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October 6, 2012
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Bad Idea
You knew sharing a house with three guys wasn't a good idea. Far from it, it was a BAD idea.
If only you had realized that sooner.

"Ding Dong" You pressed the doorbell for the fifth time. Scowling you shifted your hold on the three bags you had under one arm. What the hell was taking them so long? You hadn't met the guys yet and already you were pissed at them.

"Are you their new, uh room mate?" a female voice came from the right. You twisted to look towards the voice. A brown haired girl stood on a well trimmed lawn.
"Yes...I guess I am." You smiled "Are they home?".

She  grimaced "Honestly I don't know." Sighing you set your bags down and sat on the front step. "Great..... I'll have to wait for them." She looked at you sympateticaly. "I'm Elizabeta, and I think they keep an extra key under that step your sitting on."

You grinned "Thanks! I'm __________ __________!" reaching under the stair you fished around until your hand hit metal. You pulled out a slightly cobwebby key.
"Well be careful around those three." She turned and went back inside her own house. You stood there, then picked up the bags and stuck the key in the lock.

The neighboor had warned you about them, but did you listen? Not a chance.

Stepping inside you looked around. The place was a mess. Well what did I expect? you thought, They are guys after all. "Uh....Hello?" You called half hoping no one was home. A grunt came from down the hallway to your left.

Oooooooooooooookay then.Someone must be home... setting your bags down carefully, you picked your way through the mess. Half empty pizza boxes, socks, boxers and were those tomato plants? Kinda weird. "Um I'm your new room mate. Are you guys-." You stopped mid-sentence.

A tiny yellow bird sat on a weird nest made of socks and tomato plant leaves. "Hi." You bent down to get a better look at it.
"Your really cute!" sticking out a finger you gently rubbed its head.

"You gotta nice ass chica." A male, spanish accented voice rummbled behind you. Spinning around, you froze, shocked.

A guy stood infront of you. One of the sexiest guy you had ever see. He was nicely tanned, with slightly curly chocolate  brown hair and brilliant green eyes. And he was only in a t-shirt and boxers.

"U-u-um. HI!" You squeaked,"I'm _________   ________!" He smiled, "I'm Antonio Fernández Carriedo." He stuck out his hand and shook yours warmly. You looked at the small bird again,"Is he yours?"

Antonio laughed, his laugh was really strange. "No amiga, thats Gilberts little pet." You smiled,
"You want some Tomatoes?" He grinned, picking up a small red one. Shaking you head you picked up your bags. "Thanks but no, Um would you mind showing me were I'll be staying?" He shrugged, "Okay." You followed him down the hall.

~Le time skip~

"ZE AWESOME ME IS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!" A loud voice startled you awake. Groaning you flipped onto your side and glared at the clock.

It was 1:27 AM. "HELLO?!" The voice kept shouting, "TONI! WHERE ZE FUCK ARE YOU?", "Dude tone it down, the chica is sleeping." You smiled slightly when you heard the spainiard reply.

"VAS? YOU GOTTA FRAU HERE?" The smile vanished, Why wouldn't that guy frickin' shutup!?
"No, its our new roommate." "OH, ZATS IT?!"

The guy obviously enjoyed the sound of his voice, or he was drunk. You bet it was both. A tiny chirp sounded next to your ear. Startled you looked down. It was the little yellow bird. "Hi. I bet you don't like all the shouting." The yellow fluff ball blinked.

"OI!!!!!!!! VHERES GILBIRD?" You jumped up and wrenched open your door. "PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!" You snarled. Then you blinked. A pale, white haired man stood smirking, his crimson eyes raked up and down your form. Wearing a half unbuttoned shirt that showed of his nicly accented chest. He was as sexy as Antonio.And apparently an Albino.

"Und who are you?" Scowling, you crossed your arms, "I'm _________ _________." Tonio smiled sheepishly at you, "Sorry chica, I forgot that Gilbert was working late tonight."

The albino scowled,"ZE AWESOME ME VASN'T VORKING!" Antonio stared at him, puzzled. "I vent to ze bar vith Francis." You looked between the two, Francis, you assummed, was the third roommate.

Gilbird, landed on your shoulder, chirping. "Where is he?" Tonio sounded slightly alarmed. "I dunno, I left him- HEY! VHY DO YOU HAVE GILBIRD?!" Both Antonio and you jumped. Gilbert stomped over to you and glared down at the little bird.
"Vhy are you sitting on her shoulder? You only sit on mein awesome shoulder."

Gilbird flew up and buried into your hair in response. The Albinos jaw dropped.
"VAS ZE HELL? his breathe smelled of beer. Wrinkling your nose, you pushed him away. "Dude, personal space." He just looked at you. "Uh, yeah, where did you leave Francis?" Antonio, picked up a set of car keys. Gilbert shrugged,

"At ze bar....or ze park, I don't know." While his attention was diverted, you slipped back into your room and flopped down onto the bed. Gilibird flew out of your hair and landed once again on your shoulder. "I seriously wish you wouldn't stay there. I might crush you in my sleep." The yellow fluff ball pecked at a lock of your hair.

As you lay there, you heard the sounds of Antonio leaving and Gilbert ranting. A few moments later you were half asleep when a heavy weight flopped down next to you.

Shreiking you shot up, causing Gilbird to shoot off your shoulder. Gilbert lay next to you, aparently asleep. "Gilbert." You poked him. "Gilbert!" you poked him harder. Scowling you pinched him. No response. The dude was dead to the world. You shoved him off the bed and dragged him to his room (It was hard to miss. The door had "Awesome Gilbert" written all over it) Scowling you  went back to your room and fell asleep.

~ze AWESOME time skip ~

It was hot. Waaaay to hot. Half asleep, you kicked your legs to get the covers off. Only there weren't any covers. Confused you slowly opened your eyes. A mop of white hair was pressed against you face.
Gilbert, you scowled, extremly pissed.

How the hell did he get back in here? Scowling you tried to edge away. Only you couldn't. Why? Because you were pressed against the wall.

Gritting your teeth you tried to shove him off the bed. He didn't budge. God DAMN IT! you slumped against the wall. It was awfully warm. You froze. It was breathing. Twisting around you came face to face with a sleeping blonde. An extremely sexy, sleeping blonde. His hair curled in luscious waves down the sides of his face, Stubble covered his jaw. Jesus Christ.

WHY did they have to be so HOT?! Wriggling into a sitting position, you called out softly "Antonio" Ofcourse, there was no response. "Antonio!" You hissed louder. An arm snaked its way around your waist.

"Mon cheri, why do you want 'im? The voice made its way closer to your ear. "I'm 'ere." It purred. You shivered and moved closer to Gilbert.
"U-um. Great! But no thank you." Backing up further, you practically sat on the albino's stomache.

Francis (you had put two and two together by now) leaned closer to you. A cat like grin spreading across his features. "MEIN GOTT!!!" A voice barked, scaring the crap out of  both Francis and you.

"FRAU! YOU VEIGH A SHITLOAD!" Spinning around you, glared down at Gilbert. "Excuse me?" You hissed. He made a face. While your attention was diverted, Francis wraped his other arm around your waist and buried his face in your neck.

Shreiking you fell backwards, right off the bed. Causing both men to fall on top of you. "What the hell?!" Antonio stood in the doorway, shock etched across his face.
"Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" You whined from the floor. He helped you up and led you into the kitchen. "I made breakfast, amiga!"

~Another time skip~

It had been 5 months since you had moved in with the trio. You had learned alot about them. Antonio was from Spain, he loved tomatos and was good at dancing.(also cooking)

Gilbert was German( Although he was constantly claiming to be from Prussia.) He was obsessed with himself. But was a really nice guy when he wanted to be.

Francis was French (duh). Although he acted perverted most of the time, He was actualy a pretty decent man. He like cooking and singing in French.

You had gotten used to Antonio hugging you at random intervals, and grabbing you  to dance.
It had become a habit to check your closet for Francis before you changed (He was there every single time) and shove Gilbert out of your bed every morning.
You had also gotten used to having your ass slapped whenever you walked by Francis or Gilbert(You were good at dodging their groping hands)
And it was always funny to watch Elizabeta chase Gilbert around with that frying pan of hers.

How ever there were a few things you had trouble getting used to. Such as Francis walking around naked, and Gilbert's bad habit of walking in on you whilst you were in the shower. (You knew you locked the door, but he some always managed to get in.)  
But, you mused  It kinda was worth it. They treated you like family, admittedly in a slightly pervy way.

"FRAU!!!! VHERE IS GILBIRD!!!!"  You reached up a hand and felt the little puffball, gently peck your finger. "HE'S ON MY HEAD!" You shouted from your sprawled position on your bed. Your laptop chimed, alerting you that someone had sent a message. Rolling onto your stomache, you read the message.

Eliza---Where the hell is that jackass?

It was Elizabeta, she was the only one to call Gil' "That Jackass"

____---I dunno... He's somewhere inside...What did he do?

Eliza---What hasn't he done?

Gilbert jumped ontop of you, " Vaht are you doing Frau?" He smirked reading over your shoulder, "Um Gil? I can't breathe." He ignored you, and started typing.

____---I haven't done you yet. Plus that nerd had it coming. Smacking Gilbert, you started to type furiously.

____---Gil is reading over my shoulder. That was his response.

Eliza---Tell him to take a flying leap off the Statue of Liberty.

_____---Hes cursing you out in german.

Eliza---HA! typical Gilbert.

Your door flew open as Francis pranced in, only wearing a speedo. " 'ow are you cheri?" "Fine Francis! Please put some pants on!" You tried hard not to look lower then his navel "Vere ze hell did you find zhat?!" The Gilbert was trying hard not to laugh.

____---Got to go. Francis is paradeing around in a speedo.

Eliza---Damn girl! They should pay you for what you have to put up with. See you later.

Turning back towards Francis (which was hard to do, seeing as a certain alboino was laying across your back) "Could you maybe put something on? Just cover yourself up or something." He stared for amoment, then smirked, "But ofcourse." Walking over to your closet he rummaged inside and pulled out on of your skirts.

"FRANCIS?! What the hell?" You yelped, slightly ticked off. He struck a model pose. Sadly the skirt kinda looked good on him. Francis laughed then took a flying leap.

"UGH!" "ZHE HELL?" He landed squarely onto of both you and Gilbert. "OhHonHonHon!" You were slowly being crushed by 400+ pounds. "Caaaan't breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethe." You hissed out. The idiots just laughed. You prayed that Antoinio wouldn't--

"Hey Amigos!!!!" Life must enjoy tormenting you. "Why are you guys on  _____'s bed?" "I don't know..." They snort with laughter. "They're cruuuuuuuuuuushing meeeeeeeee." You managed to wheeze out.

"OOOOH! It's a group hug!!" You heard footsteps, then, "VATCH IT!" "Mon deiu!" "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." The last was all of your remaning oxygen flying out of you.  The three were laughing, it was infectious. The laughing session turned into an all out tickle war (alough Francis and Gilbert made sure to grope you a few times)

You lay on your back next to the guys. Maybe you were wrong. It wasn't such a bad idea to come here. Gilbert grabbed your boob, whilst Francis raided your pantie drawer. Antonio howled with laughter. Good thing you'd invited Elizabeta for diner.

-----Extended Ending------

"GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE FRANCIS!" The Frenchman had gone and stolen your panties...Again. Antoino jumped infront of you, his arms were full of tomatoes. "Don't worry about him chica! Have a tomato." You sat down, taking a bite out of the lush red tomato. Antonio and you sat there, watching as the sun slowly set. It was peacful here. "HEY FRAU!" NICE PANTIES!!!!!
My first reader insert!! :I I need feedback guys. If there are any mistakes please let me know so I can fix them.

This is just a silly fluff insert. :I

I found the preview picture on photobucket ^^

Part 2 [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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"...Excuse you? Did you just say I was heavy? Did you just say. I. Was. HEAVY?!?!?!? *starts throttling him* "DON'T. EVER. CALL. ME. HEAVY. OR. FAT. YOU. ALBINO. PRICK!!!!"
*smacks Francis and Gilbert on the head with mini frying pan like a sledgehammer* PERVERTS!!!!! I SHOULD KILL YOU IDIOTS FOR YOUR ACTS!!!!
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