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October 23, 2012
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Neko EnglandxReader


You stared at the cats around you.
So many!!!!
A big cat with an oddly large nose sat down near your feet. His purple eyes stared up at you.

You slowly edged away from the big cat. Elizabeta smiled, "That's Ivan. He's a bit strange." You nodded, feeling the urge to avoid eye contact with the fluffy cat.

"Um are there any cats that have trouble getting adopted?" You looked around at all the cats.

Elizabeta shrugged, "Pretty much all of them. They were either strays or donated."

You grimaced, poor kitties.
The huge cat leaned against your leg again.

"Uh..." You looked around. None of the cats really interested you.


"We do have another cat in the vet ward." You looked at Elizabeta in surprise,

"Can I see him?"

"Sure." She lead you past the cats and into a separate room.

A small Scottish fold lay in a box, his front paw was bandaged in a little cast.
"He was thrown from a car. I never found the Jack-ass who did it." Elizabeta gently poked the cat.

It lifted it's head.

You nearly laughed.

The cat had two large patches of fur over its eyes, almost as if they were eyebrows. He blinked his green eyes in annoyance.

"This is Iggy, but we call him Biscuit." She shrugged "He responds to both."

You nodded. "Is he up for adoption?" Elizabeta nodded, "Yeah, but he needs someone who    can really take care of him." She motioned towards his leg, "That's going to take a while to heal."

Clapping your hands you nodded, "I can do it!!! I'll take him!"

After signing a bunch of papers (It was like you were releasing a prisoner) You finally drove the cat home.

"So...." You opened his cat carrier and looked around "This is your new home." You watched as he slowly limped out.

Poor little guy.

He surveyed his surroundings with what looked like annoyance. But that was just a trick of the light. right?

-------Three months later--------

Arthur's leg had finally healed. although the cat still limped every now and then.
He was rather strange for a cat. Hissing whenever french music came on the radio. Then giving you a "What" look when you stared.

He also was always trying to drink your tea. Whenever you looked away you'd always find him with his head stuck in the cup.

Today was no exception

Walking into the living room you noted that you tea cup was empty.

You looked down at the Scottish fold. He stared back un-blinking. His big eyebrows pulled low over his eyes.

"No drinking my tea." You pointed your finger at the little cat. "Bad kitty."

He snorted, jumping off the couch and sauntering out of the living room. It wasn't that you were angry at him. You worry worried that he would get sick or burn his nose.


His little head appeared around the corner. His eyebrows still furrowed, giving him a human  like scowl.

It was so cute.


You sat curled up with a cup of tea on your couch. It was cold out. Perfect book weather. You were re-reading your favorite Shakespearean plays.

Setting your cup down, you flipped a page in the old book. Hamlet was pretty dark.

Iggy jumped onto the table.


You watched as he stuck his head inside the cup, totally ignoring you.

"IGGY!" You snapped your fingers, trying to get the small cats attention.

He sat up, tea dripping from his whiskers and GLARED at you.


"Sorry." You mumbled embarrassed to be cowed by your cat.

He huffed, turning back towards the tea cup.

----That night------

You had almost fallen asleep when a small mew brought you out of your half-slumber.

Looking over the edge over the bed you raised an eyebrow at Iggy. "What?"

His serious green eyes blinked up at you. Reaching out a paw he nudge a little ball towards   you.  Squinting you realized that it was actually his favorite toy bunny. The little green one he guarded with a jealous protectiveness.

"What? Did you rip it?" You didn't know if you'd be able to fix such a small toy.
Huffing in what sounded like kitty annoyance, he gently picked it up and lept onto the bed. Placing it one your pillow he nudged it towards you.


His kitty-brows furrowed.

He nudged it forward again, then lept to the edge of your bed and curled up.
You stared at him, then the toy.

Maybe it was a to say he was sorry for drinking your tea?
Moving it to the edge of you pillow, you lay back down. Iggy stood up and plunked his little body next to your head. He started purring.

It sounded like a quiet little laugh.
So fluffeh! xD


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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