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October 8, 2012
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LOST Children?
BTTxReader (with Baby Germany, Little Canada and young Romano)
GOD! You hated the mall.
Filled with loud fast talking assholes who slammed into their shoulders into yours, then glared at YOU like you were the rude one.

High-heels clicked, phones beeped and children wailed. Wait, what?

"Papa!!"  You stopped were you were and frowned. "Papa!" A little voice sobbed.
There it was again. Spinning around you looked for the source of the voice. Across the corridor, standing between a potted plant and a stone pillar, where three little figures.

"Papa!" People walked by, not even sparing a glance towards the crying child. It disgusted you. Here where three little, lost, crying children, and their fellow humans didn't even think they were worth stopping for.

Looking around you scanned for a worried looking father or mother.


Just a creepy guy in a tattered coat, who was slowly inching his way towards the trio. Not Good.

Your maternal instinct kicked into overdrive. You had to get to them before he did. Pushing your way through the crowd (exchanging a few of your favorite curse words along the way) you finally made it.

The one crying was a little boy, about 4 or 5,  with wavy blonde hair and violet eyes. He sniffed, startled to see an adult standing infront of him. Next to him stood a boy, who you guessed to be about 8 or 9. He glared with amber eyes,  a fist-full of his chestnut hair, in the hand of a two year old he was holding. The blonde baby blinked at you with sleepy blue eyes.

"Are you guys lost?" The little crying child wiped his eyes with a pudgy fist. "I want Papaaaaa!" He wailed.

"That-a Spanish Bastardo left-a us here." The eight year-old glared at the floor, his grip tightening on the baby. You frowned, "Why did he leave you?" The eight-year-old shrugged, "They probably went to-a pick up-a ladies." Your frown deepened, "They?" The little blonde boy nodded, "Papa and his friends."

If looks could kill.

You quickly rearranged your features, not wanting to scare the children. "What are your names?"

"This is-a Ludwig, My name is-a Lovino." The strange curl on his head bounced. You smiled, "Those are really neat names." You turned towards the little violet-eyed kid.

"What about you?" He shrugged and stared at the floor. "I'm Matthew."  

"Ich will meinen Bruder." a slightly monotone high-pitched voice grumbled. You jumped, shocked.

"D-did he just speak?" You pointed at Ludwig, who was poker-faced. Lovino rolled his eyes," Si, I've-a been trying to-a teach-a him English, but he-a only speaks German." You stared in awe, "U-um miss?"

Glancing down you felt your heart pang. These poor kids. What kind of Bastard fathers left their children all alone in the middle of a crowded mall.

"Ich bin hungrig" Ludwig streched a pudgy fist in your direction. "What did he say?" You asked. Lovino blushed, "It-a dosen't-a matter." His stomache rummbled.

"Are you guys hungry? How long have you been standing here?" Lovino looked away, "It-a isn't important" Clearly Ludwig wasn't happy, He grapped the strange curl on Lovino's head

"Essen und Bruder jetzt!" He bawled. Lovino's blush rivaled the color of tomatos. He was upset, you could tell by the way he was bitting his lip. "Do you guys want to get something to eat?" Matthew nodded.

Ludwig started chanting" Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja!!!" Lovino sighed. "If-a you don't-a mind." Smiling you shook your head,"Its ok you guys." "Um what kind of food do you guys eat?"

"Pancakes" "Tomatoes" "Wurst".

------Time Skip------

The four of you sat in a resturant. You had finished your lunch already.

Lovino was on his third plate of pasta , Matthew his second plate of pancakes and Ludwig (having finished his wurst) was nawing on a bread crust.

"Why did your dads leave you?"

Lovino snorted into his pasta.

"Francis is-a Matthews father, Antonio babysits-a me, and-a Gilbert is-a Ludwigs brother."

"Bruder!" Ludwig hiccupped.

Leaning on an elbow you frowned, "So they just leave you to pick up women?" Lovino shrugged "I don't-a really know". What douche bags, it took all of your will power not to spit it out. Picking up your glass, you took a drink of water.

"They are-a Douche bags." Choking you stared at Lovino, "Where did you learn that?" He shrugged. "Well!" You sat up, "Why don't we find them?" Matthew nodded, "I want Papa!"

-------Spain's Point of veiw-----

We strolled down the long hallway, Francis was eyeing women while Gilbert prattled on about something awesome he had done.

It was nice.

The kids were no doubt in awe of everything around them. Spotting a gaint toy store I grinned,

"You guys wanna go in?"

no reply

"Kids?" Glancing behind I froze.

They were gone.

"SHIT!!!!" Spinning around I searched frantically for Lovino and the others. In a crowd like this they could be crushed, especially baby Ludwig. "SHIIIIT!!!" Grabbing handfuls of my hair I started to panic.


-------Gilbert's point of View--------

"So zen ZE AWESOME ME vas ---" I broke off a Toni started to curse, then babble in Spanish.

"VAS ZE FUCK TONI?" I spun around, offended by his reation. The spainiard was frantically whipping his head from side to side, his face twisted with worry.

He kinda looked like he was having a fit. And then I realized why. The kids were no where in sight.

" WO IST MEIN BRUDER?!" I shrieked, in an unawesomely high pitched voice. I grapped Toni's shirt collar.


Flecks of my spit hit his face. "I don't know, I don't know." He started to hyperventilate. Bile crawled up my throat.
My breath snorted out of my nose in short gasps.

-------Francis's point of veiw-------

This mall had to be one of the best places to pick up women. I winked at a giggling redhead. She blushed, ducking her head.

So cute.

Behind me Toni ruined the moment by cursing then going off in spainish. I smirked, Gil must have said something. Then Gil started to rant in German.


I glanced over my shoulder, confused. Antonio was on his knees, sobbing. Gilbert had a security guard by the collar and was shouting in German at the poor man.

I frowned. What was wrong with them? Couldn't we just have ONE day were there were no dramatics?  

I quickly scanned the crowd that was making a wide circle around us. What could have possible set them off?

Wait..... Where was Matthew?

The conclusion slowly seeped its way into my brain. "GAAAH!! I shrieked "NON NON NON!!!"

-------Reader's Point of Veiw----

You walked at a steady pace down the hallway.

Ludwig was nestled in the crook of your arm, his little head resting on your shoulder.

Matthew was balanced on your other hip, humming softly.

Lovino walked next to you, his hand gripping tightly to the hem of your shirt.

"Do you huys see them yet?" Lovino shook his head, "No" His bottom lip trembled. After a few more moments you noticed a commotion head.

Pushing your way through the gathered crowd, you saw three hysterical men. One of them was on his knees bawling, his tanned hands tangled in his chocolate brown hair.
Next to him a stood a guy with shoulder length blonde hair, his hands shook as he looked around frantically.
The last man was yelling at a security guard in German. His white hair shone under the florecent mall lights.

"Bruder!" Ludwigs squeal startled you. He was gurgling happily, reaching out towards the albino.

"Are they your gaurdians?" You looked down at Lovino. He nodded obviously annoyed.

"Si. That-a tomato bastard had to-a make a scene." You smiled as he ran over to the sobbing Antonio. Who upon seeing him grabbed him into a bone-crushing hug.

Poor kid.

Matthew wriggled out of you arms, and ran at Francis. "PAPAAAAAAAAAA!" He shrieked. He also was swept into a hug.

Walking over to the albino you tapped his shoulder, "Um Gilbert?" did you remember his name right? He spun around, briliant red eyes flashing. Startled you stumbled back a step. His eyes widened further.

"LUDWIG!!!" He grabbed you around the waist, burying his face in the little boys neck. "I vas so vorried!!!"

You started to feel guilty about thinking they were douche bags. They were just concerned men. Probably had been searching for hours. His hand slid down to your ass.  



"GAH!! Damn it Mädel!!"

------Baby Ludwig's point of veiw-----

My stupid Bruder was smacked across the face. It wasn't the first time either.
Inside I laughed quietly.
Does this really count as a BTTxReader? I'm not really sure :I

Part two [link]

Translations (I got most of these off google translate)

Ich will meinen Bruder- I want my brother

Ich bin hungrig- I'm hungry

Essen und Bruder jetzt- Food and Brother now

Bruder- Brother

WO IST MEIN BRUDER- Where is my brother

Mädel- Girl ( :iconask-sanmarino: Suggested I use Mädel, Süße or Kleine instead of Frau. So thank you for your sugestion!)

ESTO NO ES BUENO- This is not good



Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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And I'm glad you didn't use "Frau", it sometimes annoys me to the point that I simply can't explain, because German men don't just say "Ugh, Frau!". "Mädel" is a good word to say there! :heart:
Keep up the good work. =]
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