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April 19, 2013
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Fast forward: Part one


You glared at the text book in front of you, rubbing your tired eyes. Why was learning history so hard sometimes? It was like the authors wanted you to die of boredom before you got past the first chapter. And of course, the subject you had picked was the worst of any type of history.

Revolutions. Sure they were necessary in some ways, but seriously, there was only so much one person could read before they found themselves drooling on the book, fast asleep.

You rubbed your eyes again as the words blurred on the page. Glancing at your watch you cursed. Five minutes until the public library closed. Getting up, you stretched and sighed. Putting the books back, you walked past the head librarian and outside.

A cold wind whipped through the air, messing your hair and making your shiver. Why was is so windy on a spring day? You blinked and stopped in your tracks, turning in a slow circle.

There was no one on the streets. You were utterly and completely alone.

It was only 5:06 in the afternoon. There should have been people walking into restaurants and cars whizzing past, heading for home. You blinked again and let out a tiny shaky whimper.

The birds were gone. No clusters perched on the telephone wires or wheeling through the sky.

It was like you were the last living thing on the planet.

A ragged piece of paper spun past you legs, carried by the strong breeze. You glanced at it as it went past and paled. It was a sheet from a newspaper and as you watched, the date and text disappeared, as if time was reversing.

A black clad hand slapped over mouth, while its twin, wrapped around your waist. You let out a strangled cry, which was muffled successfully by the had across your mouth.

"Don't struggle. It'll only make zis vorse for you." A deep voice whispered in your ear, making you shiver.

German accent? Austrian? You couldn't tell and couldn't ask. All you knew is you didn't want to go where every this man had in mind.

You began struggling even harder. He sighed, tightening his grip.

"I didn't vant to do zis."

You felt a small sting on the back of your neck. Feeling left your limbs and suddenly it was very hard to keep your eyes open. The world blurred, then went black.

"Hey. Are you alright? Wake up." A soft male voice whispered. You groaned, trying to ignore it and the gentle hand that was shaking your shoulder.

"We really need you to wake up Ms.______."

Ms._____? No one had ever addressed you like that. You only ever went by your first name.
Blinking rapidly you sat up and stared at the owner of the voice. He was around your age, maybe a little older. His soft, wavy golden hair framed his oval face. Glasses half hid his gentle, violet eyes.

You blushed and backed up.

"W-Who are you? Where am I?" A hint of hysteria crept into your voice.

He raised a hand, trying to get you to calm down. "It's alright, we aren't going to hurt you. We just need your help." He paused then smiled, "I'm Mattew Williams."

"My help?" You watched as he nodded, then motioned behind him. Two other men stood side by side. A tall, intimidating blonde with glasses and a shorter white haired man with strange crimson eyes. Another man walked into the small room, his long blonde hair pulled back into a lazy ponytail.

All of them were wearing black combat gear.

"How would I help?" You cringed, dreading the answer.

"With the Revolution." Matthew gave you a tiny smile.

You gave him a blank look, then scowled. "Seriously? Is this some sort of prank?"
They all shook their heads, faces solemn. You felt a twist of fear shoot through your heart.

"What year is it?"

This question seemed to surprise them, although by their reactions, you could tell they had expected this question in a way.

"Just like the prophecy." The white haired man muttered.

"Um, you probably won't believe this but uh..... It's 2456."

2456. That was 443 years in the future.

"Are you saying that You have some how managed to transport me 443 years into the future?"
Matthew nodded.

"I'm already DEAD!"

"Um... If you manage to go back to your proper time, then yeah."

You glared at the group.

"And why are you starting a revolution?"

Matthew glanced at the others. They nodded, faces emotionless. He reached around you and pressed something on the wall behind you. A beep sounded around the room and then the wall slid aside. You gaped at the sight that met your eyes.

It was a giant city, car like vehicles swooping through the sky, looping around buildings that seemed to go on forever. A few people walked on the streets, on every corner were bulky armored guards that seemed more robotic then human. You looked up as far as you could and paled.

"What's wrong with the sky?"

It was grey and metallic, writhing like billions of bugs were flying around it, covering the normal blue of the sky.

Matthew let out a dry chuckle that was void of humor. "The last time the sky was actually seen was over one hundred years ago."

The white haired man nodded, stepping forward to glare at the scene before you.

"Zose are cælum oculos scriptor." Noticing your confused expression he smiled, "It supposed to be Latin for Heaven's eyes."

Matthew nodded and sighed. "We can't go out with those around, there's one for every civilian and millions for taking care of anyone who might want to revolt."

"Taking care?"

They all nodded and you could tell what it meant by the mix of fury and sadness on their faces. You turned back and watched the scene outside. A woman walked past your window, not seeming to notice the five people staring out at her. Two armored guards tramped down the street, guns held with a firm grip.

A small boy scampered down the street, a bundle of food clutched to his chest. He kept to the shadows, obviously not wanting to be seen. A small silver sphere dropped from the seething mass in the sky, heading straight for the boy. What happened next happened so fast that it was more like a serious of pictures then an actual event.

One minute the boy was running and the next his arms were flung wide as he fell twitching to the street. The tiny sphere floated about him, then zoomed back to the sky.

"W-What happened?! What did it do?!"

"It killed him." Matthew stated flatly. "Now the street guards will take his body for reanimation."


He shook his head, clearly not wanting to tell you any more.

"How did it kill him?"

"At birz, every single human on this planet had a chip implanted in the back of their neck." The long haired blonde sighed, rubbing his eyes with a black gloved hand. He was crying. You felt your heart clench.

"Zat vay, zey can be controlled or killed at the snap of a finger." The albino spat, glaring resentfully at the sky.

"C'lm d'wn G'lbert." The tall blonde mutter, fixing his glasses. Matthew nodded in agreement, then sighed.

"So  ______. Will you help us defeat the Vargas brothers?"

You hesitated and glanced out the window again. One of the armored guards had picked up the boy's body. You watched as he was carelessly throw into a large truck. A large truck filled with people of similar ages.

You turned back to Matthew and nodded, your heart hardening.

"I will."
Okay! So the first chapter is a bit rushed. But I'll try to make sure it all makes sense in the end!

Chapter one- Here

Chapter two- [link]

Chapter three- Coming soon

I own nothing but the plot
(This is my 150th countryxreader)
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