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March 31, 2013
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Of Course I have a Boyfriend


Sometimes it was hard having three males as your roommates. It was hard seeing them leave on dates with different women, sometime men. You hated it when they came back, laughing.
And you really hated it when they teased you about your lack of a serious relation ship.

Not tonight. Tonight, you were going to prove them wrong. Or at least pretend to.

You put the finishing touches on your makeup, a splash of bright red for your lips. Smoky gray eyeliner rimmed your eyes. Your hair was styled in a way that best complimented your features. A deep crimson dress with fishnet stockings clad your body like a sort of armor.

When you entered the living room, you tried not to smirk. All three of them were staring, eyes wide. Gilbert didn't notice that he was dripping beer down his front, Antonio was oblivious to the fact that the tomato he had been cutting was reduced to a pulp and Francis was gaping, his wine glasses barely held in his limp grip, wine spilling onto the carpet.

Gilbert cleared his throat, wiping the corner of his mouth. Beer still dribbled from the bottle, sliding down his shirt and forming a puddle on the lap of his pants.

"Vhy are you all dressed up?"

"I have a date." You chirped, flashing him a phony smile. A faint dusting of pink crossed his cheeks.

"Good for you chica!!" Antonio sped over, pulling you into a tight hug. You hugged him back, then pulled away to slip on the heels that went with your dress. Grabbing your purse, you slipped on your coat.

"Will we get to meet zis lucky man?" Francis asked, adjusting his grip on the wine glass.

"Maybe. Maybe not." You shrugged, then smirked.

"Is he going to pick you up?" Gilbert glanced out the window as if expecting to see someone pull up the driveway.

"Nope, we're meeting at the Pub."

You wave and head out the door before they could ask any more questions. You head down the street towards the pub. Once there, you looked about. Good, they hadn't followed you. You wave to Allistor, the bartender and walk straight past the pubs open doors. Down the street and two turns later, you found yourself in front of the small homely cafe.

Entering, you nodded to Elizabeta. She smiled and brought over a coffee.

"You're really going to go through with this?"

You nod, taking a sip of the coffee.

And there you sat, for two hours. Because you had lied to them. You didn't have a date, who the hell in their right mind would go out with you? This little "Date" was a lie, but you didn't care. Maybe now they would stop teasing you.

You stared down at the coffee, trying to ignore the feeling of tears pricking the corners of your eyes.

------Prussia P.O.V.-------

Something was wrong.   ______'s smile had been fake, forced. Standing up, I hurried to my room to change. (I had pulled the totally unawesome move of spilling beer onto my lap.)

After changing I came out to see that Francis and Antonio had also changed. (Antonio probably because he had gotten tomato pulp smeared across his shirt and Francis because he liked changing his outfits more than once a day.)

"You guys agree zat somezings up?"

Francis nodded, his normally happy expression on of stone like seriousness. Antonio bit his lower lip.

"What if some guy threatened the chica into dating him?"

I rolled my eyes. Honestly, Antonio needed to rein in his over reactive imagination.

"I doubt zat."

We where out the door and halfway to the pub. Francis whistled aimlessly and Antonio bit his lip, fiddling with the bottom of his shirt.

Before I could enter the pub, a redhead steps in the way. Glaring at him, I sigh.

"Ve're here for _____. Allistor."

"Nea yer not. Las' time ye' came here, ye' nearly burned me pub down."

"Yeah, but." He held up a hand, lips pursed.

"The lassie walked right past the bar, tha' way." He pointed and we all looked that way. If I wasn't mistaken, that was the way towards a small cafe. Owned by Roderich and Elizabeta.

Why was she there?

We hurried that way, our shoes clicking on the pavement. Ahead of me Francis stopped suddenly. Then Antoino, who muttered something in Spanish. I frowned and glanced around them. My frown turned to a look of astonishment.

There was  _____. Sitting all alone at a cafe table. She was hunched over an empty coffee mug, tapping a fingernail against the side.

"But." Antonio stopped, looking at us.  "Where is the guy? Did he dump her? Is that why she's crying?"

I blinked, then squinted.  _______ was indeed crying, silently. A thin, dark line of mascara dribbled down her cheek. A shaky hand came up, wiping the offending line away.

"Eizer 'e didn't show. Or zis whole date was a lie." Francis mused, hands in his pockets.
I noticed the waitress placing a check on the table.   ____ payed and stood.

"Shit!" I hissed, grabbing Francis and Antonio and back paddling as fast as I could.

----Reader's P.O.V.---------

You stepped out of the cafe, waving goodbye to Elizabeta. Shivering slightly from the cold, you began the lonely walk home. Or tried to walk home.
You had only taken three steps when you heard a familiar voice.

"Oh, hey  _____. Fancy seeing you there!" You looked up and scowled. Gilbert stood next to Antonio and Francis. All three looked guilty.

"Vhere's your date?"

"Um He ah. He's in the bathroom!!" You flashed a fake smile, then cursed yourself. They could see your smudged makeup and watery eyes.

"You aren't really going out with someone. Are you chica?" Anotnio looked worried, twisting the hem of his shirt. Gilbert and Francis were silent, just watching you.

"Ah ha ha ha. Of course I have a boyfriend!!" You laughed nervously, tugging on a lock of your hair. Francis dug in his pocket, then held out a silk handkerchief. You took it and dabbed your eyes. Mascara and tears smeared the light blue fabric.

A warm arms slid around your waist and you found your face pressed against Antonio's chest. You closed your eyes and let the tears fall. You felt another pair of arms wrap around your waist.

The scent of roses enveloped you. Francis.

"GUYS!!!! I vanna hug   ______!!!"

You smiled and let out a small giggle. Typical Gilbert. Pulling away from Antonio and Francis, you skipped over and hugged him. Gilbert laughed and buried his face in the crook of your neck.

"You know what  _____?"


"Tonight, we'll make you feel like a princess!"

"What?!" You narrowed your eyes. Knowing Gilbert, that could mean more then one thing.
Francis sidled up to you, slipping an arm around your waist and pulling a rose out of nowhere.

"Name any restaurant, we will take you zere."

"Si!! And after that, to a club!" Antonio chimed in, Gilbert smirked.

"And zhen to my bed."

Both of his friends glared until he raised his hands in apology. Then they all looked at you, waiting for your answer.

You rubbed your eyes with the heel of your hands.  "Can we go home? Cook something and then watch a movie?"

They nod, grinning. You hooked one arm through Francis's and the other through Antonio's. Gilbert pouted, then grinned.

"Since zey get to valk you home, you get to sit vis me during the movie."

"Deal!" You grinned, feeling your heart warm when they grinned back. These men where your best friends, what had made you think you needed to prove yourself to them?
Why is it always me?-SpainxReader- [link]

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Of Course I have a Boyfriend!!- BTTxReader- Here

I one nothing but the plot.
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elephantgirl202 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
"And zhen to my bed."

me: XD HAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH GOD! HALP! I'M DYING!!!! *falls on floor* BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *tears are streaming from my eyes* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Spain: *walks in* Chica, are you okay?!
me: *gasps for air* Ja, ja. I'm fine. *giggles*
Prussia: *walks in* Vhy are jou on ze floor, frau?
me: *giggles* Jeg lo.
Spain: What?
me: I said 'I was laughing'
France: *is behind Prussia* Zen why were you laughing, mon ami?
me: Noget jeg læser
Spain: Again, what?
me: 'Something I read' Geez, dude. Someone really needs to teach you Danish.
Spain: Hey!
me: Det er mit første sprog
Prussia: She said 'It is my first language'
me: Ja. Tak, Prussia.
Prussia: Bitte, mädchen.
me: Das ist eine Frau, Sie.
Prussia: Sorru.
Spain: I'm not even gonna ask.
France: Me either.
Ja. Tak, Prussia. - Yeah. Thanks, Prussia (Danish)
Bitte, mädchen. - You're welcome, girl. (German)
Das ist eine Frau, Sie. - Thats woman to you. (German)
Sorru. - Sorry. (German)
Awesome story~ So amazing! It is beautiful~ And of course Prussia wants Reader-chan to sit on his lap during the movie~
ILikeCupcakez123 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
*On the Way Home*
France: W- What?! What about it?
Me: *reaches up and messes it up* That. c:
arts4lyfe Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
arts4lyfe Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I Love this its So Seet
breezyblossom Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Who the hell needs a boyfriend when you have three sexy guys as your roomates? cx
elephantgirl202 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
High five me, dammit!!!! *holds hand up for high five*
breezyblossom Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
xD *high fives*
elephantgirl202 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Pinkett1314 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was all smiles until I read "And zen to my bed" I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing 
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