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January 2, 2013
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Where the hell where you? You sighed and looked at the scrap of paper for what felt like the hundredth time in an hour.

You hadn't passed any of the streets listed on here. How the hell did you always get lost? You could use a frickin' GPS and still get lost.

Crumbling the paper, you tossed it into the nearest trash can, completely giving up. Better to find the nearest hotel and ask for directions in the morning, it was getting dark out.

You walked quickly down the maze of streets slowly becoming disoriented.

Stopping at the mouth of an alley, you stopped panting slightly. These were all office buildings, no hotels in sight.

A muffled yelp came from above. You frowned and looked up.

One of the large office window exploded outwards, two men falling to the pavement below. You stepped back in surprise, shaking slightly.
There was a brief struggle, you had trouble seeing what was  happening, the alley was to dark.

But you didn't need to see to know what happened. There was a gurgle, then a loud, wet snap.

The shadows in the alley shifted and you could see a man emerging, dragging a body behind him.

He had long blonde hair pulled back in a lazy ponytail. He was dressed in black leather, the heels on his boots a bit high for a man.  He looked like a fallen angel.

And he terrified you to your core. You skin tingled like it was frozen.

He stared at you coolly, his gaze never wavering from your face.

"Why don't you run?" His words had a slight accent to them... French?

You just blinked, there was no point in running, it would just bring your death sooner.
But maybe that was better.

Another man jumped out of the window. The blonde guy spun around, dropping into a low crouch. A series of quick movements, and the third guys head was gone.

The headless body fell backwards, the head landing next to it.

The blonde man stood up, licking blood off his fingers.

Scowling, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a pair of keys. Dropping the body, he walked past you.

You turned, not wanting to present your back to the man.

A sleek black motorcycle was parked on the street.
How had you failed to notice it?

"Come 'ere." He motioned with two of his fingers, both were stained red. You didn't move, staring at him warily.

"Come 'ere or I'll change my mind and kill you." His voice was light, but the look in his eyes made your blood run cold. He was still scowling.

You moved slowly, taking short shaky steps. You stopped a foot in front of him.

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a tiny silver device. He crushed it in his fist, showing you the silver powder that lay on his palm.

"I normally just kill ze witnesses. But I guess I'm tired today."

And with that, he blew the dust into your face.

Everything went black.

----Time skip----

You blinked blearily, rubbing your eyes. What happened last night? Everything was just a black spot in your memory.

You were lost.....and then you had found a hotel?

It made sense. But, you couldn't remember where you were trying to go.

Checking out of the hotel, you walked to the nearest cafe, trying to remember where you were going.

Usually you had a scrap of paper with directions on them, but there were none in your pockets.

The door jangled as someone entered.

A man with long blonde hair. He was dressed in black from head to toe. He also looked slightly familiar.

You felt chilled to the bone. Hunching down in the seat, you wrapped your hands around the mug of hot chocolate, trying in vain to warm up.

He walked past several empty seats, taking the one directly across from you.
You kept your head down, your grip tightening on the cup.

"Do you know me?"

You blinked, it was a strange question, but some how, it made sense.

"No" Your voice quavered slightly. He smirked, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket.

He stood up. Your hand shoot out, grabbing his sleeve.

"Should I?"
He blinked, growing pale. "Should you what?"

"Know you. Should I know you?" Something was bothering you, a memory just out of reach.

"Non." He jerked his sleeve out of your grip, hurrying out of the cafe.
You sat there for a moment, unsure what to do. Standing up, you hurried after him.

He had just turned around a corner, his ponytail swinging behind him.
Picking up your pace, you ran around the corner, only to ram head first into something.

It was the blonde man.

"Why are you following me?" He growled, his blue eyes narrowed.

"I've met you before...Right? You seem familiar."

He flinched, eyes going wide.  "Non, you don't know me, I don't know you. Go home."
He turned and quickly walked off, vanishing into the crowd.

You began wandering the streets, trying to figure out why last night was a black hole in your memory.

Up ahead, red and blue lights were flashing. Police cars were convened around a alleyway, policemen shouting at each other.

"Excuse me Miss, But have you seen this man?" You turned, looking first at the blonde policeman, then at the picture.

It was of a thin man dressed in leather, his long blonde hair framing his blue eyes.

You licked your lips and shook your head, "Nope never seen him before."

"He's an assassin, if we find him, we catch the guys hiring him. Call the cops if you see him."

Nodding, you backed away.
As soon as you were out of his line of sight, you ran. Leaping over low walls, and speeding through small alleys.

You stopped in one panting heavily, sweat dripping down your face.

"You move fast. I almost didn't see where you went."
You knew who it was before you even looked up.

"Who are you?"

He smirked, walking over to you with catlike grace. Leaning down he stopped when his lips were level with your ear.

"Francis Bonnefoy. Assassin for hire."
:I France would make a sexy Assassin.......

Part two- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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