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March 11, 2013
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Oneshot Drabble

The doorbell rang, you scowled, slamming your book shut. Who had come to bother you at the ungodly hour of 2:56? You knew who it would be, which made your temper flare even more.

Opening the door, you scowled. Three men stood on your porch, faces bright red. You gave them your best poker face, while inside you felt ready to tear their heads off.
Every single month, at least twice a week these clowns showed up.  Naked. Well, nearly naked, they had blankets wrapped around their waists.


They nodded, glancing behind then as if they expected to see a crowd gawking at them. You moved aside, letting the trio shuffle in. After looking outside, you smirked. The two Italian brothers across the street were standing by their front window, faces red and mouths agape.
You waved and shot them a wink. Both turned an even darker shade of red and quickly closed the curtains. Turning back to the trio, your smile dropped.

They had made themselves comfortable on your couch. You crossed your arms, sitting across from them.

"What happened this time?"

Gilbert cleared his throat, looking extremely nervous. Francis stared at his hands, while Antonio looked at the floor. You waited, arms crossed. After a few awkward moments, the albino spoke up.

"Um....Ve vere playing strip poker und Vest kicked us out."


The others nodded. You scowled, then shook your head. They cringed.

"This is the second time you've used that excuse."

They all paled and Antonio bit his lip. you watched as the Spanish man wrapped his arms around his torso. Francis and Gilbert stared at him, then at you, twin looks of uncertainty on their faces. You meanwhile were aghast, The Spaniard was usually so happy and now he looked so sad and afraid.

"Okay  ______. Ve lied." Gilbert looked uncomfortable, while Francis looked slightly ashamed. You raised an eyebrow, waiting for the explanation.

"You know how ve come here half naked almost tvice a veek?"

You nodded and Gilbert looked resigned. However, before he could continue, Antonio burst into tears. You stared as the Spanish man sobbed, crying into his hands. Francis rubbed the others man back consolingly. Gilbert sighed and pointed to himself and the others.

"Ve didn't vant you to know vat really happened."

"Which is?"
He muttered his answer, which caused Antonio to break into a fresh wave of sobs. Francis sighed and looked at you, knowing you wanted a clear explanation.

"What Gilbert is trying to say, is we are strippers."
You coughed in surprise, not sure if you should laugh or stare at them in shock. You did both, which made you cough even more. Antonio began crying even louder, rubbing his streaming eyes with his hands.

"Okay.... I don't get why you guys lied about it, or why you're all half naked."

"Ve're half naked because a bunch of fans chased us before ve could get our clozing."  Gilbert blushed, Francis nodded.

"I w-was afraid you w-would th-think less of u-us." Antonio hiccuped, his cheeks wet with tears. The other two nodded, looking at the ground.

"Why would I think less of you guys just because of your job?"

They looked surprised, eyes going wide. Looking at each other, then at you. You crossed your arms and tried not to roll your eyes. Francis frowned, shooting you a questioning look.

"But you're so cold to us most of ze time. We zought zat zis would make you 'ate us more."

You sighed and shook your head, a blush spreading across your cheeks.

"I don't hate you. You guys just make me nervous. You're all really attractive and flirtatious." Your blush grew deeper as you stared at your feet.

You instantly regretted the attractive part. Three unique laughs sounded across the room. You looked up, face red.

"Well zen   _____. Would you like to see our performance?"

All three of them were fiddling with the edges of their blankets, wiggling their eyebrows suggestively.

Crap. Well, it was a good thing you kept pepper spray on the coffee table. It would only take you two seconds to lunge for it, a second to uncap it, and three seconds to spray each one.

Either that, or you could sit back an enjoy the show.
xD Inspired by my webcam.

I own nothing but the plot
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I only want to see Spain and Prussia. I'd kick France out if he even tried. Either way I would sit back and watch with blood pooling out of my nose.
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Wait guys. *calls up japan* yup. How much yen was it again? Alright sweet. *hangs up and gets camera* alright, get the show on the road guys!
G: who vas zhat?
Me: just japan. We made a bet. I just earned ¥200!
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