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December 16, 2012
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You picked up the match box, your hands trembling. Pulling out a match you stared down at the box at your feet.

It was filled to the brim with pictures. Pictures of you laughing, smiling with a man you no longer loved.

You flicked the match against the box, staring for a moment at the flame that appeared. Nudging the box further into the fireplace, you flicked the match in.

The pictures slowly burned, the gray smoke looking as heavy as your heart felt. Well, how it used to feel, now you were numb to emotion.

You lit another match, running the tips of your fingers through the flame.

"Love! I'm home!"

You flicked that match into the fireplace. His voice used to make your spirits lift, have you running for the door.

Not anymore.

"Love?" He peeked his head into the living room and grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry I was late again. My job, you know how it is."
You nodded, not bothering to get up. He sat next to you, loosening his tie.

"Were you cold? You know you could just turn up the heat." Chuckling he rubbed your shoulders.

You sat rigid under his touch, staring intently at the fire. He leaned forward, as if to kiss you.

Standing up you walked towards the kitchen,      "I'll make tea."

Arthur followed,  "Are you alright love? You've been acting a bit strange."
You turned at looked at him.

His hair was disheveled, he had a reddish smudge on his collar.

"I'm fine."
His green eyes showed immediate relief. However all he did was give you a relaxed smile.

"I'm glad love."

----Flash back-----

"I'm glad love." Arthur grinned at you, reaching out a hand and tousling your hair.

"Really?" You had been afraid that he would leave you after you told him you were pregnant.

"Positive!" Leaning forward he grinned,  "You want me to cook you a batch of my scones?"

No pregnant woman, no matter, would ever be insane enough to crave those.

"Um, nah I'm good." Throwing up because of hormones was bad enough, you didn't need to add his scones on the list of things to make you puke.

-The next day-

Arthur was late. You frowned at the clock, he was a half hour late. Usually he was only a few minutes late.

"I'm home love!" Arthur bound into the kitchen. You noticed two things immediately.

First his tie was loosened.

Second his fly was down.

"Arthur." He kicked his shoes off, a questioning look on his face.

"Your fly."

His face went bright red, a hint of panic in his eyes. "Ah, must've forgotten to zip up after using the loo."

You nodded. No need to jump to conclusions, he had just had a busy day at work.

--A week later--

He had been late for a week. The times varied, but usually around a half an hour.

The doorbell rang. You got up slowly, your heart sinking. Arthur had a key, there was no need for him to ring the bell.

Opening the door you smiled slightly, "Hi Francis."

Francis nodded, licking his lips.  You frowned, he looked like he wanted to cry.

"What's the matter?" You French friend inhaled shakily.

"Tommorow go into town, 'ide in ze park outside of Arzur's work place."

Francis curled his hands into fists, "Just do it  _____. Please." He refused to look you in the eyes.

You looked around him as Arthur's car pulled into the driveway.

"Artie's home!"

Francis turned away and started down the walkway.

"Hey froggy!" Arthur smiled and waved at the Frenchman. Francis ignored him, walking away his shoulders hunched.

"Whatever." Arthur lept up the stairs, kissing your cheek.

"What's for dinner love?"

-The next day-

You sat in the park, partially hidden by a large bush. Francis sat next to you, his head lowered.

"What are we waiting for Francis?"

"You'll see." His voice was a broken whisper.

Your heart beat an erratic pace against your ribs. Without realizing it, you had grabbed Francis's hand.

The buildings' door opened. Arthur came out, a laughing woman clinging to his arm.
It felt like your world had stopped. An ice shard crackled in your heart.

Standing up you let go of Francis's hand.

"Thanks Francis."
He nodded, his hands trembling.

"Zat scumbag doesn't deserve you."  You nodded absentmindedly, walking away.

--Three weeks later--

You had been pregnant for just about One month and a week.

Glancing at the clock you saw that once again Arthur was late.

The ice in your heart seemed to be growing. Slowly turning you into an uncaring person.

Walking into Arthur's room you noticed the phone book on his bedside table. You walked over and stared down at it.

It was open to Abortion clinics. One number was circled.


So Arthur didn't want to deal with a child.

You reached for the phone, chills running up and down your spine.  Maybe this was some sort of sign.

You dialed the number that was circled.

-A week later-

"You don't seem to be getting bigger  ______. Are you alright?"  Arthur sipped his tea, glancing at you over the top of his book.

"I'm fine."

He nodded, "Alright love." Standing up he stretched, "Well I'm going to bed."

You watched him walk up the stairs. He no longer smelled like he used to. The new cologne he used made you want to vomit.

You went into your room.

Walking over to your desk, you opened the top of the plain jewelry box sitting there. reaching in, you pulled the fake bottom out and stared at the three items inside.

A bottle of cyanide.

A knife.

A long rope with a noose at the end.

You had done this every night for a week. Putting the bottom back, you closed the lid and flopped onto your bed.

Not yet.

First you would have to make him pay.

----Back to the Future ---

Arthur waved a hand in front of your face, "Love? Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes. I already said that I'm fine."

He nodded, this time looking as if he didn't quite believe it.

Walking back into your room, you pulled out a piece of paper and began to write.

Guess what? I visited the woman you've been messing around with. Turns out she had no idea about me. However unlike me she's angry, very very angry. And she has older brothers. So too bad for you.
P.S. Tell Francis he was right.    :3    

Setting it onto the desk, you opened the jewelry box.  Which death would you choose?

Reaching in you picked up the noose.

-----Francis's point of view------

Everyone was in black. Everyone except  _______.  She was dressed in a beautiful white silk dress.

It didn't suit her, we were all used to seeing her in cheerful colors. The white just seemed to finalize her death.

There were only four people at the funeral.

Ivan, Vash, Lili and myself.

Ivan was sobbing into his scarf. Vash had his arms around Lili, who was crying quietly. I was silent, my tears had run dry long ago.

The door of the funeral house opened quietly. Arthur walked in, a pure white iris in his hand.

Vash grit his teeth, tightening his hold on Lili.

Ivan raised his head, his eyes narrowing.

Arthur began walking down the aisle towards  ______.  Before he could progress very far, I stood up, blocking the aisle.

Arthur paused, his head lowered.

"Leave Arzur. Go before I lose my cool." I glowered, my hands were clenched into fists.

"I'd probably shoot him before that could happen, Francis." Vash had a hand inside the front of his jacket, no doubt ready to pull out the gun he kept there.

"Da, but before sat vould be happening, I vould split his skull open." Ivan stood up, his violet eyes dark with anger.

"I would run him over with brothers car."

We all turned and stared at Lili. She blushed, ducking her head.

Arthur nodded, "Right, I get it."
Tossing the flower to the ground, he turned and walked out of the building.

We all watched him go, our hearts heavy.
Ivan picked up the iris and placed it on top of   ______ hands.

"Pretty girl deserves pretty flower."

I started to cry.
:< What did I just write? >_> I'm sorry for killing reader-chan

Side note- I've been writing a lot of EnglandxReader's lately O_O

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

I found the picture on google
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I have to say, this is a really beautiful story. Hit home.

It might be really weird and cruel of me to say, but I'm happy you killed the reader off. It just fits, poetic justice maybe?
I'm hoping that England got beat up by the mistress' brothers. Giggle 

I just love this. :)
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