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BTTxReader Lost children?

Part 2


"I drew dis for you." You looked down at the dark-haired five year old who was holding up a crayon drawing.

Crouching down to his level, you gently took it from him.

The picture was a portrait of you.  

"Thank you Kiku!"  

The little boy nodded, then ran off towards his siblings.

It had been three months since you had meet Lovino, Matthew and Ludwig, yet those three little boys were still on your mind.

You hoped they were doing okay. They were actually the reason you had started this Day care/ Babysitting job.

After spending over three hours taking care of them, when you had gone home, your house  had felt really empty. Going to work was depressing and felt pointless. So Two weeks later you had made your home into a Kid friendly Daycare.

A high pitched wail brought you out of your thoughts.

Natalia, a four year old sat on the floor crying. Rushing over you scooped her into your arms

"Awww whats the matter honey?" She rubbed her eyes and pouted. "Beeg Brother stole my ribbon!"

You looked at the  russian boy. "Give it back Ivan.'

He grinned, "Sdelayte mne."  The pink ribbon was clutched tightly in his hand. His violet eyes dared you to take it from him.

As cute as he could be sometimes, Ivan was one creepy-ass kid.

Sighing you sat Natalia down on a bean-bag chair. "Pick a color." You held up a several different ribbons. She picked a navy blue one.

"Now Ivan, No more tormenting your sister. Ok?" He scowled and nodded.

"______-chan!" Kiku sang out. Three of his siblings stood next to him.

Smiling you walked over

Thanks to the cultural differences of your wards, you had managed to pick up the basics of Japanese and Russian.

--------Two hours later--------

"Thank you so much for taking care of them again on such a short notice, aru. I hope they weren't any trouble."

You smiled at the asian man infront of you. "Anytime Yao. You know how much I love their company. They're no trouble at all."

He gave you a tired smile.

You stood in the door way as Yao strapped his seven siblings into his van. Poor guy. Yao was    the same age as you and he had support his siblings after his parents had died.

"Beeg sister?" Natalia looked around your leg. Scanning the street, you saw that she was right.

Yekaterina was hurrying across the street. Only in middle school, her parents had left the responsiabily of the Four and Eight year old on her shoulders.
I'm sorry I'm late Miss _______!" Yekaterina looked worried, "The school had an assembly."

"Don't worry" Smiling you waved as she picked  up Natalia and began walking back down the street, Ivan in tow.


You had just sat down to eat dinner when the phone rang.

"Hello? This is ____ speaking."

"Yeeeeeeeeeeah, um do you like, do last minute babysitting?" An annoying, female voice asked.

"Yes I do." You frowned, every once in a while you got calls like these. Damn and you were just about to have dinner.

"Okay so like, come to 1716 Cherrywood Ave as soon as possible." She hung up before you could answer.

Grabbing your purse, you sprinted out to your car. It was going to be a long night.

-----Ten minutes later----

You had arrived infront of the biggest house you had ever seen.
It was a three story brick mansion. "Geez" You mummbled, "Who the hell lives here?"

Before you could knock, the front door swung open.

"Like, Thank God!!!!" A rather short girl with blonde highlights, stood in the door way, chewing on a wad off gum.

How annoying.

She walked past you, "I was hired to babysit, but I like HAAAATE kids so, like I'll be back an hour before their parents get back." She hopped into a pink minivan and sped off.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? You stared after her, shocked. What a Jackass!

Sighing you stepped inside the impossibly large house.

First order of buisness, where are the kids.

Looking around, you quickly reliaized that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to get lost in this house.

Clearing your throat, you called out, "Guys? Hello?" A little muffled noise, came from the right. Ok, that was a start. "I'm uh your new babysitter." You walked into the large living room to the right.

Three children sat on a couch.

Three very familiar children.

"Lovino? Ludwig? Matthew?" You stood flabbergasted, staring at the three little figures.

"Hey! _______! What are you-a doing here?" The little Italian boy jumped off the couch and hugged you.

Grinning you patted his head, "I was hired by that girl to babysit you."

Lovino rolled his eyes, "Matthew's-a father hired-a her. Shes-a bitch." The kids use of curse words never failed to amaze you.

"She can't be that bad." You looked at the other two.

Matthew shrugged, Ludwig slapped the couch with his palms,"Lovino ist richtig." His face was rather serious for a two year old.

"So why did your gaurdians need a babysitter? Couldn't one of them stay home?"

Matthew frowned, "No, Papa, Uncle Gilbert and Uncle Toni went out drinking."

Several of your favorite choice words ran through your head.

Lovino nodded as if he knew what you were thinking.

"So" you clapped your hands "What do you guys want to do?"

It went quiet as the trio though about your question. "Well what time is it?" Matthew whispered. you looked down at your watch,

"Um, 7:23. Why?"

Matthew looked at the ground, "That means Papa will be home in about four hours." You eye twitched, "How long have they been gone?"

Ludwig held up two fingers, "Zwei Stunden." The kid was smart for only two years old.

Sitting down, You stared at them. "What usually happens when they come home?"

Lovino puffed out his cheeks," Well, First-a that tomato bastard and his-a friends laugh and go apeshit crazy. Then they-a throwup all over the place."

Matthew nodded,"We usually clean up after them, and then the next morning take care of them."

How horrible. You felt bad for your little friends. "Well it won't happen tonight!" You stood up, "No child should have to take care of their drunken parent."
Ludwig pursed his lips,"Bruder." You nodded, "Or brother."

"So!" You put your hands on your hips "Lets go have some fun!"

The four of you decided to go to an Ice Cream Palor. After that you all went back to their house and watched Ludwigs favorite movie, "My Neighbor Totoro"

"I'm-a glad you-a came ______!" Lovino smiled at you, "It's-a lotta fun with-a you around."

You grinned "Thanks Lovi!"

Matthew smiled," Yeah, It's a good thing you came."

Ludwig was fast asleep on your lap, "Maybe its time for bed guys?" you looked at Lovino.

He shrugged. "We usually stay up untill-a they come home."

Shaking your head, you sighed, "I'll deal with them. You guys are young, you need your rest."

Matthew nodded slowly, "Okay."

You tucked the trio into bed, then made your way downstairs. According to Matthew they would be back around 11:00. Your watch read 9:12. Great. It was going to be a while.

A loud bang woke you up. SHIT! You had fallen asleep.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEY KIDS VE'RE HOOOOOOOOOOOME!!" A loud German accent trilled. Ludwig's brother. What was his name? Gilbert.


You sat up and crossed your arms.

You sat on a couch half hidden in shadow. With your black jeans and dark purple shirt, all that was really visible at first glance were your (Iris color) Eyes. Which glittered dangerously in the moonlight.

You were going to teach these men a lesson.

The first to enter was indeed Gilbert.

He stummbled in, his crimson eyes glazed over by the effects of the alchol. He spun in a lazy circle, glancing around the room for the children. His eyes landed on you.

He froze.

"HEILIGE SCHEIßE!" He screamed like a little girl and fell backwards.
Francis lept in, brandishing a silver Candelabra. "What is wrong?"

Gilbert had gone as white as his hair as he pointed and sputtered. "D-D-DEMON!!!"


Francis squintted, "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

You could see he wasn't as drunk as Gilbert, but still.

You stood up as regally as possible. "YOU!" you hissed pointing at the two. They both backed up. Both were visibly shaking.

Antonio walked in, "Who are you? Where are the kids?"

Crossing your arms you frowned at him. "I'm here babysittting your children. WHO I might add were left alone with an irresponsible twit."

Antonio frowned, "Yeah bu-" You cut him off,

"What kind of gaurdians leave their children to go out drinking?" Your disgust showed on your face.

"Who do you zink you are? You can't tell us what to do." Gilbert sneered
You scowled, "No I can't. But I can hope you'll listen." tapping your foot on the ground,

you glared at the men.

Francis's shirt was unbuttoned, a lipstick stain on his collar.

Gilbert had a brusies around his neck, almost as iff someone had been choking him.

Antonio was the least drunk of them but he was still a mess. His hair was wet and He had dirt down the front of his shirt.

"Look at you! What kind of example are you trying to set for those little boys?!" you swung your arms up in resegnation. "I mean COME ON! WHAT THE HELL GUYS?!" Your voice slowly rose untill you were shouting.

Antonio flinched, "Well when you put it that way....." His green eyes studdied the floor.
Francis scowled, "I am not setting zat bad of an example."

"Yes you are!" You couldn't belive these guys.

"Aren't you zat girl from ze mall?" Gilbert was staring at you. In a very creepy way.

He walked towards you slowly. The little voice in the back of your mind, dryly commented how it was almost like a lion stalking prey.

You backed up untill you hit the wall.

Placing his hands on either side of your head he leaned in. "Vhy do you care about zem?"

His breath made you cringe. Uck. The guy needed a mint.

His nose was nearly touching yours.

Squirming away you straightened your shirt, and stood up to your full height.

"They're good kids."

He frowned "Zhats it?"

A loud thud startled you. Francis had passed out. Antonio was swaying next to him. Five seconds later, he hit the floor.

Gilbert stared, then he too passed out.

Weirdos. You thought.

NOW I'm going to have to drag them upstairs. You wondered how the kids usually managed with them.

---------The next morning------

You flipped a pancake onto the last plate. It was 9:05 in the morning. You had woken up a half an hour earlier when Matthew had told you he was hungry.

So there you were, making pancakes for the kids. They all sat around the kitchen table wolfing down your cooking.

"Well guy." You sighed, "I'm going to wake up the three idiots."

You hurried up the stairs and entered the first room. Francis's room.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UP!" You made sure to be as loud as possible, as you stommped over to a window and opened the drapes.

"nooooooooon......." You could see that he had his head under his pillow.
taking a dep breath you placed your lips next to his ear,


He shot out of bed cursing in french. Glaring at you with bloodshot eyes he growled, "Why are you still 'ere?"

You made a face, "Someone had to feed the kids while you were hung over."

Rubbing his face he flopped back onto the pillows. His blonde hair a tangled mess. "Zank you." His voice was nothing more than a soft whisper.

Shrugging you turned to leave "No one else would do it, so...."

Waking Antonio was easy. He probably had heard your attempts to wake Francis.

Gilbert was a pain in the ass.

Walking into his room you stared at the tangle of blankets on the bed. Who the hell uses SEVEN blankets.

"Gilbert........Gil." You stared down at the large pile. "GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILBERT!" a tiny muffled squeak.

Hopeing he wasn't naked, you began throwing the blankets off, one by one.

The albino was curled into a tiny ball, his face scrunched up against the light. He almost looked cute.

But then he had to open that big mouth of his.

"VHERE YOU SENT FROM HELL?" His red eyes glared up at you.

You noticed he was wincing. Poor guy must have a headache.


His eyes widened, sitting up he glared "Zhat's MY line!"

Rolling your eyes, you turned around, "Get your ass to the table, breakfast is ready."

Walking back towards the stairs you were meet with a most unexpected sight. Francis, dripping wet, in a towel.

Blushing deep red, you squeaked.

A faint dusting of pink crossed his cheeks, "Oh! Sorry. I zought you 'ad gone down

"U-u-um" You scurried past him "I'm going to check on the kids."


Your blush had vanished.

Which was good.

Damn he was hot for a single dad.


You DID NOT just think that.

"Why are you-a blushing?" Lovino stared up at you, a knowing expression on his face. You felt your face heat up even more,

"Um its kinda hot in here?"

It came out as a question. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw baby Ludwig roll his eyes.

"Vhy don't you take somezing off if its so hot?" You felt more than saw the Albino behind you.

"Non!" Francis walked in the kitchen(Fully clothed), ruffling Matthews hair as he passed. "She is going to ze new babysitter."

You blinked "Um......What?"

An arm snaked its way around your shoulder. "The kids like you, so we figured you could babysit them!"

You looked up at the grinning spainiard. His emerald eyes twinkled.

And that, was how you got your job as the little trio's personal Nanny.
:D Part two of this [link]

German Translation- Lovino ist richtig- Lovino is right


Russian- Sdelayte mne- Make me

I used google translate sooooooooo yeah.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Walking into his room you stared at the tangle of blankets on the bed. Who the hell uses SEVEN blankets.

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