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October 28, 2012
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The meowing from the cats was loud. There had to be at least thirty cats there.
"Are you looking for a particular type of cat?"

"No. Not really..." You twirled a lock of hair around your finger. "Are there any kittens?"

"Yes!" Elizabeta clapped her hands. "Only one though, the other two where adopted." Nodding you followed her over to a cardboard box.
Inside was a smallish beige and white cat. It had the most vibrant purple eyes you had ever seen.

"This is Matthew. His father, Francis, is that one over there." You looked over at the fluffy white cat.
"Um I'll take him!" Reaching out you patted the kittens head. He blinked up at you.

Elizabeta grinned, "Good choice! Matthew's a bit shy, but he'll warm up to you!"

---------Time skip--------

It was a rather quiet ride home. You kept glancing at the kitten, He had fallen asleep after being put in the carrier. You smiled at the collar around his neck. Elizabeta had given it to you as a complementary gift. It was bright red with a little maple leaf charm.

Sighing you pulled into your driveway.

"Mew" Blinking you stared down at the little cat. "Hi! You're awake." He sneezed.

Picking up the carrier, you hurried inside.

Before letting him out you decided to look around the house for objects that he might accidentally hurt himself with.

That meant picking up all the electrical cords and moving them so he couldn't bite them.

After that was done you let him out. He cautiously stepped out, squinting around.

-------Time skip-------

"Matthew?" You called

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaattie!" You raced up stairs.

Where was the little cat?

"Maaaaattie?!" You looked into your room and smiled. He was curled up on your bed. He looked up and yawned. "Good boy." Smiling you patted his head.

Sighing you stared at you closet. You really needed to clean it out.

Opening the door you pulled an old box of stuffed animals out.

"Don't need those." You muttered as you began to flip through a stack of magazines.


You glanced behind, "Whats the matter Mattie?"

He had fallen off the bed into the box of toys. He squirmed under a stuffed whale, only his tail sticking out.
"What are you doing?"

His tail flicked back and forth in a frenzy. Then he slowly backed out. In his mouth was your old beanie baby polar bear. You watched as he gently set it on the ground, then slid out of the box. Picking it back up he slowly dragged it towards you.

"You like that old bear?" He blinked up at you, the small toy dangling from his mouth.

-------Time skip-------

Over the next few weeks, Matthew carried the bear everywhere. When he couldn't find it,   he'd meow hysterically until you brought it to him. When you washed it, he would sit next to the dryer.

You looked around for the small cat as you finished glazing a batch of doughnuts. He was probably sleeping. Setting the tray down, you stared at the big bowl of maple syrup. You had only used half of it. What should be done with the other half?

Sighing you turned away and pulled your cook book out. Maybe there was a recipe in here    that called form maple syrup.


"Hi Mattie." You looked down, he wasn't there. Looking up you froze. Matthew was on the counter, on his hind legs. The small cat had his head in the bowl of syrup.

"MATTIE!!" You shrieked. You didn't know if cats could get sick from syrup.

Startled the cat fell face first into the bowl. Quickly you reached into the bowl and pulled the dripping kitten out.

"Meeeeeeew." He wailed
You stared at the maple covered kitten.

Silly cat.
O_O I couldn't find a picture of Neko canada......


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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