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December 21, 2012
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The word your family and friends used to describe you was "Introverted"

You were quiet, disliking large crowds and gatherings. You tried to avoid them at all costs. It wasn't that you were very shy, you just liked being alone.

Of course having two older brothers didn't help. Especially when those said brothers were North and South Italy.

Luckily for you, as the personification of Sicily, you stayed on your island and kept to your self.

Or tried to.

"You've, like avoided dese meeting for like YEARS!" Felix, A.K.A. Poland, was yammering in your ear.

"You know I don't like crowds." You sighed into the phone.

"Girl! How are you ever gunna get laid?"

You turned bright red, "That is the least of my concerns!"

"Uh, huh. Right." You could practically see his face, eyebrow raised, eyes half closed and a cat like smirk.

"But seriously  _____. De last meeting you vent to vas like, fifty years ago."
You sighed again, knowing that if you refused, Poland would just get your brothers to harass you.

"Fine. But I'm not staying the entire time."

The other end was silent.  "Fair enough."

---Time skip----

"You're-a coming?" Romano raised an eyebrow, his amber eyes disbelieving.

"Yes, don't ask." You pushed past him, walking towards the terminal for your flight.

This year the meeting was being held in France.
Romano shrugged, tugging Italy along behind him. He knew better than to question his little sister.

The plane ride wasn't pleasant.
As much as you loved your brothers, you really hated it when they fought, and whined.

"Plane food-a sucks!! I'm-a still hungry!!" Italy whined. The old woman next to him stared.

Romano huffed, "Vaffanculo! I'm-a tryin' to sleep!"

You hunched down in your seat, ignoring the stares the other passengers were giving your brothers and you.

---Time skip----

Everyone had already arrived. They were all filing into the giant mansion.
France was at the door in a white suit, shaking the men's hands and kissing the few female countries on the cheek.

You stood behind your brother, thanking god that Romano was uptight and extremely jealous about people touching you.

As if he had read your thoughts, Romano grabbed the Frenchman's collar before he could see you.

"Keep-a your hands away from-a my sister, you wine guzzling bastard!!"

"What? I 'adn't even made a move for 'er!"

You walked past, ignoring the fighting duo. Italy followed, still whining about his stomach. You walked into the meeting room.

"GURL!! You like totally came!!" A blonde figure hurtled out of nowhere, grabbing you in a death grip.

"Hello Poland." You smiled at the man. He held you at arms length.

"Hmmm, Ve need to like, need to go to the spa." He nodded, pursing his lips and scanning you up and down.

"Gee Felix, nice to see you too." Rolling your eyes, you followed him to a pair of empty seats.

The meeting started with France and England bickering, then America spouting crazy hero ideas. Germany got it set into a more serious motion after yelling for everyone to act their age. Italy chattered on aimlessly about pasta when it was his turn to talk.

You slipped out of the meeting silently.

---Time skip---
There was no way in hell the mansion could be this BIG!
You wandered from room to room, each on varying from simple to over the top.

How many frickin' rooms did one guy need?  You peeked your head into another room.

This one had marble floors. A fountain bubbled merrily next to the door. Set in the very middle of the floor was a giant marble bath.


"It's very rude to snoop about someone's house." Warm breath tickled your ear. With a squeak you whipped around.

France was leaning against the doorway, smirking.

"I jest mon amour."

You scowled, wrapping your arms around your torso.  "I got lost. How big is this place anyway?"

He laughed, pointing  "Zere are maps in every room."

You followed the direction finger, feeling like a complete idiot. There was indeed a map on the wall.

"It's only for this floor." You noticed with dismay that you were still on the fourth floor

"Oui, you should be able to find your way to ze staircase." The sound of the fountain got louder.

"Why is this place so big if it's just for you?"

"When I marry I want a big family."
You snorted at the idea of the Frenchman actually settling on one woman, or man.

"Seriously? What makes--- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" You had turned around to see the
Frenchman, bare chested, slipping out of his slacks.

He grinned cheekily, wiggle his eyebrows and hooking a thumb under the waistband of his underwear.

"What does it look like mon amour."
You slapped your hands over your face, blushing madly.

"Should you really be taking a bath while people are having a meeting in your house?" You began edging towards the door.

"You're ze only one left."


You turned and looked at him, he was submerged up to his chest.

"My brothers wouldn't leave me!!"

He shrugged, his eyes half-lidded.
Blushing you turned around and ran out of the room.

For the next three hours you wandered around the fourth floor. You couldn't find your way back to the Meeting room, nor could you find the stairs to go down.

Finally, exhausted and hungry, you stumbled back into the giant bathroom.

France was still there, eyes closed and head propped against the marble rim. He looked like he was sleeping.

"How the hell do you get out of this house?" You crossed your arms, scowling. The beginning of a headache was creeping into your head and your stomach was grumbling loudly.

"Follow ze map." France muttered lazily, not bothering to open his eyes.

"I did and I can't find the stairs."
He opened one cerulean blue eye lazily.  "Do you want me to show you out?"

"That would be nice." Your stomach let out a low whine. He laughed,    "Hungry, mon amour?"

You blushed and walked out of the room.  Stupid Frenchie, you wished he would stop calling you that.

You walked down the long an twisting hallway, not bothering to wait for France.
Your phone rang.

You mentally kicked yourself for forgetting that you had it.


"GURL!! Where are you?! I though ve vere goin' to de spa!" You winced as the Polish man yelled over the phone.

"I got lost in Francis's house."

"Ooooooh. Dat place is like a trap." Felix laughed

"Do you know how to get out?" Your stomach clenched with hunger again. You needed to get out and find something to eat. And quick.

"Of course!" The polish man proceed to spout out directions. A few minutes later, you were standing at the top of a long staircase.

"Thanks Felix."

"Any time. BTW You owe me. Take me to de spa."

You hung up and began down the staircase. You hoped Felix wouldn't really make you go to the spa with him.

France was at the top of the stairs, panting slightly. He wore only a pair of black slacks, which were slung dangerously low on his hips.

"Um, No. I have to go. Sorry for overstaying." You turned to continue walking down the stairs.

"Come on Sicily!  ______. I'll make us lunch!"

"I'm good." Your traitorous stomach let out a loud whiny growl.

"Fine." You turned around and raised a finger,  "But you have to put a shirt on."

He grinned, "Deal."
>_> Reeeeeally random. I just felt like writing this idea out ^u^

The preview picture is part of this, credit goes to the artist-[link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Fits me well, I casually adopted the phrase "I hate people", and I get lost easily. I don't actually hate all people, I just really like hyperboles.
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"Fine." you turned around and raised a finger, "But you have to put a shirt on."
He grinned, "Deal."


"Fine." You turned around and raised a finger, "But you have to get rid of those slacks. It's one-with-Sicily time."
He grinned, "Deal."

Yeah, that's me!
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I would love to have him as a friend.
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