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You grinned, staring out the window of the moving van. Today was like a dream come true, hell it actually was a dream come true.

You had finally got up the courage to move away from your parents. You and your few possessions were now speeding towards a small town.

You hoped that there your life would change. Maybe you would met the guy of your dreams!

Sighing happily, you turned down the road that led to town. This was it, you could feel it. Your life could only get better from here on out!

A few turns later, you pulled up in front of the building you were renting an apartment from.

"Ah,  Miss. ________." An elderly woman hobbled up as you got out from the car.

"I am glad you arrived safely. Was the drive nice?"

"Yes, thank you for asking Mrs. Sachi." You looked up at the old building that would soon become home.

"I better move everything in then!"

Mrs. Sachi sighed slightly, looking a bit troubled,  "I'm sorry, Miss.  ______, but my daughter has taken the room you had requested. The only room I have left is the basement."

Basement. You held back a shuddered as you imagination flew into overdrive.

"That's fine! I don't mind." You weren't going to let this sudden change dampen your spirits.

"Oh, I am glad. I was worried you would be upset!" Mrs.Sachi's wavery old voice did sound quite relived.

"You have your own entrance, it's right over there." She raised a shaky hand and pointed to a set of stairs that no doubt led down to the door of your apartment.

An hour later you had moved every thing into your knew home. Though if you were to tell the truth, it was more like a very large room. There was a tiny kitchen and a doorway that led to a bathroom.

But still it was a very nice an cozy place.
You finished placing everything in the places you saw right and let out a breath.

"Geez, this is even more exhausting then going on hikes." You laughed, stretching slightly. Noticing the pile of clothing on the floor your sighed.

The land lady had said that there was a hidden closet somewhere along the wall. A bit creepy for a basement, but you didn't really think it looked to much like a basement down here.

Pressing your ear against the wall at regular intervals you tapped on them, waiting for a hollow sound. Finally finding it  you smiled, running your hands over the wall for the little slot.

Sliding the door open, you squinted into the slight gloom. A string dangled in front of your face, tugging on it you winced at the sudden burst of light.

Two shelves were placed near the floor and a metal rod was placed across the top to hang clothing on.

The closet was empty. No, It was nearly empty.

A long box sat on the top shelf. Reaching out shakily, you picked it up.

Would a corpse be inside? Or maybe a deformed insect, Maybe even a- NO.

You silenced those thoughts. Sometimes your imagination acted up a bit to much.
You pulled the top of the box of, wincing as something sharp pricked your finger. The top came away easily, clattering to the floor at your feet.

A thin line of blood dribbled down your outstretched finger, a single drop falling down. Your eyes followed it's descent, widening as you looked upon the item in the box.

The small droplet of blood had just landed on the lips of one of the most beautiful dolls you had ever seen. He had to be one of the Japanese Ball Jointed Dolls you had always wanted, but never had the patience to save up for.

His eyes were closed, the golden eyebrows raised as if surprise. The painted on eyebrows matched his wavy golden hair. His outfit looked renaissance style.

Those thoughts was obliterated as you watched the doll. The little drop of blood sat perfectly on his lips, them slowly shrank. Almost as if it were being sucked into the doll.

Blood of a virgin, something bad always follows. You placed the doll back in it's box and replaced it on the shelf.

Tomorrow, you would get rid of it.

----Time skip----

You couldn't do it. Something inside of you refused to throw the doll away.

As creepy as last night had been, you some how knew that the doll wasn't evil, just...alive in some way.

This feeling, however, did nothing to comfort you. Far from it.

You moved the box from the closet, to behind your small couch. You really didn't want your clothing to be around it.

It was night again and you were ready for bed. Last night you had been exhausted and had fallen asleep immediately. But to night, you were wide awake.

Staring at the ceiling you sighed, your eyes shifting towards the couch. There was no way you were going to be able to sleep knowing that the doll was there.

Getting up, you walked over to the couch, and pulled the box out.

It was a rather drab box now that you got a good look at it. It wasn't that far off from looking like a cardboard box.
All the better to hide the true nature of its contents no doubt.

Lifting the lid you stared, all the color draining from your face. His- No it's, it was a doll, not alive. It's eyes were open, little chips of cerulean blue glass.

Weren't they close last night?

Slamming the lid back on, you looked around. Under the couch no longer seemed like a safe place.

Maybe your blood had awakened it. That was absurd, unless the doll was possessed. But that was just silly, it couldn't be possible.

Your heart was beating fast and your mouth felt dry.

Next time I open it, there will be scratch marks on the lid, because he will try to get out. You shook your head to clear it of that thought.
But the feeling that something strange was about to happen seemed to fill your small apartment.

Taping the lid shut, you looked about for a secure hiding place. Only the closet seemed safe enough.
You placed it back on the shelf where you had found it, piling a few pairs of shoes on top.
Just in case the tape breaks off. You shook your head once more, the ominous feeling still there.

You had no idea how you were going to fall sleep.

---Time skip---

"Beep Beep Beep Beep."

You scowled into your pillow. Why was there a frickin' bird in your room? A strange sounding bird, maybe it was sick.

You giggled slightly at that thought, your sleepy brain slowly gearing to life.

"Beep Beep Beep Beep."

You opened one eye and sighed, it was your alarm clock. You were going to be late for work if you didn't get up.

Sitting up, you yawned and stretched, gazing around your room sleepily. Everything was normal.

Your couch with all the books piled next to it, the doll sitting on top of them. Even your closet door was open.

The doll was sitting on the books and the closet door was open. The doll had gotten out.
Your heart sped up, beating at an erratic pace against your ribs.

This had to be a dream. Yup that was it, this was one of those creepy realistic dreams. You would wake up any minute now.

You sat like an idiot for a moment, staring at the doll.

Nothing happened.

Of course nothing happened, your sarcastic side piped up,  What are you three? Waiting for mommy to wake you up and say it was all a dream? No! This shit is real and you need to deal with it like the tough bitch you are!

Good old common sense, a total ass in situations like this.

Standing up, you walked shakily over to the doll, staring down at it.

"Are you trying to kill me? or just scare me?"
You picked it up, staring into it's glassy blue eyes. Nothing happened, the doll didn't move, it didn't speak, just lay limp in your hands.

Something tickled the edge of your conscious.
Three words floated into your mind, soft and weak.

'Friend, no harm.'
You let the doll go, stumbling backwards with a shriek. It lay limply on the ground, head resting on it's shoulder.

It had spoken in your mind. You now had no doubt that this was not a normal doll.
Crawling over to it, you reached out with a trembling finger and gently placed it on the dolls forehead.

"What are you?" Your voice was strong, but you felt exactly the opposite.

'Don't know, used to be human.'

Used to be human? You were starting to feel bad for the doll/thing. But no, you couldn't let your defenses down.

"Um....How can I hear you in my head?"

'Strong Imagination, less resistance.'

Okay, you weren't sure if that was reassuring or not. You stared at the doll, trying to think of your next question. It's broken answers were really getting you anywhere.

"Why are you here?"
Nothing, you frowned and asked again.

'I don't know where I am.' there was a hint of remorse left behind
Geez, the guy was pitiful.

"Okay. You said you were human. What happened?"

A tired sigh went through your head.


The voice in your head was starting to sound male. You rested your head on your knees and pursed you lips.

"Care to explain?"

'Long war. Enemy tricked me. Took 'er.' the voice inside of your head was definitely now male, and it- no he had a french accent.

Long war. You stared down at the doll. His clothing looked old, like renaissance period.
Hundred years war? So the enemy would have been England and the woman taken away. Jeanne d'Arc?

You flinched slightly, realizing that he could reader your thoughts.

'What year is it?'

"Um, 2012."

You imagined that the spirit, because that's what he had to be, had gone into shock.

'Jeanne is dead'

"Yeah, the British killed her." You winced, regretting the words immediately. Geez, you had said at easily as announcing the weather.

"Can I reverse this?"

'Yes. But I don't know what will 'appen afterwards.'

"What do I do?"
Silence. You waited, knowing he would speak up sooner or later.

'Sleeping beauty.'

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You raised and eyebrow. Sleeping beauty? What the hell did that have to do with anything? And wasn't that story published a long time after this guy had been imprisoned?

'You 'ave to kiss me.'

Oh geez. Really? How frickin' cliche was that? The guy who tricked him must have been a real lame-ass.

The dolls voice chuckled  'Oui, Arzer was an ass.'

You stared at the doll and sighed. Might as well at least try to help the guy.
Leaning forward, you placed a tiny kiss on his face. Nothing happened.

A sigh rippled through your mind.  'Oh well. Zanks for trying.'

You nodded, feeling slightly disappointed.

"Wait a minute." You frowned, looking down at him,  "How the hell did you get out of the box?"

'You blood gave me temporary movement.'
Your previous thoughts about the doll being creepy returned. A doll totally inanimate until it got human blood.

Yeah, totally harmless.

That day you were late for work by twenty minutes. During your entire shift, you couldn't get your mind off the doll.

Returning home, your were slightly relived to see that the doll hadn't moved. You placed a finger on his head.

"Are you awake?"

Nothing. Huh, I guess even possessed dolls need sleep.
Speaking of sleep you yawned, it had been a long day.

---Time skip---

"Beep Beep Beep Beep."

You sighed as your alarm clock went off. It felt like your had just fallen asleep, even though you knew that wasn't possible.

"I don't wanna go to work." You muttered.

"Zen don't." a familiar voice muttered. The doll must be awake, you though sleepily.


But the doll was five feet away, sitting on the pile of books. And the voice had been right behind you.

You twisted around and let out a shriek. The doll was no longer a doll, he had turned back into a man.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" You scrambled away from him, only to wince as your head hit the wall behind you.

"I thought it didn't work!!"

"Calm down!!" He raised his hands in surrender, scooting backwards off the bed. You noticed that he was naked, a grey blanket tied around his waist. A grey blanket that had previously been lying across your couch.

"Why are you naked?"

"My clozing didn't grow wiz me." He admitted, looking slightly embarrassed.

You stared for a moment, admiring his nice built. Then your eyes snapped up to his.

"Why didn't it work right away?"

He shrugged, pushing a lock of his wavy blonde hair behind his ear. You rolled your eyes.

Think   ______. This guy came from a time around 1431. He wasn't going to be a rocket scientist. He most likely had been a farmer, although with his good looks, he could be the son of a lord. No, Nope! Get your thoughts back on track  ______.

"What will you do now?"

He shrugged, looking around.  "I'm Five 'undred eighty-one years in ze future. I'll need a guide of some sort."

You nodded, "Alright, you can stay until you get your bearings."

"Zank you." He smiled, you blushed slightly, trying to hide it with a frown.

You soon became annoyed with your new roommate.

He loved the technology of this century and adapted surprisingly well. Too well.
Francis's favorite thing about this age, was bathtubs. Or to be more precise, sitting in a bath full of hot water and  soap bubbles, for hours on end.

"Francis!!!! Get your ass out here!!!" You smacked the door with your hand, curses flying through your mind.

"I am not done wiz my baz!!!"
Your eyelid twitched. The excuse he used every time.

"I have to take a piss!!!" Not really, but you were tired of him sitting in your bathroom for hours.

"A lady shouldn't use such language!" He shouted back.

You decide that shouting through the door wasn't enough to stop him. You smirked, glad you had spent a month learning how to pick locks.

A few seconds later, the door was unlocked. You swung it open, enjoying the look of utter surprise that crossed the Frenchman's face.

"W-What are you doing?!" He  slunk low in the bubbles, only his face was visible. You scowled at him.

"My rent has gone up because you use up so much water!!"

"I'm sorry  ______. I just like baz, we didn't baze as much in my time."

Yeah, no shit. Wasn't it around that time that people only bathed twice a year or something?

"Still Francis, it's a waste of water." You crossed your arms,  "And you always use up all the hot water before I can take a shower!"

"Oh hon hon hon hon. You could always get in wiz me." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. You flipped him the finger. He laughed again, which irritated you more.

"Isn't about time you found your own place in the world?" A small part of you didn't want him to go. But this was the only way you could think of finding out if he was staying.

"I don't want to leave." Francis looked down at the soapy water.  "I like it 'ere. I like you."
You blushed and bit your lip.

"Fine, you can stay. BUT, these three hour long baths have to stop!"
He nodded, a thought full look crossing his face.

"Deal, but in return I get to sleep wiz you."

"WHAT?!" Your face turned the color of tomatoes.

"Not like zat!! I mean, just ze same bed as you." His face had gone equally red,  "I mean, ze couch is really uncomfortable."

You scowled,  "Fine, but no funny business."

You shrieked and clapped your hands over your face as Francis made a move as if he were going to stand up.

"Oh, right! Sorry  _____." You quickly exited the bathroom, slamming the door behind you.
Stupid Frenchie.

The bathroom door flew open, hitting you in the back.  Francis's arms wrapped around your waist, catching you before you could topple forward. You blushed as you were pressed against his bare chest.

"Je t'aime."

Francis leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. His hands slid down to your waist.

You pulled away, breathing heavily. Francis grinned,  "Now we 'ave had our real first kiss."

But at least he was your stupid Frenchie.
That's right, France used to be a doll xD I bet you guys weren't expecting that xD Or maybe you were :>


Angel!Spain- [link]

Doll!France- here

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This is So Sweet

Next time I open it, there will be scratch marks on the lid, because he will try to get out.
This made me think of when I was in New Orleans and they told us of the plague were people would fall into comas. They believed they were dead so they buried them so when they woke up they clawed at the lid of the coffin to get out.
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
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Sort of reminds me of the movie "Annabelle" and "The Conjuring" at first, with the part about the blood and the fact that the doll was moving. But overall it was great!
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The doll was sitting on the books and the closet door was open. The doll had gotten out.
Your heart sped up, beating at an erratic pace against your ribs.

Better not go Chucky on me Francis

RubyBadAppleDream Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
This reminded me of in so much idk y
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love the story! <3
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Writer
:> D'aww
ThirdStarOnTheRight Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was so cute! The beginning freaked me out a little though. I read this super late at night, and all I could think was how my room is in the basement and there are plenty of very old dolls in our storeroom. Hmm...
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Student Writer
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My sisters collect stuffed animals that look realistic and they are all in my room so i wake up thinking i transported to the jungle on forest now im afraid to go to sleep anyways i love this.
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xD Awesome
I like it :)
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Student Writer
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My grandma has millions of dolls in her old bedroom, diffrent shapes and sizes, and they all, FACE. THE. FUCKING. DOOR. so WHENEVER you go in that room, THEY ALL FACE YOU! And thats how my phobia of dolls was born.... fuckin' dolls
RoseofMidnight495 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
I got 4 porcelain dolls that look STRAIGHT at my BED. It's freaky to wake up with 4 faces staring at you, and not to mention wig heads. (Cosplay...) which I randomly drew realistic looking faces on...... Baka de na watashi....(what an idiot I am in Japanese...)
DerpyPandaz Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry, I feel your pain. :iconsupertighthugplz:
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