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January 28, 2013
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Pixies and Tea

"Listen Mint Bunny, there has to be a spell I can use to let the others see you." Arthur leaned forward, staring seriously at the small green rabbit.

"You might accidentally kill me, you know your spells go wrong."

"Yes, but maybe--" The British man stopped talking as he saw the rabbit shake it's head.

"I'll pass. It's fine that just you can see me." Mint bunny chirped, Arthur grinned and patted his friends head.

Arthur with the rabbit talked a few minutes longer, He was still a bit disheartened that Mint Bunny was the only one of his friends the other countries couldn't see. It had happened a few months back, Suddenly Alfred could see Unicorn and Francis the faeries, pretty soon all of the other countries could see all of Arthur's friends, except Mint Bunny.

"ARTIE!" He turned and saw ______  Walking into the kitchen. Smiling Arthur ran over sweeping her into a hug.

You smiled at Arthur. He began filling you in on the latest news from around the world. You listened, grinning.

After about an hour of talking Arthur stood up,  "Listen love, I need to use the loo. Um, please don't go into the basement."

You nodded, What a strange request. Arthur had never asked you that before. Of course before, you had always come to his house with either Matthew or Alfred.

So you waited, sipping your tea.

Twenty minutes later you had finished your tea and were feeling slightly impatient. What was Arthur doing?

You stood up, and looked all over the first floor. He was in none of the rooms. Turning back towards the kitchen you froze, a flash of green headed down a passage way you had missed earlier.

You followed cautiously. The passage way lead to a rusty metal door. You eased it open, staring down the dark curving staircase. After a moment of hesitation, you walked down.
These steps most likely led to the basement. Yes you were breaking your promise to Arthur, but what was that green flash?

Stepping off the last step you looked around, mouth having open slightly.

Arthur's basement looked like something out of a magical fairy tale. Dusty books and aged yellow paper covered an old desk.

Jars filled with mysterious substances ( all of them pretty disgusting looking) lined an wooden shelf.

In the center of the room was a cliche summoning circle.
You snorted and rolled your eyes.

Geez, who knew that Arthur had a movie set basement.

You looked around for the green flash, only to see that you were completely alone. You turned in a slow circle, backing up slightly.

Still nothing.

You backed up another step and shrieked. Something had hit your foot.
You looked down and breathed out a sigh of relief. It was just Flying Mint Bunny.

You had never told Arthur that you could see Mint Bunny from the start.

"What are you doing down here?" You crouched, reaching out and patting the rabbits head.

"Arthur is sad."

You frowned,  "He seemed fine earlier."

Mint bunny shook it's head. You listened as it explained why Arthur was upset. It was actually kind of sad.

"Do you think that the fact That I can see you would make him happy?"

Mint Bunny nodded, a little grin on it's face.

Picking Mint Bunny up, you hurried up the stairs. Once through the passage, you ran into the living room.

Arthur was standing there, looking around with a disheartened expression. His eyes widened as you came in.

"Where were you?"

"Um.....The basement." You looked at the ground, slightly ashamed that you had broken your promise to your friend.

Arthur stiffened then relaxed slightly. "Why did you go down there love?"

"I followed Mint Bunny!" You held the rabbit up as proof. Arthur's eyes went wide.

"Y-Y-You can see Flying Mint Bunny?!"


You stiffened as Arthur threw himself at you, sweeping you into a giant hug and laughing crazily.

"You're the first one besides me!!! This is fabulous!!!"

He spun you around, setting you down after he realized that Mint bunny was being crushed. You smiled up at the nation, he grinned back, patting the green rabbit's head.

"I'm glad you were the first one to see Mint Bunny besides me  ______."

"Me too Artie."
A request from :iconemeraldangel2: She and I came up with the plot ^u^

I own nothing but the plot.
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Renlia Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
I Followed Mint Bunny*Cue Russia Face While Slowly Holding Him Up*XD LOL Great Story!
MiraakTheDragonborn Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I wonder what he tastes like.....

NOT ENGLAND!*waves hands in front of face while blushing massively*N-NOT THAT WAY!I-I meant Mint Bunny!Does he taste like mints?
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student Writer
xD I have no idea. I doubt he'd want to be eaten
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So cute!:iconfabulouspewdsplz:
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