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November 25, 2012
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You paused as you walked into the room. So many choices.

You looked around, feeling slightly crest-fallen. None of the cats really looked like on you could get along with.

Maybe you shouldn't buy a cat. You didn't know if your apartment even allowed cats.
Besides, would you really have the time to take care of one?

Sighing, you turned to leave.

"I'm really sorry Miss Elizabeta. I don't think I'm ready for a cat."

She nodded and shrugged, "Come back if you change your mind."

Sighing again, you left.

-----Time skip------

"I can't deal vith him." You looked over at your German friend. Ludwig was glaring at something behind the couch. He had called you over, saying that his cat was a pain in the ass.

"So what do you want me to do?" Standing up, you walked over and peered around him.

"Take him."


You blinked down at the little cat standing before you. He had a strange curl of hair. His beige fur ruffled.

"What kind of meow is that kitty?"


His eyes were closed.

"Is he blind?" You looked over at Ludwig. He scowled, "I don't zink so. He just likes keeping his eyes closed."

Alrighty then. Never seen a cat do that before.

"Ve-meow!!!" He chirped, rubbing his head against your legs.

Maybe you should get a cat. Specifically this cat. You bent down and picked him up.
Purring, he licked your face.

"I'll take him!"


-----Time skip-----

"NOOOOOOO! FELI!!!!" You shouted in exasperation.

The cat ignored your plea, diving head first into the pot of tomato sauce you had left cooling on the counter.


"No no no no no no!" You quickly lifted him out. "Tomatoes are bad for cats!!"


You smiled slightly. Every time you said something, he would always answer.

"Let's get you cleaned up."

Feliciano wriggled happily in your arms. Tomato sauce was splashed across the chest of your shirt.

Walking into the bathroom, you set the cat inside the tub.

He tried to jump out, his claws skittering against the porcelain sides.

"Sorry kitty."

"Veeeeeeee-meow!!" He whined, shrinking away from the faucet.

You felt bad, but you couldn't let him eat the sauce.

You managed to calm him down and clean him up.
(However. You were splattered with more tomato sause and scratched twice. Feli apologized by licking your hand.)

"Okay Feli. All done." You lifted the cat out of the tub and toweled him off. Feli trotted into the living room and curled up on the couch.

Time to change then.

As you walked out of your room in clean clothing, you noticed that Feli wasn't in the living room.

Oh no. He better not be in the kitchen.

You rushed in and stared.

The kitten was sitting in the pot, covered in tomato sauce and licking his paws.


The pot was completely empty. Guess you weren't having pasta tonight.


----Time skip----

You found out that tomato sauce wasn't the only thing the little cat went crazy about. He chewed all the leaves off your Basil plant.

The pizza delivery guy wasn't safe when Feli was awake.

The first time he had delivered a pie, Feli had run head first into the guy, biting his leg when he didn't surrender the pizza.

You had stopped bringing garlic bread into the house.


Because Feli would rip open the bags and chew on the crust. (Leaving you with saliva soaked bread chunks.)

But all in all, He was a good cat.

-----Time skip-------

Something was nudging the back of your head.

Blinking sleepily, you turned around.

Feliciano was stretched out on his back, snoring. His back feet, shoving your head slowly off the pillow.

"Feli....." You grumbled, trying to nudge his feet out of the way. He twisted away and curled into a small ball.

You closed your eyes.

A few moments later, he started at it again.


"ve-meow" Feliciano mumbled sleepily, still hitting the back of your head with his feet.

"DUDE!" You twisted back around and glared at the cat. He ignored you.
Getting up, you stomped over to the phone.


"Vas?" Oops... You might have woken him up.

"Feliciano won't stop hitting my head with his feet!"

"So? Vat do you vant me to do about it?" He huffed. You could hear a hint exasperation in his voice.

"How do you make him stop?" You glanced over at the little cat. He was spread eagle on his back across your pillow.

"Pull on his curl"

"What? How-" Ludwig hung up on you.


Getting back in bed, you shoved him out of the way. Tugging on his curl seemed a bit mean. Maybe he would stop now.

Five seconds later, he was kicking the back of your head again.

Reaching out a hand, you gently pulled on the curl. Nothing happened, he kept on kicking.

You pulled harder.

"Veeeeee." He stopped for a minute, then resumed.

"God damn it Feli." You tugged on it as hard as you could.

Feliciano shot out of bed, whimpering. He dove into your closet and climbed up a coat to get to the top shelf.

You ran over to the phone and punched the numbers.


"That was mean." You growled

"Vas? Vat did I do?" Ludwig sounded confused.

"Telling me to pull his curl. He ran into my closet whimpering."
There was silence on the other end.

"I'll be over in a bit." Once again, Ludwig hung up on you.

----Time skip-----

"Come on Feli!!" You set a bowl of tomato sauce next to your closet door. The little cat peeked his head out, then quickly hid.

Beside you, Ludwig sighed. "Just leave it zere. He'll come out vhen he's ready." The tall German rubbed his eyes tiredly. He walked over to your bed and sat down.

"I'm sorry I bothered you." You sat next to him and watched the closet door.

"Nein. Don't apologize. Zis is my fault." Ludwig grimaced.

Two hours later-----------

You blinked sleepily. Your face was pressed against your pillow.

SHOOT! You must have fallen asleep while waiting for Feli to come out.
Sitting up,you looked at the closet. The bowl you had set down was empty.

So were was Feli?

You glanced to the right and stifled a giggle.

Ludwig was lying next to you, Feliciano on his head.

"Feli." You whispered. The cat blinked open an eye.

"I'm sorry."

He let out a little purr.

You lay back down and closed your eyes.




You burst into laughter as Ludwig choked on a mouthful of cat hair.
:D Feli is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

The picture (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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