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October 19, 2012
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Escaping the ship.

April 1912

A loud crash woke you. The ship shuddered.

You were ________   _________. A third class passenger of the RMS Titanic.

Sleeply you sat up and looked around.

"What's going on?" You Taiwanese roommate Mei asked.

"I don't know." Throwing your covers off you hopped out of bed.
You peered into the hallway. Many other faces were peeping out off seperate doorways. Spotting a familiar face you ran up to the man.

"Antonio! Do you know whats going on?" The tanned Spanish man shook his head.

"No Amiga." He looked worried, which filled you with dread. Your friend was usually really   carefree.
"Do you think we hit something?" You suddenly blushed. Realizing that you were only   wearing your thin night shift.

The Spaniard shrugged, "I don't know. We couldn't have. Right?" Noticing your worried face   he gave you a shaky grin, "Besides, it's unsinkable right?"

You nodded looking around at the throng of murmuring people.

"WATER! THERE'S  WATER COMING IN ON THE STARBOARD SIDE!!!" A Faint shout came from down the hallway.

"Water?" You whimpered. Antonio reached down and grabbed your hand. "It's okay. I'm sure it's nothing."

--------Twenty minutes later------

Antonio pulled you along the twisting hallways in the ships belly. Water was quickly filling the halls, already the water was nearly at your knees.

His brown jacket was wrapped around your shoulders.

"Wheres the stairs?!" He looked around wildly. You shivered, the water was freezing. Pulling you along, corridor after corridor.

You tripped landing sputtering into the water. He looked back. "Come on." Scopping you up bridal style  he continued running.

Splashing through the water. You felt his arms shake as he ran. His face was one of    desperation and determination. "I'm going to get you out of here."

Voices up ahead.

"PLEASE! Let us in!!! There are still women  and children down here!"

"We can't, you'd just cause more panic."


"Antonio!" An amber eyed male walked up, "They won't-a let us-a through!" His accent was Italian.

"We'll find away Lovi." Antonio's arms tightened around you.

-------Vash's point of View-------

Upper Deck Starboard side.
I pulled Lili along behind me. I had to get her to a boat.

"Women and Children only!" A blonde man with thick eyes brows yelled. "Stand back! Women and Children only!"

A rich looking woman passed us. "PLEASE MISS!" I cried out.
She turned around startled, "PLEASE! Take my sister!" I shoved Lili forward.

The woman stared down at Lili.

"This boat is going to be cut free!" The British man yelled
"PLEASE!" My voice was harsh from the cold night air.

The woman nodded, "She'll be safe with me." Scooping up Lili she ran to the boat.
I watched as she got on, taking my precious little sister with her.
"VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! NOOOOOOO! VAAAAAASH!" Lili was crying. reaching out for me.

I turned away, tears streaming down my cheeks.

--------Reader's point of View------

You stood next to Toni as he slammed his shoulder onto the iron gate. The right corner gave way.

SLAM! It widened.

SLAM! A little wider.

"Here." Antonio grabbed you around the waist and held you up to the opening, "Go."

"What about yo-"

Slipping through you fell to the floor.
He had turned around, grabbing another woman around the waist.

"Antonio, What about you?" You grabbed the iron bars as he helped her through.

"I'll be fine. Just GO!"
His shoulder was bleeding where he had rammed it against the iron.


"NO! _______ JUST GO!" He looked through the bars. "Go up to first class and find a man named Francis, He'll make sure you get to safety. Just tell him you knew me."

Knew him? Why did he say it in the past tense?

"But-" "GO!"

Tears streamed down your cheeks as you watched him lift a little girl through.

"I don't want to leave you." The water was past your knees now.

"I know." He smiled, "We'll meet up again." The smile didn't reach his emerald eyes.

Nodding you ran.

-------Antonio's point of veiw--------

I watched as _____ ran, her white night shift trailing in the freezing water.

"Boss!" Lovino panted, "We found a bench to use!"

Nodding I grabbed an end


-------Belarus's point of view-------

I clung onto big brothers hand.

Big people ran all around.

Yelling, crying.

I shook. So scary.

Big brother scooped me up. Yekaterina pushed him forward.

"Ve hafe to ket upstairs." She panted.

Big brother didn't move. "Ve von't ket to se boats in time." He looked down at me. "Even if ve did, I von't be able to come."

Big sisters bottom lip trembled.
I frowned, big sister shouldn't cry.

"I don't vant us to be seperated." He continued

Tears slipped down big sisters face. "Okay." she whispered
Taking her hand, big brother led us back into the tiny room on the rocking house.

Setting me down on the bed he lay next to me, big sister lie down on the other side.  

The gentle swish of water came from around us.

Big sister began to sing gently.
I smiled and snuggled deeper into big brothers arms.

--------Your point of veiw------

Your breath was ragged as you climbed up the stairs in to second class. No water here.


A wardrobe blocked the top of the stairs.

You tried shoving it to no avail.
"HELP!" You shouted, pounding your fists against the door. "Someone! Please!"
A loud grunt, the wardrobe was slowly shoved out of the way. An extremely pale man stood in front of you, a little blonde boy clung to his leg.

His eyes widened, "Zat's Antonio's Jacket."

You flinched at the name of your friend. "Do you know him?"

His white hair shone in the light as he nodded. "He's my friend. Is he on ze ship?"
You nodded, you lips trembling.

"Are you his frau? Vhere is he?" He grinned despite the panic that swarmed around you.

"No. I last saw him in the lower deck." More tears dripped down your cheeks.

The albino's face fell. "He vas a good man."

Above you the lights flickered then gave out. The little boy grabbed his arm.

Water lapped at your feet.

"Listen, I know ve just meet. But you're a friend of Toni's so I know I can trust you." He shoved the boy  towards you. "He's my little brother, I von't be able to go vith him."

His red eyes searched yours, desperately.

Nodding slowly, you reached out for him. He struggled, reaching out for his brother. "NEIN!!! BRUDER!!" His wails mixed with the shouting.

The albino grabbed his shoulders," I have to help ze others. Don't vorry. Ve'll meet up again."

His words, exactly the same as Antonio's. Your heart throbed.

Turning around, he pointed "If you go up zose steps you should enter first class. Look for a man vith blonde hair und blue eyes."

Gritting your teeth you nodded, "ok."
He gave you a pained smile "Danke." looking back at Ludwig he patted his head,                                 

"Ich leibe dich, Luddy."

Turning around you raced up the stairs. The little boy crying in your arms.
His voice called from behind you, "I'm Gilbert by ze vay!"

-------Alfred's point of veiw--------

Matthew and I ran through the halls of the big ship. As a ten year old I was much shorter than everyone else.

"Where are we going?" Matthew was dragging his feet.

Water sloshed around our feet. "We have to get to a boat." I panted, looking down at him.

"What's wrong with this one?" He blinked up at me.
"This one has a leak." I lifted him onto a floating desk, then climbed up next to him.

"Can't they fix it?" Sliding over the edge, I reached out for him. The water had crept up to my waist, I'd have to carry him.

"I don't think so." He clung to my neck.

The water was freezing and rising fast.

"Are we gunna die?"

"I don't know."

Suit cases and clothing drifted  past us. My legs  started to go numb.

Stumbling I tightened my grip, trying to keep hold of Mattie. He was growing heavier by the minute. Something in the water made me stumble again.

Before I could fall face first into the water a pair of strong arms grabbed me.

"Vatch out kid. You don't vant to drop your bruder."

Looking up I nodded wordlessly at the strange man. His hair was white, but he wasn't old.

"T-thanks" Mattie started to cry. "You kids get up to ze top deck." He lept up a stair case and set us down in the first class area. His red eyes were serious. "Go on, find a boat."

I ran through the throngs of people.

"Women and children first!" A man stood on the deck yelling.

"ARTHUR!!!" I yelled rushing forward.

He spun around, "Thank God!"

Giving us a quick hug, he shoved us into the boat. "Listen Al, you need to take care of Matt for me, okay?"

"Aren't you coming?" I stood up, only to be shoved back down by him.

"I can't." His back was to us. "Women and children First!!!"

-------You point of veiw-----

Ludwig clung to you, his sobbing breath, tickling your ear. You had made it to first class.

You pushed through the throngs of well-dressed people.

Look for Francis. You  spun in a tight circle.

There was a man with blonde hair. You tapped his shoulder, He spun around a gave you a disgusted look. His eyes were brown.

Pushing through the crowd you realized it would take to long to search for him.
Laughter exploded to your right, startling you.Men sat around a table, Smoking and Playing cards. A waiter was pouring drinks.

Didn't they know what was going on?

You barely noticed the looks of pity and disgust on the faces around you. Cradling Ludwig, you hurried through the crowd.
A bell-hop stepped in front of you, "This is First class miss. Please go back around. We can't let you enter the lounge."

"But the ship is flooding!" You tightened your hold on the little boy, a note of panic making your voice crack.

"Please go around miss. We can't have you disturbing the First-class guest."

"But-" "Please, don't make me ask you again."

He motioned for you to turn around.

" 'Ow dare you talk to my wife zat way." A arm slipped around your shoulder. The scent of roses enveloped you.

The bell-hop raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I'm sorry sir, I though-"

"Zhen you zought wrong."

Looking up your eyes widened, A man with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Francis?

Blushing the bell-hop nodded and left.

Wrapping his heavy fur coat around you shoulders he lead you through the lounge. "I recognized Antonio's coat." He whispered in your ear "Where is 'e?"

"I don't know." You felt tears start to slip down your face again. His arm tightened around your shoulders. " 'E will be fine. Antonio is one of ze strongest men I know."

Ludwig had stopped crying, his face buried in your neck. You stumbled in a half daze, following Francis's lead.

------On the deck-------

Francis pushed you towards a boat shouting, "First Class Wife and Child!"

"We can't fit any more." The Sailor motioned down the deck, "There might be more boats on the other side."

Growling Francis grabbed your arm, "Can't fit any more my derrière." He suddenly stopped and turned towards you. "You don't mind if I just carry you?" Shaking your head you shivered.

Cold wind whipped your (hair color) hair around.
Francis picked you up bridal style, hurrying through the crowd. You were surprised someone as slender looking as him could lift you and Ludwig.

"Women and Children! This boat is going to be cut free!!"

A English sailor shouted, standing in front of a boat.

"WAIT!" Francis voice split through the din of the crowd.

He ran up to the man. "Is there enough room for her?"

Nodding he motioned for you to climb in. You sat down next to two crying boys.

"What about you?" You looked up at Francis.

He grinned, "I've got to find my friends. I'll see you soon." He winked and turned around.

-----Tino's point of view-----

"I'ts no use Berwald." I clutched his hand tightly, "They aren't letting men onto the boats." His serious blue eyes refused to meet mine. "Why don't we just go back? That way we can di-"

"NO." His tone of voice scared me. Berwald was usually so quite.

"You will live." He grabbed a ladies hat that had fallen. Placing it on my head he wrapped a blanket around my shoulders.

"Take Peter an' go."

I shook my head, "I'm not leaving you Ber." Tears slipped down my cheeks. He stared, his eyes half hidden by his glasses.

"Peter shouldn't have to die." Beside me Peter whimpered.

"Bu-" My breath left me in a surprised gasp as he picked me up with one arm and Peter with the other.

"Women and Children. This boat is going to be cut free!"

"WAIT!" A blonde man rushed past, a woman and child in his arms.

"See." Berwald followed him. "He's making sure his wife is ok." My breath was shaky. "I don't want to leave you."

He nodded, "I know."

Setting me down he helped Peter into the boat.

"Women and children only." The English man looked at me. He could tell I was no lady."Please let him on." Berwald looked pained. I clutched his hand.

His giant eyebrows furrowing he shook his head. "If there was more room I'd say yes."

Peter started crying.

-----You point of view------
The little boy who had just got in started crying.

Two men stood on deck, panicked looks on their faces. There was no more room on this boat. They would have to leave the child behind you realized.

"Please!" Looking up you saw the smaller of the men looking down at you. "Please take care of him." His voice was choked.

Nodding you called up, "I will." You wrapped the thick coat around the crying boys shoulders.

"Thank you." Tears fell from the mans eyes, hitting your face.

"I'm cutting it away now. Please step back."

-----Francis point of view-----

I stood on the stern of this beautiful ship as it tipped. Men and a few women and children who had not been able to get a life boat, stood in groups. Many were praying, although most were crying.

"Francis!" I spun around a grinned, Gilbert was walking towards me.

" 'Ello Gilbert. Wheres Ludwig?" The little boy was nowhere in sight.

"He's safe. I got him off ze ship." Nodding I leaned back, to avoid falling down to the rising water. " 'Ave you seen Antonio?"

He shook his head. "Probably still trying to help people."

"I saved all I could Amigo." We both spun around. Antonio stood behind us grinning. He was bleeding badly from a shoulder wound.

"Do you guys know if a girl wearing my jacket got away?"

I nodded, "I escorted her through the first class and onto a ship."

Gilbert grinned, "I got her through second class and gave her Luddy."

Leaning against the deck rail, Antonio looked down.

"The water is really cold."


"I don't exactly want to go down with the ship."

"Neizer do I."

"Ja, me neizer."


"You guys are the best friends a man could have." He grinned climbing over the rail.
I grinned back, and followed. "Oui." Gilbert nodded, climbing over
We all stood for a moment. watching the life boats out in the water.

"On the count of three?"



"Uno" "Deux" "Drei."
Another BTTxReader
I suggest listening to this while reading it [link]

part two [link]

This was inspired by this wonderful doujinshi [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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