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October 22, 2012
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Neko JapanxReader


You looked around at the groups of cats. So many to chose from....
This was going to be a hard choice too. All of them were so cute!

You watched as a little beige cat with a brown riffle of fur around its neck raced around the room, jumping over a rather annoyed looking Scottish fold.

Something brushed your leg making you jump in surprise. A fluffy long-haired cat looked up at you, it's long white hair brushing the floor.

"Hi kitty." It meowed, blinking up at you. Crouching down you patted it on the head, while looking around.

So many frickin' cats!!

A little shape in the corner of the room caught your attention.

It was a small black and white cat. He just sat there looking at the ground while the other cats romped around him. It had to be one of the cutest sights you had ever seen.

"Um." You stood up, "Is that one up for adoption?"

Elizabeta pursed her lips, "Are you sure about that one? He's not very social."

You nodded. "Yes! I would like that one!"

She nodded and picked the cat up.

After signing a crap load of papers and paying the adoption fee you were finally on your way home.

You glanced at the cat in the seat next to you.

He stared back out of his cat carrier. His little ears swiveled around as the sounds of the road drifted in through the open window.

"So. What should I name you." You watched the road as you drove.

Elizabeta had said he was a Japanese bobtail cat.

You thought of your favorite movie, Kiki's Delivery Service.

"Do you want to be named Jiji?" You looked at the small cat. His ears went back.

"No? Ok then...."

"How about Mr.Yoruichi?" His ears went back again

Okay. No anime cat names.

You tapped the steering wheel.

"Ki-ku." Slamming on the breaks, You whipped your head around. "Huh?"

The cat stared up at you un-blinking.

"Did you just say something?" It blinked

"I'll take that as a no." He blinked again.

"Kiku...." You mumbled. To your surprise he meowed.

Pulling into the driveway of your tiny house you looked at him again.



-------Time skip---------

Two months had passed since you had adopted the little cat.

It was probably the best decision you had ever made.

It was nice to come home and find him waiting near the front door. Or walk into a room and hear Kiku walk in after you.

Elizabeta had been right, though. Kiku was a bit antisocial. He never sat to close to you, nor would he let you pet him that often. Sometimes it was as if there was a little ghost in the house rather than a cat.

But no matter how quiet he was he would always make sure to be in the same room as you.

You had woken up the first night because of a thunderstorm and had found the little cat    curled up on the rug next to your bed. The next day when you had stepped out of the bathroom, you nearly tripped over him.

Your boyfriend really didn't like him. But hey, Kiku was your cat.

Walking into you small kitchen you opened a can of tuna.

Time for lunch.

Drumming your fingertips against the counter you frowned.

'I should probably get something for Kiku.'

Before you could move however, a weight against your leg made you freeze. You glanced  down.

Kiku was leaning against your leg, staring intently at the counter. A little line of drool came out of his mouth. His little body shook as if he were restraining himself from jumping on the counter.

"You want the tuna?" Picking the can up, you gently moved it back and forth.

His brown eyes followed its movement.

Sighing you spooned the entire can into his bowl. The little guy deserved it.

After lunch you lie down on the couch and flipped through your movies. You hear Kiku in the kitchen wolfing down the tuna. Maybe you had given him too much.
You hoped not.

Tossing the movies aside, you picked up one of your manga books. You heard the small cat quietly walking into the room.


Blinking in surprise you looked over the edge of the couch. Kiku barely ever meowed.

He blinked up at you.

"You wanna sit on the couch?" Sitting up you patted the spot next to you.

He jumped up, then slowly inched towards you. You watched with baited breath as he hesitantly placed a paw on you leg, then another. Holding your breath you watched him settle on your lap. To your immense surprise he started to purr.

It was a tiny sound. Almost like the buzz a mosquito.

Smiling you patted your cats fluffy head.

Defiantly the best decision you had ever made.
Neko Japan's Part ^w^

He's so cute. Out of all of the Nekotalia cat's he's probably my favorite.

Intro [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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YellowVixen Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist
my boyfriend doesn't like my cat? b!tch please, my cat IS my boyfriend Meow :3 
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Kiku oh Kiku my dear kitty....we are going to Englands house so i can either become a cat or you can become human so i can dump my jealous stupid boyfriend and date chu <3 great story btw xD
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