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January 9, 2013
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Part two


How could a man that sexy be so terrifying? And why was that your first thought after he told you his name?

Francis smirked, his face still only inches from yours.

"Are you going to kill me?" You were blushing.

His smirk grew more pronounced. "It depends, why did you cover up for me?"

You really wished that he would back up. As if he knew what you were thinking he leaned even closer, his lips brushing against your ear. You shuddered slightly.

"You're hiding something from me. If you get locked up, how will I find out what it is?"
He pulled away, staring down at you, his expression a mixture of annoyance and curiosity.

"If I tell you, will you 'ide me?"

"Hide you? Like from the cops?!" He rolled his eyes, snorting.  "No 'ide me from ze Old Lady Brigade."

You scowled, "Deal."

"Let's go zen." Grabbing you arm, he began dragging you away from the alleyway.

"Wait! Aren't you going to tell me what I want to know?!"

"I said zat I would tell you. I did not say WHEN I would tell you." He smirked again.


Son of a Bitch.


-----Time skip-----

How you hated this.

Francis was slouched on the couch, speaking in rapid French into a sleek black cell-phone.
He had done nothing but answer phone calls and lie about. No assassin like activity at all. Well, none while you were awake.

Your eyelid twitched as he placed his feet on the coffee table. You had made a list of rules for him to follow. A list he seemed not to care about.

His blue eyes slid towards you, a hint of amusement in his eyes. Finishing the conversation, he stretched, once again, his movements cat like.

"I'm 'ungry."

"Good for you." You snorted, picking up a book. Francis frowned, his half-lidded eyes glittering dangerously.

You jabbed a finger in his direction. "All you asked was for me to hide you. There was nothing about cooking and cleaning for you."

He had already asked you to wash an absurd leather outfit of his. You had declined, gritting your teeth at the smirk he shot you.

"But don't you want to know ze secret?" There it was, the line he always used to get his way. It wasn't going to work, not this time.

You got up, walking towards the kitchen. Francis flopped back on the couch, closing his eyes.

You leapt over the back of the couch, your hands latching around his throat. Francis's cerulean blue eyes snapped open, his hand grabbing your wrists.

He rolled, flipping you off the couch. You yelp slightly, your wrists creaking at the sudden pressure.

Without thinking, you lashed out with your leg, kicking him in the balls, and at the same time grabbing his collar and twisting.

Francis's eyes went wide with shock as he crashed into the coffee table. To your dismay, it broke under his weight.

The Frenchman lay stunned, groaning  and cupping his crotch. You stood over him panting slightly.

Where the hell had that move come from?!

"I'm not going to treat you like my spouse." You scowled as he pushed himself onto his elbows, glaring up at you.

"So you attack me?"

You blushed slightly and nodded,  "Just trying to get my point across."

Francis stared for a moment, then smirked that smirk of his. You were really starting to hate it.

"I will get you back." He stood up, wincing slightly. You shuddered slightly, wondering what he would do.

----Time skip----

You would think that kicking a bad ass assassin in the balls would earn the kicker a nasty death. Apparently, however, it was a one way ticket to hell.

You shrieked as the water in the shower turned ice cold. It was the third time this week.

Francis, had turned off the hot water again. Grabbing a towel, you wrapped it around your self hurriedly, stomping down the stairs.

Francis was sitting on the couch an innocent expression on his face. Which gave him away, because the man was pure evil.

"Will you stop it!!!! I only kicked you  once!"

The Frenchman stretched lazily, his shirt lifting slightly giving you a nice veiw of his well muscled stomach.

"Mmmmmm, is zat so?"

You felt your eye twitch. He looked like a cat, just after it had caught and eaten a bird.

"You do realize what this means?" You hissed, leaning forward.

"I get to see your cleavage?" He licked his lips and wiggled his eyebrows. You blinked, slightly confused. However looking down, you saw that he indeed had a very nice (for him anyways) view of your cleavage.

"NO!!!" You straightened up, your face the color of cherries.  "This means war!!! I will get you back!!!!"

Francis let out a deep laugh, his eyes twinkling.  "I've always liked my women feisty." Standing up, he looked down at you, smirking.  "And what will you do?"

"This." And with that, you kicked him as hard as you could in the balls, again. He let out a curse, his voice a few octaves higher.

----Time skip----

The little black cell-phone was ringing again. Francis was in the shower so he couldn't answer it.

Should you? Maybe it was a client. You could pretend to be  his secretary. Or it might be his boss. You didn't know, Francis never talked about his job.

You lunged for the phone as it rang again, flipping it open.

Silence. You frowned, not sure what to do.

" _______?" It was an unfamiliar, accented female voice, yet they knew your name.

"Y-yes? Who are you?"

It was silent on the other end. The water shut off upstairs, you flinched slightly, looking up.

"It's me Natalia."

"I don't know a Natalia." Your lips were trembling slightly. Footsteps upstairs, approaching the steps.

"VAT?" The woman sounded panicked, her accented voice higher. You flinched again, Francis was walking down the stairs. You stood up quickly and snuck into the kitchen, moving away from him.

"Oh no!! Beeg Broser vas right!!!! He vhiped your memory!!"

You froze, the color draining from your face. "W-who?"

The woman sighed shakily, "Francis, your partner."  

Francis walked past the kitchen, completely oblivious to the fact that you were in the kitchen. He entered the dining room, obviously looking for his phone.

"Listen to me  _______.  Tonight, sneak out your vindow and meet me outside. I vill tell you everysing." Natalia's voice was urgent.

"Why?" Your voice was a little whisper, your eyes still locked on the place where Francis had vanished.

"You are my friend!!! Do you know how long I've been looking for you?"

Some how you knew she wasn't lying.  "Alright, I'll be there."

You closed the phone setting it on the counter. Walking into the living room, you sat down on the couch, trying to stop shaking.

Francis walked past you into the kitchen, barely glancing at you.

"Everyzing okay  ______?"

"Yup. Everything is peachy." It was a wonder that your voice wasn't shaking.

Tonight, you would find everything out.
Dun dun dun Plot twist xD
I have no idea why, but I think Belarus and I would be really good friends O_O

This ones a bit short xD And there will be more sexy assassin activity next chapter.

Part one- [link]

Part three- coming soon

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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