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February 13, 2013
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The Peacock and The Magpie

Brief explanation.  Basically, it's a kingdom of people who dress like different birds.
Anyways......yeah xD Enjoy.

Lord Peacock- France                             Magpie- The reader

Mr. Quail-  Austria                              Mrs.Hen-  Hungary

Blacksmith Black Eagle-  Prussia                 European Robin- England


You slunk past the citadel guards, smirking slightly. They were to busy fluffing the feathers of their armor to notice you.

What silly vain creatures.

But then again, you were Miss.Magpie. Your black and white feathers barely drew the attention of anyone. After all, the brightly colored plumage of the Lords and Ladies made you look like nothing more than a shadow.

And that was good.

But what wasn't good was the overwhelming feeling that you were having. It was a feeling that only struck you at certain times, making your fingers itch and your eyes dart about. It was the stealing feeling, as Mrs. Hen would put it.

You were a thief, plain and simple. You didn't steal money or drab bejeweled necklaces. Your items of choice were shiny silver items and colored glass.

And yesterday, while Lord Peacock was addressing the general public, you had seen something that sent the "Stealing feeling" into overdrive.

It was a simple belt, made of fine silver chains and dotted with blue and green glass. It had nicely complemented the Lord's plumage, but you had barely noticed, entranced by the sunlight glinting off the chains.

Now here you were, sneaking into the castle to steal it from the guy. He probably wouldn't miss it, after all he could just get a new one.

After slinking around the vast corridors, you finally found the entrance to his rooms. Huh, it wasn't even guarded. That was good, he wasn't here.

You entered his rooms and gaped slightly.

His room was bigger than your entire house. Hell, two of your houses could fit in here.
There were at least seven dressers and ten wardrobes. You probably didn't have enough time to search all of them.

"Hmmmm." You tapped your chin, lips pursed.

"Eeny meeeny miny mo." You pointed to a different dresser with each word. Your finger was now pointed at the smallest dresser.

Opening the top drawer, you scowled. Lady's earrings and necklaces. Either he had a secret hobby, or he kept each piece as a trophy in his love escapades.

You opened the second drawer and smiled, all belts. Pushing up your black and white feathered sleeves, you began sorting through them.

Leather belts, rope belts, silk belts. Geez, he had enough belts for all the men in the city. Reaching in as far as you could, you smiled as your fingers brushed cool metal. You grunted softly, turning slightly so you could reach farther in.

Your fingers struggled to grasp the cool metal and glass.

"You are ze first zeif to try to steal a belt."

You flinched, fingers curling around the metal chains. Looking up you felt your heart sink.

It was Lord Peacock. His bright blue and green plumage was fanned out behind him in the semblance of a tail.

"Um....I'm just.....looking sisters earrings?"

Hopefully he had slept with enough women to have forgotten what kinds of birds they were.

However, Luck, it seemed, wasn't on your side.

Peacock laughed, tossing back his head and letting out the strangest laugh you had ever heard.

"Ohhonhonhonhon."  Leaning forward he placed both hands on the dresser, successfully trapping you.

"I would never sleep wiz a lowly Magpie."

You felt your eyelid twitch.

What was wrong with being a Magpie? Sure, some of them had the tendency to take shiny objects, but they were all good people.

"Being a Magpie is better than being a flamboyant sissy Peacock."

He flinched, his blue eye registering hurt. Running a hand through his silky golden hair he grinned.

"I suppose I desereved zat."

You glared at him, still clutching the silver belt.

'That stubble on his chin looks really stupid' You though venomously as he stared at you.   'And those damned feathers make him look like a chicken trying to play king.'

As if he knew what you were thinking, he grinned. Reaching out, he ran a hand through the plumage at your breast. You squawked and shoved his hand away.

"You 'ave to pay for zat belt." His accent seemed to thicken as he ran a hand down your waist, squeezing your thigh lightly.

"I don't want your damned belt."

It was a lie. Even in the dim lighting of the room, it still shone brilliantly. Almost like a constellation of green and blue stars, strung together by silver moon dust.

Taking the belt out of your hand, he leaned forward. You flinched, then realized that he was cinching the belt around your waist. His cool cheek was pressed against your neck and you had to suppress a shiver as you felt his warm breath brush your ear.

Pulling back, he smiled and nodded his approval. You noticed how his hands were still clutching your waist.

"And for my payment, I shall take this."

You let out a small shriek as he ran a hand through the feathers at your breast. Before you could slap his hand away, Peacock had grabbed the largest feather and pulled it from your dress. It made a small tearing sounds as it was detached from the cloth of your bodice.

There was now a large bare patch, showing the drab gray fabric underneath the feathers.

You angrily combed other feathers over the patch and glared at him.
Peacock merely pressed the snow white feather to his lips and grinned.

You stormed out of the room, muttering insults and curses under your breath.

------------Time skip-----------------

You where now sitting in the home of  Mr. Quail and Mrs. Hen.  A married couple that drove you up the wall at times. But you loved them, they were among the few that didn't view you as a lowlife.

"He took a feather from your breast?"  Roderich huffed, the single feather on his head bobbing slightly.

The couple was one of the few to choose names besides that of their patron bird.

"What a pest!"  Elizabeta cried, the tail feathers of her skirt rustling slightly.

Oh no, they rhymed.

You braced your self for the inevitable, still cling to a hope that maybe the wouldn't

"We just rhymed." Roderich's eyes shone as he looked at his wife. She grinned, reaching out and taking his hands. Their matching brown feathers rustled.

"Should we?"

"Of course!"

Please god, no.

You watched as the both stood up and started dancing the waltz. Then they began to sing.

"Took a feather from her breast.
What a pest, what a pest!
A man women could detest.
Strutting around with his silly crest.
What a pest, what a pest!"

They finished their silly song and turned to you, grinning. You rolled your eyes and clapped.

Standing up you stretched.

"Well, I'm off to see Black Eagle."

Roderich scowled at the name. He disliked the blacksmith, mainly because Gilbert was constantly hitting on Elizabeta.


You pointed to the beautiful silver belt and scowled. Elizabeta wrinkled her brow in confusion.

"The damn thing won't come off!!"  You huffed, tugging on it to emphasize your point.

"Not matter what I do, It won't come off!! And It keeps tightening!!"

Elizabeta looked at Roderich. He shrugged and nodded,  "Gilbert will know what to do."

----Time skip----


You winced as Gilbert yanked at the chain.

"It doesn't melt off, it doesn't break and I can't cut it!!!"

He swore, running a hand through his white hair. Then he turned and began sorting through a pile of extremely sharp looking objects.

You rolled your eyes and used the moment of peace to study your friend.

His pale skin and hair looked even paler in contrast to the deep black of his feathered tank top and pants. His well toned muscles were from the years he had spent forging weapons.

You were surprised that he didn't have a girlfriend yet. But then, his personality was lacking in some areas.

"Here ve go!"

He held  a small purple orb in his hand. It looked disgustingly similar to an eye.

"What is that?"

"Magic detector. Zat way I can know if ze metal I'm vorking vith is cursed."
Gilbert held it next to the belt and grinned as the purple drained away, leaving the orb a dusty white color.

"It's magical alright. You'll have to go see Arzer."

You  definitely did not want to go see Arthur. Mainly because you had stolen from the sparrow. Wasn't really your fault though, he really shouldn't have left all those beautiful, sparkly colored glass pieces unattended.
After a lot of arguing with Gilbert, you finally went to Arthur's magic shoppe.

The sparrow man glared at you, crossing his arms over his brown feathered chest.

"What do you want?"

You bit your lip, then held you your hands. In them, were the shards you had stolen months ago.

"Um....sorry? I need some help..."

Arthur sighed, taking the pieces and setting them on the counter.  

"With what?"

You pointed wordlessly to the belt. It had become painfully tight, you were having trouble walking.  

His eyes widened and he looked up at you, a look of surprise and understanding coming over his face. Grabbing you around the waist, he looked about, then hurried you into the back room.

"Where did you get this?"

Arthur hissed, looking slightly afraid. You glared, patting the feathers at your waist.

"Lord Peacock gave it to me."

"Did you try to steal it?"

You went silent and Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Did he take one of your feathers?"

"Yes." You frowned at the man, slightly worried. Arthur had turned the color of paper.

"Either get that feather back, or ask him to take off the belt. Those are the only ways it will come off."

You grit your teeth.  Great, just what you needed, Another encounter with the King of Flirt.

----Time skip----

You were bent double, wheezing up the palace stairs, heading for Peacock's room. The belt was too tight, way to tight.

Stumbling into his room, you looked around.

Where would he keep the feather?

The edges of your vision were starting to go black. Little red stars popped into your field of vision.
'Shit, shit shit!! I'm gunna pass out I need to find the feather!!'

You took one step forward, teetering slightly, then fell to a heap on the floor.

Footsteps, then a pair of gentle arms lifted you off the floor, loosening the constricting belt.

Something was caressing your face. You frowned, nudging it away.

"Wake up sleepy. You nearly died of asphyxiation."

You stiffened, not wanting to open your eyes. You knew that voice.
The hand was back on your face, this time sliding down to the crook of your neck, then over you shoulder and onto your waist.

You sat up, smacking the hand away. Peacock grinned, sitting back.

"You make call me Francis. Might I know your name?"

You scowled, crossing your arms.

"_______. Why did you give me the cursed belt?"

He shook his head, his wavy hair swaying slightly.

"Not cursed, enchanted."

You narrowed your eyes, waiting for  him to elaborate. Francis smirked, reaching out and running his fingers over the belt at your waist. You hoped it wouldn't tighten again.

"I had Arzur make zis for me out of special glass."  He paused, his bright blue eyes scanning your face.

"It looks like a bunch of silver chains with black glass to everyone else."

You frowned and raised and eyebrow.

"But to my true love, it looks like the color of my heart."

"Your heart is blue and green?" You spoke in a monotone, just staring at him. He nodded eagerly.

"When you wear it, it looks orange and red!" He exclaimed.

"So why did it try to kill me?"

You felt your eyelid twitch as Francis laughed.

"You just got to far away from me!"

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the feather he had taken and put it back in place. You blushed slightly, looking away.

"You're such a stupid romantic."

"And you like shiny zings to much."

You felt the corner of your mouth twitch up into a smile and quickly frowned to hide it.

"I thought you didn't like magpies."

"I've changed my mind."

Francis leaned forward and placed a gently kiss on your lips. You blushed and kissed him back, twinging you fingers through the feathers on the collar of his coat. He pulled away and smiled, running his fingers through the feathers at you waist.

"I don't want a flashy bird."

You smiled and placed a gentle kiss on his nose.

"Then I don't mind a flamboyantly dressed bird."
This is a random idea that came to me while I was listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack........ >_>
But I really like the idea of people dressing as different birds!
I think Austria makes a perfect Quail xD

Do I write too many reader inserts with France? I dunno.....

I don't own Hetalia

The plot (c) :iconostara-frost:
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