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January 20, 2013
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Part two/final

"Have you been stalking me or something?"

Arthur tilted his head to the side and winked,  "That's for me to know and you to find out."

You paled, noticing that his hair started to go strawberry blonde. The green in his eyes melted away into a swirling blue and pink. You stood up and backed away, he followed at a cat like pace.

"Why don't we play a game love?"

"W-What kind of game." You licked your lips nervously, eyes darting around, searching for an escape route.

"If I win, you are mine. If I lose, I'll leave you alone."

"And if I refuse?"

"You lose instantly." He grinned, his smile seeming larger then humanly possible. Even his teeth looked sharper than normal.

"Fine. But, what kind of game?"
Arthur giggled like a child clapping his hands. "I'm so glad you asked Poppet!!"

"At first I wanted to play Hide-n-seek. But then I wanted to play tag!" He giggled again and you shuddered, this new Arthur was disturbing.

"So what do you want to play Arthur."

His pink and blue eyes flashed,  "NOT Arthur, poppet, Oliver is my name."

Okay.....The instant he took his eyes off you, you would phone the police.
As if he knew what you were thinking Oliver grinned and held out his hand.

"Give me your cell phone poppet, can't have you calling for help." You slapped it into his palm, making sure to glare. He only smirked, slipping the phone into his pocket.

"Okay, let's play cat and mouse. You get to be the mouse."
You felt your eyelid twitch. If you got out of this alive, you were going to kill him. And it would be extremely painful for him.

"I'll give you a ten second head start!!!" He chirped, slapping his hands over his eyes.

"One-cupcake, two-cupcake, three-cupcake--"
You watched as he counted, he had to have a weakness. But what could it be?

"Eight-cupcake, nine-cupcake-Ten-cupcake!! Where are you?"
His hands fell away and he looked around eagerly. Then he frowned, his shoulders slumping.
You glared at him, not moving from your spot.

"You didn't move."

"No shit." You spat. Oliver flinched at your tone, his face paling slightly.

"RUN." He growled, taking a step forward in an attempt to intimidate you. You didn't budge, your face set in a determined scowl.

"Back the fuck off Oliver."

He flinched again and your eyes widened. It wasn't your tone he was flinching at, it was the curse words.
Oh this was going to be fun.

"Get your skinny ass out of my fucking house, you dick." You held back a laugh as Oliver dropped to the ground, curling up and whimpering.

"Please no more swears Poppet!!!" He clutched his head, rocking back and forth.

You grinned down at him evil, different curses (each one worse than the last) swirling around your mind.

"So Ollie, you turn into a little bitch when people curse?"

The man shook his head, glaring up at you. You were shocked to see tears glistening on his face. They trickled down his face, leaving wet trails, you could see freckles on his face.

Oh geez, you had made him cry.

His bottom lip trembled and his breathing was shaky. A few seconds passed and then he burst into tears.
"Y-You're just l-like Alfred. S-So mean to meeeeee." He hiccuped, tears streaming down his face. You went pale, feeling absolutely horrible.

"Oh geez, Ollie, I'm sorry."

Now you felt like an asshole. Even though He was your creepy, slightly Bipolar stalker, it was still horrible to watch him cry. He was like a little boy.

You knelt next to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

"I'm really sorry Oliver, please don't cry." You pressed your face against his neck, rubbing his back with one hand.
His arms snaked hesitantly around your waist, pulling you closer.

"Okay poppet." Oliver sniffed, his breath warm against your neck. You smiled slightly then frowned. Oliver's hold was becoming painfully tight.


"Yes poppet?" His grip tightened further, his fingernails digging into your sides.

"If you don't let go, I will start curse in every language I know."
His grip loosened immediately. You smirked, maybe your stalker wasn't that bad.

After all,with the right words he was pretty much putty in your hands. You grinned evilly.

This really was going to be fun.
Part one-[link]


Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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