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March 14, 2013
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Names I'm using for the Kirkland brothers :>

Wales- Dylan

Ireland- Seamus

Scotland- Allistor

England- Arthur


You groaned as your alarm went off, signaling the start of another day in hell. Slamming your hand down on the end button, you slowly dragged yourself out of bed. The clock face read 4:45 a.m. Why would anyone get up the early? Quite simple.

You were the head "Maid" in the Kirkland house hold. Which meant waking up before the sun. As the head maid it was your duty to supervise the other girls working for the Kirklands.
Which would have been great, if they weren't all complete air-heads. You were stuck doing all the jobs that required thinking.

And they happened to be 99.9 % of all of the jobs.

After pulling on your uniform, you crept downstairs into the kitchen. The last job you had done last night was to clean it. You had stayed up until 11:00 o'clock to clean everything. Which was why you were so tired.

When you entered the kitchen, you had to refrain from letting out a shriek. It was a complete mess. One of the Kirkland brothers had obviously decided to make a midnight snack. Luckily for you it only took around twenty minutes to clean the mess.

Sighing quietly you began the preparations for the morning meal. After that was finished, you headed for the basement. Piles of dirty laundry met your eyes. It took you over an hour and a half to finish all of the laundry. Then another hour to fold all of it.

There were four baskets full. Each one for a different Kirkland brother. Picking up the first basket, you headed for the top floor. Setting it outside the eldest brothers door, you went back. Three more trips to separate sections of the house and you had finished the job.

You headed back to the servants quarters, wincing slightly. The heels you had to wear were extremely impractical, not to mention hard to walk in. Rapping on the other maid's doors you waited until they had all shuffled out, their uniforms wrinkly.

They blinked bleary as you gave them their instructions for the day. You wanted to strangle them as they complained about the small amount of work you had given them. But you didn't know that there was no point in wasting your energy.
Hurrying back into the kitchen, you finished preparing breakfast. This was the part of the day you hated the most.

All of the Kirkland brothers were over twenty years old. Yet they still expected to be served breakfast in bed. Not only was it a slightly disgusting eat food in the place one slept, it was also a hassle lugging the silver trays up the stairs.

I mean, was it really that big of a deal to get up and walk downstairs to the dinning room?

You grabbed the first tray, staggering under the immense weight of all the food. Hurrying up the stairs you knocked on the first door you came to. Thankfully the brothers all had the same breakfast, making your job a bit easier.

There was a sleepy grunt. You took it as a yes and entered.

Allistor lay sprawled across his bed, his brilliant green eyes half closed. You refrained from rolling your (e/c) eyes. Setting his breakfast on the bedside table, you turned and went to each window, throwing the curtains open.
He winced and grumbled, sitting up to pick at his meal.

"Why do ye' wake us up so early lass?"

You turned and looked at him, trying not to blush. He was only in a pair of low slung boxer's.

"Your brother wanted everyone up by seven o'clock."

The redhead rolled his eyes, pursing his lips. You turned and left. Instructing two other girls to take Arthur and Dylan their breakfast, you grabbed the try for Seamus and headed for his room.

Out of all of the brothers, Seamus was the only one you could tolerate. Unlike his other brothers, Seamus treated you like you were a person. He didn't look down on you and patronize you like Arthur did and he didn't sexually harass you like Allistor did. Nor did he ignore you like Dylan did.

And he was cute, in his own little way. You liked his crazy, curly orange hair and the way he laughed.

Hell, you had a crush on him, no point in beating around the bush.

Knocking gently on his door, you waited. It opened almost immediately and you found your self face to face with the Irishman. Or to be more accurate, with his stocky chest.

Looking up, you felt a blush lightly dust your cheeks.
The orange-haired man shot a quick grin at you, straightening the four-leave clover patterned tie he was wearing. You noticed the spattering of freckles that covered his cheeks.

"Dank ya' fer da breakfast  ____."

He took the tray, placing it on his writing desk. You nodded and turned to leave. Before you had moved more than a few steps, you felt his large hand wrap around your wrist.

"Uh... um..." He paused, his cheeks tinged pink. You waited patently, trying to ignore the feeling of his warm hand around your wrist.
Clearing his throat, he motioned vaguely. "Um do ya remember what today is?"

You scrunch your face up, then shrugged,  "Yeah Thursday."

He shook his head, which made you feel slight panic rise in your throat. Was it really Friday and you were following Thursday's schedule?

"It's yer birtday."

It was? You thought back to the last time you had looked at the calendar and realized that it was true. Geez, you had forgotten your own birthday. But that wasn't what surprised you. What surprised you was the fact that Seamus had remembered.

"Um... dis is fer ya." The Irishman pointed to something on his desk, next to the tray of breakfast you had brought up. Your eyes widened as you realized what it was.

It was a messily iced, chocolate cupcake. Which reminded you of the mess you had found in the kitchen earlier.  Had Seamus stayed up most of the night just to make a cupcake for you?

You blushed, hunching your shoulders slightly. Seamus smiled sheepishly, rubbing a hand through his short, bright, curly hair.

"Thank you... You really didn't have to do that."

For some reason, tears welled up. You pressed your lips together, trying not to let them fall.

"Hey hey hey. Please dinn'a cry!!" He pulled you forward, into his arms. You gasped, curling your fingers around the cloth of his shirt. After a few moments of snuffling, you managed to get your emotions under control.

"Thank you Seamus."

"No problem." He smiled, his light green eyes crinkling at the corners. You smiled back, feeling happiness bubble in your chest. Placing a swift kiss on your forehead, Seamus let go, grinning.

"If ye' want, ye can visit me tonight when yer duties are over." He winked an you felt your face flush red. Hurrying away, you ran headfirst into Arthur. He frowned down at you.

"Why are you smiling like a fool?"

You shook you head and hurried away, hands over your mouth to hide the giant grin on your face. You were definitely going to take Seamus up on his offer.
My first IrelandxReader :> I hope I did okay! I had trouble with the accent xD
Ireland needs more love!!! xD

I own nothing but the plot.
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PennypPen Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ostara-Frost Nov 27, 2013  Student Writer
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Ever given thought to continuing this story?
Ostara-Frost Dec 31, 2013  Student Writer
A bit, yes. But I have other stories to finish first.
PeteSeeger Dec 31, 2013  Student Writer
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stupid Arther almost ruend the mood
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xD Yes
Aqua7sea Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ikr and thank you far writing this story
Ostara-Frost Oct 17, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you for reading it!
Aqua7sea Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome
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