman. "I thought joo already found joor soul mate." Francis paled slightly, then removed his arm.

"Vell Good luck." Gilbert winked cockily, smirking. Francis waved, blowing you a kiss. You blushed, wrapping your arms around Antonio's torso. Both men opened their wings, crouching down, they lept into the sky.

"I'm human now." Antonio leaned his head against your shoulder. You let out a hmmm of agreement.



"Don't you think we should go inside?"

"Why chica?"

"The Vargas brothers are looking out there front window."

Antonio waved cheerily at the dumbfounded Vargas boys. They both blushed and quickly closed the curtains. You laughed, grabbing Antonio's hand and leading him inside.

"I have work tomorrow, it's time for bed."
You lay down, leaving enough room for the Spaniard to curl up next to you. Antonio wrapped his arms around your waist.

"Don't go to work tomorrow chica."

"I have to."

"Joo can't, joo're sick." Antonio pressed his face into your hair, inhaling deeply.

"With what?"

"The love bug" He placed a tender kiss on your forehead. You smiled, snuggling closer.

That seemed like a good excuse.
:> This one's a bit long....kinda xD

Spain :> 'cause I've written quite a few with Francey pants and Prussia

As for Spain being a Guardian Angel. ^u^ I've always liked the idea of the living have unseen guardians.

Angel!Spain- Here

Demon!Prussia- [link]

Doll!France- [link]

I own nothing but the plot ^u^

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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