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October 17, 2012
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Felixs was going off again about that neighbor of his. You pretended to listen as you read a WWII history book.

"I mean, like, the guy is a total A-hole! He makes ,like, fun of me and is  like a total loser!"

"Uh-huh."  You flipped a page.

"And his friends are like, freakin' weirdos!"

"Really?" You had a strong feeling that you had already read this book.

"And......." He trailed off. "Heeeeello? ________? Are you, Like, listening?"

Looking up you nodded, "Um yeah. Something about your weirdo friends?" Felixs rolled his eyes. "Please listen next time. Besides you're like, my only weirdo friend.... Unless you count Ludwig."

You arched an eyebrow. "Ludwig is not a weirdo. He just a bit anti-social."

Rolling his eyes, he took a sip of ice-tea. "I swear, the both of you have probably read  like, every single War book ever written."
Looking down at your book, you shrugged, "I'm a history nerd, it's nice to talk with someone who shares the same interests."

Leaning across the table, Felixs smile turned predatory, "Is that really all you guys do? Talk?" Blushing, you slammed the book shut. "Yes, Felixs. For the last time! We're just friends who like reading history."

Although sometimes you wished you meant more to him.

NO. You crushed that little thought. Not happening. Ludwig is just a friend.

Glancing at your watch you stood up. "I have to go. We're going to watch old war footage." Standing up, you slipped on your coat.

"War footage? You really need to like, get a better hobby." He tucked a lock of his blonde hair behind his ear. "You would, like, make a totally awesome model or something."

"Bye Felixs," Waving you started walking down the sidewalk.

"Like, tell Ludwig  I said hi!" Felixs shouted behind you.

------An hour later-------

"Hi!" You waved as you approached the small house.

"Hallo." Ludwig was sitting on the small porch, his dog Fritz at his heels. Crouching down you pet the small brown dog behind the ears. "How are you today?"

"Gut. Und you?" You smiled up at him, used to his habit of mixing German into his English.

"I'm good. So! What footage did you find?" You stood up, dusting the knees of your jeans.

"Ja, about zat." Ludwig shoved his hands deep into his pockets, "I vas zinking zat maybe ve  could go for a valk instead." His cheeks were bright red. You weren't sure if was from the autumn air or if he was blushing.

"Sure." Shrugging you started down the path. Ludwig walked next to you, while Fritz bound around your heels.

Red, gold and orange leaves twirled through the air. You laughed as Fritz dove into the   carefully made piles of leaves on people's yards. A small chuckle from Ludwig surprised you, He was always so serious.

Glancing at him you laughed. He had been staring at you. Realizing to late that you had caught him in the act he blushed, looking down. A few strands of his slicked back hair fell forward.

The next few minutes were silent, except for Fritz's barking.

"So." Ludwig broke the silence, his breath coming out in little silver puffs. He stopped walking and turned towards you. "Um vant to head back und vatch a movie?"

Nodding you shivered, "Um war footage?" He shook his head "I have a movie zat Alfred suggested I try watching. It's historical or somezing."

Shrugging you nodded, "S-sure."

Damn! Why was it so cold out?

-----Back at Ludwig's house-----

You sat on the couch as Ludwig set the movie up. His house was spot-less, as usual.

"So whats the movie called?" He flipped the case over, "Ze Patriot. It has to do vith Ze American Revolution."

He sat down next to you, turning the movie.

It had to be one of the blood filled movies you had ever seen. Well except for some of the horror moives you had seen.

You shivered, geez. Trust Alfred to love a music like this. "Are you cold?" Ludwig raised an eyebrow. "Um not re-" Your breath whooshed out of you in a surprised breath. Ludwig had slipped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him.

"L-ludwig?" You squeaked, blushing.

Your face was pressed into his chest.

"Ja?" His face was as red as yours. His thumb made gentle circles on your shoulder.

"W-what are you doing?" You were surprised your voice could even get this high.

His arm dropped, and he pulled away "Sorry, I shouldn't have done zat."

He stood up, turning of the TV, "Vould you like somezing to drink?"

Shaking your head you stood in front of him. Blocking the way into the kitchen.

"Listen Ludwig I just wa-" "Nein! I vas out of line. I shouldn't have done zat. I'm sorry." His blue eyes wouldn't meet yours.

"No, what I meant wa-"

" I von't step out of line like zat again." His fist were clenched.

"Ludwig, I-"

"Really!" He frowned, "I vas in ze wro-"

"LUDWIG!" you shouted. "Let me finish!" He looked slightly surprised at your out burst.

"It fine. I don't mind if you put your arms around my shoulders."

You watched as what you said slowly sunk in. He relaxed and smiled. "Ok."

Hesitantly he reached up and pulled you into a hug.

"Ich liebe dich." His voice shook slightly, almost as if he were afraid you would reject the words

"I love you too Luddy."
:3 just a little fluff insert

lol I hope I got Germany's personality ok ^w^

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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