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February 24, 2013
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Fairy Lord!FrancexReader

Part three/Final


The movies made everything look incredibly easy. But this was real life, so it wasn't easy. Which meant lugging the half alive, slightly traumatized fairy man was no picnic. Oh and that growling thing following you? Yeah, everything was just peachy.

You stumbled over another twig, swore and glared at the mute, blank looking fairy man.

"This is your fault Francis."

He let out a hiccupy sob that turned into a whine. You held back a growl, still glaring. The arm you were using to support him was soaked with the silvery blood dribbling out of the wounds on his back. The growling was getting closer.

You looked around at your surroundings.

Viney forest, random rocks, blue thing, chipmunk-lizard hybrid, headless stone statue. Wait, blue thing, you swiveled to get a good look, hope swelling in your chest. The hope died when you realized it was just a really big flower.

So much for being saved by the Doctor.

No, no no  _______!! Not the time to be thing about a frickin' TV show!!! You are going to die if you don't get Mr. Sobby fairy man to a good hiding place. Killing that thing is not an option.

Dragging him behind a large rock, you crouched, looking around for whatever it was.


So either it was waiting in the shadows, or you couldn't see it. Which would be bad, really, really bad.

A group of leaves several feet away were slowly crushed.
Right, it was stalking you, and you couldn't see it.
What to do? You had no magic mirror, no weapons, no special sunglasses. All you had was a bleeding fairy who was crying and a t-shirt soaked with fairy blood.


Grabbing the T-shirt, you held back a gag. It felt like a dog had slobbered all over it. Which was good for your plan, but most likely not good for your hand.

Another section of plants were crushed, closer now. You waited, just a few feet closer and you would strike. It inched closer, you readied the t-shirt, feeling it squelch between your fingers.


You flung the shirt as hard as you could. It spiraled into the air, sending a fine mist of fairy blood everywhere. Falling it landed on the back now clearly outlined beast. The blood stuck to it's form, outlining it.

Grabbing Francis, you took off again, making sure to rush through heavy foliage. The creature followed bellowing. Just as planed.

Glancing back, you grinned. As it followed you, bits of leaves and bark stuck to the blood, clearly defining its form.

So now what? Yeah you could see it, but how were you going to defeat it?

You bolted into an even bigger clearing and froze. A league of heavily armed fairy men were all point steam-punk style weapons at you.

Crazy fairy snipers or a man eating beast?

You turned around to run back the way you came when something rammed into your, forcing you to drop Francis and fall to the ground.

It was the redhead who had ripped off Francis's wings. He shielded your body with his as the creature tore into the clearing.


The fairies fired, their guns making bubble sounds as they went off. You looked over at the creature to see what damage had been done. But there was no more creature, just lumps of sizzling, burnt meat.

Crawling over to Franics, you made sure he was still breathing. He was, which was a relief, until he started crying again.

"You're that human girl. Why are you still here?"

A familiar British accent. You grinned, stood up and took a deep breath. Whipping around you sent a roundhouse kick into the pompous fairies groin. He let out a grunt and fell forward, clutching his groin.

"That is for being an ass."

He gaped up at you, green eyes wide. Francis was also gaping, although he looked like he wanted to laugh. The other fairy seemed to sense this, he shot a nasty glare in Francis's direction.

"Why are you still here?"

You scowled at him,  "Francis is my way home. Now he's bleeding to death."

The British fairy rolled his eyes.  "Not dying, just being dramatic."

He paused, then snapped his fingers at the men gathered around. They scrambled in all directions, eyes wide. You walked over to Francis, crouching next to him. The Brit crouched next to you, pulling a small leather bag out of his pocket.

"So why are you here. Very few can find our world."

"I was running away out of spite."

He laughed, slapping Francis on the back. Francis winced and bit his lip, glaring at Arthur. The other fairy ignored him, opening the bag and dumping the contents on Francis's back.

"Alright, but what was the incentive?"

"Arranged marriage."

Arthur rolled his eyes, motioning for you to smooth the powder over Francis's back. You complied, shuddering at how cold the powder was.

"It's always arranged marriage." Arthur sighed, sitting back,  "Why can't you people just suck it up and marry the bloke?"

"He's at least ten to fifteen years older than me!!"

"Oh. Well still, aren't you humans always going on about how age doesn't matter when it comes to love?"

"I don't love him, in fact, I am faintly disgusted by him."

This seemed to satisfy the fairy for he went silent, watching as you patted the powder into place. It was slightly unnerving and you tried your best to ignore him. Under the powder, the wounds began to close.

You wiped your hands on your jeans and stood up. Francis followed suit, rolling his shoulders about. Grabbing his hand, you began walking in the direction you had come.

"Where are you going?"


You ignored Arthur's sputters and protests as you led Francis out of the clearing. The fairy grinned at you, his long, wavy hair swaying in a slight breeze.

"You are worz it."

"Worth what?"

"Getting my wings ripped off."

Oh geez, how wonderfully morbid. You were the equivalent of fairy wings being torn of, splendid.

Francis seemed to realize this and laughed, wrapping his arm about your waist and pulling you closer. You blushed and looked away, silently enjoying the feeling of him next to you.

"So....Want to get out of ze marriage when you go back?"


You glanced at him, wondering what he was up to. Francis gave you a  lazy smile that was more of a smirk. He sighed dramatically, and grinned.

"Would you 'appen to need some 'elp?"


"Welllllllllllll." He dragged the L out, smirking when he saw you scowl. The arm around your waist tightened, you let out a tiny squeak, squirming slightly.

"I am no longer a fairy and you are a cute single girl."

Oh boy. You rolled your eyes and slapped his arm.  "Keep your pants on buddy. You were going to make me your slave."

"Zat was ze past." He pouted, blue eyes twinkling. You grinned at him, nestling your head against his shoulder.

"This is a magical world, right?"


You tilted your head to look up at him. Francis smiled softly, his golden hair blowing in the breeze.

"Why don't we explore it before going home?"

"I like 'ow you zink."

Laugh you grabbed his hand and began running. Maybe being kidnapped by a fairy wasn't that bad.
:D How do you like it guys?


I own nothing but the plot.
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MosdrasTheLight Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

*punches the doctors arm* Could of used your help ya know!

Doctor: but...magic isn't my thing...

NO BUTS! im stuck with a perverted ex fairy now ( not that I don't mind but... doctor...fairy... Doctor wins...)

Minda909 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
What about the Doctor AS a Fairy?
MosdrasTheLight Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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