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January 8, 2013
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Beautiful man and Socially Awkward

You hated parties with a passion. Mainly because you spent them in a corner, while HE laughed, the center of attention.

Gilbert was constantly partying.

You wouldn't even come to these parties if he hadn't asked you. He always asked you to come, even if sometimes he ended up leaving with a different girl.

You sighed, holding the water bottle closer to your chest. You weren't stupid enough to drink from the punch bowl, especially not when Gilbert had been the one to make it.

Someone shoved past you, making you spill some water down the front of your shirt.

How cliche. You though dryly, not bothering to try to trying wipe the liquid off. Your t-shirt was black, so it wouldn't really show. Gilbert was making out with some random girl on the couch. You felt your lips turn down in a slight frown.

"Excuse me." An accent sounded to the right. You looked up and blushed. A tallish man with long wavy blonde hair was smiling down at you. His brilliant blue eyes seemed to sparkle.

Once again, cliche. You sarcastic side piped up.

"Oh Sorry." You moved out of the way. He nodded and turned, before he was three steps away, he turned.

"You're one of Gilbert's friends?"

"Yup." You nodded, your eyes sliding back to the Prussian. The blonde looked in that direction and shook his head.

"And zey call me ze womanizer." Sadness flickered over his features for a moment, then the smile was back.

"So Gilbert invited you?"

"Yup." Why was he still talking to you? Most guys stopped just to ask where the bathroom was, or if you knew where the beer was.

"I'm Francis Bonnefoy." He stuck out his hand, still grinning. You reached out with your free hand and shook his hesitantly.

"I'm  _____   _________."  You looked back towards Gilbert. Francis frowned, staring down at you.

"Why is your shirt wet?"
You blushed slightly, realizing that he was staring at your chest.

"I accidently spilled some water on it."

He frowned, looked around the room then back at you. You wondered why he had done that.

Then you saw that Gilbert had lifted his head and was now staring at you with an almost hurt expression.

Geez I talk to one guy and he gets all hurt. Yet he can go home with as many girls as he wants and everything is a-okay.

"Do you need to change? You can 'ave me shirt." Francis tugged on his collar when he said that. You noticed that the top four buttons were undone, giving you a very nice view of his chest.

"I-I'm good." You hoped that you weren't blushing. He nodded, still staring at you.

"Well Antonio is probably looking for me." Francis sighed. Giving you a little wave, he vanished into the crowd.

----Time skip----

You had managed to wave through the loud crowd, up the stairs, past all the couples (no need to go into detail) and into the attic. You were actually surprised that no one had thought to come up.

All the better for you. You liked being alone, away from the crowds. However, the party was still loud enough for you to hear.

Sighing you flopped back onto the floor, staring up through windows strategically placed on the ceiling.

This must have been someone's room a long time ago. You mused, tossing the water bottle from hand to hand.

Now it was just an empty space, collecting dust.

Footsteps clomped up the stairs. You sat up, the water bottle rolling across the floor. It was Francis.

He smile apologetically.   "I 'ad to get away. Ze music is to loud."

You nodded, still not taking your eyes off him. For some reason he didn't make you feel on guard like other guys.
You weren't sure if that was good or bad.

"Look at ze moon. So beautiful." He was standing under one of the skylights, his head tilted back. You lay back in your spot, staring up.

The moon was very beautiful. You stared up at it, shivering slightly. The attic was cold and the wet spot on your shirt felt freezing.

"Are you cold?" He was standing over you. You blinked, slightly startled.

"I'm fine."
He lay next to you, his head resting next to yours, one hand on his chest.  You tried not to stare at him.

"Why did you come 'ere?" You blinked, realizing that he was staring at you a gentle smile on his face.

"Gil asked me." You looked back at the ceiling, trying to ignore the fact that he was staring at you.

"I didn't zink zat gilbert could 'ave a female friend wiz out......." He let the sentence hang in the air unfinished.

You laughed. "I know what you mean. But Gil and I have been friends for quite a while."
Francis continued staring at you. You felt a blush flare onto your cheeks.

"Why did you really come?"
Your eyes widened, he was the first guy see through the "Gil asked me" line

"I wanted to make sure he got home safely." You admitted. It was true, You knew Gilbert well enough to know that he'd probably pass out in a gutter before he was able to call home.

"Zat is very kind of you."

You shrugged, it was more of a habit than an actual concern now. You returned your attention back to the view out the window.

Something warm wrapped around your hand. You flinched, staring in shock at the man beside you. He smiled, squeezing your hand gently.

-----Time skip------

The party had been a week ago. You had run from the attic, your face the color of tomatoes. Leaving a very confused and slightly hurt Frenchman staring after you.

"So.... You and Francis at ze party." Gilbert wiggled his thin silver eyebrows suggestively. You scowled, trying to hide your blush behind a book. Damn him for being your roommate.

"Nothing happened."

He sighed, his red eyes loosing their sparkle, "Ja, I know. He told me vat happened."
Your blush grew.

"Oh? What did he say?"

"Zat he scared you off." Gilbert frowned at you,  "Did he try to grope you or somezing?"

"What?! No!! He just......held my hand." You realized a second to late how lame it sounded. Gilbert stared at you blankly, his mouth hanging open slightly.

"I really don't get you    _________." He reached up and patted the yellow fluff ball nesting in his hair.

You rolled your eyes, returning to your book. He leaned forward, that cocky grin back on his lips.

"Vhich sounds better?  Bad Touch Trio or Bad Friends Trio?"

You stared at him, "They both sound silly."

Gilbert pouted, shaking a finger in your direction.  "Antonio, Francis and I are going to start a trio. Zose are ze names ve came up with."

"Well if you're part of it then it should be BTT."
Gilbert clutched his heart, pretending to faint. Gilbird shot of his head, chirping furiously. You let out a snort.

"So zey vill visit every now and zen." He paused and his wicked grin grew,  "Please don't faint around Francis."

"GILBERT!" You shrieked, tossing the book at him, your face turned an even deeper shade of red.

To your dismay, you found it hard to be around the laughing Frenchman. It wasn't that you felt like fainting, you just turned a deep shade of red whenever he entered the room.

So you did what anyone would do, you avoided him. And the only way to do that, was to stay in your room, while Gilbert and the others wrecked havoc around the house.

A small knock on your door made you look up from the screen of your i-pod. Francis peeked his head in. You felt your face turn the color of tomatoes.

" 'Ow are you  ______?" His voice was soft, almost as if he was talking to a spooked animal.

"I-I'm good." You cursed yourself for stammering. He nodded, sitting down on the bed next to you.

He stared for a moment then sighed,  "I know we don't really know eachozer very well, but I zink you're avoiding me."

You shook your head, "No!!! I'm not!!"

A lie of course and one that was easy to see through. A hurt look flickered across his features, this time a smile wasn't there to hide it.


"Be-Because." You stared at your hands, not wanting to tell the truth.

"You can tell me." He placed a hand on your cheek, tilting your face towards his. Geez, this was playing out like a cheesy love story.

"Because you make me nervous." Kinda, because that had to be why your heart was beating a mile a minute.....right?

He smirked slightly,"Are you really sure zat you're nervous?"  Leaning forward, he placed his lips against yours.

You froze, eyes wide. After a few moments you relaxed, your eyes sliding shut.
Francis's hands came up, sliding onto your waist, pulling you closer. You retaliated by twining your hands into his golden locks.

"YEAH!! Looks like Francis is gunna get some!!!"

You pulled apart, both of you glaring at Gilbert. He grinned, camera in hand.
Francis's eyes widened, while yours narrowed.

"You do realize that you sleep in the same house as me Gilbert?"

The Albino's face went whiter than his hair.  "I'll pretend nozing happened zen." He backed out of the room.

Francis laughed, nuzzling his face against your neck. You smiled, running a hand through his hair.

Maybe going to all those parties wasn't so bad. After all, you would have never met Francis.
Silly fluff. This is my 70th reader insert O_O

Stupid title is stupid =_=

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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