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October 14, 2012
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Gilbert's ending.


The sound of water running woke you up. rolling onto your side, you came face to face with a scrap of paper.
Squinting you picked it up and flipped it over.

Dear, _______   
We've gone out for the day. Gil is still home. There are fresh churros in the kitchen.

It was signed with a tomato and a rose.

Smiling you swung your legs over the edge of the bed. The little signatures reminded you of how silly your room-mates could get.

The phone rang.

Sighing you picked it up.


"WHERE IS THAT JACKASS." A familiar voice hissed.

Rolling your eyes you smiled, "Calm down Elizabeta, What did he do this time?"

With a snort she replied, "You don't wan't to know."

Your grin got wider, "I'm serious! What did he do?"

"Just give the phone to Gil." She sounded pissed.

"Okay okay." Leaping off your bed you set the phone down.

"GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!" You called down the hall. The only sound was rushing water.

He must be in the bathroom. You thought

Knocking on the door you opened your mouth to call him.

But stopped.

Because He was singing.

In the shower

In German.

You covered your mouth to keep from laughing. Gilbert might have thought  he was the best at everything, but he couldn't sing to save his life.

"Ich weis wer mein Engel ist. ICH LEIBE DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH." His voice cracked on the long note.

This was too funny.

Even though you had no idea what he was singing, you lost it.

Running back to your room you exploded with laughter. After you were done, you picked up  the phone.

"I'm sorry Elizabeta, Gil can't come to the phone right now." You giggled, out of breath.

"Why?" You could hear the frown in her voice, "Whats wrong?"

"He.....He's." You started to laugh again.

Snorting you tried to calm down.

"He's singing in the shower." The laughter bubbled in your throat.

"So? Whats so funny about that?" Eliza sounded confused.

"Y-you've never heard Gil sing?" You asked. The laughter threatened to burst out.

"No. Roderich once told me Gil was bad at singing." Now she sounded curious.

Tip-toeing towards the bathroom you placed the reciver on the door.

Gil was still singing, "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, ICH LIEBE DICH!!!!!!"

It was to much.

Laughing like a maniac you ran back to your room.
ressing the phone to your ear you giggled, "See?"

Elizabeta was laughing so hard, she started snorting. "GOD that was AWFUL!"
I know!" You shreiked.

"You know vhat?" a curious voice asked.

You slowly turned your head and froze.

Gilbert stood in your door way. In a pair of low slung jeans.

Oh crap.

"N-nothing." You stuttered, blushing.

He frowned, "Zhen who are you talking to?"

"Elizabeta." You squeaked.

His eyes narrowed. He and Eliza weren't exactly on the best of terms.

"Vhat's so funny zhen?" He looked hurt, almost as if he knew you had been laughing at him.

It was strange. Gilbert wasn't normally like that.
You hung up the phone (Sure Eliza would be pissed, but you could explain later) "Um.    Nothings funny Gil." You smiled a little shakily.

He scowled,"Fine zhen don't tell me." he then stalked out of the room.
eez! What was wrong with Gil today?

Maybe he hadn't gotten alot of sleep last night.
Maybe his mood would get better as the day progressed

-------Lunch Time-------

No such luck.

If anything it got worse.

When you asked him if he wanted lunch He snapped at you, saying he was fine. When you made yourself lunch, he asked why you hadn't made anything for him. You were losing  patience fast.

Munching on a pretzel, you decided to ignore the pissed Prussian.

"Hey......_______." he was standing infront of you, head down, hands behind his back.

You ignored him, pretending to be completly enraptured by the pretzel in your hand.

"Um, ______?" You could see he looked sorry out of the corner of your eye.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Gilbert?" You raised an eyebrow

He scowled, "I'm sorry ok? I just..... Today I was supposed to... But I can't.....So maybe...."
e ran a hand through his silvery-white hair. "GAAAAAH! Why is this so hard!!!" He looked at you than turned away. "I just....nevermind."

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay then. He was really acting out of character. You were starting to get creeped out. Either he was sick or hopped up on something.

------An hour later------

Gilbert was nowhere in sight. He had probably gone off to his room to sulk.

Walking towards your room you paused outside his door. And pressed your ear to the door.

Yes you had no problem spying on your one of your best friends. You were genuinly concerned about him.

"Vhy is stuff like zis so hard, Gilbird?" he sounded defeated "It's not fair!" the little chick peeped. He began mummbling something. You couldn't quite make it out. You leaned in closer to the door, trying to make out what he was saying.

Bad idea.
he door must not have been closed all the way, you fell into his room with a loud thud.

"oops." You stared up at the shocked Albino.

"V-vhat are you doing?" His face was bright red, you couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or angry. Probably the latter.

"Um.... I'll just be leaving now....." You slowly stood up and backed out the door.

"VAIT!" The urgency in his voice made you stop.

Gilbert stood infront of you, fist clenched, eyes wide and a determined look on his face.
You watched as his lips moved, but nothing came out.

"What?" Staring at him you raised an eyebrow
He repeated what he said, this time it came out as a whisper. You still couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Gil, your going to have to speak alot louder than that." You crossed your arms, faintly annoyed at the man.

Taking a shakey breath he closed his eyes. "ICH LEIBE DICH!!!!!"

You just stared.

He blushed, "I'm sorry I even said it. I knew you vould't feel the same vay."
Turning back around he crawled into his bed.


he didn't reply

"Gilbert." You placed your hands on your hips "You do realize I have no idea what you just said."

He turned at looked at you, "Vhat? But...." His eyes widened. "Ooooooooooooooooh."

"Um vell, Um." His blush rivaled the color of his eyes. He motioned for you to come closer. Stepping forward you stopped near the edge of his bed.

"Und now close your eyes."

You narrowed your eyes. Even though you had lived with the trio for over three years, you were still wary of their pervy ways.


"Fine! But if you try anything." You glared, then closed your eyes.

Nothing happened. "Gilbert?"


"What are you doing?"
"Open your eyes."
ou opened them, and nearly had a heart-attack. The Prussian was inches away from your face. He held his clenched fist at eye level.

"Um, Gil wha-." "Pick a hand."

You stared at him, "The left one?"

He opened it and streached the palm out towards you.

In red marker was 'Ich leibe Dich.'

Rolling your eyes you sighed, "You know I can't read German, Gilbert."

He nodded and opened the other hand. On this palm were the words 'I love you.'

You blushed and looked away, "You shouldn't mess with people like that."

He slowly leaned back and sucked in a low, long breath.

"I vasn't joking." He stared, gripping the edge of his black tank top.

You stared back.

"See!?" I new it vas a bad idea to confess!" Gilbert slumped in defeat. He looked as though he was about to cry.

"So, you really meant it?" Staring at the ground, you rocked back and forth on your heels.

A hand crept under your chin and lifted your face.

You blushed as his lips slowly meet yours.

It was a sweet, soft kiss. Wraping your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer. His hands tightened on your waist. Pulling away you smiled up at him. "So does zat mean?" He stared down at you. Nodding you grinned, "Yes you idiot, I love you."

He grinned back, his normally cocky self. "Zhat's AWESOME. But not as Awesome as me!"

An evil grin grew across your face "Yeeeeeeah, not as awesome as you, or your singing."

He paled, "Y-you heard zhat?!"

"So did Elizabeta."

His face was Epic

----Francis's Point of veiw--------

" 'Ow long do we 'ave to stay out 'ere?" I groaned, shifting from foot to foot. It was frickin' could out. WHY did Gilbert have to pick today to confess to _____?

"I-I dunno." Antonio shivering, buried his face into his jacket collar.

Damn Prussian, I scowled rubbing my chapped hands together.

"You zink Elizabeta would let us over?" Glancing at the little house next to ours, he shook his head, "I d-d-doubt it."

"Damn zat Albino."

-----Elizabeta's point of veiw-----

I watched over Kiku's shoulder as he finished editting the audio clip.
"Finished. Ar you have to do is uproad it."

I grinned, FINALLY I could get my revenge on the Prussian. It had taken me weeks, But I had managed to get a clip of him singing.

The End
:I For some reason I imagine him being really akward about professing love. This is kind of a crack fic.... With alotta fluff...

The previous chapter [link]

I dunno guys

Translation- Ich leibe dich- I love you
Ich weis wer mein Engel ist- I know the person which is my angel

:3 :iconrosentanz: helped me with the german :D

I found this random hetalia quiz on Funimation [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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