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April 20, 2013
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Fast Forward: Part two


Moments after you had agreed to help, you found yourself being escorted to a large black vehicle. Matthew grabbed you about the waist, lifting you in. You blushed and watched as he and the others clambered in.

"Buckle up." He pointed to the seats lining to interior of the vehicle. You sat down in one and pulled the seat belt on. It was on of those kinds that buckled in an X across the chest. The other four also sat in the back, strapping themselves in.

Matthew entered the cockpit, sliding the door shut behind him.

Silence fell in the cabin. you stared at your hands, trying to ignore the fact that the other men were staring at you.

"So um.... What else have the Vargas brothers done?"

They all flinched when you spoke, then relaxed. Geez, it was like talking to skittish cats.

"Vell, zere's me." The albino spoke up, grinning cockily. You stared at him, waiting for him to elaborate. His smile faltered, then vanished. The others looked away, as if they had heard this story before and not looking at him helped make it seem less real.

"I am a Clone."

You frowned, Cloning had become possible?, That was a chilling discovery.

"Of who?"

He sighed and licked his lips. "Technically just DNA. That's all they had left of the original Beilschmidt."

"Just DNA?" You shuddered, that would mean a body part was probably in some lab, preserved in a jar of liquid. And to make clones of it,  that was just disgusting. Not to mention risky and all sorts of creepy.

"So why aren't you in a lab?"

He rolled his eyes and pointed to his hair and eyes.

"Hello! I'm an Albino!"

You blinked and shrugged. He sighed, obviously not really wanting to tell the whole story.

"My DNA somehow became scrambled in the test tube. I came out as an albino." He paused.

"Zey vould have kept me if I had been as mindless as the other Beilschmidts."

Shrugging the Albino looked down at his hands. "I vasn't. I questioned everyzing zey told us, I even gave myself a name, which was against code."

He licked his lips grinning, "I vas everzing zey vere trying to crush out of us. The imperfect super solider."

Wait, super solider?

"Why are they growing soldiers?"

"To take over ze galaxy."

Before you could ask what he meant, the vehicle lurched. You grabbed your seat buckle, holding on with an iron grip as you began to move. There weren't any windows, but you knew that instead of rolling along the ground, you would instead be zipping through the sky.

"So, uh. Who was the first Beilschmidt?" You watched the others as they shared looks and then sighed.

"Vhy don't you vait until ve get back to headquarters. Zat vay Mattie can explain everyzing." Grinning, the albino leaned back in his seat, eyes half closed. you blushed, feeling silly. Of course you wouldn't be told everything here. How cliche, just like an action movie.

"What are your guys names?"

"Gilbert Beilschmidt." The albino grinned, throwing you a sassy wink.

"Francis Bonnefoy." The long haired blonde tucked a lock of his hair behind his ear.

"Berwald Oxenstierna." The tallest man muttered.

You nodded, At least they had names that were easy to remember. Kinda.

"If there are clones, are there androids?"

Berwald nodded, pushing his glasses further up his nose. "Th'y're m'stly used as sl'ves."

"Are there some helping the revolution?"

He smiled gently and nodded, pointing to himself. Your eyebrows shot up. Of course, you should have expected it. The silent, tall, emotionless man with the thick accent was an android.

"So... What are you?" You pointed to the blue eyed blonde who was admiring his reflection in a mirror. Before he could speak both Berwald and Gilbert spoke up.

"Francis is an over sexed flirt."

"I am not!!!" He gasped, throwing the small mirror at the albino's head. Gilbert ducked, catching the small trinket.

"You're just jealous zat zey women practically fall at my feet."

"As if!!"

You let out a small giggle, rolling your eyes. "Are they always like this?"
Berwald nodded, smiling. His glasses slid down his nose and before he could catch them, they slid off his nose. Like a frog's tongue, Francis lashed out with his arm and caught them inches before they hit the ground. You blinked, he had moved so fast that you didn't even see him move until he was slightly crouched, holding the glasses gingerly.

"So, you're not human. Right?"

Francis nodded and grinned sheepishly. "I'm a 'ybrid."

Gilbert snorted, shaking his head, "Anozer disgusting zing ze Vargas's are doing. Mixing Human and animal DNA."

Francis shrugged, handing Berwald his glasses. "Oui, but it 'as some advantages. I'm a 'uman-Cheetah mix."

"Yeah, but once again somezing vent wrong. Instead of running fast and ripping people's zroats out, Francis has inhuman speed no matter vat he does."

Francis snorted and smirked, "Got zat right."

Berwlad rubbed his eyes, as if trying to get rid of a headache. You blushed and looked down at your hands.

You gauged the entire trip to be about two hours. After your interesting conversation, everyone sat in silence the rest of the way. You couldn't sit still however, questions burned in your mind, waiting to be spoken.

After the vehicle docked, Matthew entered the cabin and walked over to you. He smiled apologetically. "Um. I need to blindfold you. It's just a precaution."

You nodded.

After being blindfolded, you were escorted throw what felt like a maze of tunnels. After the first twenty turns you lost track of the way back.

"Alright." The blindfold was slipped off and Matthew motioned to a large, squishy black chair. You sat down , watching as he sat across from you.

"So you already know about the Androids, Clones and Human-animal Hybrids."

You nodded. He flashed you a tiny, tired smile, then sighed. He was young, but carried an air of someone who had seen enough of the world to last a life time.

"You want to know how the Vargas's rose to power?"

You nodded again, pulling your legs up to your chest. Matthew leaned back and sighed.

"About one hundred ten years ago, A man named Romulus Vargas came to posses great power. At first he attempted to help civilization progress."

Matthew paused, then sighed, continuing his tale.

"It wasn't enough. He became power hungry." Gilbert sauntered in, flopping into one of the other chairs.

"Zats vere Alaric Beilschmidt comes in."

Matthew nodded, "He was a friend of Romulus's. Together they managed to wipe out all those who opposed Romulus's ideas."

You shivered, what kind of man was Alaric?

Matthew noticed your shiver, smiling wryly he glanced at Gilbert.  "A few rouge partisans managed to trap him and then they blew him up. Well, almost every part of him was destroyed."

"Only his ear vas left."

You stared at Gilbert. "His ear."

The albino nodded, grinning. "Kind of unbelievable and totally awesome!"

"You were made from an ear."

His grin vanished. "Ven you put it zat vay it takes all ze awesome avay."

Matthew snorted and rolled his eyes, "It's lame no matter how you look at it Gil."

He turned back to you. "Any way. Romulus obviously grew old and passed on his business to his, who later passed it onto his twin sons. The Vargas brothers."

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small, flat metal device. Twisting the top, he pressed a button on the side. A flickering image of two men appeared above it.

One was rather angry looking, his dark hair combed to the side and a strange curl bobbing in front of his forehead. The man standing next to him looked brain dead. There was no other way to describe him. His hair was a lighter shade of brown, and he had a curl on the left side of his head. Eyes closed and mouth slightly open, he almost looked like a fish.

"Those to are the bad guys." You stated flatly. Matthew nodded and smiled. "They don't look like much, but are not people to underestimate."

"So why do you need me?"

Matthew paused, glancing at Gilbert, then back at you.

"Because you're the one in the prophecy."
Cliffhanger xD Yup.

Part one- [link]

Part two- Here

Part three- Coming soon

I own nothing but the plot
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