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Bad Idea Part 2
It had to be the hottest day of summer. You were sprawled on your bedroom floor in a yellow tank top and black shorts. The radio crackled on. "And todays forcast. In the high 90's for most of the day, creeping into the 100's by this afternoon."

You groaned. That meant you were going to be stuck in the house all day. At least the A/C worked. Kinda. It had a bad habit of sputtering and giving out only to turn its self back on.

"Why are you on the floor chica?" Twisting your head you smiled up at Antonio, one of the guys you had shared this house with for the past year and a half.

"Lets go out side chica!! It's beautiful out!" You stared at him, "Dude its almost 97 degrees out there."  He grinned "So? We could have a water fight!"  It sounded tempting. Very very tempting. "Will Gil and Francis be playing?"

He shrugged, "I dunno, Gil's writing on his blog and I don't wanna know what Francis is doing."  You grimaced, quite frankly neither did you. "Ok then! Lets go have a water fight!"

The two of you raced out the door. The heat hit you like a truck. Geez it was like standing in a bowl of melted chocolate. That changed as you were blasted from the side by a jet of  icy water. Sputtering you glared at the grinning spaniard.

"I wasn't ready!!" You growled. Antonio chuckled, "You snoze, you lose  _______." He flicked the hose in your direction, showering you with icy water droplets. Running behind a tree, you looked around for ammunition. Antonio had the only hose, you grit your teeth, what could you use?

He laughed, "You can run but you can't hide, Chica!"

"psssssssssst, Frau!" An annoyingly familiar voice hissed behind you. Glancing behind, you glared at Gilbert. "I though you were inside."  The idiots grin became almost predatory. "I owe Antonio for something he screwed up a few weeks ago. And I vant to pay him back vith intrest."

You gave rolled your eyes. Typical Gilbert. "So anyvay Frau I have an AWESOME alvays." He lifted a box full of water guns. "Toni and Francis are working together so ve vill take zem down easily." You highly doubted that, seeing as you were working with Mister Ego.

"So ze plan of attack is easy. You distract Francis and I vill get my revenge." He grinned tossing you a giant water gun. "How the hell am I suppossed to distract him?" You frowned, inspecting the gun. "Um, Hello? Toni soaked your shirt." Looking down you blushed. Even though the shirt was yellow, you could clearly see your black bra.
"Kesesesesesese!" Gilbert smirked, "Zanks for the peak frau."
Before you could smack him, he ran towards the house.

You watched from behind the tree as Gilbert was blasted by the hose. He didn't even have time to grap one of the guns in the box. Toni was laugh his weird laugh.

" 'E will never learn." A familiar voice purred in your ear. Just in time you remembered to dodge his grobing hands. "Awwww   ________, You never let me 'ave fun." Francis pouted childishly.   He raised an appreciative eyebrow at your torso. "Toni got you good."
You rolled your eyes. The branches of the tree shifted in a warm breeze. Sunlight streamed down upon Francis's blonde waves, which were tied into a loose ponytail.
Which gave you an idea. A very very evil idea.

"Um could you wait here Francis? I need to get something!" You chirped in a ditzy voice.
His eyes widened and he smirked. You tried hard not to laugh. You could imagine what he was thinking. Waving you took off.

-----Time Skip----
It had taken you ten minutes to get the basics of your plan together. Three water guns with very special water in them. You were going to have fun. You strapped them into the weird belt Romano (one of Tonis friends) had given you.

Running back outside, you saw that Francis was right were you had left him. Perfect.      Circling around, you snuck up behind him. Lifting up the green plastic toy, you let a stream of water fly.

-----Francis's point of view-----
I waited for ______ to come back. The girl had no idea the kind of effect she had on the three of us. Looking behind the tree I watched as Antonio blasted Gilbert with wave after wave of ice water. Lucky guy. It was way to hot out here. My hair was sticking to the back of my neck.

A jet of ice cold hit the back of my head. Shreiking I spun around. Only to be hit face first by a stream of  green water. Wait. Green?

----Reader's point of veiw---
You laughed as Francis sputtered wiping his face. "Why is ze water green?" He shrieked staring at his hands.  

You gigled," Weeeeeeell I had some hair dye lying around and I didn't want to go to waste sooooooo..." You watched as he slowly processed your words. His eyes widened.

"NON! Ne me dites pas que vous avez teint mes cheveux en vert!" He shrieked grabbing hand fulls of his soaking, now green hair. "Mes beaux cheveux!!" His reaction was comical.

Tossing the now emptied gun to the floor, you ran off to find your next victim.

-----Gilbert's Point of veiw-----

"ZE AWESOME ME VILL PREVAIL" I panted running from Toni. He had the upper hand, that damn hose. ducking around the corner I dove into a bush. _______ was already sitting there. "Did you get Francis?" I whispered. She nodded, her face bright red. I frowned, her shoulders were shaking, almost like she's trying hard not to laugh.

"Vhat's wrong frau?" Slowly she raised a red plastic water gun. "Scheiße!!!" I yelped.

----Reader's point of veiw-----

It almost looked like someone had dumped a bucket of blood on Gil's head. "Zat's not funny frau." Gilbert's voice was a low throaty growl. The opposite reaction from Francis.

You backed away slowly, "Y-yeah well." The look he was giving you was really freaking you out. His red eyes flashed dangerously.

You ran. Maybe you shouldn't have dyed their hair. But you mused it's only temporary dye.
Now for Toni.You had filled the last gun with tomato juice seeing as Toni's hair was pretty dark and you didn't have any black dye.

Running into the back yard you looked around. Francis was gone and Antonio was nowhere in sight. Ok then. You ran around front. Still no Antonio and the bush Gil had been in was vacant. You started to feel nervous. Cold sweat trickled it's way down the back of your neck. Going inside started to feel like a dangerous idea. So did leaving the water gun outside.

You stepped inside and looked around. Even though it was full daylight outside, the house seems dark. "Guys?" You inch across the kitchen floor. "Hello?"
You didn't even know why you were calling out to them. You alredy knew that they were hiding in the shadows, waiting to pounce on you.

The door slammed shut behind you. You spun around, dropping your gun. Gilbert, his hair fire engine red, stood with a water gun pointed in your direction. "Zis is vhat you get ven you mess vith the awesome me." "Oui" another voice came from behind.
Francis, also holding a water gun. His green hair would have been funny if not for the situation you were in. "Uuuuh whats in the guns?" You faked bravado."Molasses." They grinned wolfishly.

Molasses, pretty much the liquid version of liqourice. You were screwed.


You shrieked as the syrupy black liquid hit your hair and face. "GUYS, STO-" You choked on a mouth full. "Not untill ve get our revenge frau!!" Gilbert crowed.

The kitchen floor had become covered in the slippery supstance. How much could those guns hold? Slipping on a large patch you shrieked again as you went down. The twin jets flew over your head.

"VAS ZE H--"   "MON D--!" The Frenchmen and Prussian coughed, molasses dripping down their faces. You laughed, they looked so stupid.

Staring down at you they started to laugh. Francis slipped and landed next to you, howling with mirth. "KESESESESESE!", Gilbert had his head thrown back as silent tears coursed down his cheeks.

----Antonio's point of veiw-----

Gilbert had vanished, most likely hiding. I looked around for the chica. She was the reason I had suggested this fight in the first place. "Hey, _______?" No response. I guess she had gone inside. Turning off the hose. I walked inside.

-----Le tiny time skip----- (stil toni's POV)

A loud shriek woke me. "GUYS, STO-" I heard Gilbert reply "Not until ve get our revenge frau." another shriek. It was ________. Bolting out of bed I ran down the hallway. They better not be donig what i thought they were.

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" I called out skidding to a halt in the kitchen. It was covered in molasses. ______ and Francis sat on the floor while Gil stood over them. They were frozen, staring at me. All three were as dirty as the kitchen.

------Reader's point of veiw-------

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" You all froze. Antonio stood in the kitchen door way. He looked like he didn't know weither to laugh or start yelling. "Um well." You looked around. The kitchen was covered in molasses. Spotting you discarded tomatoe juice gun you grinned.

"Just some summer fun!" You laughed, before spraying Toni. He just stood there, then slowly as if he was fighting it a smile creeped across his face. "Oh no you didn't chica."  Reaching down he picked up a handful of molasses and flung it straight at your face.

It turned into an all out food fight, with Francis using a pot of Toni's salsa, Gilbert a bottel of ketchup, Antonio a jar of pickles and you the tomato juice gun.

------Time skip-----( after the food fight)

The four of you lay in the puddles of ammunition. "Sooooooo." Antoni turned his head to look at you. "I'm guessing you have something to do with Gil and Fracis's hair. Grinning you nodded

"Yup" Francis groaned," You ruined my beatiful hair." Snorting, You stared at him, "I doubt salasa and molasses is any better." The truth is you were all caked in the food stuff.

Gilbert sat up and grinned' "So who has to clean zis up?" Antonio shrugged, "We all made the mess, so all of us should." "OhHonHonHon", The sound of Francis getting a peverted idea- I mean laughing.

He shifted onto his elbow," 'Ow about we flip for it. Who ever loses, cleans up, who ever wins gets to take a shower with _______. Blushing furiously you scopped up some salasa and flung it at his face. "How about, No."

-------Italian Time Skip-----

The mess had been sucessfully cleaned by all of you. (Antonio had been on your side, against Francis's idea.) And everyone was clean.
Lying on your bed you watched random youtube videos and every once in a while checked up on Gil's blog. (Ofcourse you would never tell him that you did that.)

"Hey Chica." You looked towards the door, Antonio had his head peeking in. "Do you want to watch a movie with us?" Smiling you nodded, "Ok, just give me a minute." He nodded and left. Turning back to Gil's blog you reade the latest post.

AWESOME GILBERT- Post 18,705:        
What's up people? Guess What? Me und Mein awesome friends are going to watch a movie. The Frau is totally going to be scared. She'll probably want me to comfort her. I am SOOOOOOOO AWESOME.

Later mein follwers~~~~~~ Gilbert

Snorting you closed your laptop. Please what ever they picked couldn't be that bad. Shaking your head, you walked into the living room. "Vhats up Frau? Ve're going to vatch "Tale of Two Sisters" He grinned. You didn't bother metioning the fact that you had already seen it.

---------------Time skip----------- (after the movie)

"Tale of Two Sisters" happened to be one of your favorite movies, apperently Gilbert, Francis and Antonio had never seen it. Needless to say, they were freaked out. "Come on guys it was just a movie."  

"Zat vas messed up" "Si" "Oui". You scowled, "I get that you're freaked out, but really, did you have to hide in my bed?

The massive huddle under your covers was silent. "Guys, were am I going to sleep?" Again no response. Sighing you tapped your foot.
"Can ve sleep vith you tonight?" Gilberts voice, barely a whisper, reached your ears.

"Fine. BUT! only tonight." "Can you get Gilbird?"....... "FINE!" Exasperated you you stomped into his room, gently picked up the fluff ball and stomped back to your room.

They were lying down side by side with enough room between Antonio and Gilbert for you to lie down. Climbing over Francis you settled into your spot. Gilbird nestled down in your hair.

Just as you started to drift off and single thought crossed your mind, 'God I love these guys'

------Gilbirds point of veiw-----
:D Part two of this [link]

I was freezing cold to day so I decided to write some thing summery

Anyway still silly fluff

If anyone who reads this hasn't seen "Tale of two sisters" I suggest watching it. Its creepy as heel but an awesome thriller.

What Francis is saying

"NON! Ne me dites pas que vous avez teint mes cheveux en vert!" - "NO! Do not tell me you've dyed my hair green!"

Mes beaux cheveux!- My beautiful hair ....according to google

Stay friends ending- coming soon

Gilbert ending- [link]

Antonio ending- [link]

Francis ending- [link]

I'll try to get these endings done soon ^u^

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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