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April 11, 2013
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There are legends in every country, told in every language. Stories of fairies, nymphs, god, goddesses, demons and monsters. Every being ever imagined by the human mind. Sadly enough. In this time, on this earth, these beings only ever lived on paper and between the covers on books.

Unless of course you manage to stumble from one dimension to another.

You had done that. It was an accident of course. You didn't realize it until the sound of the city and people faded, leaving nothing but a silence accompanied by the rustle of leaves and bird wings.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" You dropped the book you had been reading and glanced about wildly. You were in a forest on a small winding dirt path. Scooping up your book, you clutched it to your chest, biting your lower lip.

Where were you? Had you gone back in time, transported to another world? Where you in a coma, dreaming? Hallucinating?

"Heeeeeeeeeeey there love." A male voice slurred behind you. You turned and scowled. Three men were staggering down the road, the middle on supported by the other two. All of them held bottles of alcohol.

"Fancy takin' a stroll in the woods wif' us?"

"Go take a long walk off a short pier jackass."  You snapped, turning away and hurrying off.

They catcalled and whistled behind you, but didn't make chase. Thankfully. You could have handled one drunk, but not three.

You stumbled through the green forest, wiping your eyes angrily. Tears trickled down your cheeks, dripping onto your shirt.

Think  ______. What happened before you found your self in this new world? You were reading, as usual, walking down the street. A habit your mother was trying to get you to break. She insisted that you would be hit by a truck or bowled over by an idiot because you weren't looking where you were going.

Then "WHAM." you were suddenly in a forest.

You bit your bottom lip and let out a frustrated sigh. If you had really managed to travel from one dimension to the next, the shouldn't you be able to travel back? Had you slipped through a hole in the fabric of reality?

You stopped in your tracks and looked over your shoulder. If you had come through a hole, then you had left it behind when you ran away from the drunken men.

You scanned the foliage behind you, looking for the trail you had no doubt left behind.

If anything, the foliage behind you looked like no living being had ever touched the plants. You swiveled in a different direction, trying to find some indication that you had run through the slowly darkening forest.

Slowly darkening forest. You groaned, stomping your foot in frustration. At this rate, you were going to die. Either starvation, or the cold. You decided to keep moving. Better to try to find a god place for a camp fire. You clutched the book you had been holding against your chest. Hopefully you wouldn't have to use it for kindling.

Darkness came swift in this forest. Settling over the trees like a dark blanket, muffling light and sound. You were sitting, back against a tree, glaring into the darkness. A large silvery lake spread out before you, rippling in the slight breeze.

You had no means of starting a fire and no way to collect food. Heck, you probably couldn't even tell poisonous vegetation from edible vegetation.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn't notice the forest behind you go deadly silent. You also failed to notice the loud approaching footsteps. Footsteps too loud and far apart to be someone human sized.

You only noticed when a shadow, darker than your surroundings fell across you. You looked up.

And up and up and up. A man, taller than any living being you had ever seen was standing over you. He had to be seven feet tall, maybe eight. He wore a tattered kilt and held a large tree trunk with one arm. You squinted up at him. His hair looked reddish and shaggy.

"Why are ye' cryin' in the middle of the woods?"

His voice sounded like a boulder crashing down the side of a mountain. Loud and grating.

"I'm lost and scared!!" You wiped at your eyes, trying not to burst into a crying fit. He blinked, reached into the pocket of his kilt and held out a handkerchief.

It looked like a rabbit skin in his large hand, tiny and ragged. You blinked and grimaced, It was a rabbit skin.

"My name's Allistor Lassie."

"_______  ______." You mumbled, wiping your eyes.

A loud crack split the silence. You shrieked, expecting some sort of gun toting idiot to come racing from the woods. Instead, the giant man was chuckling, holding the tree trunk which was now in two species. He broke the pieces in half, then piled them together a few feet away from you. Ripping pine branches off the trees, he threw them on the pile.

You watched, slightly amazed as he lit the pile of wood. Here you were, in who knew where and you had met a giant. A real live giant. He noticed your staring and grinned again. You blushed, looking away.

"So, what's a wee lassie like ye' doin' in the forest?"

"I have no idea." You admitted, leaning back and picking up the book you had tossed to the grass. His shaggy eyebrows raised and he stared at you in awe.

"Ye' can read?"


He stared eyes wide. You blushed, turning away from the giant's gaze. He continued staring, lips pursed.

"Not many women here can read lass."

He cocked his head, red bangs brushing across his forehead. Your blush increased.

"Yeah, well where I'm from a lot of women know how to read."

You paused, then began explain where you really were from. Tears leaked out of your eyes as you admitted that you had no idea how to get back home and quite frankly you weren't sure that you could survive here.

He only nodded, looking back at the dancing flames. They illuminated his bright green eyes and turned his red hair into a matching fire.

"How come ye' aren't yellin' at me or tryin' ta kill me?"

You looked at him in surprise, "Why would I do that?"

Allistor shrugged, "I'm a giant lass."

"So? That doesn't make you any less of a person."

He looked dumbfounded, eyes wide. You shrank back slightly, your cheeks bright red. Your face turned even brighter when you felt his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you against his chest.

Allistor pressed his face into the crook of your neck, making you shiver. Even sitting on his lap, the top of your head only came up to his shoulder. His chest was warm and you could feel his heart pounding. It was like a drum beat.

He finally pulled away, giving you a huge smile. You smiled back shakily, unsure of what he would do next.

"Ye' said that ye' couldn't protect yer self." His smile grew and you could see what he was going to say before the words left his lips.

"Want ta travel with me?"

You hesitated before answering. You didn't know how to get home and quite frankly, you didn't feel ready to go home. After all if there where Giants in this world, what else could there be?

Allistor noticed your hesitation and looked uncertain. "I mean, unless ye' want ta find yer way home."

"No." You paused, your blush returning. "I would love to travel with you."

He grinned, reaching out to slap your shoulder. You toppled over, letting out a small yelp.

"SORRY!! I really need ta remember my own strength."

"It's fine." You smiled, biting your bottom lip and rubbing your shoulder. He smiled sheepishly, cheeks stained red with embarrassment.

"So Allistor! Where can we see fairies?"

"Why would ye' want ta see the little cheeky buggers?" He paused, smirking. " 'Ourse my brother is one so I guess it's would be nice ta pay him a visit."

Arthur sneezed and shivered. Never a good sign, it usually meant that someone was talking about him. But who? His wings fluttered nervously. Arthur hoped it wasn't one of his idiot brothers. The last thing he wanted was a visit from one of them. Alfred ran into the room panting.

"Um dude?"

Arthur spun on the other fairy and snarled, "EXCUSE ME?!"

Alfred flinched, blue eyes wide, "Um I meant Your Lordship."

Arthur relaxed and crossed his arms. "Yes?"

"There's a giant approaching."

Alfred managed to duck in time as a teapot went flying at him. He backed out of the room, dodging tea cups and spoons. Arthur grabbed the edge of the table he had been sitting by and flipped in, a growl of rage tearing out of his throat.

:I What did I just write? A random half-assed story, that's what xD

I own nothing but the plot
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