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February 6, 2013
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You dreaded work.

Not because it was boring (Because it was insanely boring. It wasn't because your boss worked everyone to the bone (Mr.  Beilschmidt didn't tolerate laziness.)

No, what you were dreading, was the man you shared an office cubical with.

Arthur Kirkland.

A man whose conversations sent people to sleep and whose strict demeanor made even the toughest of people cringe sometimes.

And a man who was an utter and complete pervert.

What you dreaded when going to work, was having to suffer through another day of sexual harassment.

You entered the small cubical. Setting your bag down, you slid into your seat, the one right next to Arthur's.

"Morning Love." Arthur muttered, eyes on the computer screen. His fingers flew over the computer keys. You muttered a hello, not looking at him. Thank god he was occupied.

A few minutes later, Ludwig came in and slapped a pile of paperwork in front of you.

"I vant zat do by ze afternoon  ________." He barked, then turned and left.

You sighed, the beginnings of a migraine starting.

A hand slid onto your shoulder, the fingers massaging the skin. You jerk your shoulder and the  hand falls.

"Your tense this morning  ______."

"Go jump of a bridge Kirkland." You snapped, looking through the papers.

"Tsk Tsk, Someone's grumpy."

The hand was back on your shoulder. You turned and glared at him. Hating how cramped the work space was. It meant that he was only inches away from you.

"Move it or lose it Kirkland."

The hand dropped from you shoulder and slid onto your thigh. You stiffened as he squeezed gently, his thumb making gentle circles against your leg.


"BLOODY HELL!!" Arthur clutched his hand to his chest, swearing heavily. You twirl the metal pen you used to smack his knuckles.

You ignored him and turned back to your paperwork.

The rest of the day you had to avoid his hands and ignore the little sexual comments he whispered in your ear.

You stumbled home, absolutely exhausted.

"Welcome 'ome ma chérie." An arm slid around your waist and your husband nuzzled his face against your neck.

"Not now Francis." You grumble, trying to pull away from him. His grip tightens and he moves his nose along your shoulder.

"You smell of anozer man."

Francis spun you around and pouted, looking down at you.

"Arthur kept trying to feel me up."

The Frenchman's face darkened and he growled under his breath.

"Zat's it. I know you don't want me to interfere, but zis 'as gone on for to long."

"Really Francis, there's nothing you can do. I've already filed a Sexual Harassment complaint."


You sighed, shoulders slumping,  "A month ago."  

It was no doubt buried under the mountain of paper work on Ludwig's desk.

"Well zen, zat settles it."

-----Time skip-----

You didn't know what Francis was planing to do. He had gone to work like always that morning and an hour later you headed for the office.

The first hour of work, Arthur managed to grope you no less than seven times. He whispered twelve different sexual comments and managed to dodge all of your attacks.

By lunch time, you were ready to commit murder.

A rose suddenly appeared in front of you. Looking up, you smiled tiredly. Francis grinned down at you, one hand behind his back.

You gently take the rose and smell it. Francis reaches out with his other hand and places a small white box on the teetering pile of paper work.

You look at him, then at the box and raise an eyebrow. Francis grins and motions for you to open it.

You comply and gasp. Inside the box is a fine silver chain, a small silver heart inlaid with your birth stone.

"Francis! You shouldn't have!!"

"But I did."

You held back you hair as he gently place it around your neck. After the clasp was secure, he placed a gentle kiss on your neck.
You notice Arthur's left eyelid twitch as he stared murderously at his computer screen.

"Damn!! I left my compact at home! I can't see what it looks like!!"

"Go look in ze restrooms."

You nodded and lept out of your seat, hurrying towards the restrooms.

-----Francis's point of view-----

I wait for  _____ to run around the corner, out of sight. Then I turned towards the little ass who though he could get away with touching my  ________.

"Hello, Arzer is it?" I pat one of his shoulders roughly. He flinches, the absurdly large eyebrows of his drawing together.

Leaning down, I place my lips near his ear.  

"Touch 'er, whisper in 'er ear, do anyzing like zat ever again and...." I paused, relishing the look of suppressed fear in his eyes.

"And I will rip off your testicles and shove zem down your zroat."

Pulling away, I saunter out of the cubicle and head back to work.

-----Time skip-------
(Your point of view)

"What did you say to him?" You lean your head against Francis's chest. He smirks slightly, not answering.

"Come on Francis, You did something!!"

He laughs and runs a hand through your hair. You pout up at him.

After Francis had left, you had gone back to your cubicle. Arthur hadn't spoken to you the rest of the day. He flinched when ever your hands had come close to touching and he shyed away from you when you handed him reports.

"Tell me!!!" You poke his cheek, snuggling closer. Francis only laughs again, nuzzling his face against your neck, his fingers trailing lightly down your spine.

"I just asked 'im politely to stay away from you."

You raised an eyebrow skeptically, It sounded like Francis was trying to supress a laugh.

Typical Francis.

He probably threatened Arthur. But the details didn't really matter. Because now you didn't have to dread work anymore.

"I love you Francis."

"Je t'aime aussi."
A short oneshot. The ending is crap, I know xD This is mainly inspired by the fact that MY mother got me a book on human relations...... Because apparently I'm not the best when it comes to being social....... >_> I like being alone most of the time....

Anyway, I own nothing but the plot ^u^
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