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December 30, 2012
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New look, old feelings

It had been at least fifteen years since you had last seen your best friend France. Your countries had been Allies for years. Ever since you had helped him during the Hundred years war.

You smiled slightly, hoping he would be surprised to see how much you had changed.

For countries, fifteen years really didn't gather that many changes. But your country had grown prosperous during those years, making you seem to glow.

France probably looked the same as he always had. You were glad he had invited you over.

"France!!! Francis!" You rang his doorbell, stepping back and glancing around. He had let the rose bushes around the path grow to an immense height.
You heard the click of the door latch and spun around.

" Hello  Fra----."

Your jaw dropped. France had not stayed the same. He had changed, BIG TIME.

"Oh Hon Hon Hon, long time, no see  ______."

The Frenchman winked, sunlight bouncing of his absurdly long eyelashes. You blushed looking around awkwardly, trying your best not to stare at him.

"You look even more beautiful zhen ze last time I saw you."

"Um, th-thanks.....You too." You ducked your head, tucking a lock of hair behind on ear.

He let out a loud laugh, reaching out and pulling you into a big hug.   "Still shy as ever
Mon Amour?"

His hair was longer than last time, your face was pressed into a few of the sweet smelling locks. It was also lighter than before, more wheat colored than golden.


"Come on in!! I 'ave so much to tell you!"

You nodded, your face bright red, the Frenchman grinning obliviously.

----Time skip----

You couldn't stop blushing. France didn't seem to notice, grinning and chatting away easily. You kept stuttering, ducking your head with embarrassment.
You used to have a tiny crush on the man. It seemed to have come back ten-fold.

"Are you alright  _______? You look like you 'ave a fever."
France leaned close, placing a long-fingered hand gently on your forehead. you jerked back, feeling your face turn even darker with embarrassment.

" ______?"

He looked worried, his brow furrowed slightly.

"I'm f-fine. Really." You took a shaky breath.

"Okay." He sat back, his tone slightly unbelieving. France sat still for a moment, then reached into his pocket, pulling out a ribbon and tying his hair back. His long bangs still flopped over his face.

Geez, you weren't going to be able to take much more of this. You were probably going pass out like a fangirl.

"Mon Amour?" Francis ran a finger along your jaw line, stopping below your lips.

"Ah! S-sorry! What were you saying?"
He smirked, leaning closer,  "Why 'ave you been acting so strange mon amour?"

"I-I'm not acting strange..... Just a bit tired?" You leaned away, pushing his hand away. He raised an eyebrow, looking slightly downcast.

"Actually I 'ave something I want to tell you." France paused, tilting his head slightly,  "Zat is why I invited you over."

"I want to confess my love for a girl and I need your 'elp."

A sinking feeling enveloped you. Trying to cover up your feelings, you rubbed the back of your neck nervously.

"But you are the country of love. You should know what to do."
France nodded, excepting the fact.

"Oui. But she 'as changed, I'm afraid she will no longer accept me."

Sighing you pushed away you feelings. France was feeling down, he needed your help. You looked down at your lap, twiddling your thumbs aimlessly

"Francis." You began, feeling that his human name was needed for this situation.
"You are a wonderful, kind-hearted, beautiful man. No matter who she is, she'll be lucky to have you."

You looked up to see that the Frenchman was blushing.
"Really? Zen 'ow do I tell 'er?"

You shrugged, "I guess it depends on how you met her."
France grinned toothily.  "I met 'er on a battle field."

You blinked, not expecting that answer. So she was a country....... Which was strange, seeing as you had also met France on a battle field.

 Flash back

You ran past the fighting men, dodging sword swipes and arrows. The long bow in your hands, stolen from the body of an English solider was cumbersome.
Leaping over rubble, you stumbled and tripped over something.

A foot.

"There you are." You crawled over to the man lying on the ground. He smiled shakily, blood dribbled out of the corner of his mouth.

"Did I die and go to 'eaven?"

"No, silly Frenchman."

You surveyed the damage. He had a sword sticking out of his chest and a couple of arrows in his leg. It had to hurt, but at least it wouldn't kill him.

One of the many perks of being a country.

"Alright this is going to hurt." You grabbed the hilt of the sword and tugged it out before he could protest. France grit his teeth together, panting slightly. You pulled the arrows out next, tossing them aside.

"Can't you be a little gentler?" He whined, wincing slightly.
You frowned at his blood soaked tunic, ignoring his protests. There were no bandages at hand, and the nearest medical tent was stationed a mile away.

Reaching into your boot, you pulled out a small dagger.

"Where is your armor?"

You cut the soaked fabric away from the wound, tossing it away.

"It got to 'eavy. Wheres your armor?"

"Don't need any."

Sighing, you pulled your own tunic over your head. France blushed, turning his head slightly. Cutting it into strips, you wrapped them carefully around his wounds.

"We have to get you to a medical tent."

"NON! I 'ave to keep fighting." He struggled to get up, flailing slightly. You rolled your eyes, pushing him back.

"You'll kill yourself, then your people won't have a country."

He blinked, then nodded,  "You're right." Sighing he let his head flop back. You looked around, the battle had moved farther away.

"You've got  a nice pair of----AGH!!" You slapped his leg (the bandaged one) before he could finished the sentence.
You crossed your arms over your bandaged chest. France laughed, coughing slightly and wincing.

"What? I'm just telling ze truz!" He smirked, you blushed.

"Um okay." You wondered what to do.

"Just tell her......I guess." You shrugged, not knowing what to say.
France nodded, smirking. You blushed, ducking your head.

"Zen 'ere I go!" He stood up and got down on one knee before you.

"What are you doing Francis?!" You let out a nervous laugh, shifting slightly in your seat. The Frenchman didn't laugh, his face was completely serious.

"I 'ave known you for a while now and I've 'ave loved since the first time I saw you."  He reached into his pocket pulling out a black box.

"Marry me?"

You blinked, eyes wide. France waited, the small box held out towards you.
"Uh....." You felt your face turn the color of a tomato.

"Shouldn't you be asking her that right now, instead of practicing on me?"
France flinched slightly, a perplexed look creeping across his face.

"What? Non! I am not...." He stopped, his brow furrowed and mouth gaping.
You looked down at your lap, trying to hide your rising disappointment.

" ______. I'm asking ze correct girl."
You raised your head, brow furrowed.  "Wait...... You mean......"

"Oui." He nodded, a small smile replacing the look of confusion.

"Um...then okay. I-I mean yes!"

He smiled and slipped the ring onto your finger.
I finally watched the trailer for season five of Hetalia

It's so epic 8D The preview picture is from the trailer xD

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

You can watch the trailer here [link]
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