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November 6, 2012
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Neko-FrancexReaderxScotland (kinda)


"We have a really big selection of cats as you can see." Elizabeta laughed.

She was right. You didn't think you had ever seen as many cats as there were in this place. A small tabby rubbed up against your leg. He had a funny curl on his head.

"Thats Itabby." she pointed to a dark gray cat, "Thats his friend Germouser."

Nodding you crouched, patting the cat's head. A rather large white cat sauntered up to you. He had a friendly air about him.

"Whats this guys name?" You rubbed a hand across his fluffy head.
Elizabeta raised an eyebrow, "Thats Francis. He likes to cause trouble." You stared at the cat. He winked up at you.

Kinda weird for a cat.......

"He really doesn't look like he causes that much trouble." You mused aloud.
Elizabeta snorted. "Between him and his friends....." She motioned towards two cats sitting across the room. They were also white, although one had beige patches of fur.

The fluffy cat looked up at you. So cute.

"You know what? I'll take him!" You grinned down at the cat.

Elizabeta shrugged, "It'll be good to get him off my hands."

Picking up the cat, you followed her back into the main office. You passed a blonde man in a dress. Deciding not to stare, you carried on.

-------Time skip-------

You hummed along with the radio as you drove back home. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Francis looking at you.

"Francis is French for Frenchman, right?" You grinned down at the cat. He meowed, winking again.

You had seen cats wink before, but this was way too human like. As if he knew what you were thinking the white cat winked again.

-------Time skip-------

You soon found out why Elizabeta had called him a trouble maker.

The cat had an underwear obsession.

You couldn't leave laundry out nor drawers open. If you did any undergarment would be whisked away by the white menace.

Good thing cats couldn't open drawers.

You walked into your bedroom, a basket full of clean laundry balanced on your hip. Something felt off about it. Looking around you noticed instantly what was wrong.

A drawer was open on your dresser.
To be more specific. Your Undergarment drawer was open.

"What the...." You muttered, setting the laundry basket down.
You hadn't left it open. And there was no way Francis could have opened it. Right? A few strands of longish white fur lay across the top of the dresser.

You marched out of your room and down the stairs. In the living room, Francis lay inside his kitty basket.

"Francis......." You stood above him, tapping your foot. "Did you open my dresser drawer?"

He looked away, almost as if you had caught him in the act.

Reaching down you lifted him up. The basket was empty underneath. Huh.
When you set him back down he gave you a smug look. You glared.

"I know you took a pair buddy. No point in trying to hide it."

You crossed your arms. Maybe he shouldn't be an indoor cat. Maybe Francis just needed to be able to roam about.

-------Time skip-------

Maybe letting him go outside wasn't a good idea. You barely ever saw the cat anymore. He'd wake you up in the morning and rush out side immediately after eating. Then he'd wake you up in the middle of the night to be let back in.

It was kind of depressing that a CAT didn't want to spend time with you.

A scratching at the front door alerted you to his presence. Strange. it was the middle of the afternoon.

Opening the door you watched as he scampered in and bolted up the stairs. It was almost as if something was chasing him.

Actually something was. Or rather someone was.

A man with a shock of deep red hair and rather thick eyebrows marched up your front path. A fat cat in his arms.

"Are ye' the owner of tha' cat?!" He growled, pointing inside. You frowned

"Francis? "Yeah he's my cat."

The strangers brilliant emerald eyes flashed. "That Faking menace got me Iggy pregnant!" He held out the fat cat, which you realized was not fat, but pregnant.

"Um geez." You glanced up the stairs, where Francis was trying to hide behind a potted plant.

"I don't know what to say." Your expression of extreme confusion seemed to calm the man slightly.

"I don't know either." He sighed, seeming to deflate slightly. The cat wriggled out of his arms and raced inside your house.

You both attempted to catch it, getting stuck in the doorway.

"Ach sorry lassie." He grimaced slightly, placing his hands on your hips and helping you maneuver out of the way.

Blushing you ran up the stairs after the cats. The red headed stranger not far behind.
Both cats were curled up on your bed, purring like maniacs.

"Come on Iggy!" The man grumbled at the cat. Of course both cats ignored the plea.

"Maybe Iggy and each other?" You shrugged

He raised one enormous eyebrow. "Aye, tha's logical." you couldn't tell if he was making fun of you or being serious.

"Maybe they should stay together. Just until the kittens are born." You add thoughtfully.

"Ah guess." His tone was skeptical.

"I'm Allistor Kirkland." He stuck out his hand "And Tha' is Arthur."

"I'm ____   _____." You shook his hand confused. "I thought her name was Iggy."
He shrugged, "I though She was a lad until your cat got her pregnant."

Okay Then.......

An awkward silence filled the house.

"Sorry about that." You figured that it was the right thing to say. Kinda. "I guess I shouldn't have let him outside."

Allistor nodded, "I dunno  know how Iggy got out. It's both our faults......Ah guess."

You both stared at the curled up cats.

"Why is ther'e ah pair of panties on the ceiling fan?" Allistor's question confused you.
"What???" Looking up you blushed. The missing panties were indeed hanging of the ceiling fan.

You glared down at Francis.

The cat gave you a cheeky wink.
:iconffffukplz: <------- That guys is going to come after me for this. I just know it xD


its a bit shorter than i'd like it to be....
I found the image on Google.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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