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January 6, 2013
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Flying mint bunny plush

It was a flying mint bunny plushie.
You stared at it dumbfounded.

"Who the hell sent you?" You muttered, staring at it.


With a shriek, you dropped the toy and fell backwards off your bed. It did not just speak. There was no way you had seen it's mouth move.
Peering over the edge of the bed, you stared at the little green rabbit.

"Please don't freak out! I need your help!"

It was talking. And it needed your help.

"Um....okay. how?"

The little plushie moved stiffly towards you. You tried your best not to flinch away.

"I'm locked in this body, stuck in your world!!" It sounded panicked, it's voice going up in pitch with every word.

"How do I help?"

Yes, you were talking to it. Something about this was all to real to be a dream or a hallucination.

"Take my place."

"WHAT?! In the plushie? No thank you!"

The Flying Mint Bunny plush flapped it's wings, irritated.

"NO. Take my place in the Hetalia World!"

Go to the Hetalia world as Flying Mint Bunny. That was like entering a club with a V.I.P pass.

"Okay." You tried not to sound to eager.

"Pull my ears."

You blinked, then shrugged, doing as the rabbit asked. A sharp pain shot up your hand.
Everything went black.

-----Time skip-----

What a strange dream. you yawned, stretching your wings.
Wait.......You had wings. Which meant.

Your eyes shot open. You whipped your head around, staring at your surroundings dumbfounded.

Unfamiliar room?   Check.

Everything WAY bigger than you?  Check.

Sleepy England getting dressed? Check.

You stared at the man, your fur heating up.
"GAAAAGH!!!!" You flung your paws over your eyes, your ears flicking back. He had been pulling on his dress pants. You had gotten a good look at his union jack boxers.

This was to much.

"Mint Bunny? Are you alright?" A gentle hand patted your head.

"This is just great." You squeaked, your voice extremely high pitched.


You stared up at the Brit, and sighed......  "Rabbit problems. You wouldn't understand."

"Erm....okay." He frowned down at you, his brow wrinkled with worry. Gaah he was so cute!!!

-----Time skip----

You had no idea how Flying Mint Bunny did it. This was driving you crazy.During the entire meeting you sat on England's shoulder as he fought and bickered with France.

No one seemed to notice you. Which didn't come as a big surprise.

You sighed as you were nearly flung off the Brits shoulder for the hundredth time.


He didn't seem to hear you, too busy yelling at America.
"FLYING MINT BUNNY IS REAL!!! SEE?!" You winced as Arthur grabbed you roughly off his shoulder and shook you in front of the Americans face.

"You're holding air dude."

You clasped a paw over your mouth, trying hard not to vomit as the Brit swung his arms wildly trying to explain.
Poor Flying Mint Bunny. To have to live through this every day. No wonder it had escaped to your world.


He continued ignoring you. Your temper flared.
Too bad you weren't human anymore. If you were back to your normal self, you'd at least be able to yell loud enough to get his attention.

The fur on your back tingled slightly. Then your wings began to ache.
Uh oh. What was happening?

You were sitting on England's lap now, the angry Brit still going on about how real you were. Sorry, how real Flying Mint Bunny was.

Your tail was starting to itch. Geez, if this was something normal for the rabbit, you were surprised it hadn't traded places with someone sooner.

"FLYING MINT BUNNY IS REAL!!!" England took a deep breath,  "He's right on my lap!!!"
He...okay so Flying Mint Buny was a guy.

"England!!" Once again your voice was to small. Geez, you just wanted to leave, your fur was really starting to bother you.

A chill crept it's way down your spine. You felt like your skin was about to split.


You let out a squeal of surprise. You were no longer tiny, no longer a rabbit.
England was staring down at you, his face bright red.

Looking down you saw why.  You were in a mint green outfit, very similar to the Play Boy bunny suits.

And you were sprawled across his lap.

"W-w-w-who are you?!" He stuttered.

"I'm um.....Flying Mint Bunny!" You stammered. Not really, but who was paying attention to the small details?

"Whoa Whoa Whoa dude." America held up his hands   "Your imaginary Rabbit friend is real and a total babe."

England just gaped.

"Oh Hon Hon Hon." A hand slid over your thigh. Out of reflex, your hand shot out, smacking the Frenchman across the face.

"Good one!"

England seemed to have snapped out of his stupor. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you away from France.

-----Time skip-----

For an hour the allies stared at you, England fighting with America and France. The only person who had been polite was Canada. He had apologized for doubting England and for the other mens behavior.

You really wanted to go home.

You had finally managed to get away. Using the old "I need to use the little girls room." excuse.
They had all gone bright red, stammering unintelligible sentences.

Now you were attempting to sneak back to England's room. In your mind it made sense.
If you had some how come to the Hetalia world, with Flying Mint Bunny's help, then maybe England's other magical friends could get you back.

Or maybe not.

"We're really sorry Miss _______." The unicorn looked like it was about to cry.   "Only Mint Bunny can bring you back!!"
You sighed, your shoulders slumping.

"It's okay."  

"Maybe if you went to sleep, you'd wake up at home!" The tiny Fairy chirped, her wings a fluttering blur.
Couldn't hurt to try.

"I don't know how I'm going to fall asleep."

"I'll help!!!" The fairy pulled out a tiny cudgel. Reaching back, she threw it at your head with all her might.

It connected with a thud. White spots danced before your eyes . Before you blacked out, you had enough time to wonder why the Fairy had such a dangerous weapon.

---Time skip---

"Mint bunny?" Someone was shaking your shoulder. You groaned, shoving their hand away.

"Just a few more minutes." Rolling onto your side, you curled into a ball. The hand was still shaking your shoulder.

"Mint bunny?"

"Tha's not my name!! It's  ________." You slapped the hand away, your words slurred with sleep.

Silence. No more annoying voice asking you to wake up.
A small smile crossed your face. You had always hated waking up.

"So Flying Mint Bunny..... Your real name is  _______?"

God Damn it..... You were still in the Hetalia world.

You peeked over your shoulder at England. He was staring at you a concerned look across his face.

"Could you do me a favor?" You had an idea, but your weren't sure it would work.

"Of course Mint Bunny!!" He grinned, his emerald eyes glittering.

"Please send me back home and bring Flying Mint Bunny back."

England's eyes widened, then understanding settled in his eyes.
"You're the next Mint Bunny."

Your jaw dropped as you sat up fast, "WHAT?!"
He sighed, wrapping his arms around his waist. You blushed, trying to wiggle away.

"Every now and then someone gets chosen to be the next Mint Bunny."

Wow, how convenient for the previous Flying mint bunny to forget to tell you that. You felt your temper flare. That rabbit was lucky he was in a  different world.

"So I'm stuck."

England sighed, looking slightly downcast.  "In a manner of speaking, yes I suppose you are."
Geez, he was starting to look like a sad puppy.

"For how long?"

Now he looked like he was going to cry.  "As long as you want."

You leaned back, the green ears on the top of your head flopping over your face. The Brit stiffened, then relaxed, pressing his face into your neck.

"I think I'll stay a while then. If you don't mind."

"I would love that." He whispered. You smiled, maybe you should find a way to send a thank you note to the previous Flying Mint Bunny.
What is this crap. ._. It sounded so much better in my head >_>

Intro- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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